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MC MST Lesson Observation

Student teacher's name: Fatema Mohamed Grade Level: Grade 1

Unit/Lesson: V letter Date: 14th March 2017
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Competency Area
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Implementing and Managing Learning x

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Areas for development:

Fatima starts with greeting students and students did not understand what does good
afternoon means. So, she tries to explain, but they did not understand. You may use Arabic
in this situation. Then, she asked them to open the book. Then she explains the shapes and
introduces how it relate to the (letters). Fatima gives positive feedback and takes teacher
role. She does the book worksheet with the students while she is explaining the sentence on
the word. She reminds the student to sit and raise their hand (classroom rules).

The focus for next lesson:

Try to let students read the word.
How your lesson does links to the topic of (how are you?). You have to say it is a
unit name not the name of the lesson. You have different titles in the book under
"How are you?" Unit.
Go around and check if students all finish the matching activity on their book.
Scan or take a picture of the activity in their book and put it on the PowerPoint
instead of doing the activity by using PowerPoint tool. That will save your time.
Show them a picture of van, violin, and violets, vase because not all students get
what it does mean.
Try to use different encouragement words than saying "good boy" all the time.
Why did you say you are sad? Students were behaving well.
Use flash card of new vocabulary.
Circle v letter in words by using red
Introduce phonics sounds when you do the missing letter activity.
When students said d, do not confuse them and tell them the teacher said b, students
get lost, and they never know who to believe their eyes or you.
Very book center and very teacher center. Try to add activities to the book even if
your MST said to use the book. There will be no hurt if you add one or two