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Welcome to the 2008-2009

Renewable Energy

More Products! Plus Our Famous Guides, Tips & Advice

This years edition of the Renewable Energy Design Guide & Catalog is bigger and
better than ever. Weve added hundreds of new products, eliminated discontinued
items, updated specifications and suggested retail prices, and much more. As always,
the hallmark of the thousands of products in this catalog is that they are field-tested
and proven. You can depend on them to work as described!
The product descriptions in this catalog are not just manufacturers sales pitches but
the seasoned advice of people who have been in the renewable energy business
for decades. You will find extremely useful advice on system design and installa-
tion, product usage, equipment and parts compatibility, maintenance, and lots more
hands-on information. There is no other catalog like it in the industry.

You Can Help Us Keep This Vital Resource Current

Keeping this information accurate and up-to-date is an ongoing project. We do our
very best, but of course we cannot absolutely guarantee that every price, specifica-
tion and information detail herein is correct; so thats our standard legal disclaimer.
Moreover, prices change constantly, so these suggested retail prices are best seen
as guidelines. Check with us for the latest prices.
You can help us keep this data accurate by informing us of any mistakes, changes
or updates you are aware of.
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up power, and mobile applications. Our goal is to
design and manufacture high value products that
seamlessly integrate into a complete power
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other inverter/chargers to fail, without
compromising outstanding performance
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w ww. ou t b ack p

FLEXware 500 FLEXware PV Mounting Bracket FLEXnet DC FLEXmax 80
2008-2009 Renewable Energy Design Guide & Catalog

Table of Contents

GOING SOLAR..................................................4 . Relays .......................................................... 117

SYSTEM DESIGN..............................................8 . Diversion Loads............................................ 118
. Grid-Tie............................................................8 Meters & Monitoring......................... 119
. Grid-Tie w/ Battery Backup........................... 11 Batteries....................................................126
. Off-Grid..........................................................12 . Technical Information...................................126
PRE-CONFIGURED SYSTEMS....................16 . Commercial..................................................130
. Grid-Tie.......................................................... 16 . Commercial/Industrial..................................132
. Grid-Tie w/ Battery Backup........................... 17 . Industrial.......................................................133
. Remote Power................................................ 18 . Battery Enclosures........................................ 136
SOLAR MODULES......................................... 20 . Chargers & Accessories................................ 139
. PV Modules.................................................... 20 Electrical Distribution Parts.... 142
. Portable PV Modules...................................... 28 . Surge Protection........................................... 142
MOUNTING STRUCTURES.......................... 31 . Array Grounding.......................................... 143
. Roof Mounts................................................... 32 . Array Combiners.......................................... 144
. Roof & Ground Mounts.................................. 44 . Array Breakers & Fuses............................... 147
. Pole Mounts.................................................... 48 . Disconnects & Overcurrent Protection......... 148
. Specialty Ground Mounts............................... 54 . Transfer Switches......................................... 153
. Trackers.......................................................... 56 . DC Automatic Switches...............................154
. Connectors & Terminal Blocks....................155
WIND POWER................................................. 59
. System Design................................................ 59 Wire & Cable............................................156
. Off-Grid.......................................................... 61 . Battery & Inverter Cable..............................156
. Grid-Tie.......................................................... 63 . Cable Lugs & Tools......................................157
. Wire..............................................................158
MICRO HYDROPOWER............................... 64
. Array Wiring & Accessories.........................159
INVERTERS..................................................... 68 . DC Wiring Accessories.................................162
. System Design................................................ 68
Water Pumping........................................163
. Grid-Tie Residential.......................................70
. Design Information.......................................163
. Grid-Tie Commercial..................................... 80
. Accessories...................................................164
. Grid-Tie w/ Battery Backup...........................84
. Submersible Pumps......................................165
. Grid-Tie w/ Battery Backup/Off-Grid............85
. Surface Pumps..............................................170
. Off-Grid..........................................................87
. Converters & Transformers............................99 Lighting......................................................177

POWER SYSTEMS........................................ 100 Refrigeration.........................................182

. System Panels............................................... 100 Ventilation & Cooling......................184
. Fully Assembled Systems............................. 102 Portable Power.....................................188
. System Components..................................... 104
CHARGE CONTROLLERS......................... 106 . Wiring Information.......................................191
. MPPT............................................................ 106 . Solar Insolation Maps...................................194
. MPPT/PWM................................................. 110 . Glossary........................................................200
. PWM............................................................. 111
Space for Your Notes.........................202
. PWM/Lighting Controllers........................... 114
. Generator Start Controllers........................... 116

Printed in USA on recycled paper with 10% post-consumer waste.

Now is the time to become your own power producer.
Going Solar

Residential, commercial or industrial we can help with all your power system needs.
By harnessing the power of the sun, wind or water, people all over the
world produce their own pollution-free reliable electricity. Technologi-
cal advances, government assistance, the need for reliable power, and
the growing urgency to reduce the use of fossil fuels make renewable
energy systems increasingly attractive to people around the world.
Solar technology makes it possible for home and business owners to
have dependable power from renewable sources. Mass production
has significantly reduced the price of renewable energy systems and
their components. Solar systems with battery-based backup power can
ensure reliable power even when the utility grid is down.
The use of renewable sources such as wind, water and sun increases our
energy self-sufficiency and fosters economic and national security. As
more families, individuals and businesses generate their own renewable electricity we will reduce pollution, provide more electricity
for all to use, reduce the use of fossil fuels, and make the electricity on the grid greener.
Deregulation has created an atmosphere of change in the United States. We are experiencing higher electricity rates and electricity
shortages. Laws usually referred to as net metering allow solar-energy-system owners to feed their excess generated electricity back
to the utility. The system owner receives a credit or payment for solar-generated electricity fed into the grid. In other words, you pay
only for the net electricity you consume the amount of electricity you take from the utility minus the amount you generate and feed
back from your solar system. With a solar electric system, you can provide yourself with protection from the rising prices of fuel,
because your systems fuel is the sun. Additionally, state, local and federal tax incentives and rebates make obtaining a system more

Types of Power Systems

Power systems vary in design depending on what energy sources Determine What System Meets Your Needs
are used and what purpose they must fulfill. The next few pages Use the tables and worksheets on the following pages to become
have information to help you design the three basic types of familiar with the design of these systems and consult with us to
renewable energy systems: pick out the exact components.
1. Grid-Tie Systems
Also called grid-interactive, grid-intertie, utility-interconnected Tax Incentives
and other such descriptive terms, grid-tie solar systems built
onto your building and property that connect directly into the Federal
electric utility feed. This is possible in areas that allow net A federal energy credit allows businesses to take a 30% tax
metering, whereby a solar or wind powered system turns your credit for renewable energy equipment (solar electric, solar thermal
electric meter backwards when it is producing more power than and wind powered systems). The same incentive is available for
you are using. This type of system provides no backup power residential customers, but a cap of $2,000 applies. This credit is
when utility power fails. set to expire at the end of 2008, but it is possible that the federal
government will renew the incentives in 2008 or 2009.
2. Grid-Tie Systems with Battery Backup
In addition, there is an accelerated 5-year depreciation schedule
A grid-tie system with battery backup feeds excess solar elec-
that allows businesses to write 100% of a systems cost off their
tricity to the grid and provides backup power when the utility
taxable income over the first five years.
grid is down. With this type of system you sacrifice some power
generation efficiency in exchange for having power when there State and Local
is a utility power failure. The amount of backup power you The states of California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington
have depends on the size of the battery and electrical loads and others, as well as municipalities like Austin, Texas and Bend,
that draw on them. Oregon, offer a rebate or similar payment based on the generating
3. Off-Grid Systems capacity of the system installed. California offers performance-
based payments as an alternative to a rebate.
This type of power system is independent of the utility grid. It
can use solar modules, a wind generator, a micro-hydroelectric Other states offer various rebates and incentives to homeowners
generator, or a combination of any or all of them to produce to lower the installed cost of a utility-connected power system. Go
your electric power. Owners of this type of system often use to for the latest comprehensive information
a gas or diesel generator for backup when the power system about incentives in your area.
does not meet all of the needs.

We can help you generate your own electricity by putting a solar

Going Solar
electric power system on your home, business or public building.
For decades, off-grid standalone power systems not
connected to utility electric transmission lines have
generated power using solar energy for remote homes,
communications facilities, telemetry, traffic control, public
transportation, remote mining and drilling and scores of
other applications. Now, people who live on the utility
grid can economically install and obtain the benefits of
solar and renewable energy systems.
Lock in your cost of electricity
The higher the percent of your total electricity needs
generated by your solar system, the less affected you will
be by constantly rising costs of conventionally generated
electric power.
Obtain tax credits and rebates
Tax credits and rebates are available in many states to
people and businesses who install solar powered products.
See for the latest rebate and tax credit
information for your area.
Feed power back to the utility
In many states, you can send your home-generated power
back to the utility and get credit for the power you feed
into the utility grid.
Generate green power
Generate electricity with energy from the sun, wind or
water, producing virtually no pollution or emissions.
Gain power independence
With the use of batteries and possibly a generator as
needed, you can rely on your own generating capacity,
and not on the vagaries of public utilities.
Ensure uninterrupted power
With a battery backup system, you can keep your appli-
ances running during utility power outages.
No moving parts!
Solar electricity is the only form of energy generation that
does not involve any moving part, substantially decreasing
maintenance requirements and increasing reliability and
long equipment life.

The website for comprehensive

information on federal, state, local
and utility incentives:

Commercial Grid-Tie Projects
Going Solar

Cost-effective grid-connected solar systems on commercial buildings

can offset high peak electric cost and make an excellent investment for
many businesses.
Pricing and availability
We offer competitive pricing for commercial projects, and our steady
supply of modules and balance-of-system components will keep your
project going when others are waiting for product!
Commercial-grade system components
Inverters to 500kW Disconnects up to 800 amps Everything
you need for your commercial project.
System design assistance
Choosing the right hardware Matching system layout to blueprints
System drawings for confirmed projects.
Project financing
We offer AEE Solar Financing with options for purchase or low-cost
leasing. Ask us for details of this exciting new program.
System monitoring
Independent third-party monitoring, to provide critical data needed
for Power Purchase Agreements, RECs and government incentive

Remote Industrial Solar Products

We sell products and integrated solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. From
large multi-kilowatt power plants to small trickle chargers, our custom-engineered solar
systems are backed by an experienced technical staff you can count on.
Oil & Gas
PV power is the perfect solution for the remote energy needs of the oil & gas industry.
These systems are deployed worldwide, delivering reliable electric power for telemetry
and SCADA, offshore platforms, monitoring and cathodic protection.
Microwave repeaters, wireless Internet systems, mobile telecom are examples of effec-
tive uses for distributed solar electric power systems.
Traffic Control
Solar powered traffic signals can be located anywhere it is not practical or cost-effective
to install a utility connection. It can be equally useful in an urban setting or on remote
stretches of highway. It is the best solution for mobile warning signals and speed
Outdoor Lighting
PV lighting systems are often used in parking lots and bus shelters, and to illuminate
highway signs.
Vaccine Refrigeration
Vaccine refrigeration systems approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) play
a key role in the storage and distribution of vital vaccines and blood in remote areas of
developing countries throughout the world.

The pages ahead feature thousands of products that cover virtually every renewable energy need. Please contact us to help you get
the advice and resources you need for residential, commercial, industrial, government, institutional or any other kind of renewable
energy system. Our contact information is on the cover of the catalog.

Solar Energy International presents


Renewable Energy Education
for a Sustainable Future

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-Building for the Future
-R.E. for the Developing World
Log on to your Solar Future
-Solar and Radiant Heating
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Utility Grid-Tie System Design
System Design

Budget, roof dimensions and other site-specific factors often call for system. This worksheet will help you decide what size PV array
custom system design. If you are planning to mount your array on would be required to eliminate your electric bill. This will be the
a roof, decide which module best fits into the available roof space, largest system that would be cost-effective to install. A smaller
taking into consideration obstructions such as chimneys, plumbing system can reduce part of your bill, or eliminate higher cost
vents and skylights. See Solar Modules, page 20, for dimensions electricity in locations that have progressively increasing rates as
of modules. A grid-connected PV system consists of PV modules, consumption increases. Use this information and the amount of
output cables, module mounting structures, AC and DC discon- available space to get a rough idea of your PV array size.
nect switches, inverter(s), grounding equipment and a metering

PV Array Design Worksheet Determine the array size for your grid-connected system.
Step 1 Find your monthly average electricity usage from your electric bill.
This will be in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Due to air conditioning, heating and other seasonal usage, it is
a good idea to look at several bills. You can add the typical summer, fall, winter and spring bills and
divide by four to find the average monthly usage.
Step 2 Find your daily average electricity use.
Divide the monthly average number of kWh use by 30 (days)
Step 3 Find your locations average peak sun hours per day.
See the maps and listings on page 14, and/or the insolation maps beginning page 194. For example, the aver-

age for California is 5 peak sun hours

Step 4 Calculate the system size (AC watts) to provide 100% of your electricity.
Divide your daily average electricity use by average sun hours per day. For example, if the daily average
electricity use is 30 kWh, and the site is in California, system size would be: 30 kWh / 5 h = 6 kW AC
Step 5 Calculate the number of pv modules required for this system.
Divide the system AC watts in Step 4 by the CEC watt rating of the modules to be used, then divide by the
inverter efficiency, usually 0.94, and you get the total number of modules required. (Round this number up)

Use table below (continued next page) to determine array size/inverter combinations

System Design
This table shows inverter and module combinations for common maximum number of modules per string may be lower.
modules used in grid connected systems. For a given inverter and In the table on the next page, the line labeled CEC watts is the
module combination, the table displays the acceptable number of expected output of the modules at normal operating temperature,
series strings of modules and the number of modules per string in full sun. The approximate power output of a system in full
for temperatures between 14F and 104F. Where the inverter sun will be the number of modules times the CEC rating of the
will support more than one string of modules, the table shows the modules times the inverter efficiency from second column on the
number of modules that can be used with multiple strings. Sizing table. Other factors, such as high or low temperature, shading,
is accurate in locations where the maximum temperature is lower array orientation, roof pitch and dirt on the modules, will affect
than 104F or the minimum temperature is higher than 14F. In the systems actual output.
locations where the minimum temperature is lower than 14F, the

SolarWorld REC Solar Evergreen Mitsubishi

Module >
SW175 SCM 220 ES-190 UD185MF5
Inverter CEC CEC > 162.7 194.0 168.8 164.7
Mfg Model efficiency Ratio > 0.930 0.882 0.888 0.890
Recommended Number of Modules per String
SB700U 91.5% one string 3 to 5
one string 7 to 10 9 to 12 10 to 13 11 to 14
SB3000US 95.5%
two strings 7 to 10 10
one string 9 to 12 11 to 14 11 to 16 13 to 17
SB4000US 96.0% two strings 9 to 12 11 to 13

three strings 9
one string 9 to 12 11 to 14 12 to 16 13 to 17
SB5000US 95.5% two strings 9 to 12 11 to 12 12 to 16 13 to 15
SMA three strings 9 to 10
one string 9 to 12 11 to 14 12 to 16 13 to 17
two strings 9 to 12 11 to 14 12 to 16 13 to 17
SB6000US 95.5%
three strings 9 to 12 12 to 13
four strings 9
one string 9 to 12 11 to 14 12 to 16 13 to 17
two strings 9 to 12 11 to 14 12 to 16 13 to 17
SB7000US 96.0%
three strings 9 to 12 11 12 to 15 13 to 14
four strings 9 to 10
one string 5 to 9 7 to 11 8 to 13 8 to 13
IG2000 93.5%
two strings 5 to 7
one string 5 to 9 7 to 12 8 to 13 8 to 14
IG3000 94.0% two strings 5 to 9 7 8 8 to 9
three strings 5 to 6
one string 5 to 9 7 to 12 8 to 13 8 to 14
two strings 5 to 9 7 to 11 8 to 13 8 to 12
Fronius IG4000 94.0% three strings 5 to 8 7 8 8
four strings 5 to 6
five strings 5
one string 5 to 9 7 to 12 8 to 13 8 to 14
two strings 5 to 9 7 to 12 8 to 13 8 to 14
three strings 5 to 9 7 to 9 8 to 10 8 to 10
IG5100 94.5%
four strings 5 to 8 7 8 8
five strings 5 to 6
six strings 5

System Design
SolarWorld REC Solar Evergreen Mitsubishi
Module >
SW175 SCM 220 ES-190 UD185MF5
Inverter CEC CEC > 162.7 194.0 168.8 164.7
Mfg Model efficiency Ratio > 0.930 0.882 0.888 0.890
Recommended Number of Modules per String
one string 7 to 12 9 to 14 10 to 16 11 to 17
GT 2.8 94.0%
two strings 7 to 9
one string 7 to 12 9 to 14 10 to 16 11 to 17
GT 3.3 94.5% two strings 7 to 11 9 10 to 11
three strings 7
Xantrex one string 7 to 12 9 to 14 10 to 16 13 to 17
GT 4.0 95.5% two strings 7 to 12 9 to 10 10 to 12 13
three strings 7 to 8
one string 9 to 12 9 to 14 12 to 16 13 to 17
GT 5.0 95.5% two strings 9 to 12 9 to 13 12 to 16 13 to 16
three strings 9 to 10
PVP1100EVR 92.0% one string 4 to 7 5 to 6 6 6 to 7
PVP1100SVR 92.5% one string 5 to 7
one string 4 to 10 5 to 10 6 to 12 6 to 12
PVP2000EVR 92.5%
two strings 4 to 6 6 6

one string 5 to 10 7 to 10 8 to 12 8 to 12
PVP2000SVR 93.0%
two strings 5 to 6
one string 5 to 10 6 to 12 7 to 13 8 to 14
PVP 2500 93.5%
two strings 5 to 9 7 to 8 8
one string 6 to 10 8 to 12 9 to 13 9 to 14
PVP3000SVR 93.0%
two strings 6 to 10 8 9 9
one string 7 to 10 9 to 12 10 to 13 11 to 14
PVP 3500 94.0% two strings 7 to 10 9 10 to 11 11
three strings 7 to 8
one string 7 to 10 9 to 12 10 to 13 11 to 14
two strings 7 to 10 9 to 12 10 to 13 11 to 14
PVP 4800 94.0%
three strings 7 to 10
four strings 7 to 8
one string 8 to 10 11 to 12 12 to 13 13 to 14
two strings 8 to 10 11 to 12 12 to 13 13 to 14
PVP 5200 94.5%
three strings 8 to 10
four strings 8
one string 5 to 8 6 to 9 6 to 10 7 to 11
KACO 1501xi 94%
two strings 5
one string 5 to 8 6 to 9 7 to 10 7 to 11
PVI1800 92.5%
two strings 5 to 6
Solectria one string 5 to 8 6 to 9 7 to 10 7 to 11
PVI2500 93% two strings 5 to 8 6 to 7 7 to 9 7 to 8
three strings 5

Grid-tie systems with battery backup are configured

System Design
differently and are much more complex than standard
grid-tie systems without batteries. They need to be
custom designed. If you need a backup system, con-
sult with us to determine all the system components
that you will need.
Inverters for Grid-Tie with Battery Backup
OutBack also makes inverters and switchgear that
can be assembled into larger grid-tie w/ battery
backup systems.
The new Xantrex XW series of inverters offers
grid-tie inverters with battery backup capability in
6000-watt increments. Several can be stacked for
12kW or 18kW battery backup systems.

You can use the following steps to determine the dual-function inverter size and the battery capacity that your system will require.
Follow steps 1-5 on the PV Array Design Worksheet on page 8 to determine the size of the array required to provide the desired
percentage of total power. Then calculate the inverter size and battery capacity needed using the worksheet below.

Grid-Tie with Battery Backup

Worksheet: Inverter and Batteries for Grid-Tie w/ Backup System
Step 1 Find the power requirements (watts) for the appliances you need to power
during a black-out.
Make a list of the loads and appliances that you absolutely need to power during an outage. Only list the essential
items since the system size (and cost) will vary widely with power needed. The wattage of individual appliances
can usually be found on the back of the appliance or in the owners manual. You can use a Kill-a-Watt meter for
better measurements (page 120). If an appliance is rated in amps, multiply amps by the operating voltage (120 or
240) to find watts. Add up the wattage of all the items on your list to arrive at the total amount of watts that you
need to run all at the same time. This will determine the size of the dual-function inverter that you will need.
Step 2 Decide the blackout duration you want to be prepared for.
Power outages last from a portion of an hour to a day (or more). Again, this decision will greatly affect the
system size and cost, so it is more cost-effective to stay on the conservative side.
Step 3 Find the amount of stored power required.
Multiply the power requirements (in step 1) by duration in hours (in step 2). The result will be in watt-hours. For
instance, if you need to power 1000 watts of appliances for 2 hours, you would need to have 2000 watt-hours
(or 2 kWh) of stored power.
Step 4 Calculate the power storage needed.
Multiply the figure arrived at in step 3 by 1.7. In the example, 2 kWh X 1.7 = 3.4 kWh of stored power
Step 5 Calculate battery capacity needed.
Divide the power storage requirement needed from step 4 by the DC voltage of the system (usually 48V, but
sometimes 24V) to get battery amp-hour (Ah) capacity. See the battery section on page 126 for more information
on batteries. Most backup systems use sealed batteries due to their greatly reduced maintenance requirements,
and because they can be more easily placed in enclosed battery compartments.

System Design

System Sizing Information

The size of a solar electric system depends on the amount of particular area (sun-hours per day). The user has control of the
power that is required (watts), the amount of time it is used first two variables, while the third depends on the location.
(hours) and the amount of energy available from the sun in a

Conservation Refrigeration
Conservation plays an important role in keeping down the cost of Gas powered absorption refrigerators are a good choice in small
a photovoltaic system. The use of energy-efficient appliances and systems if bottled gas is available. Modern absorption refrigerators
lighting, as well as non-electric alternatives wherever possible, can consume 5-10 gallons of LP gas/month. If an electric refrigerator
make solar electricity a cost-competitive alternative to gasoline will be used in a standalone system, it should be a high-efficiency
generators and, in some cases, utility power. type. Some high-efficiency conventional AC refrigerators use as
little as 1200 watt-hours of electricity/day at a 70 average air
Cooking, Heating and Cooling temperature. A comparably sized Sun Frost refrigerator/freezer
Conventional electric cooking, space heating and water heat- uses half that amount of energy and a SunDanzer refrigerator
ing equipment use a prohibitive amount of electricity. Electric (without a freezer) uses less than 100 watt-hours per day. The
ranges use 1500 watts or more per burner, so bottled propane or higher cost of good quality DC refrigerators is offset by savings
natural gas is a popular alternative to electricity for cooking. A in the number of solar modules and batteries required.
microwave oven has about the same power draw, but since food
cooks more quickly, the amount of kilowatt hours used may not Major Appliances
be large. Propane and wood are generally better alternatives for Standard AC electric motors in washing machines, larger shop
space heating. Good passive solar design and proper insulation machinery and tools, swamp coolers, pumps, etc. (usually 1/4 to
can reduce the need for winter heating. Evaporative cooling is a 3/4 horsepower) require a large inverter. Often, a 2000 watt or

more reasonable load than air conditioning and in locations with larger inverter will be required. These electric motors are some-
low humidity, the results are almost as good. One big plus for solar times hard to start on inverter power, they consume relatively large
cooling: the largest amount of solar energy is available when the amounts of electricity, and they are very wasteful compared to
need for cooling is the greatest. high-efficiency motors, which use 50% to 75% less electricity. A
standard washing machine uses between 300 and 500 watt-hours
Lighting per load, but new front-loading models use less than 1/2 as much
Lighting requires the most study since many options exist in type, power. If the appliance is used more than a few hours per week,
size, voltage and placement. The type of lighting that is best for it is often cheaper to pay more for a high-efficiency appliance
one system may not be right for another. The first decision is rather than make your electrical system larger to support a low-
whether your lights will be run on low voltage direct current (DC) efficiency load. Vacuum cleaners usually consume 600 to 1,000
or conventional 110 volt alternating current (AC). In a small home, watts, depending on how powerful they are, about twice what a
an RV, or a boat, low voltage DC lighting is often the best choice. washer uses, but most vacuum cleaners will operate on inverters
DC wiring runs can be kept short, allowing the use of fairly small larger than 1,000 watts since they have low-surge motors.
gauge wire. Since an inverter is not required, the system cost is
lower. When an inverter is part of the system, and the lights are Small Appliances
powered directly by the battery, a home will not be dark if the Many small appliances such as irons, toasters and hair dryers
inverter fails. In addition to conventional-size medium-base low consume a very large amount of power when they are used but
voltage bulbs, the user can choose from a large selection of DC by their nature require very short or infrequent use periods. If
fluorescent lights, which have 3 to 4 times the light output per the system inverter and batteries are large enough, they will be
watt of power used compared with incandescent types. Halogen usable. Electronic equipment, such as stereos, televisions, VCRs
bulbs are 30% more efficient and actually seem almost twice as and computers have a fairly small power draw. Many of these are
bright as similar wattage incandescents given the spectrum of available in low voltage DC as well as conventional AC versions. In
light they produce. High quality fluorescent lights are available general, DC models use less power than their AC counterparts.
for 12 and 24 volt systems.
In a large installation or one with many lights, the use of an inverter
to supply AC power for conventional lighting is cost-effective.
AC compact fluorescent lights will save a tremendous amount of
energy. It is a good idea to have a DC-powered light in the room
where the inverter and batteries are in case there is a problem.
AC light dimmers will only function properly on AC power from
inverters that have pure sine wave output.

Off-Grid Load Worksheet

System Design
Determine the total energy in amp-hours per day used by all the AC and DC loads in your system.

Calculate your AC loads

If there are no AC loads, skip to Step 5
1. List all AC loads, wattage and hours of use per week in the spaces provided. Multiply watts by hours/week to get watt-hours per
week (WH/Wk). Add up all the watt hours per week to determine AC watt-hours per week. Use a separate sheet of paper if you
need to list more loads than the space below allows

NOTE: Wattage of appliances can Description of AC loads run by inverter watts x hours/week = watt-hours/week
usually be determined from tags
on the back of the appliance or
from the owners manual. If an
appliance is rated in amps, mul-
tiply amps by operating voltage
(120 or 240) to find watts.
Total watt-hours/week

2. Convert to DC watt-hours per week. Multiply line 1 by 1.15 to correct for inverter loss. ______________

3. Inverter DC input voltage; usually 12-, 24- or 48-volts. This is DC system voltage. ______________
4. Divide line 2 by line 3. This is total DC amp-hours per week used by AC loads. ______________

Calculate your DC loads

5. List all DC loads in the table below. If you have no DC loads, enter 0" in line 7 and proceed to line 8. ______________
6. DC system voltage. Usually 12, 24, or 48 volts. ______________
7. Find total amp-hours per week used by DC loads: divide line 5 by line 6. ______________
8. Total amp-hours per week used by AC loads from line 4. ______________
9. Add lines 7 and 8. This is total amp-hours per week used by all loads. ______________
10. Divide line 9 by 7 days. This is total average amp-hours per day that needs to be supplied ______________
by the battery.

Enter this number on line 1 on the Number-of-Modules Worksheet on page 14, and on line 1 of the Battery Sizing Worksheet on
page 129.

Description of DC loads watts x hours/week = watt-hours/week

Total watt-hours / week

Solar Array Sizing Worksheet - Off-Grid Systems
System Design

Use this worksheet to calculate the total number of solar modules required for your system if you are using a non-MPPT charge con-
troller. If you are using an MPPT type charge controller, do steps 1-4 on this worksheet, then move to step 5 on the next page.

To find average sun-hours per day in your area (line 3), check local figure. The peak amperage of the module you will be using can be
weather data, look at the map below or find a city on the page 194 found in the module specifications. You can also get close enough
that has similar weather to your location. If you want year- round if you divide the modules rated wattage by the peak power point
autonomy, use the lower of the two figures. If you want 100% voltage, usually 17 to 17.5 for a 12-volt module or 34 to 35 volts
autonomy only in summer, use the higher figure. If you have a for a 24-volt module.
utility grid-tie system with net metering, use the yearly average

Step 1 Total average amp-hours per day needed (line 10 of the Off-Grid Loads Worksheet, page 13)

Step 2 Multiply line 1 by 1.2 to compensate for loss from battery charge / discharge

Step 3 Average sun-hours per day in your area

Step 4 Divide line 2 by line 3. This is the total solar array amps required

Step 5 Peak-Power amps of solar module used. See module specifications

Step 6 Total number of solar modules in parallel required. Divide line 4 by 5


Step 7 Round off to the next highest whole number

Step 8 Number of modules in each series string to provide DC battery voltage see table below

Step 9 Multiply line 7 by line 8 to get the total number of solar modules required.

Nominal System Number of Series Connected

Voltage Modules per String
Volts 12V module 24V module
12 1 N/A
24 2 1
48 4 2

The maps below show sun-hours per day for the U.S.
See world insolation maps (and a larger version of the USA map) beginning page 194.

Solar Array Sizing Worksheet for use with MPPT Charge Controllers

System Design
Begin on page 14, steps 1 - 4 before starting on this page.

Step 5 Total solar array amps required from Step 4 of module worksheet for standard controllers.

Step 6 Enter average changing voltage: use 13.5V for 12V systems; use 27V for 24V systems;
use 54V for 48V systems.
Step 7 Multiply Step 5 result by Step 6 result. This is the total PV array wattage required.

Step 8 Enter the peak power wattage of the chosen PV module. (Use the module's Peak Power wattage at STC.)

Step 9 Divide the wattage on Step 7 by the wattage on Step 8. This is the total number of modules
needed. Round up to the nearest whole number. (NOTE: this number may need to be adjusted in Step 11.)
Step 10 Number of modules in each series string. See table below, and add number here.

Table for 150VDC maximum controllers.

(For controllers with other max voltages, see controller instructions.)

Module 12V 24V 48V

Evergreen ES 1 to 3 2 or 3 3
REC SCM-210 1 to 3 2 or 3 3
SolarWorld SW175 1 to 2 1 to 2 2

Mitsubishi UD185MF5 1 to 3* 2 to 3* 3*
12V nominal modules 1 to 5 3 to 5 4 to 5
12V nominal modules w/ Apollo controllers 2 to 5 3 to 5 5
*In climates that never have freezing temperatures below 10F, four Mitsubishi 185UD5
modules may be used in series

Step 11 Divide the number of total modules in Step 9 by the number of modules per series string from Step 10. This is
the total number of array series strings. If this is not a whole number, either increase or decrease the number
of modules in Step 9 to obtain a whole number of series strings. CAUTION: decreasing the total number of
modules may result in insufficient power production.
Step 12 Determine wattage of each series string. Multiply module wattage from Step 8 by number of modules per
string on Step 10. This is the total wattage per string.

Step 13 Determine number of module strings per controller. Divide appropriate wattage figure from the chart below
by the wattage per string from Step 12. Round down to a whole number. This is the total number of module
strings per controller. If you have more module strings (from Step 11) than can be handled by the chosen
controller, either use a larger controller, or use multiple controllers.

Step 14 Divide total number of strings from Step 11 by the number of strings per controller from Step 13. Round up
to a whole number. This is the total number of chosen controllers needed.

Maximum watts that can be used with an MPPT controller

System nominal voltage

amp rating 12V 24V 48V
15A 200W 400W 800W
30A 400W 800W 1600W
50A 650W 1300W 2600W
60A 750W 1500W 3000W
80A 1000W 2000W 4000W

AEE Solar
Pre-Configured Systems

Pre-Configured Systems
Engineered Grid-Tie PV Systems
AEE Solar grid-tie PV power systems are designed for use
on residential and small commercial buildings. They consist
of high quality Evergreen or SolarWorld photovoltaic (PV)
modules, a Fronius, SMA or Xantrex inverter, array wiring,
DC and AC disconnects, Unirac mounting structures to secure
modules on the roof, electrical drawings, data sheets, war-
ranties and instructions.
Some Xantrex and SMA inverters have integrated DC dis-
connects. Systems that list ST7000 as the inverter use
the new SMA Sunny Tower 42 kW tower that consists of
6 SMA SB7000US inverters, pre-assembled on a stainless
steel structure.
Wiring from the array to the DC disconnect, array Solar Nameplate Module # of CEC Inverter
module watts qty strings watts model Item code Price
ground wiring, and wiring from the AC disconnect
to the main panel and all conduit must be supplied 700 4 1 576 PVP1100EVR 010-06246 $7,322.00
by professional installers (your specific installation 1050 6 1 879 IG2000 010-06277 $9,451.00
mono (CEC=156.6W)
SolarWorld SW-175
or utility may require additional AC disconnects). 1400 8 1 1171 IG2000 010-06278 $11,710.00
Contact us to obtain these essential resources and 2100 12 2 1757 IG2000 010-06279 $16,175.00
expert advice on your system installation.

3150 18 2 2692 SB3000US 010-06255 $23,365.00

All components comply with the 2005 National Elec-
4200 24 3 3570 GT4.0 010-06303 $30,311.00
trical Code (NEC-2005); IEEE Std 929-2000, Institute
of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Recommended 5250 30 3 4487 GT5.0 010-06307 $38,148.00
Practices for Utility Interface of Photovoltaic (PV) 7000 40 4 5982 SB7000US 010-06267 $50,256.00
Systems; UL 1741-Underwriters Laboratories Stan- 1140 6 1 952 1501xi 010-06204 $10,602.00
dard for Safety; and the ICBO 2000 International 1520 8 1 1263 IG2000 010-06206 $13,163.00
Building Code. The arrays and inverters are matched
2280 12 1 1934 SB3000US 010-06223 $18,240.00
for maximum efficiency.
Evergreen ES-190

3040 16 2 2539 IG3000 010-06226 $21,630.00


These modular systems can be combined to form larger

systems to meet your requirements. It is economical 3800 20 2 3190 GT3.3 010-06238 $26,514.00
to put these systems together for use in 30 kilowatt 4560 24 2 3889 SB4000US 010-06208 $32,167.00
or smaller systems. For larger systems, please ask us
5700 30 2 4836 GT5.0 010-06244 $39,496.00
for a quote.
Select a pre-packaged system that meets your needs 6840 36 3 5803 SB6000US 010-06214 $47,829.00
from the accompanying table. California Energy Com- 7980 42 3 6806 SB7000US 010-06217 $55,059.00
mission bases rebates on the system CEC rating in 1110 6 1 929 1501xi 010-07201 $9,990.00
column 4 of the table. CECs calculation takes into
1665 9 1 1386 IG2000 010-07204 $13,927.00
account module output in normal operating conditions
Mitsubishi UD185MF5

and inverter efficiency. 2220 12 1 1887 SB3000US 010-07207 $17,100.00


2960 16 2 2477 IG3000 010-07210 $21,956.00

4070 22 2 3406 IG4000 010-07213 $29,373.00
5180 28 2 4404 GT5.0 010-07216 $37,640.00
5920 32 2 5033 SB6000US 010-07219 $42,502.00
7770 42 3 6641 SB7000US 010-07222 $55,167.00
1100 5 1 912 1501xi 010-07241 $10,285.00
1760 8 1 1451 IG2000 010-07244 $15,330.00
2200 10 1 1853 SB3000US 010-07247 $17,710.00

3080 14 1 2607 SB4000US 010-07250 $22,085.00

3960 18 2 3282 IG4000 010-07253 $27,918.00
5280 24 2 4446 SB6000US 010-07256 $37,540.00
6160 28 2 5188 SB6000US 010-07259 $43,120.00
7260 33 3 6146 SB7000US 010-07262 $50,820.00
16 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Engineered Grid-Tie PV Systems with Battery Backup

Pre-Configured Systems
These full-service renewable energy systems give you all the benefits of utility
interconnection and net metering plus energy independence. With these grid-tie
systems, backup AC power is made available in the event of a utility outage,
providing reliable power and peace of mind. An average conversion efficiency
of 89% to 91% using the California Energy Commission (CEC) test protocol
provides greater savings and a shorter time period for system payback than pre-
vious designs.
Battery-backup grid-tie systems come with modules, array wiring, combiner
boxes, roof mounting structures, inverters/control systems with all required
over-current protection and disconnects. (Your specific installation or utility may
require additional AC disconnects, which we can supply as needed). They require
a 48-volt battery bank to operate. The size of the battery determines the amount of
backup power available during power failure. Use the worksheet on the page 11
to determine battery bank size. Battery backup systems qualify for the California
Energy Commission incentives and the federal tax credit.

