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What I learned in

English Class is...

While in Writing in a Digital World, I learned a number of helpful techniques

that will ultimately help me become a better writer and be more creative

with media. According to an article written by James Altucher, he lists ways

that people can retain information and actually learn something.

You have to do it, watch it, read it, think about it, talk about it

tomorrow, love it, and repeat. In this class, I took away many

skills that I will be able to use beyond this class. That 10% of

what I remember from lectures and will apply include the

many ways to cite information in papers, how to create

images that reflect an idea, how to impact your reader by using your

descriptive skills, how to appeal to your audience by using creative visuals,

and how to properly use grammar and punctuation within a paper. While all

of these skills are different, they all still hold the same importance.
Properly Citing Information
There are many ways to cite
information in a paper:
In Text Citations
- Signal Phrase
- Parenthetical
- Summarize the Information
To properly cite information in a paper,
use the ICE method.
I: Introduce. Introduce the quote with a signal phrase
or a summary of information
C: Cite. Use the quote or information from your
E: Explain. Summarize the information you quoted
Include all citations in a reference page at the end of your
assignment and alphabetize the sources.

Creating Images that Reflect an Idea

One of the most creative way we have reflected our writing
was the use of pictures and words.
By using images to reflect your idea, the reader is able to
understand the point youre trying to get across.
My favorite assignment that aligns with this idea is the 6
word memoir
Impacting your reader by using your
descriptive skills
By using your senses, you are able to
describe anything in your writing.
Properly using your 5 senses
(smell, taste, touch, sight, and
sound) makes your writing more
descriptive and makes it easier for
the reader to visualize what youre
The more descriptive and elaborate your writing is, the more
appealing it is to read!

How to appeal to your audience by using

creative visuals
Who wants to look at plain text on paper all day? Im more
than sure that nobody does.
Using media, you are able to incorporate visuals with your
This makes your writing seem more attractive to your
audience and then you wont bore them to
death with your words.

And last but not least

Properly using grammar and
punctuation within a paper
Grammar is VERY important. Without
proper grammar, your writing is harder to
Proper punctuation is also extremely
important. Run on sentences will confuse
the reader so proper punctuation is key.
Due to having a great professor, this
semester I was able to fully learn the rules of grammar and
punctuation along with how to use them
properly in my papers.

So, in conclusion.
This class has taught me not only a lot of use
academic information, but it also helped
strengthen my skills as a writer. It is easy for
people to follow rules when it comes to writing
but to be able to step outside of your comfort
zone and write from a creative source is
incredible. In this class, I was exposed to a lot of new things
that helped developed my mind, my media skills, and also
my writing skills. I became more passionate and creative as
a writer. I took way more than 10% out of this class and I
will always carry these skills with me beyond the classroom.