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Hannah L.

Grip 719.323.1963
1111 Oak Tree Ave #322 Norman, Oklahoma 73072


University of Oklahoma 2014-2017

B.A. in English, Honors Program GPA: 3.96
Research interests include environmental and science writing, magazine editing and
publishing, and qualitative research

Selected Awards

University of Oklahoma
John Allen Gifford Award for Outstanding Nature Writing 2017
Finalist Cum Laude, National Latin Exam 2016
College of Arts & Sciences Deans Honor Roll 2014-Present
Presidents Honor Roll 2014-Present
National Merit Scholar 2014

Selected Positions
Junior Research Associate Write Good, LLC 2016-Present
Write and edit both internal and external writing and marketing projects
Conduct and present research about the economic conditions of certain counties in West
Virginia to prove the need for a nonprofits economic redevelopment projects
Write about the state of arts education funding in West Virginia, as well as the connection
between arts and STEM education for grant applications for a nonprofit arts and culture
Use to find lucrative grant opportunities for nonprofit clients
Write significant portions of grants for nonprofit organizations and academic institutions,
which requires accurate representation of the data collected
Use InDesign and Photoshop to create marketing materials for internal use and for clients
Create social media copy for 50 posts over 3 months, including inspirational quotes, helpful
articles, and promotional material
Develop and design marketing materials, including Write Goods government capability
statement and online portfolio descriptions
Secretary Student Advisory Board 2016-Present
Coordinated promotional efforts for World Literature Todays Neustadt Festival
Developed the mission statement, timeline, and editorial organization for our anticipated
publication, The Aster: An Arts Retrospective
Wrote a significant portion of our application for the Creativity in Motion Prize, a $10,000
award given to students embarking on a creative endeavor by the College of Arts and
Science at the University of Oklahoma
Coordinated the promotional effort to collect submissions for the publication by assigning
tasks to members and developing strategies for reaching potential writers, including short
presentations to classes and clubs, the distribution of flyers to students, and social media
Read, selected, and copy edited written submissions to The Aster, selected visual arts pieces
for the publication
Organized the pieces for the publication and developed the magazines visual identity
Tutor Varsity Tutors 2015-Present
Design primary curricula and coordinate educational goals and plans with parents for
homeschooled clients and provide supplemental instruction to students who attend
traditional schools
Tutor middle and high school students in English, writing, reading, social studies, and ACT
Facilitate discussion- and movement-based activities to encourage student participation
and interest
Programming/Creative Series Director Union Programming Board 2015-2016
Led and managed groups of 8-15 students through the planning process for events,
including a holiday lounge event, a laser tag event, and two events for open creative
expression and production at the University of Oklahoma
Created and facilitated leadership development activities (e.g. delegation and
communication skills activities) for the members
Wrote social media copy for the organizations Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and
Snapchat accounts for the promotion of 4 events, whose attendance ranged from 150-300