Grid-Tie with Battery Backup

Grid-Tie Systems with Battery Backup (see table at bottom for batteries)
PV Module Module brand Backup
watts quantity & watts Inverter Model watts Output VAC Item code Price
570 3 Evergreen 190 OutBack FLEXware system with one GVFX3648 3600 120 010-06724 $9,791
2850 15 Evergreen 190 OutBack FLEXware system with one GVFX3648 3600 120 010-06728 $24,392
5700 30 Evergreen 190 OutBack FLEXware system with two GVFX3648 7200 120/240 010-06732 $46,749
2850 15 Evergreen 190 Xantrex XW4548 with 1 XW-MPPT60 Charge Controller 4500 120/240 010-07015 $24,650
4560 24 Evergreen 190 Xantrex XW4548 with 2 XW-MPPT60 Charge Controllers 4500 120/240 010-07022 $36,518
5700 30 Evergreen 190 Xantrex XW6048 with 2 XW-MPPT60 Charge Controllers 6000 120/240 010-07027 $44,724
660 3 REC SCM 220 OutBack FLEXware system with one GVFX3648 3600 120 010-07031 $10,487
2640 12 REC SCM 220 OutBack FLEXware system with one GVFX3648 3600 120 010-07038 $23,721
5280 24 REC SCM 220 OutBack FLEXware system with two GVFX3648 7200 120/240 010-07045 $45,344
3960 18 REC SCM 220 Xantrex XW4548 with 2 XW-MPPT60 Charge Controllers 4500 120/240 010-07051 $33,606
5280 24 REC SCM 220 Xantrex XW6048 with 2 XW-MPPT60 Charge Controllers 6000 120/240 010-07056 $43,319

Battery Packs for Systems above

Watt-hours storage Battery System
to 80% discharge quantity amp-hours Battery model Battery rack Item code Price
7500 4 196 MK S31-SLD-G MidNite MNBE-B 010-07085 $1,445
7500 8 196 MK S31-SLD-G MidNite MNBE-B 010-07088 $2,746
11250 12 294 MK S31-SLD-G MidNite MNBE-C 010-07092 $4,053

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 17
Pre-Configured Systems

Remote Photovoltaic Power Supply

Remote Security
Satellite Communications
Wireless Data
Cathodic Protection
AEE Solar Remote Photovoltaic Power Supply (RPPS) systems are standalone PV power
systems designed to supply a wide variety of remote power requirements. All RPPS
systems are complete packaged systems consisting of photovoltaic modules, mounting
structures, batteries, battery enclosure, wiring and necessary charge regulation circuitry.
RPPS systems can be pole or ground mounted.
RPPS systems represent the highest standards of reliability. All components have passed
rigorous testing and are suitable for use in the harshest of environments. All RPPS sys-
tems are individually tested at the AEE production facility, assuring years of trouble-free
Suitable for powering lights, sensors, monitors, security cameras, illuminated signage, traffic
signals, communications equipment and more, the DuraGEN solar engine is designed to
perform in remote and industrial settings where durable construction and reliable opera-
tion are critical.
AEE Solar RPPS systems are built on years of experience designing reliable solar-powered
equipment for telecommunications, signal, traffic, railroad and oil industry projects. They
Remote Power

come pre-assembled, pre-wired, pre-tested and ready to install. All connections are clearly
labeled and precise instructions are included to make installation quick and easy.
AEE Solar RPPS systems are designed to operate flawlessly in the most harsh environ-
ments. The lightweight powder-coated aluminum enclosure offers corrosion protection
in most environments.

USA Solar Insolation Zones

18 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Designing Your RPPS System

Pre-Configured Systems
Use the steps below to determine which system is best for your application.
1. Calculate your amp-hour per day (A-h/d) power requirements. This is the amp draw of the equipment to be powered, times the
hours per day it will require power, times 1.2
2. Locate the zone in which your site is located on the map on the previous page.
3. The table below shows the amp-hours per day performance for each RPPS system in each of the solar insolation zones. Look at
the insolation zone columns in the table below and find a value the meets or exceeds your design load requirements. That row
represents the RPPS systems that will fully power your load requirements. The table shows systems to power 12-volt and 24-volt
loads. Be sure to look in the appropriate voltage section for the load you are powering. Systems to power 36-volt and 48-volt DC
and 120- or 230-volt AC are also available; please contact us for a quote.
System performance (amp-hours per day)
RPPS model System PV array PV array capacity Item code RPPS
voltage power current 100 hr rate Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 system
volts watts amps amp-hrs A-hr/d A-hr/d A-hr/d A-hr/d A-hr/d List price
12-Volt Systems
1A10-1J31/12V 12 10 0.65 38 0.59 1.2 1.8 2.3 2.9 032-02011 $1,180.80
1A20-1J31/12V 12 20 1.19 38 1.1 2.1 3.2 4.3 5.4 032-02014 $1,364.40
1A30-1J50/12V 12 30 1.78 56 1.6 3.2 4.8 6.4 8 032-02017 $1,324.80
1A50-1J92/12V 12 50 2.97 98 2.7 5.3 8 10.7 13.4 032-02020 $1,872.00
1A80-1J92/12V 12 80 4.55 98 4.1 8.2 12.3 16.3 N/A 032-02023 $2,023.20

Remote Power
1A80-2J92/12V 12 80 4.55 196 4.1 8.2 12.3 16.3 20.5 032-02026 $2,343.60
2A50-2J92/12V 12 100 5.94 196 5.3 10.7 16 21.4 26.7 032-02029 $2,894.40
2A80-2J92/12V 12 160 9.1 196 8.2 16.3 24.6 32.8 N/A 032-02032 $3,147.60
2A80-4J92/12V 12 160 9.1 396 8.2 16.3 24.6 32.8 41.0 032-02035 $3,685.20
4A50-4J92/12V 12 200 11.88 392 10.7 21.4 32.1 42.8 53.5 032-02038 $4,482.00
3A80-4J92/12V 12 240 13.65 392 12.3 24.6 36.8 49.1 61.4 032-02041 $4,308.00
4A80-4J92/12V 12 320 18.2 392 16.3 32.8 49.1 65.6 N/A 032-02044 $5,181.60
4A80-6J92/12V 12 320 18.2 588 16.3 32.8 49.1 65.6 81.9 032-02047 $5,719.20
5A80-4J180/12V* 12 400 22.75 840 20.5 41.0 61.4 81.9 102.4 032-02050 $7,143.60
6A80-4J225/12V* 12 480 27.3 1060 24.6 49.1 73.7 98.2 122.9 032-02053 $8,299.20
24-Volt Systems
2A5-2J17/24V 24 10 0.3 20 0.27 0.54 0.81 1.1 1.4 032-02110 $1,336.80
2A10-2J31/24V 24 20 0.65 38 0.59 1.2 1.8 2.3 2.9 032-02113 $1,711.20
2A20-2J31/24V 24 40 1.19 38 1.1 2.1 3.2 4.3 5.4 032-02116 $2,002.80
2A30-2J50/24V 24 60 1.78 56 1.6 3.2 4.8 6.4 8 032-02119 $2,422.80
2A50-2J92/24V 24 100 2.97 98 2.7 5.3 8 10.7 13.4 032-02122 $2,860.80
2A80-2J92/24V 24 160 4.55 98 4.1 8.2 12.3 16.3 20.5 032-02125 $3,126.00
2A80-4J92/24V 24 160 4.55 196 4.1 8.2 12.3 16.3 N/A 032-02128 $3,663.60
4A50-4J92/24V 24 200 5.94 196 5.3 10.7 16 21.4 26.7 032-02131 $4,468.80
4A80-6J92/24V 24 320 9.1 294 8.2 16.3 24.6 32.8 41.0 032-02134 $5,518.80
6A80-6J92/24V 24 480 13.65 294 12.3 24.6 36.8 49.1 N/A 032-02137 $6,706.80
6A80-4J180/24V 24 480 13.65 420 12.3 24.6 36.8 49.1 61.4 032-02140 $7,792.80
8A80-4J225/24V 24 640 18.2 530 16.3 32.8 49.1 65.6 81.9 032-02143 $9,512.40
10A80-6J225/24V* 24 800 22.75 795 20.5 41.0 61.4 81.9 102.4 032-02146 $12,313.20
12A80-6J225/24V* 24 960 27.3 1060 24.6 49.1 73.7 98.2 122.9 032-02149 $15,069.60
Systems with * after part number have a 6 week lead time.
Solar module specifications subject to change.

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 19
Evergreen Solar
Solar Modules

New! ES and ES-A Modules

Evergreen Solar modules are designed to deliver the best performance and depend-
ability from Evergreen Solars patented String Ribbon wafer technology. These
modules have one of the tightest power tolerances in the industry.
Superior Performance
Maximum power up to 4% above rated, minimum only 2% below rated
Anti-reflection cover glass delivers more energy
Backed by a 25-year limited power warranty; 2-year workmanship
A rigid, double-walled, deep frame with integrated water drainage holes
Crimped frame corners no screws to loosen
Sealed junction box never needs field maintenance
UL, cUL and CEC approved
Leading Environmental Credentials
Energy payback time up to 40% faster than leading crystalline
Low carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacturing process up to
33% less than other leading crystalline technologies
Low lead use of lead-free solder for all solar cell inter-connections
PV Modules

PV modules produced by Evergreen Solar are distinctive in their appearance

because they incorporate proprietary crystalline silicon technology known as
String Ribbon. In the String Ribbon technique, two high-temperature strings are
pulled vertically through a shallow silicon melt, and the molten silicon spans and
freezes between the strings. The process is continuous: long strings are unwound
from spools; the melt is replenished; and the silicon ribbon is cut to length for
further processing, without interrupting growth.
Evergreen ES modules utilize two parallel strings of 54 cells in series. They can
be used for battery charging with an MPPT charge controller such as the OutBack
MX-60, Apollo T-80 or the BlueSky series of charge controllers. Use up to 3 modules in series with the MX-60 or T-80 charge con-
troller. Evergreen ES-A modules utilize three parallel strings of 38 cells in series giving an 18-volt peak power voltage which allows
easier string sizing and fewer strings in grid-tie systems and also provides optimum voltage for battery charging with conventional
as well as MPPT charge controllers.
They have Multi-Contact cables. Evergreen modules are UL, cUL and CEC approved. Modules are made in either USA or Germany.
10-year 90% power warranty, 25-year 80% power warranty.

Module ES-180 ES-190 ES-195 ES-A-200 ES-A-205 ES-A-210

Peak power watts 180 190 195 200 205 210

Peak power voltage volts 25.9 26.7 27.1 18.1 18.4 18.7
Peak power current amps 6.95 7.12 7.20 11.05 11.15 11.2
Open circuit voltage volts 32.6 32.8 32.9 22.4 22.8 23.1
Short circuit current amps 7.78 8.05 8.15 12.0 12.05 12.1
Max. system voltage volts 600 600 600 600 600 600
Series fuse rating amps 15 20
Length inch (mm) 61.8 (1570) 65.0 (1651)
Width inch (mm) 37.5 (951) 37.5 (951)
Depth inch (mm) 1.6 (41) 1.8 (46)
Weight lbs (kg) 40.1 (18.2) 42.0 (19.1)
Item code 011-05349 011-05350 011-05352 011-05355 011-05357 011-05359
Price $1,205 $1,275 $1,320 $1,340 $1373 $1407

20 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
New! REC Solar

Solar Modules
SCM 210 Solar Modules
Uncompromising Quality
SCM 210 modules, made by REC Solar in Norway, are a series of high-
quality solar modules designed to meet system demand for exceptional
performance. Rigorous quality control is applied throughout the production
process, from cells to modules. Sixty 6.14" square multicrystalline solar
cells in each module are optimized for low light conditions and increased
light absorption. The modules have an innovative design that eliminates
shading effects in order to achieve maximum performance. A power output
tolerance of 3% guarantees minimum mismatch losses.
Quick Installation
The comparatively low weight (48 lbs/22 kg) of the SCM 210 allows for
quick and easy installation. The modules are equipped with USE-2 cables
with MC4 locking connectors for problem-free inter-module connection
Environmentally Sound Products & Processes
The SCM 210 series generates environmentally sound electricity. Cell and
module production processes are designed to maximize recycling and reduce
environmental impact. RECs wafers, cells and modules are produced within
Scandinavia and the companys activities are therefore subject to very high
standards of regulation regarding environmental issues.

PV Modules
The SCM 210 comes with a guarantee of 90% of rated power output for
10 years, and 80% of rated power output for 25 years.

Module SCM-210 SCM-215 SCM-220 SCM-225 SCM-230

Peak power watts 210 215 220 225 230
Peak power voltage volts 28.2 28.3 28.3 28.4 28.5
Peak power current amps 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.9 8.0
Open circuit voltage volts 36.3 36.4 36.5 36.7 36.7
Short circuit current amps 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.5 8.6
Max. system voltage volts 1000
Series fuse rating amps 12
Length inch (mm) 65.55 (1665)
Width inch (mm) 39.02 (991)
Depth inch (mm) 1.7 (43)
Weight lbs (kg) 48 (22)
Item code 011-02511 011-02514 011-02517 011-02520 011-02524
Price $1,407 $1,440 $1,474 $1,507 $1,540

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 21
Mitsubishi Solar
Solar Modules

As a general manufacturer of electrical machinery and appliances, Mitsubishi Electric

Corporation offers a legacy of innovation and achievement that goes all the way back to
its founding in 1921.
Since 1976, when Japan launched its first commercial satellite, Mitsubishi has partici-
pated in approximately 250 related projects around the world. One such project led to the
development of a number of photovoltaic power generation systems that have proven to
be extremely reliable, even in the harsh conditions of outer space.
PV-Series Modules
Mitsubishi has applied leading-edge technologies from its space-related applications to
terrestrial systems to create high-performance photovoltaic power-generation systems for
an astonishing range of applications. Mitsubishi Electric successfully produced the first
cells in Japan that do not require solder coatings. This was a milestone in the develop-
ment of environmentally friendly composite materials and manufacturing processes for
the silver electrodes used on the surfaces of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells. Their
PV modules are now made using lead-free solder, completely eliminating lead from the
manufacturing process.
The 175-watt and larger modules are designed for use in high-voltage grid-tie applica-
tions, but can be used in large industrial and off-grid applications for battery charging if
the system includes an appropriate MPPT charge controller such as the OutBack MX-60,
Apollo T80 or BlueSky Solar Boost.
These modules use 50 square poly-crystalline 156mm cells in series behind tempered
PV Modules

glass with anodized aluminum frames, and Multi-Contact locking connector output cables.
Positive and negative cables come from junction boxes at opposite ends of the module.
The 125-watt modules have Multi-Contact locking connector output cables and are opti-
mized for 12-volt battery charging with 36 cells in series.
The 120-watt module has 36 cells, a clear-anodized frame and a conduit-ready junction
Made in Japan. UL Listed. 10-year 90% power warranty, 25-year 80% power warranty.
Power tolerance +/- 3%

Module PV-MF120EC3 PV-UE125MF5N PV-UD175MF5 PV-UD180MF5 PV-UD185MF5 PV-UD190MF5

Peak power watts 120 125 175 180 185 190
Peak power voltage volts 17.6 17.3 23.9 24.2 24.4 24.7
Peak power current amps 6.84 7.23 7.32 7.45 7.58 7.71
Open circuit voltage volts 22 21.8 30.2 30.4 30.6 30.8
Short circuit current amps 7.36 7.9 7.93 8.03 8.13 8.23
Max. system voltage volts 600 600 600
Series fuse rating amps 15 15 15
Frame color clear black black
Length inch (mm) 56.1 (1425) 58.9 (1495) 65.3 (1658)
Width inch (mm) 25.4 (646) 26.5 (674) 32.6 (834)
Depth (120W incl j-box) inch (mm) 2.2 (56) 1.8 (46) 1.8 (46)
Weight lbs (kg) 25.4 (11.5) 28.9 (13.5) 43 (19.5)
Item code 011-08847 011-08827 011-08861 011-08864 011-08867 011-08869
Price $865 $925 $1,172 $1,206 $1,240 $1,276

22 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

Solar Modules
Sunmodule PV Modules
SolarWorld California was founded in March 2005 and expanded
in July 2006 with the acquisition of Shell Solar Industries solar
manufacturing facilities that had been operating in the USA since
1977. The factory, originally opened by ARCO Solar, later sold
to Siemens Solar and then Shell, was purchased by SolarWorld
in 2006.
Headquartered in Camarillo, California, SolarWorld California
maintains ingot production facilities in Vancouver, WA and wafer,
cell and module production facilities in the Camarillo facility.
SolarWorld California modules are made in the USA ensuring
high quality, performance and output. SolarWorld California is
the largest manufacturer of solar modules in the U.S.
In 2007, SolarWorld acquired the Komatsu silicon wafer produc-
tion facility in Hillsboro, Oregon, and is currently renovating the
480,000 square foot facility that will convert raw silicon into up
to 500 MW worth of PV wafers and cells every year. The new
Hillsboro facility will come on line in fall 2008.
SW 165/175 Mono Modules
These SolarWorld PV modules are designed for use in high-voltage
grid-tie applications as well as in large industrial and off-grid

PV Modules
applications for 24- or 48-volt battery charging. These modules use
72 five-inch semi-square single-crystalline cells in series behind
tempered glass. They feature clear-anodized aluminum frames
and a sealed junction box with bypass diodes and Multi-Contact
locking connector output cables.
The Sunmodule is certified to the stringent safety and design
requirements of UL1703 and IEC 61215. All US Sunmodules
are currently produced in the ISO 9001:2000 certified Camarillo,
California facility. SolarWorld offers end-of-life module recycling
for all Sunmodules.
10-year 90% power warranty, 25-year 80% power warranty. UL
Listed. CEC approved. Module SW165-mono SW175-mono
Peak power watts 165 175
Peak power voltage volts 34.4 35.7
Peak power current amps 4.8 4.9
Open circuit voltage volts 43.3 44.4
Short circuit current amps 5.3 5.3
Max. system voltage volts 600
Nominal voltage volts 24
Series fuse rating 15A
Length inch (mm) 63.4 (1610)
Width inch (mm) 31.9 (810)
Depth inch (mm) 1.33 (34)

Weight lbs (kg) 33 (15.0)

Item code 011-02282 011-02284
Price $1,095 $1,165

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 23
Solar Modules

Kyocera KD series modules have locking MC cables and black

anodized frames for clean looking grid-tie installations. The 135
watt modules has 36 cells and can be used for grid tie or off-grid
Kyocera T-series off-grid modules are ideal for charging storage batter-
ies to power remote homes, recreational vehicles, telecommunications
systems, and other consumer and commercial applications. Kyocera
T-series modules have an industrial-grade junction box that allows the
use of nominal 1/2" conduit fittings. They are available as 85-watt,
65-watt and 50-watt modules used for 12-volt battery charging. These
modules are rated class 1, division 2 for hazardous locations.
All Kyocera modules feature extremely sturdy frames, tempered low-
reflection glass covers, built-in bypass diodes and a 20-year power
output warranty. UL Listed. Made in Japan or Mexico.
PV Modules

Kyocera module KC50T KC65T KC85T KD135GX-LP KD180GX-LP KD205GX-LP

Number of cells 36 36 36 36 48 54
Peak power watts 50 65 85 135 180 205
Peak power voltage volts 17.4 17.4 17.4 17.7 23.6 26.6
Peak power current amps 3.11 3.75 5.02 7.63 7.63 7.71
Open circuit voltage volts 21.7 21.7 21.7 22.1 29.5 33.2
Short circuit current amps 3.31 3.99 5.34 8.37 8.35 8.36
Max. system voltage volts 600 600 600 600 600 600
Nominal voltage volts 12 12 12 12 n/a n/a
Length inch (mm) 25.2 (639) 29.6 (751) 39.6 (1007) 59.1 (1501) 52.8 (1341) 59.1 (1501)
Width inch (mm) 25.7 (652) 25.7 (652) 25.7 (652) 26.3 (668) 39.0 (991) 39.0 (991)
Depth (including j-box) inch (mm) 2.125 (54) 2.125 (54) 2.125 (54) 1.4 (36) 1.4 (36) 1.4 (36)
Weight Ibs 11 13.2 18.3 28.6 36.3 40.7
Item code 011-07719 011-07722 011-07725 011-07751 011-07755 011-07759
Price $400 $504 $635 $890 $1188 $1353





26 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
AEE Solar

Solar Modules
New! High-Efficiency Battery Charging Modules
The AE series-HE photovoltaic modules provide cost-effective photo-
voltaic power for DC loads with moderate energy requirements. They
charge batteries efficiently in virtually any climate. These modules are
made with back-contact 18-20% efficient monocrystalline cells laminated
behind tempered glass with aluminum frames offering the smallest foot-
print available for this size module.
They have an industrial-grade conduit-ready junction box on the back that
has knockouts for two standard 1/2" conduit fittings. Typical commercial
applications of these modules include remote telemetry, instrumentation
systems, security sensors, signals, and land-based navigation aids. They
have a 10-year power output warranty. Made in China.

Module AE-120HE AE-90HE AE-80HE AE-60HE AE-30HE AE-20HE

Peak power watts 120 90 80 60 30 20
Number of cells 36 32 32 36 36 34
Peak power voltage volts 18.90 17.60 17.60 18.90 18.90 17.30
Peak power current amps 6.40 5.12 4.55 3.20 1.60 1.18
Open circuit voltage volts 23.8 21.4 21.4 23.8 23.8 22.3

PV Modules
Short circuit Current amps 7.14 5.50 4.89 3.57 1.78 1.30
Length inch (mm) 46.1 (1171) 40.83 (1037) 40.83 (1037) 31.10 (790) 21.89 (556) 23.03 (585)
Width inch (mm) 27.8 (706) 20.75 (527) 20.75 (527) 21.10 (536) 16.38 (416) 11.42 (290)
Depth inch (mm) 1.38 (35) 1.38 (35) 1.38 (35) 1.38 (35) 1.38 (35) 1.02 (26)
Item code 011-08466 011-08463 011-08460 011-08455 011-08443 011-08438
Price $930 $700 $600 $400 $330 $200

New! CIS Modules

The AEE Solar CIS modules are composed of a monolithic
structure of series-connected copper indium diselenide (CIS)
based solar cells.
Exceptional performance under low light conditions and
shade plus high temperature tolerance offer reliable power
in adverse or changeable conditions.
Two-conductor, 3m UV-stable cable facilitates easy field
wiring on 5, 10 and 20 watt modules. Conduit-ready junction
box makes wiring easy on the 30-watt module.

Module AE-30C AE-20C AE-10C AE-5C

Peak power watts 30 20 10 50
Peak power voltage volts 15.6 15.6 15.6 15.6
Peak power current amps 1.93 1.29 0.64 0.32
Open circuit voltage volts 22.9 22.9 22.9 22.9
Short circuit current amps 2.30 1.54 0.77 0.39
Length inch (mm) 49 (1242) 33.1 (840) 17.2 (438) 9.4 (238)
Width inch (mm) 13.3 (338) 13.3 (338) 13.3 (338) 13.3 (338)
Depth inch (mm) 1.38 (35) 1.38 (35) 1.38 (35) 1.38 (35)
Item code 011-08283 011-08279 011-08275 011-08271
Price $240 $160 $90 $50

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 27
Global Solar
Solar Modules

SUNLINQ Folding Solar Modules

Global Solars SUNLINQ with PowerFLEX technology is a flexible, fold-
able and durable solar product that produces enough power to charge just
about anything that is capable of being charged through a standard cigarette
lighter adapter and has a power draw of less than the Sunlinq module being
used. SUNLINQ is available in 6.5-watt, 12-watt and 25-watt foldable
solar panels. These modules are great for hand-held devices like iPods,
cell phones, PDAs and flashlights, but they are not suitable for charging
notebook computers which require 50 to 150 watts.
The panels are made with PowerFLEX technology. Lightweight, flexible,
weatherproof and durable CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) solar
cells provide higher efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies, including amorphous silicon. Each SUNLINQ comes with
the five-piece accessory kit to make it easy to charge batteries and portable power packs, or run DC electronic devices. SP6.5 and
SP12 have built-in charge controllers limiting output to 14.8 volts. Use the 7-amp charge controller below when using the SP25 to
charge sealed lead acid batteries or to connect it directly to devices designed to run on 12-volt batteries. The SP25 can be connected
directly to a Xantrex Powerpack without a charge controller. 1-year warranty.

Module SP25 SP12 SP6.5

Peak power watts 25 12 6.5
Nominal voltage volts 12 12 12
Maximum voltage volts 30 15.6 15.6
Portable PV Modules

Peak power current amps 1.5 0.80 0.43

Typical power watts 25 11 5.5
Dimensions (opened) inches 41.25 x 21.50 x 0.03 29.5 x 18 x 0.03 29.5 x 9 x 0.03
Dimensions (folded) inches 11 x 8.25 x 0.7 9 x 5 x 0.7 9 x 5 x 0.7
Weight lbs 1.8 0.9 0.45
Item code 011-02930 011-02932 011-02936
Price $399.00 $199.00 $99.00

Accessories for Folding Modules

Both P3 and SUNLINQ folding modules have output power cables
with SAE 2-conductor trailer plugs. This 5-piece accessory cable
set contains adaptors for male and female cigarette lighter plugs,
battery clips, an 8-foot extension cable and 2.5mm coaxial bar-
rel plug. These accessories facilitate auto battery charging, using
modules to power cigarette lighter adapters (CLA) for cell phones,
iPods, radios and CD players.
SUNLINQ modules have a regulated output and can be directly
connected to CLA from portable devices designed to plug into
auto cigarette lighter outlets. P3 modules are unregulated and
require a charge controller to safely operate without a battery.
The charge controller can be used between the P3 modules and
power supplies designed to run on 12-volt battery power, even if
a battery is not connected. 1-year warranty.
The 2.5mm barrel plug allows these modules to plug into Xantrex
Powerpacks for charging. See page 97 for Xantrex Powerpacks. Accessories Item code Price
5-iece cable set 011-02921 $20
The PowerBank battery pack can be used to charge small electron-
ics with a variety of voltages. The large assortment of connector 7-amp charge controller 011-02923 $40
plugs and cables available with the PowerBank makes it an easy 2.5mm barrell plug adapter 011-02925 $6
way to charge your small electronics while on the go. It has an
Powerbank battery pack 011-02933 $60
internal lithium-ion battery. This battery pack was intended to
work with the 6.5W and 12W SUNLINQ only. i-Pod accessory cable 011-02922 $16

28 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

Solar Modules
Ultra Flexible Plastic Solar Modules
Roll-Up Modules PowerFilm products are paper thin, offer unsurpassed flex-
These new PowerFilm super-lightweight rollable marine-grade ibility, are durable, and have a significant weight advantage
modules are flexible enough to roll around a 3" diameter tube over heavier metal-based and glass-based solar modules.
for storage. Wraparound straps keep the modules rolled up, and
a 15-foot cord makes it easy to connect to any of the accessories.
Great for backpacking, camping and trekking. PowerFilm uses paper-
thin plastic film to gen-
erate power again and
again. PowerFilm inte-
grated solar modules
have a durable poly-
mer substrate just 2
mils (0.05mm) or less
thick and are mono-
lithically integrated.
The semiconductor
absorber layer is made
of environmentally
friendly amorphous
silicon PowerFilm is
developed and manufactured by ITF Electronics.

Portable PV Modules
Wireless Electronics Series
PowerFilm model R15-1200 R15-600 R15-300 Modules in the PowerFilm Wireless Electronics Series offer a new
Peak power watts 18 9 4.5 opportunity to solve the old problem of limited power for wire-
Peak power voltage volts 15.4 15.4 15.4 less electronics for portable and remote applications. PowerFilm
Wireless Electronics modules are lightweight, extremely thin,
Peak power current amps 1.2 0.6 0.3
and durable. Their ultra-thin profile enables them to be easily
Nominal voltage volts 12 12 12 integrated with devices for solar recharging or direct power-
Length inches 73 38 21 ing. Modules have been specifically developed to recharge AA,
Width inches 12 11.5 11.5 AAA, and 6- and 12-volt batteries. These modules do not have
a UV-stabilized surface. For connection, just solder or crimp to
Weight lbs 1.9 1 0.5
the copper tape.
Item code 011-05105 011-05103 011-05101
Price $375 $198 $102 RC Aircraft Series
The PowerFilm RC Aircraft Series modules are designed to be
Roll-Up Module Accessories easily integrated with remote control aircraft. These PowerFilm
The items listed below connect to the output cord of the Roll-up modules have very lightweight wires that can be soldered on the
Modules. The RA-6 daisy chain accessory allows parallel con- back of the module via the extended copper tape. They have an
nection of a second module. extra edge seal for protection from fuel contamination and weather.
Modules are available with a strong pressure sensitive adhesive
PowerFilm accessories Item code Price for simple bonding. These modules do not have a UV-stabilized
surface. For connection, solder to the copper tape.
RA-1 Male cigarette lighter adapter 011-05121 $8.50
RA-2 Female cigarette lighter adapter 011-05122 $8.50 WeatherPro Series
RA-4 Standard charger pack 011-05124 $45.00 The PowerFilm WeatherPro Series is a good choice for permanent
RA-5 Deluxe universal charger pack 011-05125 $120.00 outdoor applications that are directly exposed to the elements.
The especially rugged construction of these PowerFilm modules
RA-6 Daisy chain adapter 011-05126 $8.50
includes a UV-stabilized surface, extra edge seal for weather pro-
RA-7 15-foot extension cord 011-05127 $10.50 tection, and tin-coated copper leads that extend from the module.
RA-8 Extension cord w/ battery clips 011-05128 $14.50 Coating the leads with an RTV silicon compound can provide a
RA-9 PowerFilm charge controller 011-05129 $32.00 tightly sealed package.

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 29
Solar Modules

Small, Ultra-Flexible Modules

The PowerFilm product line offers a wide
range of products to fit the diverse applica-
tions and environments for wireless elec-
tronics, RC aircraft, and permanent outdoor
applications. The line ranges from small
3-volt modules for wireless electronics to
modules 20 watts and larger. PowerFilm
can be easily integrated with devices. Its
thin profile and flexibility makes Power-
Film a top choice of product designers and

Specifications and Prices

PowerFilm Operating Operating Open circuit Short circuit Total size Total
model voltage current voltage current (inches) thickness Weight Item code Price
Portable PV Modules

PowerFilm Wireless Electronics Series

SP3-37 3V 22 mA 4.1 V 30 mA 2.5 x 1.5 0.2mm (8 mil) 0.7g (0.03 oz) 011-05011 $3.95
TX3-25 3V 25 mA 4.1 V 40 mA 4.5 x 1.0 0.2mm (8 mil) 0.8g (0.03 oz) 011-05013 $2.95
MP3-37 3V 50 mA 4.1 V 60 mA 4.5 x 1.5 0.2mm (8 mil) 1.2g (0.04 oz) 011-05015 $5.95
MPT3.6-75 3.6 V 50 mA 4.8 V 65 mA 2.9 x 3.0 0.2mm (8 mil) 1.6g (0.06 oz) 011-05017 $8.95
MPT3.6-150 3.6 V 100 mA 4.8 V 130 mA 2.9 x 5.9 0.2mm (8 mil) 3.1g (0.1 oz) 011-05019 $17.95
SP4.2-37 4.2 V 22 mA 5.9 V 30 mA 3.3 x 1.5 0.2mm (8 mil) 0.8g (0.03 oz) 011-05021 $5.95
MPT4.8-75 4.8 V 50 mA 6.4 V 65 mA 3.7 x 3.0 0.2mm (8 mil) 1.9g (0.07 oz) 011-05023 $11.095
MPT4.8-150 4.8 V 100 mA 6.4 V 130 mA 3.7 x 5.9 0.2mm (8 mil) 3.9g (0.1 oz) 011-05025 $22.95
MPT6-75 6V 50 mA 8.0 V 65 mA 4.5 x 3.0 0.2mm (8 mil) 2.3g (0.08 oz) 011-05027 $13.95
MPT6-150 6V 100 mA 8.0 V 130 mA 4.5 x 5.9 0.2mm (8 mil) 4.6g (0.1 oz) 011-05029 $27.95
MP7.2-75 7.2 V 100 mA 10.5 V 125 mA 10.0 x 3.0 0.6mm (24 mil) 12.9g (0.5 oz) 011-05031 $24.95
MP7.2-150 7.2 V 200 mA 10.5 V 150 mA 10.0 x 5.9 0.6mm (24 mil) 25.9g (0.9 oz) 011-05033 $39.95
MPT15-75 15.4 V 50 mA 19 V 60 mA 10.0 x 3.0 0.6mm (24 mil) 13.0g (0.5 oz) 011-05035 $26.95
MPT15-150 15.4 V 100 mA 19 V 120 mA 10.0 x 5.9 0.6mm (24 mil) 26.0g (0.9 oz) 011-05037 $44.95
PowerFilm RC Aircraft Series
RC7.2-37 7.2 V 50 mA 10.5 V 60 mA 10.6 x 2.2 0.2mm (8 mil) 3.5g (0.1 oz) 011-05051 $16.95
RC7.2-37 PSA 7.2 V 50 mA 10.5 V 60 mA 10.6 x 2.2 0.2mm (8 mil) 4.4g (0.2 oz) 011-05053 $19.50
RC7.2-75 7.2 V 100 mA 10.5 V 125 mA 10.6 x 3.5 0.2mm (8 mil) 5.9g (0.2 oz) 011-05055 $29.95
RC7.2-75 PSA 7.2 V 100 mA 10.5 V 125 mA 10.6 x 3.5 0.2mm (8 mil) 7.6g (0.3 oz) 011-05057 $32.95
PowerFilm WeatherPro Series
P7.2-75 7.2 V 100 mA 10.5 V 125 mA 10.6 x 3.9 1.1mm (44 mil) 31.3g (1.1 oz) 011-05071 $39.95
P7.2-150 7.2 V 200 mA 10.5 V 250 mA 10.6 x 6.9 1.1mm (44 mil) 54.9g (1.9 oz) 011-05073 $59.95
PT15-75 15.4 V 50 mA 19 V 60 mA 10.6 x 3.9 1.1mm (44 mil) 31.8g (1.1 oz) 011-05075 $39.95
PT15-150 15.4 V 100 mA 19 V 120 mA 10.6 x 6.9 1.1mm (44 mil) 56.4g (2.0 oz) 011-05077 $59.95
PT15-300 15.4 V 200 mA 19 V 250 mA 10.6 x 12.8 1.1mm (44 mil) 94.5g ( 3.3 oz) 011-05079 $99.95

30 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.




