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Sergio Frias

RWS. 1301

April 16, 2017

Benefits of Solar Energy

Leading up to today, technology has had a great impact in our society and daily life's.

One of the major advances in technology is in renewable energy. Energy plays an important role

today, pretty much everything needs energy, there are different types; Solar Energy, Wind

Energy, and Nuclear Energy. Solar Energy, in my opinion is the most common one in the 20th

century. This source of energy is amazing, it is eco-friendly and it also saves an incredible

amount of money. Although this system helps people and the planet, it is quiet expensive to

install, it does not look good on houses or buildings, and it takes up a lot of space.

Solar energy could be very beneficial if we took advantage of it. This type of energy is

designed to absorb sun's rays and transform it into a source of energy, this is called the

photovoltaic cycle. To do this, one must install solar panels on the roof to obtain as much

sunlight as possible. Solar energy is very important and is the most reliable one, since it depends

on the sun, its abundance is great. According to Powering the planet, Among renewable energy

resources, solar energy is by far the largest exploitable resource, providing more energy in 1 hour

to the earth than all of the energy consumed by humans in an entire year. The previous quote

simply supports the statement about solar energy, the sun is great and humans have found ways

to take the most advantage out of it. This source of energy can also stop the use of electricity

which means it can stop the manufacture of batteries which are made up of elements that are not
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only harmful for the environment but for us, humans as well. This energy source is supported

throughout the world, and it is also a very strong in power.

Solar energy is very beneficial for our environment, since it is cutting the production of

other industries that are non-beneficial for our environment. Although solar energy is saving our

planet, what would you think about saving money? One of the huge cons about solar energy is its

price of installation which starts at $25,000 and goes on from there. Now after research was

made you will notice that all that money will pay back itself due to all the savings people will

make in their electricity bills. According to INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY

RESEARCH, the solar electricity would replace the same amount of grid electricity so the cost

of purchasing electricity from the grid is avoided. The quote clearly demonstrates that this

system will help you save lots of money by lowering the prices in your electricity bills.

Money is huge in life, and people should really take into consideration obtaining one of

these solar panels on the roof of their homes. They might look ugly, they can take a lot of space

but in the long run it will all be worth because all the savings you will be making. An average

electricity bill in the city of El Paso goes from $75 to $100, imagine if you had a solar panel...

you would be paying around $50 a month which it can add up to huge amounts of money within

years. The Unites States is the center part of America, which means we get lots of sunlight hours.

Many states throughout the nation have increased their numbers when it comes to the usage of

solar energy in houses, company buildings or signs. These panels allow the cities to save money

on batteries and electric systems to get them to work with solar energy.

This source of energy is spreading rapidly throughout the country, many states in the

nation have large numbers on people obtaining their systems. People should buy them not only

because of the financial help but to protect our environment. This panel like mentioned earlier,
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stops the production of batteries which are bad for our habitat and can cause damage in humans.

These batteries are made up of materials like, nickel and cadmium which can harm human

beings. People should really look into these panels not only for their pockets but for our

atmosphere, which we have done so much damage to in the past years. The world is here for us

to take advantage, it is on us what we do with all the privileges. Nature such as oxygen, sunlight

and wind will never end and we need to make the most out of everything. This energy sources

will be key in the future and I am sure will be our dependable in a few decades. Engineers are

always searching for ways to make our environment and life better, join the cause and help the

sun help your pocket and community.

Technology grows as the days go by, it only gets stronger and stronger. Solar energy

wont stop growing as well, there is always room for improvement and I think years from now it

will be very important and we will depend on it. Engineers will find ways to make everything

revolve around Eco friendly power to make earth a better place and protect the environment.

This energy will never end, and its up to us what we do with our knowledge, discoveries, and

advancements in technology.