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Espinoza 1

Luis Espinoza
Professor Shkorupa
EDU 202

Objective: The objective is to understand diverse learning styles. I will Mainly focus on visual,
auditory, and kinesthetic. Each learning style will be lectured and followed by an activity. The
goal is not to only have the class acquire the different learning styles but to use them in their
future teaching. The presentation will end with a class assessment.

Pen, dollar bill, and a playing card (for the magic trick).
Handout sheets with fill in the blank notes (for the assessment).
Snacks (as rewards for participation)
Learning style videos (to be used with PowerPoint).
Start out by introducing myself to class.
State objective: learning styles as an activity. Share the importance of learning styles for
educators and students.
Give assessment instructions
Slide 4 - Definition of Learning Styles and types of learning styles.
Slide 5 Defining and characteristics of visual learning
Slide 6 Personal experience with visual learning
Slide 7 Activity: show videos on Visual learning and challenge a student to see who can
memorize a grocery list better.
Slide 8 - Defining and characteristics of Kinesthetic learning.
Slide 9 - Personal experience with Kinesthetic learning.
Slide 10 Activity: Magic Trick.
Slide 11 - Defining and characteristics of auditory learning.
Slide 12 - Personal experience with auditory learning.
Slide 13 Activity: show videos auditory learning and challenge a student to name the lyrics of
the song Panda.
Slide 14 Which learning styles do you like best, And why?
Slide 15 the importance of educators using various learning styles.
Slide 16 Assessment.
Slide 17 Closure.
Espinoza 2

Assessment: Every student has received fill in the blank notes, prior to the presentation. By the
end of the lesson, five blanks should be filled. The assessment consists of the five blanks from
the notes. I will ask the class the questions one at a time. The first to answer each question would
receive a prize. At end result, the assessment would represent the attention and comprehension of
diverse learning styles.

Closure: Learning styles can vary. The common ones are visual (eyes), kinesthetic (hands-on),
auditory (hearing). I believe all have their best moments on when to be used but they should all
be practiced. As teachers, we should be wise to explore a variety of learning styles in a
classroom. By the use of multiple learning styles, learners will then benefit by strengthening their