Offering installers Freedom and Flexibility to install on a

variety of structures with a wide selection of PV modules.

 -""&!#)"("("# #-'"+(
,$&")'(#!&"$)("&!#)"("'# )(#"'$&#*'"'( &'
+(#'((*)'(#!'"'# )(#"(('%)"'-(#"'( 
"'-#)&&"#+"(" ')$$#&(

#""&.'!#)"("'# )(#"'

AEE Solar
Mounting Structures

New! SnapRack Mounting System

Faster Installation, Lower Cost
AEE Solar SnapRack was developed by a team of veteran solar engineers
working with installers in the field, dedicated to overcoming the limitations
of conventional racking and ensuring a quick, efficient installation. SnapRack
is a major advance in simplifying and reducing the cost of the solar installa-
tion process.
SnapRack is compatible with modules from virtually any manufacturer.
Snap-in sliding module clips ensure quick and easy installation and precise
alignment. Mid-clips are a half-inch wide to keep the math simple. Every bolt
in the system uses the same size wrench, ensuring efficient installation and
reducing the wear and tear on your man-hours on the roof during installa-
tion. And theres no need to drill any holes in the rails to connect standoffs
and L-feet! The channels in the rail profiles can house running module leads,
providing better aesthetics and improved conductor protection.
SnapRack is engineered for durability and structural integrity in all environ-
ments, with excellent seismic, wind and snow loading protection on all com-
ponents. Its compact and efficient rail design reduces material requirements
and ensures a low profile installation on your roof.
The AEE Solar SnapRack has been engineered from the ground up to ensure
maximum standoff adjustability for a clean, level installation on even the most
irregular roof surface. Simple vertical and horizontal adjustability enables
Roof Mounts

superior fit and array alignment. Tilt-up can be achieved with pieces of cut
rail and L-feet.
AEE Solar SnapRack Kits
SnapRack kits come with standard rail, splice kits, mid-clamps, end-clamps and
mounting feet needed for the number of modules used. Mounts for modules
with black frames come with black anodized mid- and end-clamps. To order, choose the prefix that matches the brand and model of
modules to be mounted, then add a suffix to match the number of modules to be mounted. Cutting of aluminum rail is required.

AEE Mounting Structure Kit Price List

Item code Clamp Item code suffix = Number of modules

Module prefix color -02 -03 -04 -05 -06 -07 -08 -09 -10
AEE Solar AE-80/90HE 015-09501 Clear $119 $193 $235 $291 $305 $274 $361 $366 $395
Evergreen ES-190 015-09513 Clear $189 $291 $334 $410 $460 $529 $605 $705 $733
Evergreen ES-A-200 015-09515 Clear $189 $291 $334 $410 $460 $529 $605 $705 $733
Kyocera167-200 015-09521 Clear $158 $234 $263 $351 $381 $458 $488 $576 $606
Kaneka-60 015-09525 Clear $163 $239 $268 $356 $386 $463 $493 $581 $610
Solarfun SF-190 015-09529 Clear $158 $233 $261 $350 $379 $454 $483 $595 $600
SolarWorld SW85 015-09532 Clear $131 $136 $235 $240 $245 $274 $361 $366 $395
SolarWorld SW165-175 015-09533 Clear $133 $233 $238 $266 $354 $384 $459 $488 $493
Mitsubishi UD185MF5 015-09537 Black $138 $239 $244 $286 $363 $391 $468 $498 $503
Mitsubishi UE125MF5N 015-09539 Black $138 $168 $244 $249 $279 $368 $398 $403 $479
REC SCM-210 015-09545 Clear $189 $291 $334 $410 $460 $561 $606 $705 $766
SANYO HIP-200 015-09549 Clear $188 $290 $333 $383 $424 $501 $569 $611 $710
Sharp ND-L3EJEA 123 Watt 015-09551 Clear $133 $163 $238 $243 $271 $359 $364 $393 $468
Sharp165-185 015-09557 Clear $133 $233 $238 $266 $354 $384 $459 $488 $493
Sharp 208 015-09563 Clear $189 $291 $334 $410 $460 $561 $606 $705 $766
SunPower 015-09572 Clear $133 $233 $238 $266 $354 $384 $459 $488 $493
SunTech Power STP170S-24Ab 015-09583 Clear $133 $233 $238 $266 $354 $384 $459 $488 $493
Yingli Solar YL175 015-09592 Clear $189 $291 $334 $410 $460 $561 $606 $705 $766

32 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
SnapRack Bulk Parts

Mounting Structures
The parts in the table on this page are available as needed in bulk.
The SnapRack solar panel mounting system is a top-down roof mounting solution designed and manufactured
with the installer in mind. The rail design is a lightweight anodized aluminum extrusion that maximizes trans-
portation and installation efficiency. The SnapRack mounting system has been load tested and engineered to
125mph wind load (50 lbs. per square foot of pressure) for most module types.
The SnapRack ground rail PV mounting system provides an aesthetically pleasing, easy to install solution for
ground-mounted PV arrays. Its design allows for fast installation and greatly reduces labor costs. All attachment
points are concealed within the rail to give
an attractive and clean finished appearance. SnapRack Parts
Clamps are designed to integrate with 1-1/4 Item code Description Price
and 1-1/2" schedule #40 galvanized pipe. Standard Rail
Mid-clamps and end-clamps are available with 015-09811 SnapRack rail standard 70" $30.00
a clear or black anodized finish. Order the end-
015-09814 SnapRack rail standard 106" $42.00
clamp that matches the depth of the module
frame. All mid-clamps are the same. 015-09817 SnapRack rail standard 168" $62.00
Ground Rail
015-09831 SnapRack rail ground 168" $62.00
015-09835 SnapRack rail ground 192" $72.00
Module Clamps with Bolts and Slide Nuts
015-09903 SnapRack module mid-clamp $2.75

Roof Mounts
015-09906 SnapRack module mid-clamp black $3.25
015-09909 SnapRack module end-clamp 1.34" $2.75
015-09912 SnapRack module end-clamp 1.34" black $3.25
Splice kits allow the use of shorter rail sections to be structur-
ally connected for longer spans. 015-09915 SnapRack module end-clamp 1.40" $2.75
015-09918 SnapRack module end-clamp 1.40" black $3.25
015-09921 SnapRack module end-clamp 1.60" $2.75
L-feet can be used with Quick Mount PV (see
next page) flashings for various roof types to 015-09924 SnapRack module end-clamp 1.60" black $3.25
achieve a low profile mounting system. 015-09927 SnapRack module end-clamp 1.80" $2.75
015-09930 SnapRack module end-clamp 1.80" black $3.25
015-09933 SnapRack module end-clamp 1.97" $2.75
015-09936 SnapRack module end-clamp 1.97" black $3.25

Our exclusive adjust- 015-09939 SnapRack module end-clamp 2.26" $2.75

able standoff allows 015-09942 SnapRack module end-clamp 2.26" black $3.25
you to easily level rails Rail Splice Kits
on uneven roofs.
015-09961 Splice kit - Clear $6.00
015-09963 Splice kit - Black $8.00
SnapRack pipe clamps are designed to Roof Parts
attach SnapRack ground rail to 1-1/2"
015-09978 SnapRack L-foot $4.00
schedule 40 pipe.
015-09982 SnapRack standoff clamp $2.00
015-09984 SnapRack standoff clamp black $3.00
015-09986 Standoff with base and rain collar - 5.5" $15.00
015-09988 Standoff with base and rain collar - 7" $16.00
015-09990 Oatey flashing $10.00
015-09992 Hanger bolt clamp $1.24
Ground Rail Parts
015-09998 SnapRack pipe clamp 1.5" $3.50

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 33
Quick Mount PV
Mounting Structures

All-In-One Waterproof Flashing

Quick Mount PV is an all-in-one waterproof flashing and mount designed to anchor photovoltaic
racking systems to a new or existing roof. The flashing includes an attached standoff block and
stainless steel hardware to attach to ProSolar rails (by drilling a hole in the bottom of the rail)
and to AEE Solar SnapRack, Unirac and Direct Power L-feet. No roof cutting is required. Sold
in boxes of 12 flashings.

Composition Shingle Flashing Tile Mount

The plastic tile flash-
ing replaces a stan-
dard 12" x 17" cement
tile. Order tile mount
hardware separately.

Roof Mounts

The composition shingle flashing mount is made of aluminum

and includes stainless steel hardware. It works with all standard
racks, installs seamlessly and provides low-profile mount. The
flashing includes an attached standoff block and stainless steel
hardware. Shake Mount Flashing
This 18" x
18 " aluminu m
Curved Tile flashing is large
Flashing enough to do a
This flashing is made good job flashing
from pure lead. Order on wood shake
tile mount hardware roofs. Available
separately. in mill finish,
clear anodized or
bronze anodized
Roofing Bar

Quick Mount model Description Wt (lbs) Item code Price

QMSC-A 12 Composition mounts - mill finish 12" x 12" 12 pack 16 014-06315 $413
QMSC-C 12 Composition mounts - clear anodized finish 12 x 12 12 pack 16 014-06317 $562
QMSC-B 12 Composition mounts - bronze anodized finish 12 x 12 12 pack 16 014-06316 $635
QMLC-A 12 Shake mounts - mill finish 18" x 18" mount 12 pack 30 014-06319 $498
QMLC-C 12 Shake mounts - clear anodized finish 18 x 18 12 pack 30 014-06320 $793
QMLC-B 12 Shake mounts - bronze anodized finish 18 x 18 12 pack 30 014-06321 $940
QMFT T 12 Flat tile flashing - brown plastic 12 x 17 - 12 pack 25 014-06323 $304
QMCT L 12 Curved tile flashing - natural lead 18 x 18 - 12 pack 65 014-06327 $580
QMTMH A 12 Tile mount hardware - mill finish - 12 pack 13 014-06335 $383
QMTMH C 12 Tile mount hardware - clear anodized finish - 12 pack 13 014-06337 $458
QMRB 1 24 Roofing bar - nail removal tool 4 094-00143 $53

34 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Mounting Structures

Power BoxTM Top-of-Pole Power RailTM


Power Tube CRSTM Large Ground Mounts

ph: 800.260.3792 web: e-mail:

New! CreoTecc

Roof Mounts
Cast Aluminum Roof Hooks
These high quality German-made cast aluminum roof attach-
ments make it easy to put solar on tile roofs without cutting
the tiles. They can support up to 600 pounds and their wide
mounting flange allows for perfect placement on tile while
still screwing into a rafter.
There is a front-fit model that allow rails to run across the
roof, a side-fit model that allows rails to run up and down
the roof, and a bottom-fit model for ProSolar rails that attack
on the bottom of the rail.

CreoTecc Aluminum Roof Hooks

Description Item code Price Description Item code Price Description Item code Price
Side mount roof hook 014-09811 $30 Front mount roof hook 014-09813 $30 Bottom mount roof hook 014-09815 $30

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 35
Mounting Structures

Uniracs SolarMount is a fast, easy, safe way to install a PV array in
virtually any roof or ground installation. Bottom mounting clips and
tilt legs supplement traditional top mounting clamps. As a result, the
system accommodates the widest variety of installations and assem-
bly preferences on the roof and on the ground. Any framed module
sold in North America can be mounted using SolarMount.
Lower-cost SolarMount Light Rail employs 38 percent less alu-
minum than SolarMount Standard Rail, yet its more than strong
enough for flush applications. Use the same top mounting clamps
and footing components that make SolarMount Standard Rail so S-5! Light Rail Standard Rail
easy to install.
Once youve selected the PV modules and planned your installation layout, youre ready to choose SolarMount components. The
table on the following page shows what components to use if you are bottom-mounting the modules. The table on page 38 shows
what parts to use if you are top-mounting the modules. If you need tilt legs for the mounts, see the explanation on pages 44-45. Rail
and parts to complete your mounting system can be found on pages 39 to 42.
When sizing is complete, rails, splices, and L-feet may be ordered in two ways: In kits or in bulk. 2- and 4-rail kits on page 39 contain
just the right quantities of each component for a given installation.
The 8-piece bulk rail bundles on page 40 require the addition of L-feet, and splices when necessary, along with top-mount clamps
(either bulk or in pre-packaged sets) or back mount clips.
Roof Mounts

Unirac SolarMount rails can be

mounted vertically or horizontally.

Choose a Top-Mounting or Bottom-Mounting System

On pitched roofs, mount rails either parallel or perpendicular with L-feet, follow the installation manual carefully to make
to the rafters Assembly sequence is a common determining sure footing slots are accessible during final installation.
factor. Select top-mounting clamps if you prefer to install In roof mounts, when using top-mounting clamps, no extra roof
modules last after youve attached rails to installed footings. bracing is needed since rails or mounting feet can be adjusted
This sequence is especially convenient with modules that have to match rafter spacing. With bottom-mounting clamps, spacing
Multi-Connect cables. Select bottom mounting clips if you between the rails depends on spacing between the mounting
plan to attach modules to rails prior to final installation. This holes of your particular PV module, and it is unlikely that they
sequence is well suited for modules that must be pre-wired. will match rafter spacing. In that case, place a stringer over the
Bottom-mounting clips use space more efficiently because roof or mounting blocks beneath it. Never attach footings to
they do not require the 1" space between modules needed by the sheathing alone such an arrangement will not meet code
top clamps. and will leave the installation and roof vulnerable to severe
The use of top-mounting clamps is generally easier when flush- damage from wind.
mounting to a roof. Always use top-mounting clamps when
flush mounting to standoffs. If using bottom-mounting clamps

36 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
SolarMount Bottom-Mounting Sizing

Mounting Structures
Rail set lengths
This table lists the length of the rails required for many common modules. If
you need rail sizing for a module not listed below, please contact us.

Bottom mounting clip

Rail Length Sizing - Bottom Mount Clips

Rail length (inches) by number of modules per row
Module brand and model
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Roof Mounts
AEE AE-80HE 48 72 96 120 132 156 180 192 216 240 264
BP380, BP485 48 72 96 106 132 156 180 192 216 240 264
BP Solar BP3125 60 84 106 144 168 192 216 240 276 300 324
BP3160, BP4160, BP4170 72 96 132 156 192 226 252 288 312 348 384
ES-A-200 84 120 156 192 226 264 312 348 384 420
ES170, ES180, ES190, ES195 84 120 156 192 226 264 312 348 384 420
KD135GX-LP 60 84 106 132 156 180 216 240 264 288 312
KD180GX-LP 84 120 156 204 240 276 312 360 396 432
UE125MF5N, MF120UE3 60 84 120 144 168 204 240 252 276 300 324
Mitsubishi MF165EB4, 175EB4 72 96 132 168 192 226 252 288 324 348 384
UD185MF5 72 106 132 168 204 240 264 300 336 372 408
REC Solar SCM220 84 120 168 204 240 276 324 360 396 432
Sanyo HIT-190, 200, 205, 210 84 120 156 192 226 264 300 336 372 408
NE-80U1 48 72 84 106 132 156 168 192 216 240 252
ND-L3EJE (123 watt) 60 84 106 132 168 192 216 240 264 288 324
Sharp Solar
ND-167U1, ND-167U3 84 120 168 204 240 288 324 360 396
NE-165U1, NE-170U1 72 106 132 168 204 240 264 300 336 360 396
SW80, 85 (Shell SQ80, 85) 48 72 84 106 132 156 168 192 216 240 252
SW 165/175 mono 72 106 132 168 204 226 264 300 324 360 396
SPR90, 95 48 72 96 120 144 156 180 204 226 252 264
SPR200, 210. 215. 220 72 106 132 168 204 240 264 300 336 360 396
SunTech STP110-24Ab, STP175-24Ab1 72 96 132 168 192 226 264 288 324 360 384

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 37
Mounting Structures

SolarMount Top-Mounting Sizing

Clamp sizes & rail set lengths
Use this table to determine the size of top mounting clamps
for your modules and the length of the rails required
for your array. When sizing is complete, rails, clamps,
splices, and L-feet may be ordered in kits that contain
just the right quantities for a given installation or in bulk
packaging (Pro-Paks). See pages 39 to 42 for pricing. All
Unirac components have a 10-year product warranty and
a 5-year finish warranty.

Rail Length Sizing - Top Mounts

Clamp Rail length in inches, by number of modules per row

Module brand and model size 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
AEE Solar AE-80HE D 48 72 96 120 144 156 180 204 226 252 264
BP380, BP485 E 48 72 96 120 144 156 180 192 216 240 252
BP Solar BP3125 E 60 96 120 144 168 204 226 252 288 312 336
BP3150, 3160, 4160, 4170, 4175, E 72 106 132 168 204 240 264 300 324 360 396
ES-A-200, ES-A-205, ES-A-210 F 84 120 156 204 240 276 312 360 396
Roof Mounts

ES170, ES180, ES190, ES195 K 84 120 156 204 240 276 312 360 396
KD135GX-LP C 60 84 120 144 168 192 216 252 276 300 324
KD180GX-LP C 84 132 168 204 252 288 324 372 408
UE125MF5N F 60 84 120 144 168 192 216 240 276 300 324
Mitsubishi MF165EB4, 170EB4 F 72 106 132 168 204 240 264 300 336 360 396
UD185MF5 F 72 106 144 180 216 240 276 312 348 384 420
REC Solar SCM-220 J 84 132 168 204 252 288 324 372 408
Sanyo HIT-190, 200, 205, 210 H 84 120 156 192 226 264 300 336 372 408
NE-80U1 C 48 72 96 120 144 156 180 204 226 252 276
ND-L3EJE (123 watt) F 60 84 120 144 168 192 226 252 276 300 336
Sharp Solar ND-167U1 G 84 132 168 216 252 288 336 372 408
NE-175U1, NE-170U1 F 72 106 144 180 204 240 276 312 348 372 408
ND-200U1, ND-208U1, ND208U1F F 84 132 168 216 252 288 336 372 408
SQ80, SQ85 C 48 72 96 120 144 156 180 204 226 252 264
SW165/175 mono C 72 106 144 168 204 240 276 300 336 372 408
SPR90, 95 F 48 72 96 120 144 156 180 204 226 252 264
SPR200, 210. 215. 220 F 72 106 132 168 204 240 264 300 336 360 396
Suntech STP110-24Ab, STP175-24Ab1 E 72 106 144 168 204 240 276 300 336 372 396

SolarMount Standard Rail and Light Rail Kits

(tables on next page)
Each kit mounts a single row of modules and consists of rails plus Mount rails parallel or perpendicular to rafters.
L-feet and hardware to attach feet to rails. Splice bars are also Where foot spacing must exceed 48 inches, Standard Rail pro-
included in four-rail kits. To determine row lengths required for vides the extra strength needed. Install an array flush to a roof or
your installation, see the sizing table on this page for arrays with other mounting surface in high profile (rails parallel to rafters)
top mounting clamps, or the table on page 37 for arrays with bottom or low profile.
mounting clips. Rails, L-feet, and splices are clear-anodized.
With both Light and Standard Rail, there are accessories to handle
Easy handling Light Rail saves aluminum and expense without special circumstances, such as Spanish tile or an uneven roof.
compromising structural integrity. Install an array flush to a roof
or other mounting surface with footings up to 48 inches apart.

38 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Mounting Structures
Two-Rail Unirac SolarMount Kits L-feet Included
Standard rail Light rail
Rail Unirac # of Ship wt. Unirac # of Ship wt. 2-rail kits in lengths
length part # L-ft (lbs) Item code Price part # L-ft (lbs) Item code Price
up to 216 inches
48 300201 4 13 014-01020 $112 303201 4 9 014-03101 $93 Each kit contains two rail segments
60 300202 4 14 014-01024 $129 303202 4 10 014-03103 $105.50 equal to the row length, L-feet, and
72 300203 4 16 014-01028 $147 303203 4 11 014-03105 $118
hardware to join L-feet to rails.
84 300204 4 17 014-01032 $164.50 303204 4 12 014-03107 Rail kits 106 inches and shorter
ship by UPS. Longer rail sets ship
96 300205 4 19 014-01036 $181.50 303205 6 13 014-03109 $142.50
by truck freight. To make up long
106 300206 4 20 014-01040 $198.50 303206 6 14 014-03111 $155 rail kits that are UPS shippable, use
120 300207 6 22 014-01044 $221.00 303207 6 15 014-03113 $167.50 two rail kits of 106 inches or less
plus two splices on page 42.
132 300208 6 24 014-01048 $238 303208 8 16 014-03115 $179.50
144 300209 6 25 014-01052 $255 303209 8 17 014-03117 $192 See tables on pages 37 and 38 to
determine the rail length required
156 300210 6 27 014-01056 $272 303210 8 18 014-03119 $204.50
for modules being mounted.
168 300211 6 28 014-01060 $289 303211 8 19 014-03121 $216.50
180 300212 6 30 014-01064 $312.50 303212 10 20 014-03123 $229
192 300213 8 31 014-01068 $329.50 303213 10 21 014-03225 $241.50
204 300214 8 33 014-01072 $346.50 303214 10 22 014-03127 $254
216 300215 8 34 014-01076 $363.50 303215 10 23 014-03129 $266

Roof Mounts
Four-Rail Unirac SolarMount Kits L-feet Included
Standard rail Light rail
Rail Segment Unirac # of Ship wt Unirac # of Ship wt 4-rail kits for long
length length part # L-ft (lbs) Item code Price part # L-ft (lbs) Item code Price rows
226 106/120 300224 10 40 014-01000 $398 303216 12 28 014-03131 $306.50 Each kit contains four rail
segments, two splices,
240 120/120 300225 10 42 014-01001 $415 303217 12 29 014-03133 $319
L-feet, and hardware to
252 132/120 300226 10 44 014-01002 $432 303218 12 31 014-03135 $331 join L-feet to rails. Rail
264 132/132 300227 10 46 014-01003 $443.50 303219 14 32 014-03137 $343.50 segments and splices
276 144/132 300228 10 47 014-01004 $461 303220 14 33 014-03139 $356 assemble into two spliced
rails equal to the row
288 144/144 300229 10 48 014-01005 $478 303221 14 34 014-03141 $368.50
length. These kits ship
300 156/144 300230 12 50 014-01006 $500.50 303222 16 35 014-03143 $380.50 via truck freight only.
312 156/156 300231 12 52 014-01007 $517.50 303223 16 36 014-03145 $393
324 168/156 300232 12 53 014-01008 $534.80 303224 16 37 014-03147 $405.50
336 168/168 300233 12 54 014-01009 $551.50 303225 16 38 014-03149 $417.50
348 180/168 300234 14 56 014-01010 $568.50 303226 18 39 014-03151 $430
360 180/180 300235 14 58 014-01011 $580.50 303227 18 41 014-03153 $442.50
372 192/180 300236 14 59 014-01012 $597.50 303228 18 41 014-03155 $454.50
384 192/192 300237 14 60 014-01013 $614.50 303229 20 42 014-03157 $467
396 204/192 300238 14 62 014-01014 $631.50 303230 20 43 014-03159 $479.50
408 204/ 204 300239 14 64 014-01015 $648.50 303231 20 45 014-03161 $492
420 216/ 204 300240 16 65 014-01016 $672 303232 20 46 014-03163 $504
432 216/ 216 300241 16 66 014-01017 $682.50 303233 20 46 014-03165 $516.50

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 39
Mounting Structures
Pro-Pak Rail Bundles
Standard rail 8 rails Light rail 10 rails
Bulk Rail Bundles
Use Unirac Pro-Pak components for Ship
large installations or when regularly Rail Unirac Ship Item Unirac wt Item
using SolarMount Standard Rail or Length part # wt lbs code Price part # lbs code Price
SolarMount Light Rail on multiple 48 300101 32 014-00810 $262.50 303101 25 014-03167 $223.50
installations. 60 300102 40 014-00811 $307 303102 30 014-03169 $268.50
Bulk bundles of Standard Rail consist 72 300103 48 014-00812 $353 303103 36 014-03171 $313.50
of 8 rails and do not include L-feet or 84 300104 54 014-00813 $399 303104 41 014-03173 $358
hardware. Bulk bundles of Light Rail
96 300105 62 014-00814 $445 303105 45 014-03175 $403
consist of 10 rails. They do not include
L-feet or hardware. See the sizing tables 106 300106 68 014-00815 $490.50 303106 50 014-03177 $448
(pages 37-38) to determine rail length 120 300107 80 014-00820 $542.00 303107 55 014-03179 $493
appropriate for your installation. If 132 300108 88 014-00821 $593 303108 59 014-03181 $538
desired rail length exceeds 240 inches 144 300109 95 014-00822 $644.50 303109 64 014-03183 $582.50
(216 inches for Light Rail), order a
156 300110 102 014-00823 $695.50 303110 75 014-03185 $627.50
splice (page 42) and two segments.
Spliced segments should be equal or 168 300111 109 014-00824 $746.50 303111 82 014-03187 $672.50
as close to equal as possible. 180 300112 116 014-00825 $799 303112 88 014-03189 $717.50
192 300113 123 014-00826 $850 303113 93 014-03191 $762.50
204 300114 130 014-00827 $901.50 303114 98 014-03193 $807.50
216 300115 137 014-00828 $952.50 303115 104 014-03195 $852
Roof Mounts

228 300116 144 014-00831 $1044.50

240 300117 152 014-00829 $992

Pro-Pak: Each L-foot includes a stainless steel bolt and flange nut Unirac part # Description Weight (lbs) Item code Price
to attach the foot to a SolarMount rail. Lag bolts are not included. 310067 20 ea. L-feet 5 014-00891 $86.50
The rail set pricing table (page 39) shows the appropriate number
310068 1 ea. L-foot 0.5 014-00884 $5.63
of L-feet needed per pair of rails.

Splice Bars and Plates

Splice bars are used to join together lengths of SolarMount Stan- Expansion joints allow for thermal expansion and may be neces-
dard Rail, SolarMount Light Rail, or SunFrame. Splice plates are sary when rails exceed 30 feet. Only splice bars may be used for
also structural and may be used only with SolarMount Standard thermal expansion joint. To create an expansion joint, slide the
Rail. splice bar into the footing slots of both rail lengths. Leave a half
inch between the segments. Secure the splice bar with two screws
Neither type creates a joint that is as strong as the rail itself. A
on one side only. Footings (such as L-feet or standoffs) should
rail should always be supported by more than one footing on both
be secured normally on both sides of the splice. No PV module
sides of the splice.
should straddle the expansion joint.

Splices for Standard Rail with Hardware Splices for Light Rail with Hardware

Unirac Wt. Item Unirac Wt. Item Unirac Wt. Item

part # Description (lbs) code Price part # Description (lbs) code Price part # Description (lbs) code Price
310216 20 ea splice plates 14 014-00888 $276 310229 20 ea splice bars 10 014-01267 $114 310232 20 ea splice bars 1 014-03203 $82
310214 1 ea splice plates 1 014-01261 $16 310230 1 ea splice bars 1 014-01266 $13 310231 1 ea splice bars 5 014-03201 $7

40 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Top-Mounting Clamp Sets Pro-Pak Top Clamps

Mounting Structures
See sizing table on page 38 to determine clamp size letter. Call See sizing table page 38 to determine clamp size letter. End
for modules not found on table. Includes all clamps and hardware clamps: Order 4 for each row of modules you plan to mount. Mid
to attach the indicated number of PV modules to one pair of rails. clamps: For each row, take one less than the number of modules
Replace the x in the item code with a letter (A-K) to order the in the row and multiply that figure by 2 to determine the number
correct clamp set. of clamps needed.
Top-Mounting Clamp Sets, sizes A - F, J & K Unirac Wt.
# of Clear anodized Dark bronze part # Description (lbs) Item code Price
ship wt.
mod- (lbs) End Clamps with Stainless Steel T-Bolts and Flange Nuts
ules Item code Price Item code Price 320012 20 ea. A clamps 6 014-00840 $44.50
2 1 014-01080-x $27 014-01081-x $36.50 320001 1 ea. A clamp 1 014-00850 $5.33
3 2 014-01084-x $32.50 014-01082-x $43.50 320013 20 ea. B clamps 6 014-00841 $44.50
4 2 014-01088-x $38.50 014-01083-x $50.50 320002 1 ea. B clamp 1 014-00851 $5.33
5 2 014-01092-x $43 014-01085-x $57.50 320014 20 ea. C clamps 6 014-00842 $44.50
6 2 014-01096-x $47 014-01086-x $64.50 320003 1 ea. C clamp 1 014-00852 $5.33
7 2 014-01100-x $53.50 014-01087-x $71 320081 20 ea. C clamps; dark bronze 6 014-00861 $63.50
8 3 014-01104-x $58.50 014-01089-x $78.50 320117 1 ea. C clamp, dark bronze 1 014-00862 $3.77
9 3 014-01105-x $63.50 014-01090-x $85 320015 20 ea. D clamps 6 014-00843 $44.50
320004 1 ea. D clamp 1 014-00853 $5.33
10 3 014-01106-x $68.50 014-01091-x $92
320185 20 ea. D clamps dark bronze 6 014-00863 $63.50
11 3 014-01101-x $74 014-01093-x $99
320173 1 ea. D clamp dark bronze 1 014-00864 $3.77
12 3 014-01102-x $78 014-01094-x $106

Roof Mounts
320016 20 ea. E clamps 6 014-00844 $44.50
Top-Mounting Clamp Sets for Lipped Frame Modules
320005 1 ea. E clamp 1 014-00854 $5.33
# of Dark bronze - G (Sharp) Dark bronze - H (Sanyo)
Ship wt. 320082 20 ea. E clamps; dark bronze 6 014-00848 $63.50
(lbs) 320118 1 ea. E clamp, dark bronze 1 014-00858 $3.77
ules Item code Price Item code Price
2 1 014-01135 $36.75 014-01146 $27 320017 20 ea. F clamps 6 014-00845 $44.50
320006 1 ea. F clamp 1 014-00855 $5.33
3 2 014-01136 $42.50 014-01147 $30.50
320123 20 ea. F clamps dark bronze 6 014-00846 $63.50
4 2 014-01137 $48 014-01148 $34
320124 1 ea. F clamp dark bronze 1 014-00856 $3.77
5 2 014-01138 $54 014-01149 $38
320083 20 ea. G clamps dark bronze 6 014-00847 $63.50
6 2 014-01139 $60 014-01150 $41.50
320007 1 ea. G clamps dark bronze 1 014-00857 $3.77
7 2 014-01140 $65.60 014-01151 $45 320079 20 ea. J clamps 6 014-00849 $44.50
8 3 014-01141 $71.50 014-01152 $49 320080 1 ea. J clamp 1 014-00859 $5.33
9 3 014-01142 $77.50 014-01153 $52.50 320221 20 ea. K clamps 3 014-00860 $44.50
10 3 014-01143 $83.50 014-01154 $56 320220 1 ea. K clamp 1 014-00839 $5.33
11 3 014-01144 $89.50 014-01155 $60 Mid Clamps with Stainless Steel T-Bolts and Flange Nuts
12 3 014-01145 $95 014-01156 $63.50 320020 20 ea. A-B-C mid clamps 6 014-00867 $49.50
320008 1 ea. A-B-C mid clamp 1 014-00866 $4.44
320084 20 ea. A-B-C mid clamps, bronze 6 014-00865 $102.50
Bottom-Mount Clips
320119 1 ea. A-B-C mid clamp, dk bronze 1 014-00876 $6.93
Order 4 clips for each module in your array. Clips are packed with 320021 20 ea. D-E-F-J-K mid clamps 6 014-00869 $49.50
stainless steel bolts and flange nuts. For use with all modules with
320009 1 ea. D-E-F-J-K mid clamp 1 014-00868 $5.33
mounting holes on the backs of their frames.
320085 20 ea. D-E-F-J-K mid clamps brnz 6 014-00878 $102.50
Bottom-Mount Clips with 320120 1 ea. D-E-F-J-K mid clamp dk brnz 1 014-00870 $6.93
Stainless Steel T-Bolts & Flange Nuts 320087 20 ea. G mid clamps, dark bronze 6 014-00871 $86.60
Unirac part # Description Wt. (lbs) Item code Price 320122 1 ea. G clamp, dark bronze 1 014-00872 $5.83
321002 20 ea. clips 5 014-00875 $25.50 H Clamps Used as Mid & End Clamps Includes Hex Bolts
321218 4 ea. clips 1 014-00879 $7.00 320086 20 ea. H clamps, dark bronze 6 014-00873 $68.50
321001 1 ea. clip 1 014-00877 $1.50 320121 1 ea. H clamp, dark bronze 1 014-00874 $4.80

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 41
Mounting Structures

Splices, Standoffs, L-feet, Flashings and Accessories

Bulk components are ideal for large installations and for contrac- cable ties help create a clean, professional-looking installation.
tors installing many roof mount systems. Standoffs, L-feet and Bulk packs will be drop-shipped from the manufacturer. Please
splices in bulk save money. Flashings, shims, hanger bolts and allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
Single piece Bulk pack
Wt. Unirac Wt. Unirac
Description lbs part # Item code Price lbs part # Item code Price
Flat-top 2-piece, Clear-anodized, Aluminum Standoffs
(1-1/8" OD shaft, s/s hardware, 2 lag bolts) Bulk 12-piece pack
1 ea. 3 in. aluminum 2-piece standoffs, clear-anodized 1 310503 014-00788 $14.90 9 310553 014-00789 $155.50
1 ea. 4 in. aluminum 2-piece standoffs, clear-anodized 1 310504 014-00790 $16.00 10 310554 014-00791 $230.40
1 ea. 6 in. aluminum 2-piece standoffs, clear-anodized 1 310506 014-00792 $18.10 12 310556 014-00793 $192
1 ea. 7 in. aluminum 2-piece standoffs, clear-anodized 1 310507 014-00794 $19.20 13 310557 014-00795 $205.00
Flat-top 2-piece, Bronze-anodized, Aluminum Standoffs
(1-1/8" OD shaft, s/s hardware, 2 lag bolts) Bulk 12-piece pack
1 ea. 3 in. aluminum 2-piece standoffs, bronze-anodized 1 310603 014-00796 $16 9 310653 014-00797 $163.00
1 ea. 4 in. aluminum 2-piece standoffs, bronze-anodized 1 310604 014-00798 $17.10 10 310654 014-00799 $176.00
1 ea. 6 in. aluminum 2-piece standoffs, bronze-anodized 1 310606 014-00800 $19.20 12 310656 014-00801 $200.50
1 ea. 7 in. aluminum 2-piece standoffs, bronze-anodized 1 310607 014-00802 $20.50 13 310657 014-00803 $212.50
Roof Mounts

Flat-top One Piece Steel Standoffs

(1-5/8"O.D. shaft, zinc plated, with s/s hardware, 2 lag bolts) Bulk 12-piece pack
1 ea. 3 in. flat-top steel standoffs 1.5 310009 014-01220 $20 16 310051 014-00661 $209
1 ea. 4 in. flat-top steel standoffs 1.5 310010 014-01224 $21 18 310052 014-00662 $216.50
1 ea. 6 in. flat-top steel standoffs 2 310011 014-01228 $21.50 22 310053 014-00664 $223
1 ea. 7 in. flat-top steel standoffs 2 310012 014-01232 $22 24 310054 014-01233 $229.50
Raised-Flange Steel Standoffs (1-5/8" O.D. shaft, zinc plated, with 2 lag bolts) Bulk 12-piece pack
1 ea. 3 in. raised-flange steel standoffs 1.5 310017 014-01236 $24 16 310047 014-01237 $221
1 ea. 4 in raised-flange steel standoffs 1.5 310018 014-01240 $25 18 310048 014-01241 $227.50
1 ea. 6 in raised-flange steel standoffs 2 310019 014-01244 $21 22 310049 014-01245 $235
1 ea. 7 in raised-flange steel standoffs 2 310020 014-01248 $26 25 310050 014-01249 $241.50
Hanger Bolts use w/L-feet to support rails on tile or metal roofing Bulk 20-piece pack
1 ea. 8" long x 3/8" diameter hanger bolt w. s/s nut and washers 0.5 310025 014-01256 $12.80 5 310046 014-01257 $205.00
1 ea. 3/8" hanger bolt driver for easy installation of hanger bolts 0.5 310026 014-01258 $22.50
No-Calk Collar Flashings for Steel Standoff Bulk 12-piece pack
12 ea. galvanized, 121/2 x 83/4 base (Oatey # O-11840) 11 990101 014-00621 $92.50
12 ea. aluminum, 121/2 x 83/4 base (Oatey # O-12920) 11 990102 014-00623 $134.50
12 ea. soft aluminum, 18 x 18 base (Oatey # O-12836) 14 990103 014-00625 $192.00
Flashings for Aluminum Standoffs Bulk 12-piece pack
12 ea. galv., 121/2 x 83/4 base, no-calk (Oatey # O-11830) 11 990109 014-00629 $105.50
12 ea. aluminum, 12 x 9 base all metal 12 310044 014-00633 $187.50
12 ea. soft aluminum, 18 x 18 base 12" x 9" all metal 14 310045 014-00635 $296.00

42 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
SolarMount S-5!

