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Bulk detection Trace detection

Installation Require a fixed, indoor Can be mobile and

installation and are not provide additional
suitable for random information that bulk
and/or mobile screening detectors may not. For
applications. example, trace detectors
can determine if a
person or item has come
into contact with
explosives to interdict
an immediate threat
safety Bulk detectors provide a Trace detectors also
visual indication of an provide actual chemical
imminent threat in rare identification or
cases where no trace is classification of the
present. explosive material. This
evidence can provide
valuable intelligence
that can further disrupt
the threat chain
Cost Equipment costs Equipment costs
associated with bulk associated with trace
detection are often much detection are often much
higher because sampling lower because sampling
media is single use media can reusable
Detection efficiency Can detect threatening Only can detect trace
amounts of explosives residues but not the
or actual explosive actual macro amount of
device based on their explosive or any
size and shape explosive device.
Dependability less dependent on Depend on sample
sampling techniques collection methods and
(sample collection), and the presence of a
are not affected by the background of
presence of an explosive explosives material at a
background. site can affect the
usefulness of trace
detection methods