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Problem Statement

In this century, most of engines Diesel or Petrol engines are made up with
new modification or improvised in some parameters. One of the parameter is
to give an engine for a better pickup or better performance in torque which
at crank shaft and connecting rod for a piston, or power of an engine which
determine the capacity of an engine. Generally, when its comes to the
pickup engine, the Diesel engine is selected as it will be used in trucks to lift
heavy loads to move to another place.
A company decided to design an engine which has the mentioned
parameters, with power ranging 350 kW and average piston speed of 8 m/s.
Due to lack of experience in designing engine, the company faced several
problems to design the diesel engine in the mentioned parameters.
Therefore, as a customer they decided to collaborate with other company
where the company supplies diesel engines to various industries used for
electric generators or prime movers for other machines, to develop a new
engine for pickup truck diesel engine.

To design a diesel engine under pickup truck segment with power ranging
350 kW and average piston speed of 8 m/s.

In designing this diesel engine, we needed the verified parameters which is
power ranging 350 kW and average piston speed of 8 m/s. The torque used
in designing the diesel engine is assumed as a clean torque whereby its not
distributed between the tires and shafts. Therefore, the value of torque in the
results is higher. The power ranging which was calculated has exceeded the
customers requirements thus it causes the torque value and engine speed
value to be high. The engine is designed based on the customers maximum
specification required.

Basically, in designing the diesel engine we calculated the thermal efficiency
and the torque value. With the aid of PV diagram on every stage of cycle, we
assumed T1 and P1 to calculate the rest (T2, T3, T4, P2, P3, and P4). The
torque valued calculated in designing the diesel engine was high. Besides
that, the power ranging that had exceeded the customers needs caused the
torque value and the engine speed value to be high. The thermal efficiency
calculated for this engine is 60.5%. Therefore, this diesel engine designed
can be manufacture in automotive diesel engine if the materials are taken
into account.