Mounting Structures
PV Clamp Sets for Standing Seam Roofing
The Unirac SolarMount S-5! PV clamps provide non-penetrating attachment points
to standing seam metal roofs. Select SolarMount end clamps and mid clamps and
attach modules directly to the S-5! clamp without mounting rails. Use end clamps
on the edge of the array and mid clamps between rows within the array. End clamps
and mid clamps are anodized. S-5! clamps are mill finish.
Use the application table below to find the size C, D, E or F that fits the modules
being used. Order end clamps for outside rows of modules and mid clamp for internal rows.
Roof design, tilt angle, snow loading, seam spacing, building dimension and wind loading all affect S-5! system design. Please fill
out the Unirac questionnaire at: and you will receive a complete bill of materials with
price and lead time.

S-5! Application Chart

Size Frame thickness Fits these modules
C 34 - 36 mm GE Energy, Kyocera, Sharp NE-80U1, SolarWorld SW80/SW85, SolarWorld SW165/175 mono
D 38 - 40 mm Isofoton, Kaneka, Photowatt PW1250, PW1650
E 50 - 52 mm BP Solar, Schott ASE300. Suntech STP175-24, SunPower 175
F 45 - 47 mm Evergreen ES-A, Mitsubishi, Schott SAPC165, Sharp ND-L3EJE, ND-167U3, NE-165U1, NT-185U1, SunPower
G Sharp lipped modules ND-N2ECU (140W)
H Sanyo lipped modules

Roof Mounts
J 41 - 43 mm REC Solar SCM-210
K 39 - 41 mm Evergreen ES-Series, SunWize SW165

Clear anodized Dark bronze anodized

Quantity Ship
Description per pack wt. (lbs) Unirac part # Item code Price Unirac part # Item code Price
1 0.5 321224 014-01281 $29.00 321226 014-01301 $30.00
S-5! + Mid clamp set C, D & K
20 10 321236 014-01282 $527.00 321238 014-01302 $527.00
1 0.5 321228 014-01283 $29.00 321232 014-01303 $30.00
S-5! + End clamp set C
20 10 321240 014-01284 $513.00 321244 014-01304 $527.00
1 0.5 321229 014-01285 $29.00 321233 014-01305 $30.00
S-5! + End clamp set D
20 10 321241 014-01286 $513.00 321245 014-01306 $527.00
1 0.5 321225 014-01287 $29.00 321227 014-01307 $30.00
S-5! + Mid clamp set E & F
20 10 321237 014-01288 $527.00 321239 014-01308 $527.00
1 0.5 321230 014-01289 $29.00 321234 014-01309 $30.00
S-5! + End clamp set E
20 10 321242 014-01290 $513.00 321246 014-01310 $527.00
1 0.5 321231 014-01291 $29.00 321235 014-01311 $30.00
S-5! + End clamp set F
20 10 321243 014-01292 $513.00 321247 014-01312 $527.00
1 0.5 321268 014-01293 $29.00 321270 014-01295 $30.00
S-5! + End clamp set K
20 10 321269 014-01294 $513.00 321271 014-01296 $527.00
1 1 321251 014-01297 $30.00
S-5! + Mid clamp set G
20 10 321250 014-01298 $52700
1 1 321253 014-01299 $30.00
S-5! + End clamp set G Available in dark bronze only
20 10 321252 014-01300 $527.00
S-5! + Mid & end clamp set H (mid and 1 1 321248 014-01313 $30.00
end are identical for H) 20 10 321249 014-01314 $527.00
S-5! + L- foot & 3/8" hardware (For 1 1 321255 014-01315 $35.00 321257 014-01279 $36.50
mounting modules with rails) 20 10 321256 014-01278 $646.00 321258 014-01280 $654.00

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 43
Unirac Sizing Table for Unirac Low-Profile Tilt Legs
Mounting Structures

(Tilt angle range given in degrees from horizontal.)

Low-Prole Tilt Legs
Low-prole orientation minimizes the vertical height of your array Low profile leg length: 12-inch 30-inch 44-inch
to hide an array behind a parapet or minimize wind loading. You Unirac part # 310121 310122 310123
can also optimize tilt angle on a pitched roof to maximize system
Item code 014-01185 014-01189 014-01193
performance. In low prole arrays, tilt angle depends on leg length
and the location of the module mounting holes. Each low-prole Price $32 $40 $46
tilt leg kit contains one square tube and one strut.
Module make and model Tilt angle range (degrees)
AEE Solar AE80HE, AE90HE 17-21 35-55 50-60
BP 365 16-20 34-53 49-60
BP380, 485 15-20 32-51 47-60
BP Solar BP3125 11-14 24-37 34-56
BP3150, 3160, 4175 11-14 22-35 32-53
BPSX160B, 170B 11-13 22-35 32-53
Evergreen ES 180/190, ES-A-200 16-20 34-53 48-60
KC65, 85, KD135 11-15 24-38 35-57
Kyocera KD180 16-21 35-55 50-60
KD200 14-18 30-47 43-60
Tilt angles for low-prole legs
Sanyo HIP190, 200, 220 14-18 30-47 42-60
Choose (a) the correct maximum leg extension for your tilt angle
Roof & Ground Mounts

80 14-18 31-48 44-60

and (b) the number of kits required from the table on the next page.
Then choose the correct kit 123 13-17 28-44 40-60
Quantity of Legs Required Sharp
model from the Sizing table 165, 175, 185 15-19 31-50 45-60
for low-profile tilt legs to the Rail length No. of legs
ND200, 208 13-16 27-42 39-60
right. (inches) required
Ultra 80, 85 9-20 21-54 31-60
48 to 106 2
Quantity of tilt legs SolarWorld SW165 mono,
120 to 180 3 175mono 7-15 16-39 23-60
192 to 216 4
The number of tilt legs in a SunPower SPR200, 210, 215, 220 17-22 37-58 53-60
low-prole array depends on 226 to 288 5 SunTech STP110-24b, STP175 9-12 19-30 28-45
the length of the mounting 300 to 336 6 MF170EB3 12-15 26-40 37-60
rails. 348 to 408 7 Mitsubishi
UD180/185 12-15 25-39 36-60
420 to 432 8 REC Solar SCM-210 14-18 30-47 43-60

44 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
High-Profile Adjustable Tilt Legs Cable Ties

Mounting Structures
In high-profile arrays, tilt angle depends on the length of the legs Cable ties fit into -inch
and the rails. To determine the length of your rails, consult the holes drilled along Solar-
sizing tables on page 38 (for top mounting arrays) or page 37 (for Mount rails.
bottom mounting arrays). Quantity of tilt legs required: Order one
high profile tilt leg kit for each rail kit. Shims
Rails 120 inches and longer require leg kits with 4 legs per kit Horseshoe shaped shims
one long leg and one short leg per rail. level or raise standoffs
and L-feet to precisely
If ordering bulk rail packs, order one high-profile tilt leg kit for align rails. Shims
each pair of rails required in your installation. Do not use high- come in three color-
profile legs with rails longer than 180 inches. Never use spliced coded thicknesses in
rails with this configuration. packs of 20.

part # Description Quantity Item code Price
990104 100 ea. push mount cable ties 1 014-00895 $12.00
990105 20 ea. 1/16 shims (blue) 0.5 014-00649 $1.50
990106 20 ea. 1/8 shims (red plastic) 0.5 014-00651 $3.00
990107 20 ea. 1/4 shims (black) 1 014-00653 $4.50

Roof & Ground Mounts

990108 20 ea. tapered shims (black) 1 014-00655 $11.00

Sizing Table for High-Profile Tilt Legs

(Tilt angle range is in degrees from horizontal.)
Security Hardware
Security hardware dramatically increases the difficulty and time
One Leg Per Rail (2 legs per kit) for Rails 48" to 106" required for a thief to dismantle a PV array and steal its compo-
Maximum leg length 12 " 44 " 72 " nents. Breakaway nuts work well in conjunction with top mount-
Unirac part # 310107 310108 310109 ing clamps and footing bolts. Note that star head bolt heads do
not t into SolarMount rail slots (where standard bolt heads are
Item code 014-01160 014-01164 014-01168
inaccessible). Use them with bottom mounting module clips and
Price $46 $70 $92 other locations where heads are exposed.
Rail Length Tilt angle range (degrees)
48 10 - 23 33 - 60 N/A Unirac Quan-
60 8 - 18 26 - 60 48 - 60 part # Description tity Item code Price

72 7 - 16 22 - 60 36 - 60 321205 Star head bolt, s/s, 1/4" x 3/4" 1 014-02113 $1.40

84 5 - 12 17 - 47 28 - 60 321220 Star head bolt, s/s, 1/4" x 3/4" 20 014-02114 $23.50

96 5 - 11 16 - 43 26 - 60 321206 Star head bolt, s/s, 3/8" x 11/4" 1 014-02115 $3.70

106 4 - 10 15 - 39 24 - 60 321221 Star head bolt, s/s, 3/8" x 11/4" 20 014-02116 $64.00

Two Legs per Rail (4 legs per kit) for Rails 120" to 180" 321207 Breakaway nut, aluminum, 1/4" 1 014-02105 $1.35

Maximum leg length 18 inch 64 inch 104 inch 321222 Breakaway nut, aluminum, 1/4" 20 014-02106 $22.50

Unirac part # 310111 310112 310110 321208 Breakaway nut, aluminum, 3/8" 1 014-02109 $1.75

Item code 014-01172 014-01176 014-01180 321223 Breakaway nut, aluminum, 3/8" 20 014-02110 $29.75

Price $84 $141 $188 321209 Star Key (Tool) 1/4" 1 014-02125 $17.50

Rail length Tilt angle range (degrees) 321210 Star Key (Tool) 3/8" 1 014-02126 $21.25

120 5 - 10 17 - 38 27 - 60
132 6 - 10 17 - 37 26 - 60
144 6-9 16 - 33 19 - 43
156 5 - 10 14 - 30 22 - 49
168 5-7 13 - 28 20 - 46
180 3-7 12 - 26 19 - 43
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 45
Mounting Structures

When an installation has to look great, SunFrame offers finish
choices and low, clean lines that become as natural a part of a
home as a skylight. The rails are available in clear and dark bronze
finish to match the module frames. The SunFrame rails run hori-
zontally across the roof between the modules making the array
look like one large skylight. Installation is slightly more difficult
than using SolarMount with top clamps because rail alignment
must be perfect. Since the modules will sit closer to the roof, the
array may operate at a higher temperature and there may be a
small loss of performance.
Contact us with your module type, quantity, number of rows and
foot spacing for design help, or use the online SunFrame estimator
to get a list of components needed. With this list, we can give you
price and delivery time.
1. Inter-module rails provide support shelves for the modules. 5. Splices safely extend rails.
Depending on module thickness, its upper surface can be 6. Standoffs (optional), designed for standard flashing, support
as little as 2.125 inches above the roof. Rails come in bulk L-feet above tile or shake roofs. See page 42.
packs of eight 192" pieces in clear-anodized or dark-bronze
Roof & Ground Mounts

2. 192" module-specific cap strips secure modules and finish the
array topside, forming a gap-free frame. Self-drilling screws
at 16" intervals provide holding power. Order cap strips for
the module brand and model to be installed. Cap strips are
available in clear or dark bronze anodized finishes.
3. End caps finish rail ends to complete the frame.
4. L-feet attach directly through asphalt shingle roofs and support
the rails one-half to three-quarters of an inch above the roof
surface to provide convective air flow for ventilation.

U-LA is a mounting system using for large arrays of PV modules
designed to generate 3 kilowatts or more. The size of the system
is limited only by the available space for the array. Place U-LAs
on the ground or on commercial flat roofs.
All U-LAs are custom systems designed by Unirac to accommo-
date site conditions and applicable codes. To specify a system,
please use the on-line questionnaire at ...
... to generate a bill of materials.
With all required U-LA components and specifications for
installer-supplied materials such as pipe and concrete provided
by Uniracs online questionnaire, we can give you a price quote
and delivery lead time.

46 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

Mounting Structures
NEW! RapidRac G10
Uniracs new universal ballasted flat roof solution accommodates a wide range
of modules and requires very few or no penetrations, depending on location
and building codes. Minimal parts, faster installation, reduced labor expenses
and versatility; all customer-driven demands that helped engineer this unique
flat roof solution.
The RapidRac G10 was developed through significant computational fluid
dynamics and wind tunnel engineering. The efficient design, built at a fixed
10 degree tilt angle, optimizes natural convective cooling of the modules and
was designed to meet the requirements of current applicable building codes.
Installations consist of 2-bay frames and 1-bay frames. Each frame holds one ARRAY NORTH
module. The bays needed will depend on the array layout designed for the
2-B 2-B 2-B 2-B 2-B
roof installation.
1-B 1-B 1-B 1-B 1-B
Select a module from the sizing table to the right to determine which bays are
applicable to your installation. Any module that is the north-most module in 1-B 1-B 1-B 1-B 1-B
a column must be racked on a two-bay frame. All modules south of a two- 1-B 1-B 1-B 1-B 1-B
bay frame may be mounted on one-bay frames. Keep in mind that since the 1-B 1-B 1-B 1-B 1-B
two-bay frames are more expensive, you can minimize your system costs by
making your columns as long as possible. Each roof is unique and the array
layout will have to be designed for the particulars of each roof. The table
demonstrates a 25-module layout and indicates where two-bay frames and RapidFoot:

Roof & Ground Mounts

one-bay frames are used. 1. 3/8" x 1-1/4" bolt
2. 3/8" x 1/8" x 1-1/2"
Unirac offers an attachment option for the RapidRac G10, the RapidFoot, washer
which can be used for seismic restraint and for ballast trade off, allowing for 3. Clamp bar
a reduction in roof dead load. 4. EPDM washer
5. Standoff
An on-line estimator and rail-spacing makes system design and pricing simple. 6. Rapid top plate
Go to on the web and design 7. Rapid base plate
your system.
10-year limited product warranty, 5-year limited finish warranty
8. Flashing
Price table below can help with price quoting. Please call for exact part num- 9. Concealor screw
bers when ordering. Other hardware may be required depending on roof type 10. Ferrules
and penetrations required. (Note: For concrete
roofs, Scru-lead
anchors must be used.)

Description Unirac part # Item code Price Module Suffix

RapidRac assembly, 2 bay 310350-xxxx Call $317.00 Evergreen ES -A-200 0504
RapidRac assembly, 1 bay 310360-xxxx Call $212.50 Evergreen ES-180/190 0503
RapidFoot assembly 310370 015-02261 $68.50 Kyocera KD180 0908
Galvalume flashing #1 990120 015-02265 $6.68 Kyocera KD205 0909
Patch for flashing 990160 015-02268 $319.00 Mitsubishi UD-185MF 1111
Patch for flashing, peel and stick 990161 015-02269 $668.00 REC Solar SCM-210 1296
Sanyo HIP-210NHES 1402
Sharp NT-175U1 1709
SolarWorld SW165/175 mono 2008
SunPower SPR-210 2103

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 47
Unirac Series 5002
Mounting Structures

PV PoleTops
Unirac PV PoleTops pole mounts use SolarMount Light Rails
and clips (page 39). The lightweight rails are hollow aluminum
extrusions that provide great strength over long spans and help
keep shipping costs low. The back-mount clips slip into rail slots
and quickly align with module mounting holes for fast and easy
Unirac mounts use a 6-digit part number. The first 4 digits are
determined by the series. See descriptions on this page for each
series. See the next page for mounts for specific modules.
Series 5000

Mounts to 4-inch schedule 40 or 80 steel mounting pole

Accommodates array size up to 45 square feet
Adjusts from 0 to 90 degrees from horizontal
Series 5003
Pole Mounts

Mounts to 2-inch schedule 40 or 80 steel mounting pole

Accommodates arrays up to 16 square feet
Adjusts from 15 to 60 degrees from horizontal
Series 5001 Mounts to 4-inch schedule 40 or 80 steel mounting pole
Accommodates array size up to 65 square feet
Adjusts from 0 to 90 degrees from horizontal
Series 5004

Mounts to 3-inch schedule 40 or 80 steel mounting pole Mounts to 6-inch schedule 40 or 80 steel mounting pole
Accommodates arrays up to 33 square feet Accommodates array size up to 140 square feet
Adjusts from 0 to 90 degrees from the horizontal Adjusts from 15 to 60 degrees from the horizontal

48 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Mounting Structures
Unirac No. of Pole size Unirac No. of Pole size
Module part # modules (schd 40) Item code Price Module part # modules (schd 40) Item code Price
500024 1 2.5 014-02405 $137 500002 1 2.5 014-02384 $154
AE-80J 500016 2 2.5 014-02417 $160 Sanyo * 500143 2 3 014-02577 $307
AE-80HE 500117 3 3 014-02533 $291 HIP 180BA3,- 500240 3 4 014-02685 $485
AE90HE 500123 4 3 014-02545 $322 190BA3,- 501498 4 6 014-02821 $928
500350 6 4 014-02681 $551 501495 6 6 014-02820 $1,055
500039 1 2.5 014-02431 $159 501487 8 6 014-02818 $1,190
Evergreen 500120 2 3 014-02539 $311 500027 1 2.5 014-02409 $140
ES-180-190 500230 3 4 014-02621 $494 SolarWorld 500105 2 3 014-02509 $263
500341 4 4 014-02671 $626 SW165 mono 500237 3 4 014-02628 $439
500039 1 2.5 014-02431 $159 SW175 mono 500348 4 4 014-02675 $557
Evergreen 500131 2 3 014-02561 $319 501489 6 6 014-02833 $974
ES-A-200 500241 3 4 014-02 $515 500034 1 2.5 014-02421 $140
500341 4 4 014-02671 $626 500041 2 2.5 014-02435 $163
500025 1 2.5 014-02405 $141 Sharp 500117 3 3 014-02533 $291
500031 2 2.5 014-02417 $169 NE-80EJEA 500123 4 3 014-02545 $322
Kyocera 500107 3 3 014-02513 $303 500350 6 4 014-02681 $551
KC85T 500113 4 3 014-02525 $345 500337 8 4 014-02663 $621
500325 6 4 014-02639 $558 500044 1 2.5 014-02441 $149
500330 8 4 014-02649 $636 Sharp 500129 2 3 014-02557 $156

Pole Mounts
500044 1 2.5 014-02441 $149 ND-L3EJEA- 500132 3 3 014-02563 $322
500129 2 3 014-02557 $286 123W- 500229 4 4 014-02619 $506
Kyocera L5EIU-125
500132 3 3 014-02563 $322 500315 6 6 014-02632 $639
500229 4 4 014-02619 $506 501463 8 6 014-03248 $1,077
501457 6 6 014-026 $972 500027 1 2.5 014-02409 $140
500014 1 2.5 014-02389 $161 500105 2 3 014-02509 $263
Mitsubishi Sharp
500131 2 3 014-02561 $319 500237 3 4 014-02628 $439
UD185MF5 NE170
500227 3 4 014-02615 $496 500348 4 4 014-02675 $557
500044 1 2.5 014-02441 $149 501489 6 6 014-02833 $974
500129 2 3 014-02557 $286 SolarWorld Pole top mounts for Solarworld SW165/167 mono are
Mitsubishi SW165 mono not available form Unirac because of mounting
500132 3 3 014-02563 $322
UE125MF5N SW175 mono hole spacing on the modules.
500229 4 4 014-02619 $506
500349 6 4 014-02680 $646 500038 1 2.5 014-02429 $150
SunPower 500117 2 3 014-02533 $291
500043 1 2.5 014-02439 $146 SPR-200BLK
500128 2 3 014-02555 $283 500214 3 4 014-02 $487
Mitsubishi 500340 4 4 014-02669 $558
500131 3 3 014-02561 $319 -215BLK,-220
500228 4 4 014-02617 $499 501460 6 6 014-02 $1,032
500342 6 4 014-02673 $633 500038 1 2.5 014-02429 $151
500014 1 2.5 014-02389 $161 500118 2 3 014-02535 $295
REC Solar 500132 2 3 014-02563 $322 500237 3 4 014-02628 $469
SCM-210 500243 3 4 014-02 $522 501453 4 6 014-02 $912
500349 4 4 014-02680 $646 501460 6 6 014-02 $1032

* Top mounting clamp sets are substituted to accommodate Sanyo modules, which have no mounting holes.

Unirac makes many more PoleTops models to fit the modules above, as well as for other module brands and sizes. Call for information.

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 49
PV PoleSides
Mounting Structures

Unirac PV PoleSides side mounts uses a 6-digit part number. The

Unirac Pole No. of
first 4 digits are determined by the series. See description below
Module part # size modules Item code Price
for each series. See the table to the right for applications. Mounts
for other modules are available. Call for information. 400204 2.5 1 014-02243 $194
400215 3 2 014-02277 $335
400244 3 3 014-02262 $341
Series 4000
400254 4 4 014-02293 $410
For 2" schedule 40 or 80 steel
pole, outside diameter 2.375" Evergreen 400209 2.5 1 014-02249 $212
(60.3mm) ES190 400242 4 2 014-02263 $338
400236 2.5 1 014-02257 $207
400214 3 2 014-02275 $335
400224 4 3 014-02305 $410
400236 2.5 1 014-02257 $207
Series 4001 Mitsubishi
400233 3 2 014-02287 $342
Includes SolarMount Standard UE125MF5
Rails for 2.5" (63.5mm) sched- 400224 4 3 014-02305 $410
ule 40 or 80 steel pole, outside 400248 2.5 1 014-02269 $233
diameter 2.875" (73.0mm) Mitsubishi
400245 4 2 014-02264 $374
400246 4 3 014-02305 $448
400248 2.5 1 014-02269 $233
Pole Mounts

Series 4002 400224 4 2 014-02305 $410

Includes SolarMount Standard

Rails in three sizes of schedule
40 or 80 steel poles:
2.5" OD 2.875" (73.0mm)
3" OD 3.5" (88.9mm)
4" OD 4.5" (114.3mm)

IronRidge (formerly Two Seas)

Small-Module Side-of-Pole Mount
These low-cost, universal side-of-pole mounts are available in two
sizes to hold a single small module 10.75" to 21.5" in width. Their
unique module clamp-and-slot combination eliminates the need for
bolt holes in the module by clamping to the inside of the module
frame. Mounts have a fully adjustable tilt angle mechanism which
can be set for maximum solar panel efficiency depending on your
location and the season. Two sizes fit most small modules.

Module Fit Chart

Model Fit one of the following modules
AE-5C, AE-10C, AE-20C, AE-10J
AE20HE, AE-20J, GSE 6
UNI-SA/21.5 AE-30HE, AE-50HE, AE-60HE, AE-30ET

Maximum Inside frame

Model module width dimension Item code Price
UNI-SA/13.0 14.0" 5.26" to 11.60" 014-06011 $57
UNI-SA/21.5 21.5" 12.66" to 20.10" 014-06013 $65
Unirac makes many more PoleSides models to fit other module brands
and sizes. Call for information.

50 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Direct Power & Water

Mounting Structures
PowerFab Side Pole Mounts (SPM)
Direct Powers PowerFab mounts are available in painted steel and mill-finish aluminum versions. Aluminum mounts are listed below;
call for pricing on painted steel mounts. Stainless steel module mounting hardware is provided with all mounts. For harsh environ-
ments, anodized aluminum mounts are available. Add 30% to the price of the aluminum mounts in the chart below.
Stainless steel band clamps are provided with each mount for attachment to poles. Most models can be attached to flat vertical surfaces
using installer-supplied lag bolts or through-bolts.
DP&W side pole # of
Most SPM mounts can be shipped by UPS. Module type mount part number modules Item code Price
Mounts for other modules are available. Call for information. DP-SPM1-MT120-ALUM 1 013-09723 $230
Mitsubishi DP-SPM2-MT120-ALUM 2 013-09724 $350
MF120 DP-SPM3-MT120-ALUM 3 013-09725 $495
DP-SPM4-MT120-ALUM 4 013-09726 $600
DP-SPM1-MT125-ALUM 1 013-09727 $230
Mitsubishi DP-SPM2-MT125-ALUM 2 013-09728 $350
UE125 DP-SPM3-MT125-ALUM 3 013-09729 $495
DP-SPM4-MT125-ALUM 4 013-09730 $600
DP-SPM1-MT185-ALUM 1 013-09731 $270
Mitsubishi DP-SPM2-MT185-ALUM 2 013-09732 $445
UD185 DP-SPM3-MT185-ALUM 3 013-09733 $565

Pole Mounts
DP-SPM4-MT185-ALUM 4 013-09734 $750
DP-SPM1-REC210-ALUM 1 013-09735 $300
REC Solar
DP-SPM2-REC210-ALUM 2 013-09736 $495
DP-SPM3-REC210-ALUM 3 013-09737 $640
DP-SPM1-SY200-ALUM 1 013-09738 $260
Module DP&W pole-side mount # of
type part number modules Item code Price DP-SPM2-SY200-ALUM 2 013-09739 $430
Sanyo HIT200
DP-SPM1-AE80HE-ALUM 1 013-09701 $150 DP-SPM3-SY200-ALUM 3 013-09740 $550
AEE Solar DP-SPM2-AE80HE-ALUM 2 013-09702 $300 DP-SPM4-SY200-ALUM 4 013-09741 $730
AE-80HE DP-SPM3-AE80HE-ALUM 3 013-09703 $385 DP-SPM1-SHP80-ALUM 1 013-09742 $150
DP-SPM4-AE80HE-ALUM 4 013-09704 $445 DP-SPM2-SHP80-ALUM 2 013-09743 $300
Sharp 80
Evergreen DP-SPM1-ES190-ALUM 1 013-03692 $300 DP-SPM3-SHP80-ALUM 3 013-09744 $385
DP-SPM2-ES190-ALUM 2 013-03693 $495 DP-SPM4-SHP80-ALUM 4 013-09745 $445
ES190 DP-SPM3-ES190-ALUM 3 013-03694 $640 DP-SPM1-SHP123-ALUM 1 013-09746 $230
DP-SPM1-ESA200-ALUM 1 013-09708 $330 DP-SPM2-SHP123-ALUM 2 013-03955 $350
Evergreen Sharp 123
DP-SPM2-ESA200-ALUM 2 013-09709 $545 DP-SPM3-SHP123-ALUM 3 013-09748 $495
DP-SPM3-ESA200-ALUM 3 013-09710 $705 DP-SPM4-SHP123-ALUM 4 013-09749 $600
DP-SPM1-KC65-ALUM 1 013-03740 $195 DP-SPM1-SHP175-ALUM 1 013-09750 $260

Kyocera DP-SPM2-KC65-ALUM 2 013-09712 $265 Sharp 165,170, DP-SPM2-SHP175-ALUM 2 013-09751 $430

KC65 DP-SPM3-KC65-ALUM 3 013-09713 $325 175,185 DP-SPM3-SHP175-ALUM 3 013-09752 $550
DP-SPM4-KC65-ALUM 4 013-09714 $390 DP-SPM4-SHP175-ALUM 4 013-09753 $730
DP-SPM1-KC85-ALUM 1 013-03746 $165 DP-SPM1-SHL150-ALUM 1 013-09754 $260

Kyocera DP-SPM2-KC85-ALUM 2 013-03748 $325 SolarWorld DP-SPM2-SHL150-ALUM 2 013-09755 $430

KC85 DP-SPM3-KC85-ALUM 3 013-03750 $395 SW165 SW175 DP-SPM3-SHL150-ALUM 3 013-09756 $550
DP-SPM4-KC85-ALUM 4 013-03751 $440 DP-SPM4-SHL150-ALUM 4 013-09757 $730
DP-SPM1-KD135-ALUM 1 013-09719 $240 DP-SPM1-SU150-ALUM 1 013-09758 $260
SunPower DP-SPM2-SU150-ALUM 2 013-09759 $430
Kyocera DP-SPM2-KD135-ALUM 2 013-09720 $370
KD135 DP-SPM3-KD135-ALUM 3 013-09721 $500 210, 220 DP-SPM3-SU150-ALUM 3 013-09760 $550
DP-SPM4-KD135-ALUM 4 013-09722 $600 DP-SPM4-SU150-ALUM 4 013-09761 $730

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 51
Direct Power & Water
Mounting Structures
Module DP&W top pole No. of Pole size Item
type mount part # modules schd 40 code Price
PowerFab Top Pole Mounts (TPM)
DP-TPM1-AE80/90HE 1 2 013-04271 $155
PowerFab TPM standard mounts have heavy steel mounting
DP-TPM2-AE80/90HE 2 2 013-04272 $65
sleeves, elevation pivots and strongbacks that are painted with
AEE Solar DP-TPM4-AE80/90HE 4 3 013-04273 $345
durable outdoor paint. The module rails are 6061-T6 mill-finish
AE80HE DP-TPM6-AE80/90HE 6 4 013-04275 $535
structural aluminum angle. Stainless steel module mounting hard-
ware is provided. Standard top-of-pole mounts are adjustable DP-TPM8-AE80/90HE 8 4 013-04277 $635
from 15 degrees to 65 degrees in 10-degree increments and fit DP-TPM10-AE80HE 10 6 013-04279 $980
on schedule-40 steel pipe. (A pole size in the table on the right DP-TPM1-ES180 1 2 013-04428 $180
that has /80 after its size requires schedule-80 pipe; all others DP-TPM2-ES180 2 3 013-04429 $395
are schedule-40.) DP-TPM3-ES180 3 4 013-04430 $590
For harsh environments, these mounts are available with hot-dip- Evergreen DP-TPM4-ES180 4 4 013-04431 $710
galvanized steel and anodized aluminum. Multiply price by 1.8 ES180 DP-TPM6-ES180 6 6 013-04432 $1,220
for this addition. Call for additional pricing for powder-coated ES190 DP-TPM8-ES180 8 6 013-04433 $1,600
mounts and stainless steel hardware. ES195 DP-TPM9-ES180* 9 8 013-04434 $1,775
Mounts for other modules are available. Call for information. DP-TPM10-ES180* 10 8 013-04435 $2,275
DP-TPM12-ES180* 12 8/80 013-04436 $2,485
DP-TPM14-ES180* 14 8/80 013-04437 $3,265
DP-TPM1-ESA200 1 2 013-06251 $195
DP-TPM2-ESA200 2 3 013-06252 $425
DP-TPM3-ESA200 3 4 013-06253 $630
Pole Mounts

DP-TPM4-ESA200 4 4 013-06254 $760

DP-TPM6-ESA200 6 6 013-06256 $1305
DP-TPM8-ESA200 8 6 013-06258 $1715
DP-TPM9-ES180* 9 8 013-06259 $1900
DP-TPM10-ES180* 10 8 013-06260 $2435
DP-TPM12-ES180* 12 8/80 013-06261 $2660
DP-TPM14-ES180* 14 8/80 013-06262 $3495
DP-TPM1-MT185 1 2 013-05080 $175
DP-TPM2-MT185 2 3 013-05081 $380
Mitsubishi DP-TPM3-MT185 3 4 013-05082 $585
PV- DP-TPM4-MT185 4 4 013-05083 $670
F180UD5 DP-TPM6-MT185 6 6 013-05085 $1,085
F185UD5 DP-TPM8-MT185 8 6 013-05086 $1,390
DP-TPM10-MT185 10 8 013-05087 $1,860
DP-TPM12-MT185 12 8/80 013-05088 $2,290
DP-TPM14-MT185* 14 8/80 013-05089 $2,525
DP-TPM16-MT185* 16 8/80 013-05090 $3,030
DP-TPM1-MIT125 1 2 013-05054 $160
DP-TPM2-MIT125 2 3 013-05055 $345
Mitsubishi DP-TPM4-MIT125 4 4 013-05057 $610
UE125MF DP-TPM6-MIT125 6 6 013-05058 $985
DP-TPM8-MIT125 8 6 013-05059 $1,265
DP-TPM10-MIT125 10 8 013-05061 $1,690
DP-TPM1-REC210 1 2 013-06301 $180
DP-TPM2-REC210 2 3 013-06302 $395
DP-TPM4-REC210 4 3 013-06304 $710
DP-TPM6-REC210 6 4 013-06306 $1,220
REC Solar
DP-TPM8-REC210 8 6 013-06308 $,1600
SCM 210
DP-TPM9-REC210 9 8 013-06309 $1,775
DP-TPM10-REC210 10 8 013-06310 $2,275
DP-TPM12-REC210 12 8/80 013-06312 $2,485
DP-TPM14-REC210 14 8/80 013-06314 $3,265
* Must be shipped by truck freight. All other mounts ship by UPS.
52 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Mounting Structures
Module DP&W top pole No. of Pole size Module DP&W top pole No. of Pole size
type mount part # modules schd 40 Item code Price type mount part # modules schd 40 Item code Price
DP-TPM1-SWD175 1 2 013-04678 $160 DP-TPM1-SHP175 1 2 013-04867 $160
DP-TPM2-SWD175 2 3 013-04679 $345 DP-TPM2-SHP175 2 3 013-04868 $345
DP-TPM4-SWD175 4 4 013-04680 $610 DP-TPM4-SHP175 4 4 013-04869 $610
Solar- DP-TPM6-SWD175 6 6 013-04681 $985 DP-TPM6-SHP175 6 6 013-04870 $985
World DP-TPM8-SWD175 8 6 013-04682 $1,320 Sharp DP-TPM8-SHP175 8 6 013-04871 $1,320
165mono DP-TPM10-SWD175* 10 8 013-04683 $1,820 165,175 DP-TPM10-SHP175* 10 8 013-04872 $1,820
DP-TPM12-SWD175 * 12 8 013-04684 $2,180 DP-TPM12-SHP175 * 12 8 013-04873 $2,180
DP-TPM14-SWD175 * 14 8/80 013-04685 $2,400 DP-TPM14-SHP175 * 14 8/80 013-04874 $2,400
DP-TPM16-SWD175 * 16 8/80 013-04686 $2,885 DP-TPM16-SHP175 * 16 8/80 013-04875 $2,885
DP-TPM18-SWD175 * 18 8/80 013-04687 $3,280 DP-TPM18-SHP175 * 18 8/80 013-04876 $3,280
DP-TPM1-KC50/60 1 2 013-04509 $155 DP-TPM1-SHP80 1 2 013-04801 $155
DP-TPM2-KC50/60 2 2 013-04511 $175 DP-TPM2-SHP80 2 2 013-04802 $165
Kyocera DP-TPM4-KC50/60 4 3 013-04513 $355 DP-TPM4-SHP80 4 3 013-04804 $345
KC50T DP-TPM6-KC50/60 6 3 013-04515 $480 Sharp 80 DP-TPM6-SHP80 6 3 013-04805 $540
KC65T DP-TPM8-KC50/60 8 4 013-04517 $640 DP-TPM8-SHP80 8 4 013-04806 $635
DP-TPM10-KC50/60 10 4 013-04519 $930 DP-TPM10-SHP80 10 4 013-04807 $980
DP-TPM12-KC50/60 12 6 013-04520 $1,075 DP-TPM12-SHP80 12 6 013-04808 $1,155
DP-TPM1-KC85T 1 2 013-04521 $160 DP-TPM1-SU220 1 2 013-06371 $160
DP-TPM2-KC85T 2 2 013-04523 $190 DP-TPM2-SU220 2 3 013-06372 $345

