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Modeling: Prompts child to imitate modeled

language or gestures

Language and Gestures

1. Model begins with SAY and SIGN

o Make the prompt clear to the child
2. Adult waits for child response
o Approximations may be accepted
3. The adult rewards the child
o Verbal praise
o good job
o Yes (then the word you were encouraging)
o Giving the child the item they want
o After the child uses and approximation or word
provide them with the object of want.

1. Model play by showing
o Show the child how to do an activity
o Whether a puzzle
o Stacking blocks
o Racing cars
2. Wait for response
o If response is correct respond with praise if not model
Colleen Douglas 2017
Adapted from Scherer, N.J., Kaiser, A.
Parent training to support childrens
speech and language development