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Softcom Pvt. Ltd.

Business Performance Solution
About Safal Softcom
Safal is initiative by experienced Sourcing and Spend management professionals in 2012 and having experience
of managing sourcing and spend management solutions implementation at more than 20 implementation in
India, France and Middle East with our Principle offices in France and India.
Behind every Safal solution stands an organization that possesses deep, detailed business expertise and a sharp
focus on being responsive to customers.
With good experience in deploying our solutions and services, we search the world continually for procurement
practices proven to drive competitive business performance.

Our Mission
To develop innovative products with value added services that help businesses in achieving goals by getting
efficiencies in their business activities.

Our Vision
To be a value added partner in business space by delivering world class products & services; setting a
benchmark for other aspirers in the industry.
About Safal eSourcing Solution

ESourcing Solution
The Safals E-solution provides a comprehensive, E-Auction
intuitive and collaborative toolset to automate
sourcing of your spend no matter how simple or
complex, tactical or strategic the sourcing process is.

About Safal eSourcing Solution

Sourcing Projects & RFX

Control your sourcing projects and automate RFX preparation, distribution and gathering of responses.

Define and track sourcing projects, teams, documents, tasks and progress.
Gather key stakeholder requirements, collaborate with flexible workflows.
Create or reuse different types of events simple or complex, multiple or single lots, rounds and
Scoring and compare bids, use optimization scenarios, split awards by percent, quantity or value.
Quickly flip an RFX into a Contract- automatically copying all data.

Host on-line auctions in competitive categories to drive the lowest total cost for your organization.

Option to initiate auction from RFQ bids.
Direct Auction from Purchase Request.
Vendor Bid History and comparison report.
Multi-criteria ranking (price, technical offer, time commitment, etc.).
Advantages and Benefits of E-Sourcing
Fully automated process Increase productivity of employees
Floating RFQ using PR from E-Sourcing. Reduction in the Sourcing Time with less efforts.

Technical, Commercial and Pricing Bidding Gives accuracy with detailed techno-commercial evaluation
Vendor-Buyer notification on every activity. Management will have all the information at any point of
Online Vendor responses for RFQ though E-Sourcing Saves over 60% of Transaction Process time.

Multi department users role for technical evaluation Eliminates manual administrative tasks & follow ups
and Commercial evaluation Removes Errors and malfunctions
Multi level hierarchy approval process on price Bid Management will have better decision for each transaction.
Establishes Audit trail for all decisions
Automated creation of Comparative Price Bid of Improves Negotiations thru Synchronized Analytics
Vendors participated in RFQ Saves Money
E-Auctions Direct from Purchase Request or from RFQ. Good savings generated in very less time compared to
manual negotiation.
Cash Flow Chart and ROI
Statistic Data(in
Sr.No Benefits of Implementing E-Sourcing System %) as per our
client's feedback
1 Time Saving and Manpower cost reduction due to automated process 75%

2 Increase in efficiency and transparency in organization due to centralized data 100%

3 Minimize Human error 45%

4 Reduces Follow ups between buyers & suppliers 75%

5 Saves Money through better online negotiation 30%

6 Better Management decisions due to various 50%

MIS and Decision making tools like score card, Landed cost, Technical and commercial bid
comparison report etc.
7 Increases Productivity & Job Satisfaction and decreased employee turnover ratio due to user 50%
friendly solution and smooth processes
Safal Softcom Pvt Ltd

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