Pole Mounts
DP-TPM3-KC85T 3 2.5 013-04524 $335 DP-TPM3-SU220 3 4 013-06373 $505
DP-TPM4-KC85T 4 3 013-04525 $365 DP-TPM4-SU220 4 4 013-06374 $610
DP-TPM6-KC85T 6 4 013-04527 $550 Sun- DP-TPM6-SU220 6 6 013-06376 $985
KC-85T DP-TPM8-KC85T 8 4 013-04529 $670 DP-TPM8-SU220 8 6 013-06378 $1,320
DP-TPM10-KC85T 10 6 013-04531 $1,035 DP-TPM10-SU220 10 8 013-06380 $1,810
DP-TPM12-KC85T 12 6 013-04533 $1,215 DP-TPM12-SU220 12 8 013-06382 $2,180
DP-TPM14-KC85T* 14 6 013-04534 $1,340 DP-TPM14-SU220* 14 8/80 013-06384 $2,400
DP-TPM16-KC85T* 16 6 013-04535 $1,555 DP-TPM16-SU220* 16 8/80 013-06386 $2,885
DP-TPM1-KC135 1 2 013-06171 $165 DP-TPM1-SY190 1 2 013-06401 $160
DP-TPM2-KC135 2 2.5 013-06172 $310 DP-TPM2-SY190 2 2.5 013-06402 $345
DP-TPM3-KC135 3 3 013-06173 $385 DP-TPM3-SY190 3 3 013-06403 $505
DP-TPM4-KC135 4 4 013-06174 $550 DP-TPM4-SY190 4 4 013-06404 $550
DP-TPM6-KC135 6 4 013-06176 $715 DP-TPM6-SY190 6 6 013-06406 $985
Kyocera Sanyo
DP-TPM8-KC135 8 6 013-06178 $1,000 DP-TPM8-SY190 8 6 013-06408 $1,320
KD 135 190,195
DP-TPM10-KC135 10 6 013-06180 $1,275 DP-TPM10-SY190 10 8 013-06410 $1,810
DP-TPM12-KC135 12 6 013-06182 $1,400 DP-TPM12-SY190 12 8 013-06412 $2,180
DP-TPM14-KC135 * 14 8 013-06184 $1,855 DP-TPM14-SY190 * 14 8/80 013-06414 $2,400
DP-TPM16-KC135 * 16 8 013-06186 $2,180 DP-TPM16-SY190 * 16 8/80 013-06416 $2,885
DP-TPM18-KC135 * 18 8/80 013-06188 $2,380 DP-TPM18-SY190 * 18 8/80 013-06418 $3,280
DP-TPM1-KC180 1 2 013-06191 $175 DP-TPM1-SUT175 1 2 013-06441 $160
DP-TPM2-KC180 2 3 013-06192 $380 DP-TPM2-SUT175 2 3 013-06442 $345
DP-TPM3-KC180 3 4 013-06193 $540 DP-TPM3-SUT175 3 4 013-06443 $505
DP-TPM4-KC180 4 4 013-06194 $660 DP-TPM4-SUT175 4 4 013-06444 $610
DP-TPM6-KC180 6 6 013-06196 $1,055 DP-TPM6-SUT175 6 6 013-06446 $985
Kyocera Suntech
DP-TPM8-KC180 8 6 013-06198 $1,420 DP-TPM8-SUT175 8 6 013-06448 $1,320
KD180 175
DP-TPM10-KC180 10 6 013-06200 $1,940 DP-TPM10-SUT175 10 6 013-06450 $1,810
DP-TPM12-KC180 12 8 013-06202 $2,350 DP-TPM12-SUT175 12 8 013-06452 $2,180
DP-TPM14-KC180* 14 8 /80 013-06204 $2,575 DP-TPM14-SUT175* 14 8/80 013-06454 $2,400
DP-TPM16-KC180 * 16 8/80 013-06206 $3,085 DP-TPM16-SUT175 * 16 8/80 013-06456 $2,885
DP-TPM18-KC180 * 18 8 /80 013-06208 $3,515 DP-TPM18-SUT175 * 18 8/80 013-06458 $3,280

* Must be shipped by truck freight. All other mounts ship by UPS. * Must be shipped by truck freight. All other mounts ship by UPS.

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 53
Direct Power & Water
Mounting Structures

PowerFab Two-Tier Ground Mounts

Direct Powers Two-Tier Ground Mounts are made from 6061-T6
structural aluminum extrusions with a mill finish. Modules are
racked in two rows with module length vertical. Models are avail-
able to hold from 4 to 10 modules (depending on module width).
The two-tier mount is a cost-effective way to create large ground
mounted arrays. Multiple two-tier mounts may be installed next
to each other in an east-west direction. These mounts may also be
used as roof mounts. The mounts listed have adjustable back legs.
Mounts for other brands and sizes of modules and mounts with
fixed back legs are available. Please contact us for information
and pricing on mounts for other brands and sizes of module.

DP&W two-tier mount # of # of

Module type part number modules Item code Price DP&W two-tier mount mod-
Module type part number ules Item code Price
DP-TTRGM6-AE80HE 6 013-08750 $500
AEE Solar DP-TTRGM4-REC210 4 013-08778 $800
DP-TTRGM8-AE80HE 8 013-08751 $530
AE-80HE REC Solar
DP-TTRGM6-REC210 6 013-08779 $910
DP-TTRGM10-AE80HE 10 013-08752 $575 SCM-210
DP-TTRGM8-REC210 8 013-08780 $1,050
Evergreen DP-TTRGM4-ES180 4 013-08384 $800
DP-TTRGM4-SY200 4 013-08781 $680
ES180, DP-TTRGM6-ES180 6 013-08732 $910
Speciality Ground Mounts

ES190 DP-TTRGM6-SY200 6 013-08782 $770

DP-TTRGM8-ES180* 8 013-.08734 $1,050 HIT200
DP-TTRGM8-SY200 8 013-08783 $895
DP-TTRGM4-ESA200 4 013-08756 $840
Evergreen DP-TTRGM4-SHP175 4 013-08784 $655
DP-TTRGM6-ESA200 6 013-08757 $956
ES-A-200 Sharp DP-TTRGM6-SHP175 6 013-08785 $745
DP-TTRGM8-ESA200 8 013-08758 $1,103 165,170,
175,185 DP-TTRGM8-SHP175 8 013-08786 $865
DP-TTRGM6-KC85 6 013-08425 $465
Kyocera DP-TTRGM10-SHP175 10 013-08787 $1,015
DP-TTRGM8-KC85 8 013-08427 $485
DP-TTRGM4-SHV175 4 013-08812 $655
DP-TTRGM10-KC85 10 013-08428 $505 Sharp w/
DP-TTRGM6-KC135 6 013-08762 $555 VE frame* DP-TTRGM6-SHV175 6 013-08813 $745
KD-135 165,170, DP-TTRGM8-SHV175 8 013-08814 $865
DP-TTRGM8-KC135 8 013-08763 $640 175,185
DP-TTRGM4-KD180 4 013-08764 $730 DP-TTRGM10-SHV175 10 013-08815 $1,015
Kyocera DP-TTRGM4-SHP167 4 013-08537 $695
DP-TTRGM6-KD180 6 013-08765 $830
DP-TTRGM8-KD180 8 013-08766 $960 Sharp 167 DP-TTRGM6-SHP167 6 013-08789 $790

DP-TTRGM4-KD205 4 013-08767 $780 DP-TTRGM8-SHP167 8 013-08790 $915

Kyocera DP-TTRGM4-SHP208 4 013-08791 $800
DP-TTRGM6-KD205 6 013-08768 $885
DP-TTRGM8-KD205 8 013-08769 $1,030 Sharp 208 DP-TTRGM6-SHP208 6 013-08792 $910

DP-TTRGM6-MT120 6 013-08770 $570 DP-TTRGM8-SHP208 8 013-08793 $1,050

MF120 DP-TTRGM8-MT120 8 013-08771 $660 DP-TTRGM4-SWD175* 4 013-08794 $655
Solar-World DP-TTRGM6-SWD175* 6 013-08795 $745
Mitsubishi DP-TTRGM6-MTUE125 6 013-08772 $570 SW165
UE125 SW175 DP-TTRGM8-SWD175* 8 013-08796 $865
DP-TTRGM8-MTUE125 8 013-08773 $660
DP-TTRGM4-MTUD185 4 013-08441 $655 DP-TTRGM10-SWD175* 10 013-08797 $1,015

DP-TTRGM6-MTUD185 6 013-08775 $745 DP-TTRGM4-SU200 4 013-08798 $655

SunPower DP-TTRGM6-SU200 6 013-08799 $745
UD185 DP-TTRGM8-MTUD185 8 013-08776 $865 SPR-200,
210, 220 DP-TTRGM8-SU200 8 013-08800 $865
DP-TTRGM10-MTUD185 10 013-8447 $1,015
DP-TTRGM10-SU200 10 013-08801 $1,015

* Sharp 165U1, 170U1, 175U1, 185U1 are made with two different hole
configurations. The frame with the cross bar on the back is the VE frame.

54 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
PowerFab Low-Profile Ground Mounts

Mounting Structures
Direct Powers Low-Profile Ground Mounts are made from
6061-T6 structural aluminum extrusions with a mill finish. The
module length is vertical (each module is in portrait-mode) and
modules are mounted side-by-side. Models are available to hold
from 3 to 8 modules, depending on module width. Multiple Low- * Sharp 165U1,
Profile Ground Mounts may be installed next to each other in 170U1, 175U1,
an east-west direction. These mounts may also be used as roof 185U1 are
made with two
mounts. The mounts listed have adjustable back legs. Please different hole
contact us for information and pricing on mounts for other brands configurations.
and sizes of module. The frame with
the cross bar
DP&W low-profile # of on the back is
Module type mount part number modules Item code Price the VE frame.

DP-LPRGM3-AE80HE 3 013-08851 $370

DP&W low-profile # of
DP-LPRGM4-AE80HE 4 013-08852 $415 Module type mount part number modules Item code Price
AEE Solar
DP-LPRGM5-AE80HE 5 013-08853 $465 DP-LPRGM3-MTUD185 3 013-08886 $515
DP-LPRGM6-AE80HE 6 013-08854 $510 Mitsubishi DP-LPRGM4-MTUD185 4 013-08887 $570
DP-LPRGM8-AE80HE 8 013-08855 $575 UD185 DP-LPRGM5-MTUD185 5 013-08888 $625

Evergreen DP-LPRGM3-ES180 3 013-06740 $605 DP-LPRGM6-MTUD185 6 013-08889 $680

ES180, DP-LPRGM4-ES180 4 013-08857 $670 DP-LPRGM3-REC210 3 013-08890 $605
ES190 REC Solar
DP-LPRGM5-ES180 5 013-08858 $730 DP-LPRGM4-REC210 4 013-08891 $670

Speciality Ground Mounts

DP-LPRGM3-ESA200 3 013-08859 $605 DP-LPRGM5-REC210 5 013-08892 $730
DP-LPRGM4-ESA200 4 013-08860 $670 DP-LPRGM2-SY200 2 013-08893 $450
DP-LPRGM5-ESA200 5 013-08861 $730 DP-LPRGM3-SY200 3 013-08894 $535
DP-LPRGM3-KC85 3 013-08862 $360 Sanyo HIT200 DP-LPRGM4-SY200 4 013-08895 $590
DP-LPRGM4-KC85 4 013-08863 $400 DP-LPRGM5-SY200 5 013-08896 $650
Kyocera KC85
DP-LPRGM5-KC85 5 013-08864 $455 DP-LPRGM6-SY200 6 013-08897 $705
DP-LPRGM6-KC85 6 013-08865 $485 DP-LPRGM3-SHP175 3 013-08898 $515
DP-LPRGM3-KD135 3 013-08866 $405 Sharp DP-LPRGM4-SHP175 4 013-08899 $570
DP-LPRGM4-KD135 4 013-08867 $450 75,185 DP-LPRGM5-SHP175 5 013-08900 $625
Kyocera KD135
DP-LPRGM5-KD135 5 013-08868 $520 DP-LPRGM6-SHP175 6 013-08901 $680
DP-LPRGM6-KD135 6 013-08869 $555 DP-LPRGM3-SHV175 3 013-08921 $515
Sharp w/
DP-LPRGM3-KD180 3 013-08870 $565 VE frame* DP-LPRGM4-SHV175 4 013-08922 $570
Kyocera 165,170,
DP-LPRGM4-KD180 4 013-08871 $630 DP-LPRGM5-SHV175 5 013-08923 $625
KD-180 175,185
DP-LPRGM5-KD180 5 013-08872 $690 DP-LPRGM6-SHV175 6 013-08924 $680
DP-LPRGM3-KD205 3 013-08873 $600 DP-LPRGM3-SHP167 3 013-08902 $540
Kyocera KD205 DP-LPRGM4-KD205 4 013-08874 $660 Sharp 167 DP-LPRGM4-SHP167 4 013-08903 $600
DP-LPRGM5-KD205 5 013-08875 $720 DP-LPRGM5-SHP167 5 013-08904 $655
DP-LPRGM3-MT120 3 013-08876 $410 DP-LPRGM3-SHP208 3 013-08905 $605
DP-LPRGM4-MT120 4 013-08877 $460 Sharp 208 DP-LPRGM4-SHP208 4 013-08906 $670
DP-LPRGM5-MT120 5 013-08878 $535 DP-LPRGM5-SHP208 5 013-08907 $730
DP-LPRGM6-MT120 6 013-08879 $757 DP-LPRGM3-SWD175* 3 013-08908 $515
DP-LPRGM8-MT120 8 013-08880 $685 Solar-World DP-LPRGM4-SWD175* 4 013-08909 $570
DP-LPRGM3-MTUE125 3 013-08881 $410 SW165 SW175 DP-LPRGM5-SWD175* 5 013-08910 $625
DP-LPRGM4-MTUE125 4 013-08882 $460 DP-LPRGM6-SWD175* 6 013-08911 $680
DP-LPRGM5-MTUE125 5 013-08883 $535 DP-LPRGM3-SU200 3 013-08912 $515
DP-LPRGM6-MTUE125 6 013-08884 $757 SunPower DP-LPRGM4-SU200 4 013-08913 $570
DP-LPRGM8-MTUE125 8 013-08885 $685 DP-LPRGM5-SU200 5 013-08914 $625
210, 220
DP-LPRGM6-SU200 6 013-08915 $680
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 55
Wattsun Azimuth trackers automatically track the suns path by rotating
Mounting Structures

the PV array around the pipe, providing greater stability for larger
Active Trackers arrays. The corners do not protrude down towards the ground or
stick up in the air to catch the wind. The bottom edge of the array
always remains parallel to the ground and requires less ground
clearance than tilt & roll tracker. Wattsuns azimuth trackers
provide nearly 270 degrees of rotational movement and can adjust
from 5 to 75 degrees of elevation tilt.
AZ-125 Trackers
The AZ-125 gear-drive, azimuth tracker comes standard as a
single-axis tracker with manual seasonal tilt adjustment. It is
powered by a 24 VDC drive motor running a high quality worm
and gear drive. With the addition of the dual-axis option (order
separately), the AZ-125 can capture virtually all the available
power the sun delivers.
AZ-225 Trackers
Wattsun Active Trackers track the sun from east to west using The AZ-225 gear-drive,
electronic sensors and motor or actuator drives. During partly azimuth tracker is for
cloudy conditions, the tracker fixes on the brightest area of the very large arrays. It can
sky, capturing the maximum amount of sunlight available. At night hold over 2 kW of solar
it returns to the morning sunrise position, ready to start tracking modules. It is powered
when the sun rises again. Tracking can increase a PV arrays power by a 24VDC motor run-

production from 10 to 50 percent depending on the season and ning a heavy-duty ball
location. They are particularly effective when greater power is bearing/ worm gear
required in the summer months, such as when a large amount of drive. It comes stan-
water pumping is needed. Wattsun trackers deliver a significant dard with the dual-axis
increase in the amount of water pumped and provide a more option, enabling it to capture the maximum amount of solar energy.
constant water flow during the day. The gallons-per-day increase Mounts on a 8" or 10" schedule-40 steel pole. 10" poles will require
is greatest in the summer when water is needed the most. They an 8" section welded to top.
may also be cost-effective for net-metered utility grid-tie systems If your system voltage is not 24 VDC, you will need a Wattsun
that can produce large amounts of electricity in the summer, to be voltage converter. See option table below.
used as credit toward a high winter power bill.

Wattsun model Description Item code Price

12-24 15W for 12V battery Required for 12 VDC AZ-125 Trackers 014-07118 $125
48-24 LVC Steps down 48V from battery or 36V from array to 24 VDC for controller on AZ-125 Tracker 014-07116 $58
PPT-48-5R24 Steps down 48V from battery to 24V for controller. One required per two AZ-125 or one AZ-225 014-07117 $219
PPT-48-10R24 Steps down 48V from battery to 24V. Will power four AZ-125 Trackers or three AZ-225 Trackers 014-07119 $295
Accepts 120-370 VDC input to power tracker controller from a high voltage water pumping array. Needs to
DR-4524 for pumping 014-07110 $165
be mounted in a raintight box if located outside. Also accepts 115 or 230 volt AC for one AZ-125 Tracker
Accepts 115 or 230 VAC input to power tracker controller from the AC Grid when no backup battery bank
IDEC PS5R-SF24 is present. One required per two AZ-125 trackers or one AZ-225 Tracker. Needs to be mounted in a 014-07115 $84
raintight box if located outside
Add automatic elevation tracking to the AZ-125 Tracker. The DA Option is included in the Price of the
Dual-axis option 014-07018 $525
AZ-225 Trackers
Exterior switches on the controller cover plate. Allows for the owner to turn off automatic tracking and then
Manual controls rotate the tracker east or west and/or up and down. Useful for dumping snow or to lay the tracker flat in 014-07030 $125
extremely high winds
Field upgrade kit for Version 3 controllers. V3 controllers are two piece style and the sensor is indepen-
Manual control kit 014-07032 $150
dent of the main control box. Should be installed by an electrician or other certified personnel
Call us for pricing on other Wattsun trackers for different modules and module quantities.

56 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Wattsun Tracker Prices

Mounting Structures
Module Wattsun Dual Steel
Module quantity drive axis pipe ID Item code Price
Module Wattsun Steel 12 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-08001 $3,385

Module quantity drive Dual axis pipe ID Item code Price 16 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-08002 $3,385
8 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07431 $3,385 24 AZ-225 included 8" 014-08004 $6,250
014-07433 $3,385

12 AZ-125 optional 6" 28 AZ-225 included 8" 014-08005 $7,175


16 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07435 $3,385 8 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07347 $3,385

24 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07436 $6,645 9 AZ-225 included 6" 014-07349 $6,250
8 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07466 $3,385 12 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07350 $7,175
10 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07467 $3,385 8 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07355 $3,385

15 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07469 $6,250 9 AZ-225 included 6" 014-07357 $6,250

ES 190
16 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07470 $6,645 12 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07358 $7,175
20 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07471 $7,175 14 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07359 $7,175
6 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07653 $3,385 8 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-08171 $3,385
8 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07655 $3,385 9 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-08172 $3,385
Sharp 165,

9 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07656 $3,385 10 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-08173 $3,385

12 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07657 $6,250 15 AZ-225 included 8" 014-08176 $6,250
16 AZ-225 included call 014-07658 $7,175 16 AZ-225 included 8" 014-08177 $6,645
6 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07754 $3,385 20 AZ-225 included 8" 014-08181 $7,175
SW175 mono

8 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07756 $3,385 6 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-08087 $3,385

12 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07758 $6,645 014-08088

8 AZ-125 optional 6" $3,385
16 AZ-225 included call 014-07760 $7,175
12 AZ-225 included 8" 014-08090 $6,645
6 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07845 $3,385
6 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07455 $3,385

Kyocera 180

8 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07846 $3,385

8 AZ-125 optional 6" 014-07456 $3,385

12 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07847 $6,250

12 AZ-225 included 8" 014-07457 $6,645
16 AZ-225 included call 014-07848 $7,175
16 AZ-225 included call 014-07458 $7,175

Tracking Module Mount and Charge Controller
The SunTracer can track 1 or 2 modules and is ideal for small power systems, RVs and water
pumping systems. It uses timer-activated gear motors to position the modules toward the sun on
a pole mount. It features a 30-amp charge controller for 12- or 24-volt systems, built-in backup
battery for the timer, adjustable charge voltage, and 100 degree motor rotation. The mounting
clamp can be bolted to any pole up to 1-1/2" schedule 40 pipe.
Installation is simple with universal module mounting clamps that only require a screw driver
and a u-bolt mounted to a pole that only requires one wrench. To set the tracking direction, you
just point the array at the sun and push 2 buttons. SunTracer is available in four models for use
with up to 2 square meters of modules. Maximum module size is determined by rail length. A
31.5" rail can hold a single module up to 130 watts, or two modules with a combined width of 31.5". The 43" rail can hold a single
module up to 175 watts, or two modules with a combined width of 43". Tracker comes with module clamps for one module. When
using two modules, order four additional module clamps.
Water pumping version has an internal rechargeable battery to return tracker to morning position at the end of each day. This is the
perfect tracker for a SHURflo or SunPump running on a single 75- to 175-watt module. See rail width in chart below to see if it will
fit the module width you are planing to use.

Mounting Weight
Model Description rail width Warranty (lbs) Item code Price
SunTracer Tracker with 30A charge controller for one module 31.5" 10 years 13.2 014-08500 $340
SunTracer+ Tracker with 30A charge controller for up to 2 modules 43" 10 years 18 014-08501 $380
SunTracer camper Same as SunTracer, but mount folds flat for travel 31.5" 2 years 14 014-08502 $260
SunTracer pumping Same as SunTracer+, but for use in batteryless systems 43" 10 years 19 014-08505 $390
Module clamps Order 4 additional clamps to mount a second module (price is per clamp) 014-08521 $12
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 57
Mounting Structures

Universal Track Rack

Passive Solar Tracker for PV Modules
The Zomeworks passive Track Rack uses no motors, no gears and no controls
that can fail. The suns heat moves liquid from side to side, allowing gravity
to turn the Track Rack and follow the sun.
The Zomeworks Universal Track Rack System allows for almost limitless
adjustment in both the east-west and north-south directions. Available in five
standard sizes for holding 2 to 32 modules, Universal Track Racks are designed
to fit all common photovoltaic modules. This flexibility translates to faster
delivery, better quality and overall economy. The F-Series Track Racks ship
partially assembled for easy installation. The new UTRF168HD comes with heavy duty rails. Both UTRF168 trackers come with a
high wind kit. All of these mounts come with stainless steel and zinc-plated hardware and have a 10-year standard warranty.
Please specify how many of which brand of module are to be placed on the tracker. The tracker will be customized with the correct
amount of hardware, and in some cases the rail length will be adjusted for better fit. Module quantities followed by an asterisk require
one additional rail set at an extra charge, specified in the bottom row of table below. If the quantity is followed by double asterisks,
order two additional rail sets.

Zomeworks model UTR020 UTRK040 UTRF64 UTRF90 UTRF120 UTRF168-2 UTRF168-2-HD

Item code 014-09020 014-09043 014-09064 014-09090 014-09120 014-09130 014-09132


Price $712 $1,450 $1,920 $2.170 $2,452 $3,636 $4,213

Pole size schd 40 steel 2.5" 3" 6" 6" 6" 8" 8"
Min. pole height 76" 84" 96" 108" 120" 144" 144"
Min. pole depth 38" 42" 48" 54" 60" 72" 72"
Shipping weight 101 lbs 170 lbs 400 lbs 490 lbs 525 lbs 650 lbs 680 lbs
Module type Number of modules that fit each Zomeworks model (top row)
ES-180, 190, 195 1 2 3, 4 5* 6 8, 9* 10HD
ES-A-200 1 2 3, 4 5* 6 8, 9* N/A
KC-80, 85T 1, 2 3, 4 5, 6, 7*, 8, 9* 10, 12 14*, 15*, 16* 18*, 20**, 21**, 22**, 24** N/A
KD-135 1 2, 3 4, 5 6, 8 10 12, 14* N/A
KD-180 1 2 4 5, 6 8 9*, 10*, 11* N/A
SW80, SW85 1, 2 3, 4, 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
SW165 mono, SW175 mono 1 2 3, 4 5*, 6* 8* 9*, 10 12HD
NE165, NE170, NT175 1 2 3, 4 6 8 10 12
ND200, ND208 1 2 3 4 6 8, 9* N/A
UE125MF4 1 2, 3 4, 5*, 6* 8 10 12, 13*, 14, 15*, 16* N/A
UD185MF5 N/A 2 3, 4 5*, 6* 8* 10 N/A
AEE Solar
AE-85J, AE-80HE 1-2 3, 4, 5 6-8 10 - 12 14 - 16 18* - 20* -22* - 24* 18* - 20* -22* - 24*
AE-100J 1-2 3, 4 N/A 6-8 10 12, 14, 16* 12 - 14 - 16*
Description Item code Price
* Additional rail for mounts with a quantity followed by an asterisk in chart. Order two for quantities followed
014-09155 $291
by two asterisks.

58 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Wind Power
Do I have a good site for wind power?
Wind-powered battery-charging systems can be cost-effective at least 20 feet higher than any obstruction within 300 feet to
if the average wind speed is nine miles per hour or more at the avoid turbulence. The power output of a wind generator will
location of the wind generator. If you are using wind in com- decrease roughly 3% for every 1000 feet of elevation. If you
bination with photovoltaic power, it may be cost-effective if measure wind speed at ground level, you can expect about 1.5
good wind is available only during part of the year. When the times the wind speed 30 feet up, which equates to about three
wind speed doubles, the power delivered is eight times as great. times the power. At 120 feet above the ground, wind speed will
Most wind generators are designed to deliver maximum power be twice what is measured at ground level and power output will
at a wind speed of 30 mph. At 15 mph, they will deliver about be more than twice the output at 30 feet, and about 6 times the
1/8 their rated power. A wind generator should be mounted output at ground level.

Measuring Wind Speed APRS

If you do not have a wind gauge, you can get a rough idea of wind
New! Solar Powered Wind Data Logger
speed from the table below.
Wind speed Wind effect

0-1 mph Smoke rises vertically

2-3 Direction of wind shown by smoke drift but not by wind vanes.
4-7 Wind felt on face; leaves rustle; ordinary wind vane moves
8-12 Leaves and twigs in constant motion; wind extends a light flag
13-18 Raises dust, loose paper; small branches are moved

System Design
19-24 Trees in leaf begin to sway; crested wavelets form on water
25-31 Large branches in motion; whistling heard in power lines

1000 Pocket Wind Meter The Wind Data Logger is designed to provide an affordable and
easy-to-use solution for wind site evaluation and wind generator
The Kestrel 1000 measures instantaneous, performance. It records wind speed, as well as the time and date
maximum and average wind speeds. Mea- directly to a Secure Digital (SDTM) card to provide convenient
surement unit options are knots, meters per data downloads. An inexpensive 128 megabyte SDTM card will
second, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, store weeks of data at 30 second intervals and months of data at
feet per minute and Beaufort. Just hold it up longer logging intervals. Microsoft Excel,, or
to measure wind speed. Large, easy-to-read practically any spreadsheet program can be used to view, graph,
liquid crystal display with +/-3% accuracy. and analyze your wind data. Web-based software that makes your
Measure down to 0.3 m/s. analysis even easier is provided. Simply upload your data and
Impeller and protective housing pop out for our software will automatically plot the data as well as provide
easy and inexpensive replacement. Includes basic statistics.
slip-on hard case that protects the impeller, The Wind Data Logger comes in a waterproof enclosure with a
buttons and display from damage in your 10-watt module and 7 amp-hour battery. Order side-of-pole mount
pocket or toolbox. It is waterproof and it for solar module separately if needed.
floats. The replaceable battery provides 400
hours of use. One-year warranty.

Description Item code Price Description Item code Price

Kestrel 1000 pocket wind meter 016-00253 $85 APRS 6060 wind data logger 016-00270 $715
Kestrel 1000 replacement impellor 016-00255 $19 Side-of-pole mount for module 014-06011 $57

We do not recommend mounting wind generators on roofs. Though it is possible with a wind generator of 500 watts or less output,
it will be noisy. Freestanding towers, guyed towers or guyed poles may be used with wind generators.
Wind generators can be mounted on freestanding towers designed for antennas. They require a large, engineered concrete base for
support, but since they do not require guy wires, they can be installed in a smaller space. Guyed steel truss towers, also designed for
antenna mounting, are less costly and require a large area for guy wire placement.
A tilt-up pole tower is the most economical and the easiest to install. Wiring and mounting of the wind generator are done before the
tower is erected. No climbing is necessary. Steel tubing can be purchased locally to save freight.
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 59
They suffered from irreconcilable similarities.
Youre concerned about the price of electricity. Shes worried about global warming. You want less reliance on imported
energy. He wants more energy freedom. Well, at least you can agree on a residential wind generator. Designed specifically
for grid-connected homes, the Skystream 3.7 allows you to take control of your energy needs by converting the free
energy in the wind into electricity. Skystream can lower your electric bill by as much as 80%, protect you against volatile
electricity prices, reduce your dependence on foreign oil, and produce clean green energy that doesnt cause global warming.
Most importantly, it provides greater independence and stability for you and your family. This, we can all agree on.

Visit or call 1-866-807-9463 for a dealer near you.

Southwest Windpower AIR Tower Kits

Wind Power
AIR tower kits are available
AIR X 400W and AIR Breeze 200W in roof mount, 27' (8.1m)
Wind Generators and 45' (13.5m) heights.
The AIR Breeze, introduced in 2007, is the next generation of These kits are Professional
the AIR X turbine. Both the AIR Breeze and the AIR X come in Engineer Certified (PE
12- and 24-volt versions. The AIR X is also available in 48-volt. Certified). Each tower kit
Both are available in land and marine versions. The quieter AIR comes with all hardware
Breeze features newly designed blades and higher power output necessary to install a tower,
at wind speeds below 12 MPH. Because of its increased efficiency except guy supports, pipe
at lower wind speeds and advanced blade design, the AIR Breeze and cement. All parts bolt
is the best choice for small wind applications unless average wind or clamp together and no
speed it well over 12 MPH. welding is required. Pur-
chase 1-7/8" steel tubing from chain link fence supplier. Roof
The Marine versions are corrosion-proofed for use in coastal and mounts include vibration isolators, wall brace clamps and a safety
nautical applications. A white powder-coated housing and sealed leash, but do not include pole or lag screws.
electronics prevent damage from salt spray.
All units weigh 13 lbs, have a 46-inch rotor diameter and come Earth Auger Sets
with a 3-year warranty. The AIR Breeze is rated at 200 watts at 28 Screw-in auger type guy anchors can be
MPH wind and the Air X is rated at 400 watts at 28 MPH wind. A used in loamy and gravelly soils. Other
stop switch is included with the Marine versions; it can be ordered soil types may require concrete footings
separately (016-01351; $33) for the Land versions. or expansion bolts. Consult an engineer or
geologist if you have questions about guy
AIR X AIR Breeze supports.

Volts / Use Item code Price Item code Price
AIR Shutoff/Circuit Breaker
12V Land 016-01032 $750 016-00985 $870
This interlocked pair of 60-amp circuit
24V Land 016-01035 $750 016-00984 $870 breakers protects wind-generator-to-battery
48V Land 016-01037 $750 wiring and allows you to disconnect and stop
12V Marine 016-01050 $950 016-00987 $1,098 the wind generator for service. UL Listed
24V Marine 016-01053 $950 016-00989 $1,098 breakers and NEMA 1 enclosure. For indoor
mounting only. Can be used with all AIR-X
48V Marine 016-01055 $950
wind generators.

