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Paige Humpa

Ms. Ingram

English 1 Honors

13 March 2017

Energy: The Process To Obtain It.

People use energy every day within technology. Cell phones, computers, household

appliances and more, all need energy to work. One major source of energy comes from

Hydraulic Fracturing, otherwise known as Fracking. Fracking uses pressurised water, sand, and

chemicals to create fractures deep below the surface of the Earth to obtain otherwise trapped oil

and gas. Hydraulic Fracturing should be used because it helps the economy, companies are

implementing worker safety precautions, and provides a large sum of resources.

Hydraulic Fracturing can help the economy in multiple ways. Statistics show that for the

average American family in 2013, the shale gas revolution meant $1,200 in lower energy bills.

This means that companies are gaining more oil, enough to meet supply and demand more

effectively. When there is enough supply of a product to meet the demand of the customer, the

price drops. Because of the boom in Fracking, the prices continue to stay low due to the constant

supply of oil and gas. In result of the increase in oil supply, the prices dropped $1,200. Fracking

does not only help with prices. According to Bill Flores, a US representative for Texas, who also

serves on the House Budget, Natural Resources and Veterans Affairs Committees, Fracking has

been a lone bright spot responsible for creating the most new jobs in both energy and

manufacturing. Because of the boom in Hydraulic Fracturing, more people are needed to work at

the wells as well as in other fields of the industry. With more people needed, it opens up more
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job opportunities and allows less people to go unemployed. The economy is increased greatly in

favor to the public because not only do gas prices go down, but more people can become

employed as well.

Even though Fracking helps the economy, the workers safety is still very important.

Some argue that the workers are in danger when out at the wells. An example of this was the

Gulf of Mexicos Deep Horizon disaster in 2010. This disaster was a massive fireball that killed

several crew members and continues to leave devastating effects on the environment. It also

affects the regions commercial and sport fishing industries because massive amounts of oil

flooded into the Gulf. However, even though there was a fluke in the safety procedures that

caused the explosion, hydraulic fracturing reduces the need to use explosions to obtain the oil in

the first place. Hydraulic fracturing can be used instead of CBM, or coal bed methane to reduce

the amounts of explosions and keep workers more safe. Continuing workers safety, as well as

reducing explosions, companies have reduced the dust, makeing the air safer to breathe.

According to Eric J Esswein, who has professional degree in public health, also known as the

MSPH, companies are reducing the dust by using prevention through design. This means that all

future versions of sand moving equipment have built in dust control. Another procedure they are

using is remote operations. This means that workers can perform the tasks needed at a distance,

to stay away from high dust areas. Sand, which causes most of the dust, has been replaced with

other proppant materials to further decline the risk of dust. Overall, workers are continuing to

have even more safety as Fracking increases in use, in both reduction of safety hazards such as

explosions, and reducing harms to the workers as they are working, such as dust.
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Moving on from safety, the public can benefit greatly from Fracking due to its large

production of materials. On the other hand, this means without it, there will be a large decline in

materials. Right now, 30% of American liquid fuel production and 40% of natural gas production

is due to shale, which is gained by Fracking. Although people say that we can use other methods

to gain energy such as solar or wind, we do not get a lot of energy from this, and it also means

that we would need to use money to build large wind turbines, or solar panels. However even if

we do switch to other methods, it still means that if Fracking is gone, 70% in total of our fuel

from it will be gone. As well as a decline in fuel, gas prices will rise greatly. In 2040, gas prices

are projected to be 70% higher than currently projected. This means that not only are we getting

rid of our resources, but hurting the economy as well when taking Hydraulic Fracturing away.

Hydraulic fracturing leads to more fuel and a better economy and without it we will have a

massive decline in resources, as well as an increase in gas prices.

Hydraulic Fracturing can help the economy, is implementing workers safety precautions,

and provides a large sum of resources which is why it should be used. Overall, Fracking can lead

to meeting supply and demand, dropping gas prices, as well as provide a great deal of new jobs

leaving less unemployed. Fracking companies are also implementing safety features such as dust

control and reducing explosions which keep the worker safe. Due to the great deal of resources

Hydraulic Fracking brings in, without it, a large sum of resources will be lost and gas prices will

rise, as well as the loss of a great deal of jobs. The world uses a great deal of energy in all

technology, either it be phone, computer, or household appliances. Would you like to get rid of a

large deal of energy, or continue to have the freedom of phones and other electronics?