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February 11, 2014; National Arts Center Los Baos, Laguna

Members Present:
1. V.M. Winston M. Santiago
2. Lilia C. Januare
3. Maricel A. Rapada
4. Gemma A. Marco
5. Arlene D. Dela Merced
6. Leida Ganaden
7. Orlando B. Davalos
8. Paulo N. Perez
9. Soliezer Delas Armas
10.Raul P. Hababag
11.Leida R. Ganaden
12.Ma. Christine Vallido
13.Sally A. Parucha
14.Rebecca F. Jose
15.Dominique Dionisio
16.Patricia Littaua
17.Micah Pinto
18.Ronald Baluyot


The general overview of the activities to be undertaken for the

duration of planning and team-building was presented by Mr. Santiago, the
Marketing Department Manager. The body/marketing team was oriented on
what to expect about the activities. Mr. Santiago emphasized that the
sessions will deal more on team-building and in creating a harmonious
relationship among the members of the Marketing Department.
Mr. Santiago also informed the body that the planning and marketing
campaigns for the year 2014 will be directed under the original structure of
the Marketing Department which is composed of two divisions: Sales and
Promotions Division headed by Ms. Gemma Marco and Market Development
Division headed by Ms. Rebecca Jose. With this original set-up, the four teams
created last year will be dissolved. Therefore, the staff members that were
rotated will return to their respective divisions. For instance, Ms. Elvira
Maibo will report to Ms. Jose and Ms. Lilia Januare and the whole Creative
Services Unit to the latter will report to Ms. Marco.


A comparative report of marketing outputs for the last three years

(2011, 2012, 2013) was presented by Mr. Santiago. Graphs and charts were
shown depicting growth in such areas as sales and subscriptions, cash
sponsorship, membership, publications and merchandise, and the creative
services unit performance.
Based on the analysis of data, the Marketing Department has generally
shown improved output. From Php20 million earnings in 2012, sales and
subscriptions were able to reach Php 23 million pesos. Although the increase
was not an enormous amount, this figure is significant because Php23M in
2013 came solely from sales that did not include big lessee shows, unlike the
Php20M in 2012, six million pesos of which came from commissions from
Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia.
From 2012 to 2013, earnings from membership, publications and
merchandise have also doubled. There was also an increase in output from
the Creative Services Unit.
In general, the Marketing Department reached Php23 million out of the
Php25 million target cash earnings.


Copies of the 2014 CCP Season and an outline listing of the 2014 work
program, projects and campaigns were distributed to the participants for the
discussion of marketing plans and strategies, advertising campaigns for
major products and launching of new products.
Among the major marketing campaigns to be prepared are for the
various festivals such as the Pasinaya Open House Festival, Virgin Labfest,
and Cinemalaya. A major focus on the marketing campaign will be for various
activities and products of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra such as the
remaining concerts for the Classic Blend Season, the 2014-2015 Concert
Season, Out of the Box Concert Series at the Rizal Park, and PPO Pop and
Christmas CDs.
Related to Market Development are various campaigns such as:
1. Hotel non-cash sponsorship campaign
2. Restaurant sponsorship campaign
3. Membership and donation drive.
CCP Experience Tour package and Balikbayan Tours sales campaign
The Sales and Promotions team was tasked with other various
campaigns such as:
1. Gift Card product development
2. Publications sales blitz
3. VIP card development
4. Sales and promo campaign for PPO, Pasinaya, Virgin Labfest, Cinemalaya
and other various productions and festivals
5. CCP Publications sales blitz
6. Audience development
7. Information center launch
8. PPO CDs
9. 2014 CCP omnibus programs
10.45th CCP Anniversary Institutional Ad
11.Various advertising campaigns for the PPO.
Other activities that will be focused on by the Marketing Department
include market research and tickets sales report automation feasibility study.

A. Animal Names
Each participant was assigned an animal sound of his choice. This will
be the name or sound used to refer to the participant throughout the
team-building. The group was made to stand in a semi-circle and the
members had to recite all the names of his co-participants from memory.
B. Interview
The participants were divided into groups and were given a set of
questions to be answered by the members who interview each other by
turns. After each interview is finished, the members regroup and repeat
the same process. The questions include personality factors such as
drives, strengths and weaknesses and self-concepts. It also includes work-
related factors such as personal impressions on co-workers, perception of
ones role in an organization, job knowledge and expectations, distribution
of responsibilities and other factors.
Following are the items included in the questionnaire:
1. Who am I?
2. What drives me?
3. What areas am I good in?
4. What are my weaknesses?
5. What is my job?
6. What people dont know about my job
7. What is the CCP Marketing Department?
8. What do you like and dont like about me?
9. What I like and dont like about you
10.What can be done and needs to be done
11.Who will be in charge?
12.What can make me happy?
C. Synthesis
The activities were conducted to build rapport and to encourage
openness among the participants. Based on the responses, each
participant learned different aspects of himself/herself and of the other
participants that they were not aware of before. Hopefully, this would lead
to more understanding and patience when dealing with one another in the
workplace. Through the interview the participants were also enlightened
about their roles in the organization and how significant each one is. The
participants also realized the importance of listening to each other and
understanding what each one has to express before passing judgments.
The last question was about the source of happiness for each one and the
responses are generally family and friends, a healthy work environment,
recognition and monetary rewards.