AIR-Industrial Wind Description Item code Price

Generators AIR Marine tower hardware kit 016-01128 $220
The Air-Industrial is capable of 9' AIR Marine aluminum mast and 2 stays 016-01131 $234
resisting the harsh environments
Roof kit without roof seal 016-01134 $120
that generally accompany moun-
Roof kit with roof seal 016-01137 $137
taintop telecommunication sites,
environmental monitoring sites Roof seal for roof mount kit 016-01140 $65
and off-shore oil platforms. It has 27' AIR guyed tower kit (AIR only) 016-01086 $190
specially formulated blade material 45' AIR guyed tower kit (AIR only) 016-01092 $310
that can stand up to sub-zero tem- 36" Auger set of 4; use with 24' & 27' towers 016-01113 $129
peratures, and its blades are spaced
36 Galvanized auger set of 4; for 24' & 27' towers 016-01116 $182
farther from the tower so that it can operate at sustained winds up
48 Auger set of 4 32' - 50' towers 016-01119 $140
to 130 miles per hour. Maintenance-free performance, easy instal-
lation and high power output make the AIR-Industrial ideal for 48 Galvanized auger set of 4 32'-50' towers 016-01122 $214
any remote battery-charging application. The AIR-Industrial does AIR Shutoff/circuit breaker 016-09003 $120
not have an internal controller, so an external controller must be 30 amp circuit breaker kit 016-01225 $25
installed on the battery bank. The recommended external control- 50 amp circuit breaker kit 016-01226 $25
lers are Morningstar TriStar TS-45 or TS-60, or a Xantrex C40. 100 amp circuit breaker kit 016-01222 $57
Set controller in diversion load configuration and add an air- or
Amp meter kit 016-01223 $30
water-heating diversion load (see page 118). 3-year warranty.
Stop Switch for Land Versions 016-01351 $33
Description Item code Price
AIR403 12V Industrial w/o controller 016-01056 $1,120
AIR403 24V Industrial w/o controller 016-01062 $1,120
AIR403 48V Industrial w/o controller 016-01074 $1,120
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 61
Southwest Windpower
Wind Power

The Whisper 100 and 200 from Southwest Windpower are shipped in a 24-volt configura-
tion, but can easily be changed to 12, 36, or 48 volts by the installer. The included controller
is adjustable for use with 12-, 24-, 36- and 48-volt battery systems and the voltage can be
adjusted for any battery type. The control can be set to stop the blade from spinning when the
battery is fully charged, avoiding wear when power is not needed. The control has a select-
able silent mode setting that allows the user to select any specific period to automatically
turn the wind turbine on or off.
An optional digital display may be added to the control to display total kilowatt hours,
peak amps, and peak and average wind speed. To measure wind speed, the optional
wind speed sensor must be ordered. Use NRG model #40 anemometer available at:
All Whisper
Whisper 100 Wind Generator generators have a
The Whisper 100 is designed to operate in a site with wind speed 5-year warranty.

averages of 12 mph and greater. It delivers 900 watts peak power

at 28 mph (12.5 m/s). It can provide 100+ kWh per month, 3.4
Whisper 100/200 Tower Kits
kWh per day, in a 12 mph average wind speed location. The 100, Whisper 100/200 tower kits come in 24' (7.2m), 30' (9m), 50'
with its 7 ft. (2.1 m) rotor diameter and 40 sq. ft. swept area, is (15m), 65' (19.5m), and 80' (24m) heights. Each tower kit comes
rugged enough for extreme environments. The 3-blade design with all hardware necessary to install a tower, except guy supports,
lasts longer and is more stable in turbulent wind. The Marine pipe and cement. All parts bolt or clamp together and no welding
version is sealed and powder-coated for use in coastal and nauti- is required. These tower kits use 2-1/2" (63.5mm) CQ40 fence

cal environments. pipe or schedule 40 water pipe. Actual O.D. is 2.875" (73mm)

Whisper 200 Wind Generator Whisper 500 Tower Kits

The Whisper 200 is designed for the user who lives in low to Whisper 500 Tower Kits are available in 30' (9.1m), 42' (12.8m)
moderate wind speed averages (less than 12 mph). The bigger and 70' (21.3m) heights. Uses 5" schedule-40 pipe.
brother to the 100, the 200 features a 10 ft (3.1 m) 3-blade rotor Earth Auger Sets
diameter and an 80 sq. ft. swept area that provides the user with
greater output at low wind speed averages. The 200 has twice the Screw-in auger-type guy anchors can be used in loamy and
swept blade area, providing double the potential energy, compared gravelly soils. Other soil types may require concrete footings or
to the 100. It delivers 1000 watts peak power at 28 mph (12.5 m/s), expansion bolts. Use 36" and 48" augers with Whisper 100/200
but has a higher output than the 100 at lower wind speeds. installations and 48" and 60" augers on Whisper 500 installations.
Consult an engineer or geologist if you have questions about guy
Whisper 500 Wind Generator supports. Do not use these auger sets with Whisper 500 towers.
The Whisper 500 is a 3000-watt rated turbine that will deliver in
excess of 500 kWh per month in a 12 mph wind. This machine Description Item code Price
has a 14-foot, 2 blade rotor providing 500 sq. ft. of swept area. It Whisper 100 & 200 24' guyed tower kit 016-01083 $364
features a handmade fiberglass and foam core blade for smooth, Whisper 100 & 200 30' guyed tower kit 016-01089 $585
high efficiency operation and low wind start-up. It also incorpo-
Whisper 100 & 200 50' guyed tower kit 016-01095 $812
rates the patented angle governor design for quiet operation in
high winds. The 500 is an excellent machine for village power Whisper 100 & 200 65' guyed tower kit 016-01098 $1,072
projects, farms, ranches, backup power and remote homes with Whisper 100 & 200 80' guyed tower kit 016-01101 $1,268
large energy demands. The Whisper 500 comes in two boxes and Whisper 500 30' guyed tower kit 016-01110 $1,164
is shipped truck freight. Whisper 500 42' guyed tower kit 016-01104 $1,268
The Whisper 500 is available in 24-volt and 48-volt versions. Whisper 500 70' guyed tower kit 016-01107 $1,788
36 Galvanized auger set of 4 - 24' 27' towers 016-01116 $182
Description Weight Item code Price 48 Galvanized auger set of 4 - 32'-50' towers 016-01122 $214
Whisper 100 w/ charge controller 73 lbs 016-01154 $3,090 60 Galvanized auger set of 4 - 65'-80' towers 016-01125 $280
Whisper 100 Marine w/ charge controller 80 lbs 016-01162 $3,400 Whisper 100/200 60 amp brake switch 016-01202 $75
Whisper 200 w/charge controller 85 lbs 016-01180 $3,740
Whisper 200 Marine w/ charge controller 90 lbs 016-01189 $4,075
Charge controller display for 100/200/500 1 lb 016-01211 $130
Whisper 500 w/ charge controller 24V 310 lbs 016-01144 $9,675
Whisper 500 w/ charge controller 48V 310 lbs 016-01145 $9,675

62 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Skystream 3.7

Wind Power
The Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7 is a residential wind generator that hooks up to your
home to reduce or eliminate your monthly electrical bill. Its the first all-inclusive UL Listed
wind generator (with controls and inverter built in) designed to provide quiet, clean electricity
in very low winds. The Skystream is ideal for residential homes and small businesses.
Skystream connects directly to your home. When the wind is blowing, your home is powered
(in part) by Skystream; when its not, your home is seamlessly powered by your utility, as
usual. During periods of strong winds, Skystream can actually produce excess electricity.
Depending on your utility, your meter will spin backwards giving you credit for a later
date. Estimated energy production is 400 kWh per month in a 12 mph wind.
If your site fits the following criteria, Southwest Windpowers Skystream 3.7 may work for
At least 10 mph average wind speed (best results at 12 mph or more)
Your property is at least a half acre and has unobstructed views
The local zoning allows a structure that is at least 42' tall
Your utility has an existing interconnection agreement for homeowners
With a rated capacity of 1.9 kW, Skystream can provide anywhere from 40 to 100 percent of
the total energy needs a of a household or small business. Its sleek, distinctive 12-foot diam-
eter swept-wing blades and elegant form make Skystream an attractive addition to any home.
With a guyless tower, Skystream blends in like a neighborhood street lamp. And because it
operates at a low rpm, Skystream is as quiet as the trees blowing in the wind.
An optional two-way remote display unit lets you control your Skystream from up to 1000

feet (300 meters) away. You can also monitor performance and download energy performance data to your personal computer via
USB converter.
5-year limited warranty.

Model Description Item code Price

Skystream 3.7 120V Land Skystream 1.9 kW generator for 120V 60 Hz 016-01003-120 $5,400
Skystream 3.7 208V Land Skystream 1.9 kW generator for 208V 60 Hz 016-01003-208 $5,400
Skystream 3.7 240V Land Skystream 1.9 kW generator for 240V 60 Hz 016-01003-240 $5,400
Skystream 3.7 120V Marine Skystream 1.9 kW marine generator for 120V 60 Hz 016-01005-120 $6,100
Skystream 3.7 208V Marine Skystream 1.9 kW marine generator for 208V 60 Hz 016-01005-208 $6,100
Skystream 3.7 240V Marine Skystream 1.9 kW marine generator for 240V 60 Hz 016-01005-240 $6,100
Skystream 60 FT monopole tower 60-foot 2-piece free-standing tower (no guy wires); price includes shipping* 016-01006 $9,100
Skystream 45 FT monopole tower 45 foot tower free-standing tower (no guy wires); price includes shipping* 016-01007 $4,244
Skystream 33.5 FT monopole tower 33.5 foot tower free-standing tower (no guy wires); price includes shipping* 016-01008 $3,395
Foundation bolt kit 32" Includes bolts and bolt template for 33-ft monopole tower on mat foundation 016-01010 $467
Foundation bolt kit 42" Includes bolts and bolt template for 33-ft, 45-ft and 60-ft tower on pier foundation 016-01009 $549
Gin pole kit Includes gin pole, shackles and wire 016-01011 $364
Hinge plate kit Includes hinge plate and hardware 016-01012 $322
Wireless remote display kit 916 MHz Includes wireless display, antenna and AC adaptor 016-01015 $35
USB converter kit Includes remote to USB adaptor and software 016-01016 $99
Includes aluminum casting and hardware to attach Skystream to Whisper 500 guyed
Tower adaptor kit (5") 016-01017 $139
tower kits or any 5" schedule 40 pipe
Wireless remote batt. sensor 916 MHz Includes battery voltage sensor and antenna (required for all battery charging) 016-01018 $250

* Tower price includes freight and delivery charges in the USA, except Alaska and Hawaii. Customer responsible for unloading
the tower from the truck.

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 63
Micro Hydropower

How much power can you generate with a hydroelectric turbine?

The amount of power available depends on the dynamic head, Hydros are ideal for sites where water is available at long
the amount of water flow and the efficiency of the turbine distances from power needs. They generate 100+ volts AC
generator combination. To get an idea about available power that is stepped down and rectified at the batteries. This allows
in watts, multiply the head in feet, times flow in gallons per the use of relatively small wire for a distance of up to 10,000
minute, times 0.18, times turbine efficiency. Turbine efficiency feet. Transmitting the power from the generator to the battery
ranges from 35% to 70%, with higher efficiency at higher heads. at twice the battery voltage allows you to use 1/4 of the wire
To get a rough idea, use 0.40 (representing 40%) as a multi- size for the same power loss. At 4 times the battery voltage,
plier for efficiency. The Harris Pelton turbines are well suited you can use 1/16 of the wire size required to transmit power at
to higher head and lower flow situations. Flow is limited by the battery voltage. The HI-Power hydroelectric generator can
nozzle size (a maximum 1/2"). Harris turbines are now avail- also deliver up to 3600 watts where higher power is needed.
able with permanent magnet (PM) alternators providing up to The LV Hydroelectric Generator and the ES&D Water Baby
50% efficiency. Higher flows are accommodated by the ESD are a good solution for very low flow situations where the head
Turgo Turbines. They can have nozzles of up to 1" diameter, is high enough to make some power.
and provide better efficiency at low heads. The HI-Power

Pipelines We can help you design your system

A hydroelectric turbine operates from the pressure at the bottom If you think you have a suitable site, contact us and we will help
end of a pipeline. This pressure, usually measured in pounds per you choose the best unit for your situation. Please provide the
square inch (psi), is directly related to the head, the vertical drop following information about your site:
from the top of the pipeline where the water goes into the turbine 1. Head The total vertical elevation from the place where
located at the bottom of the pipeline. The pressure at the lowest the water enters the pipe to the point where the turbine will
point of a pipeline is equal to 0.433 times the head, (the vertical be located.
distance in feet).
2. Flow The number of gallons per minute that are avail-
Pressure is important because it is a determining factor in how able.
much power is available and what type of pipe is required. Poly- 3. Distance The length of pipe that will be necessary to carry
ethylene pipe can be used for pressures up to 100 psi, PVC pipe is the water from the pickup to the turbine. If the pipe is already
available with pressure ratings from 160 to 350 psi and steel pipe installed, what is the type and diameter?
can withstand 1000 psi or more. Check with your local plumb-
4. Location Distance from turbine to batteries.
ing supplier for pipe ratings. Pipe diameter is very important.
All pipelines will cause the water flowing in them to lose some Nozzle selection
energy to friction. The pipe must be large enough for the maximum Power output of a hydroelectric generator is determined by the
quantity of water it will carry. pressure of the water at the nozzle and the amount of water flow-
The pressure at the bottom of a pipeline when water is not flow- ing out of the nozzle. The larger the nozzle, the greater the flow
ing is called static pressure. When water is flowing through the will be. The nozzle must also be sized small enough to keep your
outlet or nozzle of the hydroelectric turbine, the pressure at the pipeline full and keep the speed of the water in the pipe below 5
outlet is the dynamic pressure or running head. If you install a gate feet per second. The nozzle selection table on the next page shows
valve on the pipeline just above the turbine and a pressure gauge water flow through various size nozzles at given pressures. Use
on a T fitting just above the gate valve, you will read the static this table to determine what size nozzle and how many nozzles you
pressure on the gauge when the valve is closed and the dynamic need to accommodate the flow of water you have and to deliver
pressure when the valve is opened. The maximum power that can the amount of power you need. A pressure gauge in the pipe feed-
be delivered by a pipeline will occur when the dynamic pressure ing your turbine, installed before the shutoff valve, can help you
is approximately 2/3 of the static pressure. check proper operation and diagnose problems. When the valve
is shut off, the gauge will read the static pressure in pounds per
The actual flow rate of the water in a hydroelectric system is deter-
square inch psi (head in feet x 0.433). When the valve is turned
mined by the diameter of the nozzle. We will supply a turbine with
on the gauge will read a lower (dynamic) pressure.
the proper size nozzle for your site, depending on the head, flow,
length and diameter of the pipe. We carry hydroelectric generators The difference between these two pressures represents your loss
made by Energy Systems and Design, HI-Power Hydroelectric, to friction in the pipe. The greater the flow, the greater your loss
and Harris Hydroelectric. Use the descriptions on the following will be. (See PVC pipe loss table on the next page.)
pages to help determine which turbine will work best for your
site and power requirements.

Hydroelectric Power Output Estimation Formula:

Dynamic Head (ft) x Flow (GPM) x 0.18 x Turbine Efficiency (use 0.40) = Output Watts

64 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Water Flow Information for Pumping and Hydroelectric Design

Micro Hydropower
Flow Through Nozzles
The table below shows the flow in gallons per minute (gpm) through various diameter nozzles at a range of heads from 5 feet to 400
feet. Use table to choose what nozzle size to use and how many nozzles a turbine must have to give the required flow to use all of
the water available in the system.

Head Flow in gpm through these nozzle diameters: Rpm for

feet psi 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 7/16" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 7/8" 1.0" 4" turbine
5 2.2 - - - - 6.18 8.4 11 17.1 24.7 33.6 43.9 460
10 4.3 - - 3.88 6.05 8.75 11.6 15.6 24.2 35 47.6 62.1 650
15 6.5 - 2.68 4.76 7.4 10.7 14.6 19 29.7 42.8 58.2 76 800
20 8.7 1.37 3.09 5.49 8.56 12.4 16.8 22 34.3 49.4 67.3 87.8 925
30 13 1.68 3.78 6.72 10.5 15.1 20.6 26.9 42 60.5 82.4 107 1140
40 17.3 1.94 4.37 7.76 12.1 17.5 23.8 31.1 48.5 69.9 95.1 124 1310
50 21.7 2.17 4.88 8.68 13.6 19.5 26.6 34.7 54.3 78.1 106 139 1470
60 26 2.38 5.35 9.51 14.8 21.4 29.1 38 59.4 85.6 117 152 1600
80 34.6 2.75 6.18 11 17.1 24.7 33.6 43.9 68.6 98.8 135 176 1850
100 43.3 3.07 6.91 12.3 19.2 27.6 36.6 49.1 76.7 111 150 196 2070
120 52 3.36 7.56 13.4 21 30.3 41.2 53.8 84.1 121 165 215 2270
150 65 3.76 8.95 15 23.5 33.8 46 60.1 93.9 135 184 241 2540
200 86.6 4.34 9.77 17.4 27.1 39.1 53.2 69.4 109 156 213 278 2930
250 108 4.86 10.9 19.9 30.3 43.6 59.4 77.6 121 175 238 311 3270
300 130 5.32 12 21.3 33.2 47.8 65.1 85.1 133 191 261 340 3590
400 173 6.14 13.8 24.5 38.3 55.2 75.2 98.2 154 221 301 393 4140

PVC Pipe Loss Table

Use the table below to determine what pipe size is required to efficiently allow necessary flow for your power need. Once you know
the required flow for your system (gpm), find the head loss for various pipe sizes. Multiply the head loss number by the length of
the pipe divided by 100 and you will get the loss of head for that pipe size. The actual head minus the head loss will give you the
effective dynamic head in the system.

Pipe Friction Loss Table Head Loss in Feet per 100 Feet of Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
Flow (gallons per minute)
1 2 3 4 5 7 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 70 80 100 150 200 250 300 400 500
1/2 2.08 4.16 8.7 14.8 23.5 43
3/4 0.51 1.02 2.2 3.7 5.73 10.5 20.1 42.5
1 0.1 0.55 0.68 1.15 1.72 3.17 6.02 12.8 21.8 32.9 46.1
Pipe diameter (inches)

1-1/4 0.03 0.14 0.19 0.31 0.44 0.81 1.55 3.28 5.59 8.45 11.9 22 30.5 45.6
1-1/2 0.07 0.08 0.13 0.22 0.38 0.72 1.53 2.61 3.95 5.53 9.43 14.3 20 28.6 36.7
2 0.03 0.05 0.07 0.11 0.21 0.45 0.76 1.15 1.62 2.75 4.16 5.84 7.76 9.94 15.1 34.8 59.3
2-1/2 0.03 0.04 0.05 0.09 0.19 0.32 0.49 0.68 1.16 1.75 2.46 3.27 4.19 6.33 13.4 25.0 37.8 46.1
3 0.02 0.03 0.07 0.11 0.17 0.23 0.4 0.6 0.85 1.13 1.44 2.18 4.63 7.88 11.9 18.4 40.1
4 0.04 0.06 0.11 0.16 0.22 0.3 0.38 0.58 1.22 2.08 3.15 4.41 7.52
5 0.03 0.04 0.05 0.07 0.1 0.13 0.19 0.4 0.69 1.05 1.46 2.49 3.76
6 0.02 0.03 0.04 0.05 0.08 0.16 0.28 0.43 0.6 1.01 1.53

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 65
HI-Power Higher Voltage HV Hydroelectric Generators
Micro Hydropower

HI Power Hydroelectric generators are ideal for sites where water

Low-Voltage LV Hydroelectric Generators is far from power needs (up to 10,000 feet) or when greater power
HI-Power is now offering a low-voltage brushless PM genera- is required. High transmission voltage can be sent over a mile
tor. This user-friendly unit requires no adjustments and is more before being stepped down to battery voltage. It comes complete
efficient than car alternator types over a wider range of head with step-down transformer, rectifier, fuses and amp meter. Use
and flow. a diversion-type regulator with these units.
Head range: 40 to 400 feet Head range: 60 to 500 feet
Flow range: 5 to 400 gpm Flow range: 10 to 400 gpm
Maximum power: 1200 watts Maximum power: 3600 watts
Efficiency: 30% to 70% Efficiency: 30% to 60%
Battery voltage options: 12V, 24V, 48V, 96V Transmission voltage: 110V to 440V
Available in the four voltages above for direct battery charging. Battery voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V
The 48- and 96-volt units allow the use of smaller gauge wire These hydroelectric generators use brushless alternators for reli-
between the generator and the battery. An MPPT charge control, ability and versatility. They produce 110V, 220V, or 440V wild
like the OutBack MX-60, can be used to efficiently step the voltage (unregulated) AC, which is then stepped down with the supplied
down for charging and regulating 12-, 24- or 48-volt batteries. transformer and rectifier.
The sealed permanent magnet alternator is mounted on a Harris The heavy-duty brushless alternator is housed on the Harris hous-
housing with the bronze Harris Pelton wheel. The external rectifier ing and uses the Harris Bronze Pelton Wheel for flows up to 200
is water-cooled and all fasteners are stainless steel. It comes with gpm and the ESD Turgo Wheel and housing for flows of 200 to
an induction meter and 3 feet of 1'' flexible hose per nozzle. 400 gpm. Available in 4 sizes ranging from 600 to 3600 watts.
Order multiple nozzles for convenient adjustment to varying The HV600 is available with 2 or 4 nozzles. The larger units
flows. Alternator has 2 sealed 6203 bearings which should be come with 4 nozzles.
changed every 5-10 years, depending on use. When ordering, 2-year warranty. Specify battery voltage when ordering.
specify battery voltage, transmission line length and size, flow,
pressure, pipe size and length.

Description Item code Price Description Item code Price

LV Hydro with 1 nozzle 017-02005 $1,350 HV 1200 1200 watt 4 nozzle 017-02030 $3,600
LV Hydro with 2 nozzles 017-02007 $1,400 HV 1800 1800 watt 4 nozzle 017-02031 $4,200
LV Hydro with 3 nozzles 017-02009 $1,450 HV 3600 3600 watt 4 nozzle 017-02034 $6,000
LV Hydro with 4 nozzles 017-02011 $1,500 Hi-Power turgo nozzle 017-02037 $600
Car alternator upgrade kit for older Harris Hydro-
electric units with brush type alternators 017-02019 $500

66 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Harris Hydroelectric ES&D

Micro Hydropower
Pelton Turbines ES&Ds micro hydro systems employ high-efficiency, precision-
cast parts and non-corrosive alloys for long life and durability.
This hydroelectric battery charger uses a cast bronze Pelton wheel
A digital multimeter accompanies each turbine for measuring
and a brushless permanent magnet alternator on a white powder-
output amperage. These units can be used in off-grid/standalone
coated aluminum housing.
or grid-tie systems.
Head range: 20 to 600 feet
Stream Engine Turbines
Flow range: 4 to 250 gpm
ES&D hydroelectric battery chargers use a cast bronze turgo runner
Maximum 12-volt power: 700 watts
to drive a long-life, brushless permanent magnet alternator.
Maximum 24-volt power: 1400 watts
Head Range: 5 to
Maximum 48-volt power: 2500 watts
200 feet
They are available with one, two or four nozzles, depending on
Flow range: 10 to
water flow and power requirements. (PVC manifold with one
400 gpm
shut-off valve on two-nozzle machines and 3 shut-off valves
on 4-nozzle machines is available). These turbines can be fitted Maximum Power:
with nozzles up to 1/2" in diameter. Each hydroelectric system is 1000 watts
custom-built to match your site specifications. Please tell us your Voltage from 12 to
head, flow, pipe size and length, electrical transmission line length 48 VDC
and battery voltage when ordering. The new permanent magnet A simple change of wir-
(PM) brushless alternator pictured here is 15-30% more efficient ing in the junction box
than the automotive alternator used in the past; and they last longer. allows this turbine to
Allow 5 to 6 weeks for delivery. 1-year warranty. charge 12, 24, or 48-volt battery systems. These turbines come
with cut-to-size nozzles that can be user-set for up to 1", allow-
ing a very large flow in low head situations. They can operate on
heads as low as five feet with a flow of 40 gpm.

Description Item code Price

ES&D 2-Nozzle Stream Engine 017-03241 $3,493
ES&D 4-Nozzle Stream Engine 017-03244 $2,795

Water Baby
Head Range: 50 to 500
Flow range: 3 to 30 gpm
Max Power: 350 watts
Voltage from 12 to 48
Description Item code Price VDC
Harris PM 1-Nozzle 12/24V/48V 017-01030 $2,300 This new tiny turbine, a min-
Harris PM 2-Nozzle 12/24V/48V 017-01032 $2,387 iature version of the Stream
Engine above, is ideal for sites
Harris PM 4-Nozzle 12/24V/48V 017-01034 $2,555
with good head but with very
Fan kit (recommended when producing over 500W) 017-01092 $70 little flow.
Two models are available; one for 12- to 48-volt charging and
one for high voltage transmission. At 3 gpm and 100 feet of head,
the Water Baby will charge at 25 watts. Comes with a selection
of nozzles.
Description Item code Price
ES&D 1-Nozzle Water Baby 12 - 24V 017-03245 $1,945
ES&D 2-Nozzle Water Baby 12 - 24V 017-03247 $2,095
ES&D 4-Nozzle Water Baby 12 - 24V 017-03249 $2,395
ES&D 1-Nozzle Water Baby 48V 017-03252 $2,095
ES&D 2-Nozzle Water Baby 48V 017-03254 $2,245
ES&D 4-Nozzle Water Baby 48V 017-03256 $2,645

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 67

The inverter is the heart of all but the smallest power systems. operates on power supplied by the utility grid. Inverters come
It is an electronic device that converts direct current DC power in many varieties, sizes and qualities and offer various features
from batteries or solar modules into alternating current AC that specialize them for particular applications.
power to operate lights, appliances or anything that normally

Off-Grid Inverters to start large motors while their high efficiency makes them eco-
nomical with power when running small loads like a stereo or a
Off-grid, or standalone, inverters convert DC power stored in bat- small light. They can power most lighting, televisions, appliances
teries to AC power that can be used as needed. Select an inverter for and computers very well. Unfortunately, this type of inverter may
your power system based on the maximum load you will be pow- destroy some rechargeable tools and flashlights, and laser printers
ering, the maximum surge required, AC output voltage required, and copiers. They may not allow many laser printers, copiers,
input battery voltage and optional features needed. High quality light dimmers and some variable speed tools to operate. Equip-
standalone inverters are available in sizes from 100 watts, for ment with silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) will not operate.
powering notebook Some audio equipment will have a background buzz that may
computers and fax be annoying to music connoisseurs.
machines from
your car, to 60 Grid-Tie Inverters
kilowatts, for pow- Grid-tie, or utility intertie, inverters convert DC power from PV
ering a commercial modules into AC power to be fed into the utility grid. There are
operation. The size two major types of grid-tie inverters; string inverters and low
of an inverter is voltage input inverters.
measured by its
maximum continu- The SMA Sunny Boy, Fronius and Xantrex GT-3 inverters are
System Design

ous output in watts. string inverters. The name string comes from the way the PV
This rating must be modules are wired together, in series to achieve a higher voltage.
larger than the total These inverters are designed to run at voltages up to 600 VDC.
wattage of all of the String wiring is faster to install, more efficient and allows the use
AC loads you plan of smaller gauge wire. DC voltage this high can be very danger-
to run at one time. Wattage of most AC loads can be determined ous and life-threatening, so string inverters should be installed
from a tag or label on the appliance, usually located near where and serviced by qualified electricians.
the power cord enters, or from the owners manual. If the inverter A grid-tie PV system uses the utility company, in effect, as
is expected to run induction motors, like the ones found in top its storage battery. When the sun is shining, your electricity
loading washers, dryers, dishwashers and large power tools, it comes from the PV array, via the
must be designed to surge, or deliver power many times its rat- inverter. If the PV array is gen-
ing for short periods of time while these motors start. Standalone erating more power than you are
inverters are available with two basic power output waveforms: using, the excess is sold to the
sine wave, and modified sine wave (the proper term is actually power utility company through
modified square wave, but since modified sine wave is much more your electric meter, by making
commonly used, we use that term in this catalog). the meter run backward. When
Grid-tie inverters, dual-function inverters and utility companies you need more power than the
deliver a sine wave. Exeltech, Xantrex XW Series, SMA Sunny PV array can supply, the utility
Island, Magnum MS and OutBack FX inverters are sine wave makes up the difference. This
off-grid inverters. Sine wave inverters have a higher cost, but type of system makes the most
they can operate almost anything that can be operated on utility sense in most cases where you
power. Exeltech sine wave inverters are an excellent choice for have utility power, because there
power systems running audio or telecommunications equipment are no batteries to maintain or
and other electronics that are waveform-sensitive. The OutBack replace. Unfortunately, if the util-
and Xantrex XW series inverters can be ganged together for up ity power goes down, this type of
to 36 kW of output and can operate off-grid or grid-tie. We now inverter will go off, too, regard-
carry Samlex sine wave PST inverters for a lower cost, a small- less of whether or not the sun is
system sine wave alternative. shining.

Xantrex TR series, Magnum, and Samlex PSE inverters have

modified sine wave output with harmonic distortion of around
40%. They are an economical choice in power systems where
waveform is not critical. Their high surge capacity allows them

68 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Dual-Function Inverters Output voltage

Using a dual-function inverter allows you to sell excess power to Most of the inverters we stock supply standard 120VAC 60
the utility, and also maintain a battery bank for standby power in HZ. OutBack and Magnum inverters can be stacked in pairs for
the event of a utility power failure. The Xantrex XW series, and the 240VAC, such as one gets from utility companies and fuel-powered
OutBack GFX series inverters are primarily standalone inverters generators. The Xantrex XW and the Magnum MS4448-AE
deliver 120/240VAC power from one inverter. Most of them can
be special ordered with other output voltages and frequencies for
use anywhere in the world. See our export models and contact us
with any special requirements that you have.
The electronic circuitry in inverters may cause problems with
radio and television reception, noise on telephones and buzz in
audio equipment. Sine wave inverters cause the least amount of
interference. Interference can be minimized by locating the inverter
very close to the batteries, twisting together the cables that connect
that can function as an intertie inverter at the same time, but with the inverter to the battery, running AC lines separate from other
a lower efficiency than an inverter designed for grid-tie only. The wiring (such as telephone wires) and locating the inverter away
new Xantrex XW is a grid-tie inverter designed to provide battery from appliances that are susceptible to interference. All inverters
backup when the utility fails. The SMA Sunny Island inverter is cause interference on AM radio!
designed to work with a Sunny Boy inverter to provide utility Wiring Considerations
intertie (grid-tie) with battery backup. Standalone inverters require very high current from a battery to
In a typical installation, the inverter is connected to a battery operate large loads. A 2000 watt inverter running at full power in
bank, a sub panel for critical loads that will be powered during a 12 volt system will be drawing nearly 200 amps from the bat-

System Design
a power outage, and the house load center. If the utility is avail- tery. Large cables and good connections are required for proper
able, the inverter will supply the house loads from the utility. If operation.
the utility fails, the inverter will supply power to the loads from Use caution when plugging a small inverter into a lighter outlet
the battery. When the utility is available again, the inverter will located far from a battery. Typical DC house wiring may have
switch the loads back to the utility, and recharge the batteries. If insufficient wire sizes and too much voltage drop to supply the
the batteries become fully charged by another power source, such current required by these inverters. All battery-based inverters
as photovoltaic modules or a wind or hydroelectric generator, require proper fusing between the battery and the inverter.
excess power may be sold back to the utility in locations where
net metering is allowed.

Low Temperature Overvoltage Bypass

Protect MPPT charge controllers and grid-tie inverters from
high PV open circuit voltage at low temperatures with the new
Low Temperature Overvoltage Bypass (LTOB) from Apollo
Solar. Solar module voltage rises with drop in temperature.
Sometimes when the temperature gets very low, the voltage of
a string of several modules in series gets too high and causes
damage to a charge controller or inverter. This problem can be
solved by putting less modules in series, but sometimes this
causes a sacrifice when temperatures are high.
Now you can size the PV array for optimum performance without
regard to high open circuit voltages at low temperatures. The
Apollo Solar LTOB automatically switches modules out of the
circuit if the temperature falls below 10 degrees F. One unit is
required for each string of modules. Switch up to 8 amps per
string. Installation is simple. Just plug in M-C connectors and
Description Item code Price
stick the LTOB to back of the module. Zero power consump-
tion. Low temperature overvoltage bypass 020-07013 $185

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 69
NEW! Enphase

Grid-Connected Micro-Inverter System

The Enphase Micro-Inverter system is the first commercially available
micro-inverter system for residential and commercial solar PV applications.
The Enphase Micro-Inverter is a fully-integrated device that converts the
DC output from a single solar module into grid-compliant AC power. The
micro-inverter system is designed to maximize energy harvest, increase
system reliability and dramatically simplify design, installation and system
Easy Design and Installation
System design is a breeze. No more string sizing exercises. No more headaches trying to layout equal lengths of strings to fit on a
roof. Each micro-inverter is mounted to the module racking structure and connected directly to the DC wires from each PV module.
The micro-inverter AC wire harnesses are connected together to form a continuous AC branch circuit that is connected to the AC
utility distribution center.
Optimal Energy Harvest
Each PV module is now individually power tracked by a micro-inverter,
eliminating power loss caused by a few underperforming modules in the array.
Now you can realize the full energy potential of every PV array, reducing
the power-limiting effects of shading, dust, debris, module mismatch, and
thermal differences. Problems are now isolated to a small fraction of the PV
array, while the rest of the PV system continues to function normally. Service
Grid-Tie Residential

becomes routine maintenance rather than a costly emergency.

The Enphase Micro-Inverter is qualified to a NEMA6 environment rating
and operates at full power up to 65C (149F), allowing it to be operated in
harsh environments.
Module Level Monitoring
The Enphase Micro-Inverter system includes advanced communication,
performance visualization and data analysis on a per-module basis. Every
micro-inverter communicates with the Enphase Enlighten website to show
you a physically accurate representation of your individual system and how
each PV module is performing in real time. Data is monitored 24/7 and
Enlighten will immediately notify you via email of any issues it detects. For
example, Enlighten will notify you if an individual module is underperform-
ing compared to its neighboring modules.
There are models below for 240- and 208-volt output and they are available with MC Solarline 1 or Solarline 2 cable connections on
them. They are designed for input from a 150- to 200-watt module with 72 5-inch cells. Order the voltage to match your systems and
a connector to match your module output cables. Order one install kit for each AC branch circuit of up to 16 inverters in a 240-volt
system and one for each 26 inverters in a 208-volt system. One IEMU-01 is required for Internet monitoring on each installation. The
IEMU-01 comes with one year of monitoring on residential systems. Call for information about commercial monitoring.
Module MC
Enphase model Module watts AC output volts connector CEC efficiency Item code Price
M175-24-240-SO-01 150 - 200 240 Solarline 1 94.5% 030-03728 $200
M175-24-208-SO-01 150 - 200 208 Solarline 1 94.5% 030-03729 $200
M175-24-240-SO-02 150 - 200 240 Solarline 2 94.5% 030-03731 $200
M175-24-240-SO-02 150 - 200 208 Solarline 2 94.5% 030-03733 $200
K240-01-001 Install kit for one AC branch circuit - 240 VAC 030-03747 $89
K208-01-001 Install kit for one AC branch circuit - 208 VAC 030-03748 $89
IEMU-01 Internet monitoring gateway with first year of monitoring 030-03751 $350
Residential Service Plan 5 -year monitoring service for residential systems < 10 kW 030-03765 $650
Commercial Service Plan 5-year monitoring for commercial installations Call
70 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

Sunny Boy Grid-Tie Inverters

SMA Sunny Boy inverters are the most widely used grid-tie PV sealed inverters so natural air-flow can cool the heat-sink. The
inverters in the world. SMA inverters are available in sizes from table on page 9 shows a typical module string size for many PV
700 watts to 7000 watts, making them ideal for a wide range of module brands that can be used with each inverter. This number
applications from small residential systems to very large 3-phase can vary depending on maximum and minimum temperatures
industrial systems. in the location where the system is installed. For more details,
All SMA inverters come standard with built-in LCD digital moni- consult us or visit to use SMAs string-
tors that display instantaneous power output, energy delivered sizing software.
during the current day and the total energy produced since instal- All inverters are compliant with UL 1741, UL 1998, IEEE-929,
lation. IEEE-1547, FCC Part 15 A & B. The new SMA inverters now
The SB700 and 1800 have 120 VAC output. The SB3000 and have a standard 10-year warranty.
SB4000 are auto-sensing for use on 240 VAC and 208 VAC appli-
cations. The SB 5000, 6000 and 7000 can be used in 208, 240 and
277 VAC applications. SMA offers a wide range of accessories for
communications and monitoring of the system. The SB 3000 and
4000 come with a DC disconnect switch and the SB 5000, 6000,
and 7000 come with an AC/DC disconnect switch, each with an
integrated fused series string
combiner that connects to the
bottom of the inverter. The dis-
connect switches are housed
Grid-Tie Residential

in a NEMA 3R enclosure. All

electronic components are in
a sealed compartment.
The SB 700 is housed in a
completely sealed stainless
steel enclosure. Outdoor instal-
lation is recommended for the

Maximum AC output DC array Peak power CEC Max DC Dimensions Weight

Model AC power volts voltage tracking efficiency current H" x W" x D" (lbs) Item code Price
700 150-250 123-250
SB700USBD 600 120VAC 125-250 100-200 91.5% 7A 12.7 x 12.6 x 7.1 43 030-03113 $1540
460 95-250 77-150
208VAC 180-400 95.0%
SB3000US 3000 200-500 17A 17.8 x 13.8 x 9.3 88.6 030-03083 $3,432
240VAC 200-400 95.5%
3500 208VAC 220-480 95.5%
SB4000US 250-600 18A 17.8 x 13.8 x 9.3 88.6 030-03084 $3,750
4000 240VAC 250-480 96.0%
208VAC 95.5%
SB5000US 5000 240VAC 250-600 250-480 95.5% 21A 18.4 x 24.1 x 9.5 143 030-03085 $5,138
277VAC 95.5%
208VAC 95.5%
SB6000US 6000 240VAC 250-600 250-480 95.5% 25A 18.4 x 24.1 x 9.5 143 030-03086 $5,277
277VAC 96.0%
208VAC 95.5%
SB7000US 7000 240VAC 250-600 250-480 96.0% 30A 18.4 x 24.1 x 9.5 143 030-03087 $5,733
277VAC 96.0%

72 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
new! Sunny Island

The Sunny Island inverters can be used for standalone off-grid systems, and they are a great
way to add battery backup to an SMA Sunny Boy inverter based grid-connected system.
Grid-Tie System Backup
To do this, the grid-tie inverter output and the Sunny Island inverter output both feed circuit
breakers in a sub-panel that also powers critical loads in the event of a grid failure. As
long as grid power is present, it feeds the subpanel through the transfer switch in the Sunny
Island. If the grid fails, the Sunny Island connected to a bank of batteries acts as the source
of AC power, or the AC grid for that subpanel. This powers the critical loads connected to
the subpanel and keeps grid-connected systems running if the sun is shining. The loads are
actually powered directly by the grid-tie system if the sun is shining. If the grid-tie system is
putting out more power than the loads need during a grid failure, the Sunny Island charges
the batteries. At night or when power production is low and load use is high, the Sunny Island provides power from the battery bank.
In the morning, the batteries are recharged and the cycle begins anew until the grid power returns. If the grid-tie inverter has a 240
VAC output, a backup system will require two Sunny Island inverters or one inverter and an autotransformer.

