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Insurance Requirements

Panavision policy requires that our customers provide a valid Certificate of Insurance before any equipment can be
released from our facility. Therefore, if you are planning to use Panavision equipment in the near future, we suggest that
you provide a Certificate of Insurance as soon as possible. It is to your advantage to submit a certificate early, allowing
ample time for necessary changes and eliminating any last-minute delays. In certain cases - depending on the unique
features of the filming activities - additional insurance requirements may apply, including, but not limited to the
requirement for specialized insurance and an increase in limits. The Insured named on the Certificate of Insurance
must be legally and financially responsible for the rental.
The Certificate of Insurance must at a minimum include:
1. General Liability Coverage: at least $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) per occurrence (minimum $2
Million aggregate); Panavision Inc. and its affiliates named as an Additional Insured*. Foreign territory
extension should be included if filming outside the United States. A waiver of subrogation extension shall be
provided and identified on the certificate.
2. Automobile Liability (if vehicles or towed generators are used in your production in conjunction with
Panavision equipment): coverage for owned and non-owned and hired vehicles; at least $1 Million combined
single limit; Panavision Inc. and its affiliates named as an Additional Insured; non-owned physical damage
coverage equal to replacement cost of the vehicle or generator (which will vary), if renting vehicle or
generator from Panavision.
3. Property Insurance, including Miscellaneous Rented Equipment: coverage for no less than the value
of the equipment plus $250,000; Panavision Inc. and its affiliates named as Loss Payee*; the policy must
specify worldwide coverage; replacement cost basis without deduction for depreciation; and loss of use
extension. In no instance can the total value of equipment in your possession be greater than your current
insurance coverage. Your Marketing representative will advise you as to the amount of equipment insurance
required for your package.
4. Aircraft Liability (if filming from an aircraft): at least $5 million minimum coverage; Panavision Inc. and its
affiliates named as an Additional Insured with a waiver of subrogation provided and identified on the

* Panavision will not accept a Certificate of Insurance which contains language stating that
property insurance is provided only with regard to claims arising from the negligence of the
Named Insured. Please ask your insurance provider to remove all such language relating to
property insurance prior to submitting the Certificate of Insurance to Panavision.

* If your policy has an Unattended Vehicle Exclusion in it, this is unacceptable. Please speak
with your insurance provider and have this exclusion removed prior to your rental.

Please be aware that even if you are an established Panavision customer at one location, your insurance carrier may
require that a Certificate of Insurance naming other Panavision locations as Additional Insured and Loss Payee be issued.
In no instance can the total value of Panavision equipment in your possession be greater than your current coverage.

It is important to understand that, in general, the limit of insurance coverage for equipment is issued on a per occurrence
basis, not a separate limit for all rental companies involved in a production. Therefore, the equipment coverage limits
must cover the total value of all equipment used from all vendors at any one time. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR

All customers must have adequate insurance coverage prior to the equipment being released from our
facility. We are unable to make exceptions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Marketing representative. Thank you for your cooperation and

Please fax your Certificate of Insurance to (818) 316-1091.

Updated August 2012