A. Feeding
Participants were grouped into pairs and members of each pair were
made to feed his/her partner throughout the meal.
B. Sight-Seeing
Participants were made to stand on the porch and take the view of the
lake, the surrounding islands and mountains, and the towns below while
inhaling the fresh mountain air and meditating on the scenic view.
C. Synthesis
The first activity showed the dynamics of being a member of a team
and the responsibilities, attitudes and behaviour created by such a
relationship. Responses included such impressions as the initial part was
awkward and difficult but as the activity progressed, rapport, trust and
concern for one another was built and the task became more manageable.
The second activity was about acquiring new viewpoints life by an
insightful meditation on the simple things in life.


Mr. Santiago gave each division an opportunity to meet and discuss their
plans in relation to the 2014 Season of events and productions and on how
each division will reach their income target for the year. As discussed during
the division meeting of the Sales & Promotions Division, headed by Ms.
Gemma Marco, below is the distribution of tasks and responsibilities in the
Sales & Promotions Division:

RAUL HABABAG will head the Creative Services Unit. He will update the
Division Chief with information on creative service related activities, monitor
deadlines of job orders, and other related tasks. His team will be responsible
for the gathering of production information and relay of raw materials and
changes in information to the Sales & Promo Division (c/o Paulo Perez) and
management of the CCP website content.

SALLY PARUCHA presently handles creative unit task such as coordination

with various departments and clients, creation of promotional videos and
other creative tasks. The responsibility of updating the CCP website will also
be transferred to her.

LEI GANADEN is presently handling publication and merchandise. She will

now also handle audience mobilization and submit audience reports for
various productions that may require mobilization such as Out of the Box
Series, PPO Concert Series and Pasinaya.

LILIA JANUARE will be in charge of VIP Box/Passes, which is the annual

subscription and in generating affiliates or partner merchants to enhance
attractiveness of the products (VIP box, prepaid and gift card).

PAULO PEREZ, in addition to handling various subscriptions and block selling,

will serve as the Information Officer of the division. He will assist the creative
team in proofreading content for the Calendar of Events and the CCP website.

SOLIEZER DELAS ARMAS handles the CCP Gift Card, festival passes and Box
Office duties. His CCP website responsibilities will be transferred to Sally
Parucha so hea can focus more on sales, especially festival pass sales.
ARLENE DELA MERCED, aside from handling box office tasks and taking
charge of advertising space & e-board sales, will take over the function of Ms.
Delia Teneza when the latter retires. This will include ticket control,
processing of requests from resident companies and CCP productions.


The following items were discussed during the division meeting of the Market
Development Division, headed by Ms. Rebecca Jose.

SPONSORSHIP (R. F. Jos and E. Maibo)

Sponsorship campaign efforts are ongoing for Pasinaya, Cinemalaya, Virgin
Labfest. Ms. Mycah Pinto was commended for getting the Federaland
Action Point 1 Prepare a Sponsorship Request Form similar to Creative
Request Form, Ticket Printing Request Form
Action Point 2 Issue a memo to all concerned re hotel requirements for the
year, with projected dates and other details

MEMBERSHIP (R. F. Jos and D. Dionisio)

It was noted that there were a number of inquiries during Wicked
performances. A log sheet with contact info is being maintained. It was
suggested indicating dates so trending can be done. Ms. Dionisio could not
focus on membership in the last quarter due to other assignments. Ms. Pinto
gave an update on Tagaytay Highlands inquiry and meeting.
Action Point 1 Request for a new brochure from Creative Services Unit as
per CBMs instructions.
Action Point 2 - RIS for additional copies of existing brochure to replenish
stocks during Wicked
Action Point 3 Ms. Dionisio to send update database to Ms. Jos


An update re volunteers for Pasinaya and Cinemalaya was reported and it
was suggested that a day general training session be conducted for
volunteers/prospective volunteers.
Action Point 1 Review and update Volunteer Program Guidelines.
Action Point 2 - Prepare proposed training program with budget and seek

TOURS (P. Littaua)

Update on meeting with JR (FOH) re tour for Marketing Department to
improve product knowledge essential to our work. Meeting is requested by
ESalvador re workshops which were previously offered to touring students,
due to many inquiries received by her unit.
Action Point 1 Set a meeting with ESalvador first week March.
Action Point 2 - OJTs assigned to Sales Unit are drafting a Tour Brochure
Action Point 3 Locate/Get an update on the brochure supposed to have been
prepared by a contracted copywriter assigned by WMS.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT (D. Dionisio, P. Littaua, M. Pinto)

Assignments: Facebook DDionisio, Twitter PLittaua, Instagram MPinto. It
was noted that there was no dedicated administrative unit to monitor content
leading to confusion.
Action Point 1 organize a group to meet every Tuesday for to plan content to
be posted that week until a dedicated coordinator is assigned to handle all
social media; group should include S. Parucha and P. Perez

Ms. Jos will report back on March 4, 2014 while Ms. Dionisio will be on leave
Feb. 18-28, 2014
For the position vacated by Ms. Japay, Ms. Jos will discuss with Ms. Barco re
processing of applicants and other details so position can be filled. Contract
of Ms. Pinto as account executive new contract still pending; for follow up.


The two divisions convened to present and consolidate the results of

each division meeting. Detailed plans and timelines of marketing activities
and actions to be taken will be discussed with each unit on a future date.


A. Competition
The participants were divided into 3 groups and assigned to review the
2014 CCP Calendar of Events. Each group was made to formulate 7
questions with 5 multiple choice of answers, based on the events and
programs of the 2014 Season. They then took turns in the quiz game.
B. Synthesis
The activity was an exercise in one of the most important aspects of
marketing: product knowledge. If the marketing staff members are armed
with substantial information on the products offered by CCP, anyone can
provide answers to queries from various clients even if his/her position
does not entail sales.


All the participants were assembled and Mr. Santiago gave the closing
remarks and officially declared the conclusion of the Planning and Team-
Building program.