SMA model Watts Battery voltage AC out volts/hertz No load draw Charger amps Peak AC surge Weight lbs Item code Price
SI5048U 5000 48 VDC 120v/60Hz 25 Watts 120 150 A 139 030-03095 $6,540

Sunny WebBox Sunny Portal Connection

The SMA Sunny WebBox provides a connection between the operators computer and/or the free Sunny
Portal web site ( The WebBox can be connected to a Sunny Boy, Sunny Tower,

Grid-Tie Residential
Sunny Island, or Sunny Central inverter (up to 50 units). Connection is made with 4-conductor twisted
pair cable between the inverters RS-485 output and the Sunny WebBox terminals. The Sunny WebBox
connects to a local area network (LAN) with an Ethernet cable or to a phone line with the optional modem.
The Sunny WebBox stores system performance data in its internal 8 MB memory or on a standard SD
memory card and can be set to upload the data to the Sunny Portal website at
user-selectable intervals. Password protected. 5-year warranty. Description Item code Price
SMA WebBox 030-03141 $938

Sunny Beam Bluetooth Wireless System Monitor

Completely updated for 2008, the new
Sunny Beam features Bluetooth wireless Description Item code Price
technology for improved performance and Sunny Beam wireless system monitor 030-03143 $563
versatility. The Sunny Beam communicates Additional antenna module for Sunny Beam 030-03144 $198
wirelessly with up to 12 Sunny Boy invert-
ers and graphically displays all the key performance data of your solar system. It features fully automatic
system monitoring, including an audible alert signal. The Sunny Beam simultaneously displays power output,
daily energy production and the total energy production of the system. It may also be configured to display
other parameters such as the overall CO2 offset of your system, as well as your earnings in dollars.
100 days worth of system performance data can be recorded and stored, and can then be simply transferred
to a PC via a USB interface. Using the new and included Sunny Beam Webconnect software, the data can in turn be transferred to
the Sunny Portal website for long-term storage, display, and evaluation. Setting up the Sunny Beam is fast and easy via an intuitive
set of user menus. Simply install an antenna and communication module in each of the Sunny Boy inverters and step through the
configuration screens. The Sunny Beam is powered by a set of internal batteries which are kept charged by the integrated solar cell.
Coming 4th Quarter of 2008 - Call for price and availability.

Model SMA Sunny Boy communications cards Item code Price

Module for remote communication between Sunny Boy without display and a Windows based PC. Requires cable and
RS-232-N 030-03122 $183
Sunny Data software from web. Maximum distance from PC is 50 feet.
Module for remote communication between multiple Sunny Boy Inverter(s) and Sunny WebBox or Fat Spaniel monitor-
RS-485-N ing system.. A 4 conductor cable required between inverters. RS485 Cable is required between one inverter and 030-03123 $175
Sunny WebBox. One module is required for each inverter.
RS232 Cable Cable to connect a PC to single inverter using RS232 modules 50 feet (15 meter). 030-03147 $114
RS485 Cable Cable to connect to multiple inverters using RS485 modules 50 feet (15 meter). 030-03148 $114

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 73

IG Inverters
Fronius IG inverters offer high efficiency, precision maximum power point tracking, and intelligent
thermal management, all of which result in superior energy output from grid-tie photovoltaic systems.
Their wide input voltage range (150-450 volts) permit the use of modules in any power and voltage range.
Their light weight and innovative mounting hardware make them very easy to install.
Fronius IG inverters come standard with an integrated LCD that displays and records over 20 parameters
pertaining to inverter and system operation. Fronius inverters have 3 expansion slots that allow you to
add features like external sensors and remote displays. You can use a personal computer to update the
inverter with the latest software upgrades. The larger inverters (over 3 kW) are built with the same power
stages as the smaller ones, but use 2 of them. When these inverters see array capacity at less than half,
one stage turns off, giving the inverter higher efficiency during periods of low insolation. UL Listed.
10-year warranty. Extended warranty available.
IG Plus Inverters - Coming at the end of 2008
Fronius IG Plus inverters will be available Q4 2008. They offer all the features of the IG and add a lockable
code-compliant DC disconnect with fused string combiner in a separable connection compartment that stays
on the wall if the inverter needs to be serviced. The single phase inverters are field settable for 208, 240 or
277 volts. Two true three-phase output units are also available. They can be configured for positive or nega-
tive ground. UL Listed. 10 year warranty. 15-year warranty available.

Maximum DC Array LCD CEC Maximum AC output Weight

Model AC power voltage display efficiency DC current volts (lbs) Item code Price
Grid-Tie Residential

IG 2000 2000 W 150-450 Yes 93.5% 13.6A 240VAC 26 030-03402 $2,328

IG 2500-LV 2350 W 150-450 Yes 93.0% 16.9A 208VAC 26 030-03410 $2,430
IG 3000 2700 W 150-450 Yes 94.0% 18A 240VAC 26 030-03403 $2,588
IG 4000 4000 W 150-450 Yes 94.0% 26.1A 240 VAC 42 030-03405 $3,848
IG 4500-LV 4500 W 150-450 Yes 93.5% 29.3A 208 VAC 42 030-03412 $4,110
IG 5100 5100 W 150-450 Yes 94.5% 33.9A 240 VAC 42 030-03407 $4,190
IG Plus 3.0 3000 W 55 030-03481 Call
IG Plus 3.8 3800 W 55 030-03483 Call
IG Plus 5.0 5000 W 84 030-03485 Call
IG Plus 6.0 6000 W 240V 84 030-03487 Call
IG Plus 7.5 7500 W 84 030-03489 Call
IG Plus 10.0 10,000 W 108 030-03491 Call
IG Plus 11.4 11,400 W 108 030-03493 Call
IG Plus 11.4-3 11,400 W 208/240V 108 030-03495 Call
IG Plus 12.0-3 12,000 W 277 108 030-03497 Call
Extended Warranty - 15 years total 030-03471 $910

Fronius IG Wireless Personal Display

The Fronius IG Personal Display is easy to install and easy to use. The readout and inter-
face are based on the same display that comes standard on all Fronius IG Series inverters.
Although tested to 150 feet indoors and 500 feet outdoors, there are many reports from the
field of the units transmitting from much farther distances.
The Personal Display can aggregate data for up to 15 Fronius IG inverters or show data for
each individual inverter in a system i.e., data from a system that is over 75 kW AC can
be viewed together or as sub-systems. It shows instantaneous data such as power, voltage
and current, and it will store the daily and cumulative data. The display offers two levels
of access: easy and pro. In the easy level, homeowners can view system basics like power,
energy output, CO2 offset, and the number of dollars saved. The pro level offers more
advanced information like voltage, current and grid frequency. The unit was designed with a backlit display and a stylish silver case
to attract the attention of solar enthusiasts and their visitors alike. The display can mount on a wall near a thermostat or clock, or be
placed on a coffee table or night stand. A wireless card is required for each inverter to be monitored.

74 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
IG Public Display

The Fronius Public Display is constructed on the plug-and-play principle. Just insert the plug-in card
or box and any cables supplied, select the display values and away you go. Alphanumeric large-format
display. The data from up to 100 inverters can be selected for the rotating display. One value in the group
is picked as the favorite and is then displayed every second time the value changes. The following values
can be displayed: AC power total energy; energy/day energy/year CO2 total CO2/year CO2/
day total earning; earnings/day earnings/year date & time. A COM Card (030-03425 below) must
be installed in each inverter to be monitored.
IG DatCom Accessories
Remote data communications and data logging features can easily be added to transform
the inverter into a sophisticated data acquisition system and weather monitoring sta-
tion. DatCom components and accessories connect to the inverter and each other with
standard Cat 5 network cables and RS-232 cables.
Datalogger Boxes and Cards
Datalogging requires a COM card to be installed in each inverter in the system and a
Datalogger Box. The Datalogger Box stores the data collected from the inverters and
any of the optional weather sensors, and connects to a PC or an external modem to
allow you to monitor your PV system from anywhere in the world. Two versions of
the Datalogger Box are available. The Datalogger Easy monitors one IG inverter.
The Datalogger Pro can monitor up to 100 Fronius IG inverters.
Datalogger cards perform the same function as the Boxes. The Easy card works
for one inverter; the Pro card works for up to 100 inverters. Both cards work with

Grid-Tie Residential
a COM card and DatCom systems.
Sensor Box, Sensor Card and Sensors
A Sensor Box or Sensor Card is required to add weather sensors to your data acquisition system. The Sensor Box
and Card each have 6 inputs two for measuring temperature, one for measuring irradiance, two digital inputs
for a wind speed sensor and/or kilowatt hour meter and one 20 mA current interface for a humidity sensor.

Model Accessory Item code Price

IG Personal Display Wireless display for IG inverters - wireless card required for each inverter to be monitored 030-03417 $287
Wireless Card Wireless card for personal display 030-03419 $131
Public Display Public Display 030-03463 $2,329
COM card, retrofit Communications card for all Fronius IG inverters 030-03425 $137
Datalogger Pro Card Control and Monitoring data storage and PC interface for up to 100 IG inverters 030-03432 $660
Datalogger Pro Box Control and Monitoring data storage and PC interface for up to 100 IG inverters 030-03431 $705
Datalogger Easy Card Control and Monitoring data storage and PC interface for 1 IG inverter 030-03434 $426
Datalogger Easy Box Control and Monitoring data storage and PC interface for 1 IG inverter 030-03435 $446
Datalogger Interface Box Combines benefits of the Datalogger Pro and interface box 030-03436 $798
Interface Box Use to export real time data without data storage for up to 100 inverters 030-03440 $350
Interface Easy Card To export data without data storage from 1 inverter requires Datalogger or COM Card 030-03441 $177
TIXI modem Allows DatCom system to email or fax on standard phone line 030-03452 $558
Sensor card Monitoring interface with 6 sensor input channels 030-03443 $659
Sensor box Monitoring interface with 6 sensor input channels 030-03442 $705
Sensor, wind speed For measuring wind speed. Sensor box (above) is required. 030-03446 $85
Sensor, ambient temperature For measuring outside temperature. Sensor box (above) is required. 030-03448 $51
For measuring module temperature. Sticks to back of PV module.
Sensor, module temperature Sensor box (above) is required. 030-03449 $106
Sensor, irradiance Reference PV cells for measuring solar insolation. Sensor box (above) is required. 030-03444 $243
RS232 null modem cable For connection of Datalogger cable to PC or cable. 030-03453 $25
Cat 5 cable 3 foot Network cable for connecting inverters to each or to Sensor Box and Datalogger Box 030-03455 $4
Cat 5 cable 65 foot Network cable for connecting inverter to Datalogger. 030-03457 $33
Cat 5 cable 196 foot Network cable for connecting inverter to Datalogger. 030-03459 $129
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 75
The next generation
grid-tie inverter is here.

Fronius IG Plus
Models from 3 KW to 12 KW in a single inverter
Dramatically improved efficiency
Integrated technology to maximize energy harvest even on cloudy days
Integrated DC disconnect
Six circuit supervised string combiner built in
Field programmable to 208, 240, and 277 volts with no loss in output power
Field programmable to positive or negative ground
Removable power stage for field service
Comes with a standard warranty of 10 years, upgradable to 15 years

Want to know more?

Visit for information on this exciting new addition to the Fronius family.

Fronius USA LLC, 10421 Citation Drive, Ste 1100, Brighton, MI 48116
Tel: 810-220-4414 Email: Web:

GT Grid-Tie Inverters
Xantrex GT Series grid-tie solar inverters have an integrated, lockable 600-volt PV/utility dis-
connect switch which may eliminate the need for external disconnects in some jurisdictions. A
split-chassis design keeps the wiring box separate from the inverter, allowing for easy access
and spacing to the AC and DC string terminals and eliminating exposed wiring during inverter
installation and removal. The wiring box includes eight 3/4-inch knockouts and easy access
DC and AC terminal blocks that accept wire sizes from #14 to #6 AWG.
The GT enclosure is a NEMA 3R, allowing for both for outdoor and indoor installation. The
inverter includes a slotted, hook-style back plate for easy installation. For large systems, multiple
inverters can be mounted side by side centered on standard 16" stud spacing to reduce visible
conduit and make installations look more attractive.
GT inverters come standard with a backlit 16-character two-line liquid crystal display (LCD).
The display provides inverter power, daily and lifetime energy production, PV array voltage
and current, utility voltage and frequency, time online selling today, fault messages, and
two installer-customizable screens. Tapping a finger close to the LCD activates the backlight
display. With each tap, the display cycles through the communication screens. The LCD is
always on standby, ready to provide information even at night. When inverters are daisy chained
using standard Cat 5 Ethernet cable, each inverter display will report the output of the entire
system. The GT offers an isolated RS232 port and two Xanbus RJ45 communication ports. No
additional communication ports or cards are needed to connect a PC.
Inverter Monitor

Grid-Tie Residential
The monitor easily connects to Xantrex GT Series inverters using
standard off-the-shelf Cat 5 Ethernet cable. Built-in flash memory
stores PV system data and makes software upgrades simple. This
connection also provides power to the monitor, removing the need
for a monitor power supply. It displays total PV system performance
in daily, monthly and lifetime views on a graphical 128 x 64 pixel
LCD screen. The display can access detailed individual inverter
performance through the device list screen and it can display individual and total system performance for
up to five GT Series inverters. Wall mounting bracket and hardware included.
The Xantrex Communication Gateway
The Communication Gateway bridges the gap between Xantrex solar inverters and the
system owners computer. It logs performance data directly from the Xantrex GT inverters,
and transmits it to the included Yahoo Widget-based monitoring software for a simple
and graphically rich view of system performance. More than a data logger, the Gateway
offers a web page with the ability to configure automated email reports and fault status to
the user or installer. The Gateway includes both built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
allowing for flexible and simple set up for wireless or wired connection to a router or direct
to a PC. The Gateway logs and transmits system power production, inverter-specific power production, lifetime power production
history (daily, weekly, monthly) and inverter faults. It can monitor a network consisting of up to 20 single-phase GT inverters through
a Cat 5 connection between each inverter and the gateway.

Maximum AC Maximum AC Maximum AC Maximum DC MPPT Maximum CEC

output watts output amps output overcur- array amps DC output DC efficiency Itemcode Price
208V / 240V 208V / 240V rent protection 208W / 240W voltage range voltage 208/240
GT2.8 2700W / 2800W 13.0A / 11.7A 20A 14.9A / 15.4A 195-550VDC 600 94.5% / 95% 030-01801 $2,375
GT3.3N 3100W / 3300W 14.9A / 13.8A 25A 16.5A / 17.5A 200-550VDC 600 94.5% / 95% 030-01803 $2,875
GT3.8 3500W / 3800W 16.8A / 15.8A 20A 19.5A / 20.0A 195-550VDC 600 94.5% / 95% 030-01809 $3,130
GT4.0N 3800W / 4000W 18.3A / 16.7A 25A 17.0A / 18.0A 240-550VDC 600 94.5% / 95% 030-01804 $3,130
GT5.0 4500W / 5000W 22A / 21A 30A 20.0A / 22.0A 235-550VDC 600 94.5% / 95% 030-01805 $3,950
GT solar inverter monitor - Monitor up to 5 inverters. Use Cat 5 cable to connect 030-01838 $300
Communications gateway - Monitor up to 20 inverters with a PC. Use Cat 5 cable to connect 030-01813 $650

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 77
new! PV Powered

Residential Grid-Tie Inverters

PV Powered inverters deliver maximum energy harvest from your PV system with high
reliability and world-class efficiency. Significant software integration and a modular design
combine to create a scalable platform with fewer components and higher uptime. By employ-
ing fewer parts and ensuring those parts are of the highest quality, PV Powered has created a
line of residential grid-tie inverters that spend more time generating electricity and less time
being repaired.
Some models are available in extended and standard voltage range versions to fit the needs of
each installation. The Extended Voltage Range (115-500VDC) products offer the industrys
lowest MPPT voltage and are the ideal choice for integration with next generation low-voltage
and building-integrated (BIPV) modules. The Standard Voltage Range (150-500VDC) products
are optimized for traditional modules. Together, the entire product line offers the most design
configurations across the widest range of PV modules.
Additional flexibility is provided by PV Powereds new ETL-listed and NEC code-compliant
integration platform for both indoor and outdoor installations. Other system options include
different mounting methods, AC and DC disconnects, inverter status display and wired or wireless data monitoring. This flexible
approach enables visually pleasing, site-specific configurations that reduce permitting and inspection issues and reduce installation
Additionally, performance monitoring is available which includes low-cost, secure, web-based access to your systems status and
performance history. With the PVM1010 option, you can maximize your system uptime and protect your solar investment. The
PVM1010 along with the secure Internet-based server operated by PV Powered is equivalent to a standalone data logging meter and
Grid-Tie Residential

communication interface without the cost and inconvenience of installation and maintenance of a separate metering system. After
getting registered you get access to inverter information from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Reports of power output
and energy production trends, local weather conditions and forecasts, verification that your system is working at its full potential and
collection and export of data for service and maintenance planning are all included at no charge. Just install the PVM1010 in each
inverter to be monitored and connect to a router with Cat 5 cable.

Maximum DC array Maximum LCD CEC Nominal AC output

Model AC power voltage DC volts display efficiency DC current volts Weight (lbs) Item code Price
PVP1100 SVR 1100 W 150-450 500 Yes 92.5% 10A 120VAC 55 030-03805 $2,500
PVP1100EVR 1100 W 110-450 500 Yes 92.0% 10A 120VAC 55 030-03804 $2,500
PVP2000 SVR 2000 W 150-450 500 Yes 93.0% 16A 240VAC 65 030-03408 $2,680
PVP2000 EVR 2000 W 115-450 500 Yes 92.5% 16A 240VAC 65 030-03806 $2,680
PVP2500 2500 W 140-450 500 Yes 94.5% 20A 240VAC 70 030-03809 $2850
PVP3000SVR 3000 W 170-450 500 Yes 93.0% 20A 240VAC 80 030-03810 $3,100
PVP3500 3500 W 200-450 500 Yes 95.5% 18A 240VAC 85 030-03811 $3,300
PVP4600 4600 W 205-450 500 Yes 95.5% 25A 208VAC 135 030-03813 $4,030
PVP4800 4800 W 200-450 500 Yes 96.0% 26A 240VAC 135 030-03815 $4,060
PVP5200 5200 W 240-450 500 Yes 96.0% 25A 240VAC 135 030-03817 $4,300
PVM1010 Monitor card - 1 required for each inverter to be monitored 1 030-03803 $399

78 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

new! PVI Series Residential Inverters
PVI 1800W and PVI 2500W
The PVI 1800W and PVI 2500W only weigh 34 and 36 pounds, respectively,
and have low-profile sealed NEMA 4 enclosures with an interactive menu-
driven LCD display. They are available in 208VAC and 240VAC versions.
The inverters are prewired so they do not have to be disassembled for installa-
tion. They can be purchased alone or panelized with AC and DC disconnects
and utility meter. Call for pricing on panelized inverters.
The PVI 1800W and 2500W are available with 5-, 10- and 15-year warranty
PVI 3000W, 4000W, 5000W, 5300W
The larger inverters in the Solectria line have some of the highest CEC efficien-
cies, 96% on all models. They have an integrated DC disconnect with a fused
DC string combiner in a detachable wiring box. A quick-mount wall bracket
makes it a snap to mount this lightweight inverter line. Their universal auto-
detect feature allows them to be used on 240 and 208 VAC systems. RS-232
and RS-485 ports allow connection for monitoring. ETL Listed to UL 1741.
A 10-year warranty is standard with the 3000W and larger models.

Grid-Tie Residential
Continuous DC array Max DC CEC Weight
Solectria model AC power voltage Peak power tracking current efficiency (lbs) Item code Price
PVI 1800W 1800W 125-400 125-350 VDC 11A 92.5% 34 030-03852 $2,510
PVI 2500W 2500W 125-400 125-350 VDC 15A 93% 36 030-03849 $2,889
PVI 3000W 2900W 200-600 200-550VDC 16A 96% 47 030-03848 $2,836
PVI 4000W 3900W 200-600 200-550VDC 20A 96% 48 030-03847 $3,498
PVI 5000W 4900W 200-600 200-550VDC 25A 96% 58 030-03846 $4,188
PVI 5300W 5300W 200-600 200-550VDC 25A 96% 60 030-03845 $4,452

Blueplanet 1501xi Grid-Tie Inverter
This high quality German-made inverter has the highest efficiency and lowest cost of any
sub-2kw inverter we carry. Its low input voltage makes it easy to accomplish proper string
sizing with the small number of modules in series to be used in a 1500-watt or smaller sys-
tem. It has a CEC efficiency of 94% and weighs only 31 pounds. CSA Listed to UL 1741.
10-year warranty.

Maximum DC array Maximum Maximum AC output

Model AC power voltage DC volts DC current volts Item code Price
Blueplanet 1501xi 1500 W 125-300 400 15A 240VAC 030-03515 $2,146

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 79

GT 3-Phase Commercial Inverters

The GT Commercial Series grid-tie inverter makes industrial-commercial power production affordable
and attractive. These inverters have the highest efficiency of any large commercial inverters on the
market. Xantrex GT inverters are available in sizes from 30 kW to 250 kW.
The compact, 220-pound, 30 kW inverter is in a wall-mounted aluminum enclosure and requires a sym-
metrical array input (split array +/-180-500VDC). 100 kW and 250 kW inverters have pad-mounted
epoxy-coated steel enclosures with integrated transformers and disconnects. These inverters can be
configured as positive ground for use with SunPower modules. They require zero clearance on back
and sides and can fit through standard doors. UL Listed. 5-year warranty; 5-year extension available.

Continuous AC output Max DC Max DC array MPPT CEC Dimensions

Xantrex model output (kW) voltage amps voltage range efficiency H" x W" x D" Item code Price
GT30-208 28.8 208 100 600 180-500 96% 44 x 22 x 13 030-02003 $27,909
GT100-480 100 480 347 600 300-600 96% 69 x 67 x 42 030-02015 $74.455
GT100-208 100 208 347 600 300-600 96% 69 x 67 x 42 030-02017 $74.455
GT250-480 250 480 867 600 300-600 96% 84 x 91 x 42 030-02026 $122,273

3-Phase Commercial Inverters
Solectria Renewables PVI inverters use rugged DSP-controlled IGBT circuitry to achieve high
Grid-Tie Commercial

efficiency, reliability and low installed cost. The NEMA 3R enclosure with forced ventilation
allows these inverters to be mounted in full sun, on roof tops or indoors. Inverter electronics are
in a sealed enclosure within the housing. Their fully integrated design includes transformer, filters
and AC and DC disconnects. Disconnects face to the side. If you are using multiple inverters and
need to have the disconnects facing forward to minimize distance required between inverters,
contact us for pricing. Optional integrated fused DC sub-combiners
are available in all units.
Solectria inverters have an RS485 communication port. Solectria
web-based monitoring options available. Also compatible with
Fat Spaniel and other third-party monitoring systems. Contact us
for information.
Solectria inverters have an RS485 communications ports; Fat
Spaniel inverter-direct monitoring ports are optional. Contact us
for information. Inverters are listed to UL1741 and IEEE Std 1547
and are certified to IEEE 6241 NY SIR surge test requirements.
Solectria inverters come with a 5-year warranty. 10-year and
15-year warranties are available. These units ship from the Solectria factory in Massachusetts. Made in USA.

AC AC output Max DC Max. DC MPPT range CEC Weight Dimension

Inverter model power voltage amps array volts volts DC efficiency (lbs) H"xW"xD" Item code Price
PVI 13kW-208VAC 13.2 kW 208 60 475 225-380 94.00% 376 34.5x 26x13.6 030-03863 $15,230
PVI 13kW-480VAC 13.2 kW 480 60 475 225-380 94.50% 376 34.5x 26x13.6 030-03867 $15,430
PVI 15kW-208VAC 15 kW 208 68 475 225-380 94.00% 398 34.5x 26x13.6 030-03871 $17,230
PVI 15kW-480VAC 15 kW 480 68 475 225-380 94.50% 398 34.5x 26x13.6 030-03875 $17,430
PVI 60kW-208VAC 60 kW 208 190 600 330-500 94.00% 1526 76x56x29.3 030-03885 $51,900
PVI 60kW-480VAC 60 kW 480 190 600 330-500 95.50% 1526 76x54x25.3 030-03889 $50,800
PVI 82kW-208VAC 82 kW 208 248 600 330-500 94.50% 1615 76x56x29.3 030-03893 $56,200
PVI 82kW-480VAC 82 kW 480 248 600 330-500 95.50% 1615 76x54x25.3 030-03897 $54,960
PVI 95kW-208VAC 95 kW 208 287 600 330-500 94.50% 1748 76x56x29.3 030-03901 $63,480
PVI 95kW-480VAC 95 kW 480 287 600 330-500 95.50% 1748 76x54x25.3 030-03905 $61,900
Fused combiner option for 13.2 kW and 15 kW inverters, integrated into inverter. Specify 6 or 7 fuses and fuse size (10A or 15A). Add: 030-03859 $540
Fused combiner option for 60kW, 82kW and 95kW inverters, integrated into inverter. Specify 2-8 fuses and fuse size (40-250A). Add: 030-03860 $540
80 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

PowerGate 3-Phase Commercial Inverters
PowerGate inverters offer high reliability, efficiency and ease-of-use for
large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic systems. A single-enclosure solution,
the utility-grade PowerGate incorporates a high-efficiency transformer and
both AC and DC switchgear that disconnect the inverter at night, minimiz-
ing tare loss. A highly efficient MPPT tracking algorithm and intelligent
wake-up routine further maximize net energy harvest.
The PowerGate is certified to UL 1741 and is available with a variety of
local and remote data monitoring options. A 4-line alphanumeric LCD
display provides local monitoring.
A single enclosure with integrated high-efficiency transformer and internal
AC and DC switchgear simplifies installation.
Price below includes integrated sub-array combiner. See table below for
the number of fused 100 sub-array string inputs.
PV View web-enabled data monitoring, PV Zone sub-array performance
monitoring and RS485 Modbus are optional. Call for pricing.
Wide input voltage range. SatCon offers a standard 5-year warranty on
all inverters. A 10-year warranty costs 15% of the price of inverter plus
accessories. A 15-year warranty costs 35% of the price of inverter plus

Grid-Tie Commercial
SatCon options Item code Price
SatCon PV view direct monitoring CC00302 030-03321 $3,780
SatCon PV view direct each additional inverter SF00030 030-03323 $2,100
SatCon PV weather & environmental monitoring 030-03331 $4,000
SatCon wind speed and direction add to 030-03331 030-03333 $2,000
SatCon rev grade PV View daisy chain 030-03327 $4,900
SatCon PV Zone monitoring cost varies based on inverter size Call

Continuous AC output Max DC Max DC MPPT sub-array CEC Weight
Model output (kW) voltage amps array volts range inputs efficiency (lbs) Item code Price
AE30-60-PV-D 208 92.5% 030-03210 $34,260
30 96 600 295-600 3 1300
AE30-60-PV-A 480 93.0% 030-03209 $33,560
AE50-60-PV-D 208 94.5% 030-03218 $39,280
50 160 600 295-600 3 1778
AE50-60-PV-A 480 93.0% 030-03216 $33,300
AE75-60-PV-D 208 95.0% 030-03222 $59,470
75 240 600 295-600 6 2600
AE75-60-PV-A 480 95.5% 030-03220 $58,290
AE100-60-PV-D 208 94.5% 030-03226 $73,650
100 319 600 295-600 6 3250
AE100-60-PV-A 480 94.5% 030-03224 $72,330
AE135-60-PV-D 208 95.0% 030-03233 $89,280
135 431 600 295-600 9 3500
AE135-60-PV-A 480 95.5% 030-03231 $87,700

AE225-60-PV-A 225 480 718 600 295-600 12 94.5% 4800 030-03235 $117,350

AE500-60-PV-A 500 480 1595 600 295-600 30 95.0% 5400 030-03237 $223,840

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 81
PV Powered

New! Commercial Grid-Tie Inverters

PV Powered commercial inverters combine the ben-
efits of high reliability, low lifetime cost and leading
efficiency into one easy-to-install system. The design
features the latest advances in power technology
including an intelligent power module that uses fifth
generation, self-protecting IGBT silicon, the most
efficient and reliable silicon technology available.
System reliability is ensured by superior quality
components including an integrated 98%-efficient
Energy Star-rated transformer with field-configu-
rable AC voltage output; acid-free, long-life, film-
type capacitors; and a medical-grade DC power
supply that provides clean, reliable power to system
control components.
PV Powered commercial inverters offer a voltage
window of 295-600VDC. This is the widest operat-
ing range with the lowest standard MPPT voltage of
any three-phase inverter in the industry. This provides exceptional stringing capability
with all PV modules currently available including new thin film modules. Serviceability is
enhanced by a modular design that divides the inverter into easy-to-maintain subsystems.
PV Powered backs all their inverters with a 10-year nationwide warranty and top-notch
Grid-Tie Commercial

service and support. ETL Listed to UL 1741.

PVM1010 Monitor
The PV Powered performance monitoring system includes the PVM1010 data monitoring module and user access to inverter per-
formance information on a password-protected website at The PVM1010 along with the secure Internet-based
server operated by PV Powered is equivalent to a standalone data logging meter and communication interface without the cost and
inconvenience of installation and maintenance of a separate metering system.
Access your information from anywhere you can connect to the Internet
Reports power output and energy production trends
View local weather conditions and forecasts
Verify that your system is working at its full potential
Collect and export data for service and maintenance planning

PV Powered Continuous AC output Max DC Max DC array MPPT CEC Dimensions Weight
model output (kW) voltage amps voltage range efficiency H" x W" x D" (lbs) Item code Price
PVP30-208 30 208 109 600 295-500 93.0% 47.7 x 30.4 x 25.9 760 030-03826 $27,100
PVP30-480 30 480 109 600 295-500 93.5% 47.7 x 30.4 x 25.9 760 030-03828 $27,100
PVP75-208 75 208 267 600 295-500 96% 93 x 63 x 35 2750 030-03830 $54,562
PVP75-480 75 480 267 600 295-500 96% 93 x 63 x 35 2750 030-03832 $54,562
PVP100-208 100 208 356 600 295-500 96% 93 x 63 x 35 3000 030-03833 $63,610
PVP100-480 100 480 356 600 295-500 96% 93 x 63 x 35 3000 030-03835 $63,610
PVM1010 Performance monitor card 2 030-03803 $399

82 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

Sunny Tower 36kW and 42kW Systems
The Sunny Tower combines the advantages of central inverters with the performance and installation
advantages of string inverters by offering assembled 36-kW or 42-kW systems. Each Sunny Tower consists
of six 7-kW or 6-kW inverters mounted on a stainless steel structure. Two Sunny Towers can be combined
as an 84 kW system. The Sunny WebBox comes standard making the Sunny Tower Internet-ready. This
type of system offers the advantage of multiple array MPP tracking, optimum operation under partial
load, 96% CEC efficiency and quick delivery. Sunny Towers can be assembled on-site, eliminating the
need for specialized heavy equipment. The system is NEMA 3R outdoor rated and is designed for use
only in three-phase systems at 208 VAC, 240 VAC or 277 VAC. Total weight is 1,115 lbs. (Tower is 330
lbs, plus six inverters.)
NOTE: A Sunny Tower can NOT be used with less than six inverters.

Max AC Max AC DC Array Peak power Max DC

Model power output voltage tracking current Item code Price
ST6000U 36 kW 3 x 58A 250-600 250-480 6 x 25A 030-03060 $36,422
ST6000U+WebBox 36 kW 3 x 58A 250-600 250-480 6 x 25A 030-03061 $42,404
ST7000U 42 kW 3 x 68A 250-600 250-480 6 x 30A 030-03070 $39,160
ST7000+WebBox 42 kW 3 x 68A 250-600 250-480 6 x 30A 030-03071 $45,142

Grid-Tie Commercial
New! Sunny Central 250U/500U Inverters
With the growth of the commercial solar market, SMA has
expanded its central inverter line for 2008. The new Sunny Cen-
tral 250U and 500U have integrated isolation transformers and
deliver the highest efficiencies available for large PV power plant
The user interface has been completely updated and now fea-
tures a large LCD that provides a graphical view of the daily
plant production as well as the status of the PV array, inverter,
and utility grid. The new 250U and 500U now offer optional PV
string monitoring that makes the process of troubleshooting the
PV array more efficient.
The new Sunny Centrals offer a wide variety of remote monitoring
options. Users can now choose from RS485, Ethernet, or wireless
communications via Bluetooth or GSM with the optional Web-
Box. Daily performance data can be automatically uploaded to
the free Sunny Portal website. The accuracy of performance data
can be increased through the use of the optional Sunny SensorBox
which provides monitoring of local irradiance, temperatures, and
wind speed.
The new Sunny Centrals from SMA represent years of innovative
design experience by the world's largest manufacturer of PV invert-
ers. Designed for easy installation, operation, and performance
monitoring, the new Sunny Centrals are the ideal choice for your
large scale PV project.

Continuous AC output Max DC Max DC MPPT CEC Dimensions Weight

SMA model output (kW) voltage amps array volts range efficiency H" x W" x D" (lbs) Item code Price
SC250U 250 480 800 600 300-600 96% 81 x 103 x 34 3970 030-03041 $120,000
SC500U 500 480 1600 600 300-600 96.5% 81 x 134 x 38 6725 030-03046 $216,000

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 83

GTFX and GVFX Grid-Tie Inverters and Systems

The OutBack G-Series inverters are the grid-interactive versions in OutBacks FX inverter line. Available in
either sealed (GTFX) or vented (GVFX) models, these inverters allow you to sell solar, wind, and/or hydro
power back to the utility grid. If the utility power goes down, the inverter will automatically switch to bat-
tery power and your renewable energy source(s) to run your critical loads. The inverter can be set up so that
either utility power, or your renewable source, can be used to recharge the battery bank after an outage. AC
power is seamlessly switched between utility and battery power through the inverters built-in 60A transfer
switch. With the OutBack grid-interactive system, backup AC power is made available 24 hours a day in the event of a utility outage,
providing reliable power and peace of mind. At night, the inverter's automatic power save mode ensures that energy is not wasted
by needlessly charging your batteries from the utility grid. Daily energy production efficiency is within a few percentage points of
batteryless grid-intertie systems (depending on the condition of the battery bank). Up to two grid-interactive FXs can be combined
and wired or stacked for 120/240V output. The Grid-Tie FX Series Inverter/Chargers can be stacked in Classic Series only, which
is limited to two grid-interactive FXs. Note: The FW-X240 Auto Transformer cannot be used for stacking with a Grid-Interactive
FX system. However, the FW-X240 can be used to step-up the AC output of a single Grid-Interactive FX system from 120VAC to
240VAC. These inverters are not recommended for off-grid use. See page xx for OutBack off-grid inverter models.
OutBack G-Series inverters come with a standard 2-year warranty with an optional 3-year extension (5-years total). A 10-year war-
ranty is available for California residents. ETL Listed to UL standards.
Continu- Battery AC out volts/ Charger Peak AC
OutBack model ous watts voltage hertz No load draw amps surge Weight lbs Item code Price
OutBack Sealed Grid-Tie Inverters
GTFX2524 2500 24 VDC 120V/60Hz 18-20W 55A 70A 56 030-04025 $2,369
Grid-Tie with Battery Backup

GTFX3048 3000 48VDC 120v/60Hz 21-23W 35A 70A 66 030-04030 $2,369

OutBack Vented Grid-Tie Inverters
GVFX3524 3500 24 VDC 120V/60Hz 18-20W 85A 70A 54 030-04032 $2,569
GVFX3648 3600 48VDC 120v/60Hz 21-23W 45A 70A 54 030-04036 $2,569
Indoor Systems
We offer pre-assembled, pre-wired and tested, complete one or two inverter OutBack grid-tie
power systems based on the OutBack FLEXware 500 power system components. Choose a
24V or 48V system, and either the sealed or vented inverter models. Use without a solar array
to provide emergency back-up power, or with the addition of one or two MX-60 MPPT charge
controllers, and a solar array, create a fully automated utility-intertie system with battery back-up.
OutBacks MATE controller, HUB4, AC and DC surge arrestor, and RTS remote temperature
sensor are included with each system. Other options, such as AC and DC circuit breakers, and the FLEXnet battery monitor, can be
pre-installed if desired, or field installed later. Batteries are required the system will not function without them.
Batteries, and battery-to-inverter cables, are not included.
These power systems are not recommended for off-grid use. See page xx for OutBack off-grid pre-assembled power systems. These
systems are pre-assembled in our ETL Listed shop. The whole assembly is ETL Listed to UL standards.
FLEXware Inverter(s) Rated power Battery
Model type qty - model kW - AC output DC voltage charger Item code Price
Indoor Sealed Grid-Tie Systems
OBFW5-GTFX2524/S 500 1 GTFX2524 2.5kW 120V 24 VDC 55 AMP 033-00201 $4,867
OBFW5-GTFX2524/D 500 2 GTFX2524 5kW 120/240V 24 VDC 110 AMP 033-00203 $7,930
OBFW5-GTFX3048/S 500 1 GTFX3048 3.0kW 120V 48 VDC 35 AMP 033-00209 $4,793
OBFW5-GTFX3048/D 500 2 GTFX3048 6.0kW 120/240V 48 VDC 70 AMP 033-00211 $7,659
Indoor Ventilated Grid-Tie Systems
OBFW5-GVFX3524/S 500 1 GVFX3524 3.5kW 120V 24 VDC 85 AMP 033-00205 $5,082
OBFW5-GVFX3524/D 500 2 GVFX3524 7kW 120/240V 24 VDC 170 AMP 033-00207 $8,188
OBFW5-GVFX3648/S 500 1 GVFX3648 3.6kW 120V 48 VDC 45 AMP 033-00213 $4,993
OBFW5-GVFX3648/D 500 2 GVFX3648 7.2kW 120/240V 48 VDC 90 AMP 033-00215 $8,059
OBFW-O-MX60 OutBack MX60 charge controller with breaker, installed in power system 033-01513 $795
OBFW-O-MX60/Dual Two OutBack MX60 charge controllers with breaker, installed in power system 033-01515 $1,601
OBDC-GFP Ground fault interrupter for PV array, installed in power system 033-01221 $171
84 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

XW Sine-Wave Battery-Based Inverter System Off-Grid and Grid-Tie
The Xantrex XW Series hybrid inverter/charger offers an innovative, integrated design
which minimizes external balance-of-system components allowing for much quicker
and easier installation. The XW Series offers pure sine-wave capability as well as
split-phase operation right out of the box for 120 VAC and/or 240 VAC solutions. Up
to three units can be operated in parallel, offering 18 kW, 120/240 VAC power.
Certified to UL-1741 and CSA for grid-tie applications, the XW can be used as a
grid-tie battery-backup inverter or an off-grid inverter. One or two XW MPPT charge
controllers are required for PV grid-tie operation.
Unsurpassed surge capacity is achieved by using digital control to regulate the output
voltage from dropping during surge. A full 200% rated output power is delivered to
load under surge conditions. Efficient, power-factor-corrected, high-current multi-stage
battery charging minimizes recharge time and electricity/fuel costs, and prolongs bat-
tery life.
The inverter display panel give status-at-a-glance. LEDs indicate AC-in status, faults/
warnings, equalize mode, and battery state of charge. Three-character LCD indicates
output power or charge current.
The new wall-mount design is easier to install than the SW power panel. The power
distribution panel includes all AC/DC disconnects and wiring so there is no need to
individually purchase separate components. The distribution panel and conduit box is
factory wired and labelled to support one inverter in a code-compliant manner, and it

Grid-Tie with Battery Backup/Off-Grid

has wiring space and conduit and breaker knockouts to add up to three inverters and/
or four charge controllers. Field-reversible door with magnetic catch makes access
to wiring easy. Options include an XW connection kit for a second inverter, an XW
conduit box for systems with more than two inverters or to retrofit XW inverters into
existing systems which already have AC/DC disconnects. Conduit box/raceway has
barriers to ensure separation between low-voltage communication cables and AC and
DC wires.
XW-MPPT60-150 60A Solar Charge Controller with integrated PV ground fault pro-
tection accepts arrays with open-circuit voltage up to 150 VAC and employs dynamic
maximum power point tracking. The XW system control panel plugs into Xanbus
network and provides a central user interface to configure and monitor all components
in the system.
5-year warranty. Dimensions of the inverter are 16" x 23" x 9". The inverter is field-
serviceable without needing to remove it from the wall.

Continuous Battery AC out volts/ No load Charger Peak AC Weight

Xantrex model watts voltage hertz draw amps surge (lbs) Item code Price
XW4024-120/240-60 4000 24 VDC 120/240V/60Hz 24W 85 50A 115 030-01166 $3.250
XW4548-120/240-60 4500 48VDC 120/240V/60Hz 26W 85 50A 115 030-01163 $3,600
XW6048-120/240-60 6000 48VDC 120/240V/60Hz 28W 100 70A 125 030-01160 $4,500
XW power distribution panel XW Power distribution panel w/ conduit box for 1 XW inverter 030-01169 $1500
XW-connection kit XW connection kit for second inverter, includes breakers and raceway 030-01172 $850
XW-conduit box XW empty conduit raceway 030-01175 $250
XW-MPPT60-150 XW 60A MPPT charge controller 020-08040 $650
XW-auto generator start Automatic generator start module for the XW system 030-01183 $200
XW-system control panel Plugs into Xanbus network and provides a central user interface 030-01181 $300

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 85
Xantrex is a leading developer and manufacturer of inverters, charge controllers,
and balance of system components for grid-tie and off-grid solar applications.


The Trace Series Inverter/Charger is an economical power With over 140 MWs of GT Series single phase inverters
conversion solution designed to provide dependable modified deployed and a 10 year standard warranty, the GT has
sine wave electricity to essential circuits in the home or become the trusted brand of leading installers in
business during a power outage. North America.


The Xantrex three phase product line includes the new Our new XW Series of hybrid inverter-charger systems builds
Xantrex GT100 and GT250 Grid-tie Solar Inverters, with output on the success of the legendary SW Series with a new level
power levels of 100 and 250 kilowatts respectively. of performance and ease of installation.
2008 Xantrex Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Xantrex and smart choice for power are trademarks of Xantrex International, registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Apollo Solar

new! TSW TrueSineWave Inverter/Chargers
The Apollo Solar models TSW2212, TSW3224 and TSW3648 include a DC to AC true sine
wave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch in a compact modular housing. These
are ideal solutions for off-grid systems in the 2kW-12kW range for residential and commercial
battery-based installations. They provide both 120- and 240-volt AC split output from 12-, 24-
and 48-volt battery systems.
The output provides 240 volts for well pumps, appliances, or shop tools while providing 120 volts
for standard circuits. Either side of the line can supply up to 75% of the total load. The inverter
can surge to over 200% of the rated power to allow for intermittent loads for short periods like
motor starting without interrupting sensitive computer loads.
The input can accept utility line or 240-volt AC generators. Power factor corrected, the high-
current battery-charger circuit is designed to optimize the efficient use of energy from generator
or line input. The 5-stage charging algorithm maximizes both battery life and storage capacity.
The Apollo Solar PV charge controllers (page 106) are a perfect match for the TSW2212, TSW3224
and TSW3648 for renewable energy installations. The ASNET ports provide integrated display
of system data from all the products. Monitoring of energy used, battery state-of-charge and
system performance is included. The ASNET port provides networking capability of multiple
units as well as access to the T80 or T100 charge controllers and remote display for enhanced
system performance.

OutBack Sealed/Turbo Cooled Off-Grid Inverters

Continuous Battery AC output No load Charger Peak AC Wt.
Apollo model watts voltage volts/hertz draw amps surge (lbs) Item code Price
TSW2212 2000 12VDC 120V/240V 60Hz 20 W 100 4400W 49 030-02611 $2,495
TSW3224 3200 24 VDC 120V/240V 60Hz 20 W 100 6400W 49 030-02615 $2,495
TSW3648 3600 48 VDC 120V/240V 60Hz 20 W 70 7200W 49 030-02619 $2,495

new! SPC 120/240 Solar Power Center

The Apollo Solar SPC 120/240 Solar Power Center is a complete off-grid PV power supply, fully wired and tested, ready for quick
installation. The installer need only add one of the TSW inverters above and a T-80 charge controller, then connect the PV input, bat-
tery cables, and AC load. The inverter, charge controller, and all the circuit breakers are mounted inside a single enclosure.
The SPC features the TrueSineWave Split-Phase Inverter, the T80 MPPT Charge Con-
troller, the SPC front-panel system display, plus integral DC and AC breakers, ground
fault protection, lightning arrestors, and generator start/operation capability all in
a clean, compact 3-foot by 2-foot enclosure that stands only 9 inches from the wall.
The SPC 120/240 is the turn-key solution for remote, off-grid PV applications.
In addition to the data readout on the front cover of the SPC, the optional wireless
remote display can monitor the entire system showing the comprehensive status of the
PV array, the controller, the battery system, and the AC load. The wireless data moni-
tor displays PV current/voltage, battery charge/discharge amps, and state-of-charge
(SOC) in percent full, amp-hours, and bar-graph formats, an easy-to read gas gauge
essential for battery-based systems. It shows 90 days of historical energy produc-
tion, usage, and charging data recorded by the T80 charge controller. The wireless
RD100/300 shows all the information at a glance in one convenient location and the
data cache can be expanded to a year using the SD memory card. Firmware updates
to the battery management system can be downloaded from the web and transmitted
to the charge controller.

Apollo model Apollo inverter accessories Item code Price

SPC 120/240 Apollo Solar Power Center without inverter or charge controller 030-02635 $1959
RD-WIRED Wired remote display 020-07085 $199
RD100 Wireless remote display 020-07089 $399

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 87

Off-Grid Inverters
The sealed, fan-cooled OutBack FX is designed to survive harsh environments. The higher
powered ventilated VFX version is a better choice in high ambient temperature applications or
where generator-powered battery charging is an important part of system battery charging.
Each inverter/charger is a complete power conversion system DC to AC inverter, battery charger
and AC transfer switch. Additional inverter/chargers can be added at any time either in parallel
(120VAC), series (120/240VAC), or even three-phase (120Y208 VAC) configurations, allowing
the system to be tailored to the specific needs of the application, both at the time of installation
and into the future. With the addition of an X-240 autotransformer, multiple inverter systems
can be set up to provide 120/240 VAC split-phase output with the ability to provide full power
on either 120VAC leg of the system. Up to ten inverters can be connected together to provide
up to 36 kW of continuous power capacity with the use of the HUB and the MATE controller.
The inverters powerful battery charger operates in five stages: BULK (constant current output), ABSORB (constant voltage output),
FLOAT (reduced voltage output), SILENT (no charger output) and EQUALIZE (constant voltage regulation overcharging). Charge
time in each stage is adjustable to provide control and to maximize the performance of the charger and battery system.
Each OutBack inverter has a programmable, auxiliary relay output connection (AUX) that provides 12VDC output to run 12V cooling
or ventilation fans or operate an external relay to perform other functions, such as remote generator starting (two-wire), to disconnect
external charging sources (such as PV), or to turn on a diversion load for voltage regulation.
The transfer switch is rated for 60 amps. When an external source of AC power (either a generator or the utility grid) is detected at
the AC in terminal on the inverter, the switch operates to transfer the loads to the external power source, and then activates the
battery charger to re-charge the battery bank.

Inverters with an M-suffix are an RV/marine version. They have a transfer switch that switches hot and neutral. Dimensions: 16.25"
L x 8.25" W x 11.5" H. ETL Listed to UL 1741. Standard 2-year warranty with an available 5-year extended warranty.
Conduit Adapters OutBack Continu- Battery AC out No load Charger Peak AC Wt.
Use the FX-DCA to connect model ous watts voltage volts/hertz draw amps surge (lbs) Item code Price
2" conduit to the DC side of OutBack Sealed/Turbo Cooled Off-Grid Inverters
the inverter. FX2012T 2000 12VDC 120V/60Hz 20 W 80 56A 56 030-04147 $2.369
Use the FX-ACA to connect FX2012MT 2000 12VDC 120V/60Hz 20 W 80 56A 56 030-04145 $2.369
to the AC side of the inverter.
FX2524T 2500 24 VDC 120V/60Hz 20 W 55 70A 56 030-04119 $2.369
The FX-SP-ACA replaces the
FX-ACA and offers surge pro- FX3048T 3000 48VDC 120v/60Hz 23 W 35 70A 56 030-04121 $2.369
tection. Export Models can be connected in parallel or 3-phase Y 400VAC
FX2012ET 2000 12VDC 230V/50Hz 20 W 100 70A 56 030-04140 $2.369
FX2024ET 2000 24 VDC 230V/50Hz 20 W 55 70A 56 030-04144 $2.369
FX2348ET 2300 48VDC 230V/50Hz 23 W 35 70A 56 030-04142 $2.369
OutBack Ventilated Fan Cooled Inverters
VFX2812 2800 12VDC 120V/60Hz 20W 125 56 A 54 030-04149 $2,569
VFX2812M 2800 12VDC 120V/60Hz 20W 125 56 A 54 030-04146 $2,569
VFX3524 3500 24 VDC 120V/60Hz 20W 85 70 A 54 030-04155 $2,569
VFX3648 3600 48VDC 120v/60Hz 23W 45 70 A 54 030-04157 $2,569
Export Models can be connected in parallel or 3-phase Y 400VAC
VFX2612E 2600 12VDC 230V/50Hz 20W 120 56 A 54 030-04134 $2,569
VFX3024E 3000 24 VDC 230V/50Hz 20W 85 70 A 54 030-04136 $2,569
VFX3048E 3000 48VDC 230V/50Hz 23W 42 70 A 54 030-04138 $2,569

model OutBack inverter accessories Item code Price
FX-DCA 2" conduit adapter required to mount inverter to FLEXware 500 or 1000 030-04163 $45
AC wiring compartment extension includes two 1" conduit knockouts and an AC
FX-ACA 030-04166 $45
outlet knockout required to mount FX or VFX to FLEXware 500 or 1000
FX-SP-ACA AC wiring compartment with surge arrestor for AC and DC side of inverter 030-04290 $259

88 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
OutBack MATE Remote Monitors and Hubs

The OutBack MATE is a complete system controller and display for both the OutBack inverter/
charger and MX60 MPPT PV charge controller. It provides a display of the operation as well
as allows control and adjustment of the setpoints. The OutBack MATE also coordinates the
operation of the entire system to maximize performance and to prevent multiple products from
conflicting. A single OutBack MATE is able to connect to multiple inverter/chargers, MX60
MPPT PV charge controllers and any other OutBack power conversion and control products
offered in the future. A maximum of ten OutBack products will be able to be connected to a
single MATE via Cat 5 Ethernet type cabling with 8 wire RJ45 modular connectors and the
OutBack HUB communication manager. The OutBack MATE also includes an optoisolated
RS232 port with a DB9 jack for connection to the serial port of a PC computer. The MATE2
has a flush-mount black face for panel or in-wall mounting.
New! The FLEXnet DC System Monitor
The FLEXnet DC System Monitor integrates with an OutBack MATE communications device,
providing you with the data you need concerning your systems health, performance and effi-
ciency. Easily see your systems current condition with this at-a-glance display. This screen
shows current state-of-charge and whether you are currently charging or discharging your
batteries. It monitors the amount of power your system is currently producing and consuming
as well as the amount of power going IN and OUT of your battery bank. It allows the Mate
to display real-time production monitoring of DC sources, such as a solar array or small wind
turbine, as well as consumption by loads. It also displays the cumulative energy your system
has produced and consumed as well as the total amount of energy that has gone to charging
your batteries today. This screen displays todays lowest state-of-charge and allows you to

see how your overall system production compares to system consumption. Review historical
energy production and consumption data for the most recent 128 days, including the minimum
battery state-of-charge reached for each day. This screen can be used to watch power system
production and consumption trends.
A HUB is required to connect more than one inverter to the same load or to connect inverters,
MATEs and MX charge controllers to allow programming and monitoring of the entire system
by the MATE.
The RTS remote temperature sensor is important for accurate battery charging, especially if
the batteries get very warm or cold. If used with a HUB, one temperature sensor can be shared
by all inverters and MX charge controllers.

OutBack model OutBack MATE system monitor and control Item code Price

MATE System control shipped with a 50 ft Cat 5 cable 030-04180 $295

MATE-B Black version of MATE above 030-04180-B $295

MATE2 Flush-mount version 030-04181 $295

FlexNet DC Advanced DC System Monitor - requires a MATE 030-04187 $379

HUB-4 Stacking kit for up to 4 inverters and/or charge controllers 030-04185 $195

HUB-10 Stacking kit for up to 10 inverters and/or charge controllers 030-04188 $375

RTS Remote temperature sensor with 20' cable 030-04190 $29

FLEXware 250
The FLEXware 250 offers the lowest cost solution for single inverter/charger
installations where space and budget are of primary concern. The picture at
right shows a FLEXware 250 on both ends of an inverter. See next page for
circuit breakers to fit FW250.

OutBack model FLEXware 250 power system box and IOB kits Weight Item code Price
FW250 FLEXware 250 enclosure with TBB (ground or neutral block) knockouts for breakers 5 lbs 030-04205 $99
FW-IOB-S-120VAC IOB kit includes 3 50A 120VAC breakers and AC breaker bypass slide plate 2 lbs 030-04230 $105
FW-IOB-S-230VAC IOB kit includes 3 30A 230VAC breakers and AC breaker bypass slide plate export model 2 lbs 030-04233 $105
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 89

FLEXware 500 and 1000

The FLEXware 500 supports up to two inverter/chargers and two charge
controllers in an attractive, versatile and code-compliant package for instal-
lations where more power is needed. The FLEXware 1000 accommodates
up to four inverter/chargers and four charge controllers. For usage in large
systems with multiple power panels for up to 36 kW. Both the FLEXware
500 and 1000 systems provide ample locations for additional breakers, DC-
current shunts, an autotransformer and other items required in higher kW
systems. The new FLEXware MP mounting plate shows the versatility of
the FLEXware line with and is compatible with both FLEXware 500 and
FLEXware 1000 enclosures. The picture here shows the FLEXware 1000
AC and DC boxers with 4 inverters and 4 MX60 charge controllers. See the
page102 for a picture of the FLEXware 500.
OutBack model FLEXware 500 and 1000 Inverters Item code Price
FLEXware Mounting Plate
FW-MP Mounting plate for FLEXware 500 and 1000 enclosures (2 required for FW-1000 systems). 2 030-04260 $179
FLEXware 500 Power System Box and IOB Kits
FW500-AC FLEXware 500 enclosure with TBB-ground, DIN rail for AC breakers 2 030-04215 $309
FW500-DC FLEXware 500 enclosure with DC breaker bracket, TBB, BBUS, 500A shunt 2 030-04212 $309
FW-IOB-D-120/240VAC IOB kit includes six 60A 120VAC breakers and AC breaker bypass slide plate, bus bars, wire 2 030-04237 $249
FW-IOB-D-120VAC IOB kit includes six 60A 120VAC breakers and AC breaker bypass slide plate, bus bars, wire 2 030-04240 $219

FW-IOB-D-230VAC IOB kit includes six 30A 230VAC breakers and breaker bypass slide plate, TBB, wire - export 2 030-04243 $199
FLEXware 1000 Power System Box and IOB Kits
FW1000-AC FLEXware 1000 Enclosure with TBB-ground, DIN Rail for AC breakers up to 4 030-04223 $509
FW1000-DC FLEXware 1000 Enclosure with DC Breaker bracket, TBB, 2 SBUS, BBUS, 500A Shunt up to 4 030-04221 $509
FW-IOB-D-120/240VAC IOB kit includes six 60A 120VAC breakers and AC breaker bypass slide plate, bus bars, wire 2 030-04237 $249
FW-IOB-D-120VAC IOB kit includes six 60A 120VAC breakers and AC breaker bypass slide plate, bus bars, wire 2 030-04240 $219
FW-IOB-D-230VAC IOB kit includes six 30A 230VAC breakers and breaker bypass slide plate, TBB, wire - export 2 030-04243 $199
FW-IOB-T-120/208VAC IOB kit includes nine 60A 120VAC breakers and AC breaker bypass slide plate, bus bars, wire 3 030-04253 $309
FW-IOB-T-230/400VAC IOB kit includes nine 30A 230VAC breakers and breaker bypass slide plate, TBB, wire - export 3 030-04255 $309
FW-IOB-Q-120VAC IOB kit includes twelve 60A 120VAC breakers and AC breaker bypass slide plate, bus bars, wire 4 030-04249 $409
FW-IOB-Q-120/240VAC IOB kit includes twelve 60A 120VAC breakers and AC breaker bypass slide plate, bus bars, wire 4 030-04247 $409
FW-IOB-Q-230/AC IOB kit includes twelve 30A 230VAC breakers and breaker bypass slide plate, TBB, wire - export 4 030-04251 $409

FLEXware Components
When assembling FLEXware power systems, the following components may be necessary when adding charge controllers, additional
inverters or circuit breakers for additional loads or inputs.

Model FLEXware options Item code Price

FW-X240 4kVA 120/240VAC autotransformer -w/ 25A 2-pole breaker for mounting inside FLEXware 500 and 1000 AC enclosures 030-04270 $390
TBB-GROUND Ground/neutral terminal bus bar with mounting screws (no insulators). 030-04356 $19
OBDC-GFP Ground Fault Protection, 2 pole, 80A 030-04323 $129
TBB-black Bus bar with black insulators 030-04353 $19
TBB-BLUE Bus bar with blue insulators 030-04359 $19
TBB-RED Bus bar with red insulators 030-04355 $19
TBB-WHITE Bus bar with white insulators 030-04354 $19
TBB-BROWN Bus bar with brown insulators 030-04352 $19
FW-BBUS Breaker Bus for connection of two 175-250A, three 100-125A, four 1-80A DC breakers or three 500 amp DC shunts 030-04358 $19
FW-CBUS Combiner Bus connects up to eight DIN mount breakers or four DIN mount fuse holders includes one 1/0 screw lug 030-04361 $19
FW-SBUS Shunt bus allows up to four high current cable connections on same side of DC shunt includes hardware 030-04360 $29
FW-CCB MX charge controller mounting bracket for one side mounted on FW500 or FW1000 DC enclosures with hardware 030-04263 $55
FW-CCB2 MX charge controller mounting bracket for two side mounted on FW500 or FW1000 DC enclosures with hardware 030-04265 $59
FW-CCB2T MX charge controller mounting bracket for two top mounted on FW500 or FW1000 DC enclosures with hardware 030-04267 $59
90 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
There is a Magnum Inverter/Charger to meet your needs

ME Series Inverter/Charger MM Series Inverter/Charger MM-AE Series Inverter/Charger

Works with: Marine and RV systems Works with: Marine and RV systems Works with: Renewable energy
Available models:
ME2012, Available models: (off-grid and back-up) systems
ME2012-15B, ME2012-20B, MM612, MM1212 Available models:
ME2512, ME3112 MM1212AE, MM1524AE

MMS Series Inverter/Charger MS Series Inverter/Charger MS-AE 120/240V Series

Works with: Marine and RV systems Works with: Renewable energy
(off-grid and back-up), Marine, Works with: Renewable energy
Available models: MMS1012
and RV systems (off-grid and back-up) systems
Available models: Available models:
MS2000, MS2000-20B, MS2012, MS4024AE, MS4448AE
MS2012-20B, MS2812, MS4024

Available Accessories:
Automatic Generator Start Module (AGS), Battery Monitor Kit, Conduit Box,
DC Disconnect, Fuse Blocks, Ignition Switch Lockout, LCD Remote Displays,
Remote Switch Adapter, Series Stacking Cable Kit

RD Series Inverter/Charger
Works with: Renewable energy
(off-grid and back-up) systems
Available models:
RD1824, RD2824, RD3924 Call and ask for our full catalog for complete product information.
Phone: 425-353-8833 Web:

The Powerful Difference

Magnum Energy

The MMS Series from Magnum Energy is a pure sine wave inverter provid-
ing a cost-effective solution for those with smaller power needs in mobile
applications. Versatile, easy-to-use and lightweight, the MMS Series provides
a reliable base for your energy system. The MMS Series inverter is designed to
accommodate entertainment systems and small appliances in smaller RVs and
boats in an all new design. Based on the popular ME and MS Series inverters,
the MMS is smaller, lighter and less expensive while retaining all the built-in
protection and reliability of ME and MS models. The MMS charger uses a PFC
(power factor corrected) charger, which is 85% efficient and the same charger
topology used in all Magnum models. The MMS Series is ETL Listed to the
stringent requirements of UL/cUL 458, CSA C22.2 #107.1-01 and meets the
KKK-A-822E standard.
MS-Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers
The MS Series inverter/charger is a pure sine wave inverter designed specifically for
the most demanding mobile and off-grid applications. The MS Series is powerful, easy
to use, and cost-effective.
MS-series inverter/chargers are available in 12-, 24- and 48-volt versions. The 48-volt
MS4448-AE has 120/240VAC output, eliminating the need to stack two units or buy a
transformer to run 240-volt loads.

Install the MS Series in four easy steps: simply connect the inverters output to your
distribution circuits or electrical panel, connect AC power from the utility or generator
to the inverters easy-to-reach terminal block, connect the batteries, and switch on the
power. Mount the MS Series on a shelf, bulkhead, or even upside down.
The lightweight aluminum base and cover provide noise reduction and corrosion resis-
tance. The MS Series has an RS485 communication port for network expansion and a remote control port. The extra-large AC-access
cover with terminal screw block and 360 DC connection terminals with covers make the inverter wiring accessible when it needs
to be. The MS Series front panel has an on/off switch with an easy-to-read LED indicator. All models have a 50-amp transfer relay.
MS inverters can be series stacked, using the ME-SSI, for 120/240 VAC operations.
The MS Series is ETL Listed to UL/cUL 458 for mobile use and UL 1741 for off-grid installations. Dimensions: 13.75" x 12.65" x
8". 3-year warranty, except MS4024-AE and MS4448-AE which has a 2-year warranty.

Continuous No-load Charger Peak AC Weight

Magnum model watts Battery voltage AC out volts/hertz draw amps surge (lbs) Item code Price
MMS1012 1000 12VDC 120V/60Hz 16W 50 14A 20 030-02320 $1,199
MS2012 2000 12VDC 120V/60Hz 24W 100 50A 43 030-02332 $1,899
MS2012-20B 2000 12VDC 120V/60Hz 24W 100 50A 44 030-02334 $1,949
MS2812 2800 12VDC 120V/60Hz 24W 125 70A 53 030-02336 $2,199
MS4024 4000 24VDC 120V/60Hz 15W 105 105A 58 030-02338 $2,499
MS4024-AE 4000 24 VDC 120/240V/60Hz 24W 60 105A 58 030-02339 $2,599
MS4448-AE 4400 48VDC 120/240V/60Hz 24W 60 70A 58 030-02340 $2,599
Accessories and Options
ME-RC50 Remote for all Magnum inverters with 50-foot cable 2 030-02351 $229
ME-SSI Series stacking cable for ME, MS and RD only 10 030-02362 $79
ME-AGS Automatic generator start network version for use with Magnum inverters 4 020-06377 $299
ME-AGS-S Automatic generator start standalone version for use with Magnum inverters 4 020-06375 $299
ME-BMK Battery monitor kit - ME-RC50 required with this item 4 020-06379 $179

92 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
MM-AE Series 12V Inverters

The MM-AE Series 12VDC inverter/charger is designed to accommodate
entertainment systems and small appliances in smaller RVs, boats and cabins.
Based on the popular ME and MS Series inverters, the MM is smaller, lighter
and less expensive while retaining all the built-in protection and reliability
of MS models. The MM models with chargers use a PFC (power factor cor-
rected) charger, which is 85% efficient and uses the same charger topology for
all Magnum models. Available in 600- and 1200-watt models, the MM Series
inverters are powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective. 2-year warranty. Dimen-
sions: 16.6" x 8.4" x 4.7"
ME-Series 12V Inverters
The ME Series 12VDC inverter/charger is designed specifically for RV use.
The sine wave charger efficiently charges your batteries even at low AC voltage
from low-cost generators, while the modified sine wave inverter keeps the cost
down. Additionally, the battery temperature sensor works with the charger for
optimum battery charging. It comes in three power levels. ME is ETL Listed
to UL458 for RV, marine and mobile use. 3-year warranty. Dimensions: 16.6"
x 8.4" x 4.7"
RD-Series 24V Inverters
The RD Series 24VDC inverter/charger is designed specifically for off-grid
use. It is built in the same chassis as the MS sine wave inverters. The power-
factor-corrected battery charger efficiently charges your batteries even at low

AC voltage from low-cost generators, while the modified sine wave inverter
keeps the cost down. Additionally, the battery temperature sensor works with
the charger for optimum battery charging. The RD Series comes in three power
models. The RD inverters are ETL Listed to UL1741 for solar and off-grid
applications. 2-year warranty. Dimensions: 16.6" x 8.4" x 4.7"
Magnum Continuous Battery No load Charger Peak AC Weight
model watts voltage AC out volts/hertz draw amps surge (lbs) Item code Price
MM612-AE 600 12VDC 120V/60Hz 10W 30 10A 14 030-02302 $549
MM1212-AE 1200 12VDC 120V/60Hz 16W 70 20A 20 030-02304 $849
ME2012 2000 12VDC 120V/60Hz 11W 100 37A 38 030-02305 $1,592
ME2512 2500 12VDC 120V/60Hz 12W 130 45A 42 030-02311 $1,846
ME3112 3100 12VDC 120V/60Hz 12W 150 50A 45 030-02315 $1999
RD1824 1800 24 VDC 120V/60Hz 6W 50 33A 38 030-02322 $1,289
RD2824 2800 24 VDC 120V/60Hz 6W 80 50A 42 030-02324 $1,679
RD3924 3900 24 VDC 120/V/60Hz 6W 105 75 A 45 030-02328 $1,979

Accessories and Options (Prices on previous page)

The optional ME-RC remote control is simple to use, yet allows all the set-up features of the
ME, MM, MS and RD Series inverters. The ME-RC also has the option of controlling the
ME-AGS automatic generator start using a network connection to the inverter. This remote
has convenient finger-tip operation, including the new one-knob programming.
The optional Auto Generator Start (AGS) module automatically starts and stops most major
generator brands, including Onan, Powertech, Generac and Weterbeke. Please check with us
for specific model compatibility based on temperature or battery voltage. The generator can
automatically start based on low battery voltage or the inside temperature of a cabin or RV.
The temperature start feature is designed to start a generator to run an air conditioner when the inside temperature of an RV or cabin
rises to a user-settable level. The network version of the AGS comes with a cable that plugs into the network port of the inverter.
The optional ME-SSI allows series connection of two inverters.
The MS Series accessories work with the ME and RD Series (next page) as well, except where noted. The optional ME-SSI allows
series connection of two MS, ME or RD inverters. The ME-SSI is not for use with MM-Series inverters.
ME-BMK monitors battery state-of-charge (SOC) and then provides this information in an easy-to-understand display via the ME-RC
remote. Kit includes a sense module, shunt and wiring.
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 93

SureSine 300W Inverters

The Morningstar SureSine pure sine wave inverter is designed to meet the
needs of rural PV electrification requiring AC power for solar home systems,
schools, community centers and health clinics. This inverter is also a good
choice for small PV systems for telecom, remote cabins and weekend homes,
and RV/caravans and boats. It has outstanding surge capability for a small
inverter. The SureSine handles a 200% surge during load start-up, to a maxi-
mum of 600 watts.
The SureSine uses epoxy encapsulation, conformal coating, stainless steel
hardware, and an anodized aluminum enclosure to protect against harsh tropical
and marine environments. AC output connection is a hard wire terminal. It does
not have an AC receptacle. 2-year warranty. Dimensions are 8.4" x 6" x 4.1"

Continuous Battery No load Standby Peak AC Wt

Morningstar model watts voltage AC out volts/hertz draw draw watts lbs Item code Price
SI-300-115V 300 12VDC 115/V/60Hz 450mA 55 mA 600 10 030-08021 $308
SI-300-220V 300 12VDC 220V/50Hz 450mA 55 mA 600 10 030-08033 $308

XP Series Sine Wave Inverters

Exeltech XP inverters are the most affordable, high-performance true sine wave inverters
on the market. They feature sophisticated protection circuitry, making them immune from
damage by overloads, short circuits, overtemperature and input polarity reversal. XP series
are excellent for telecommunications, audio recording equipment, or any loads that require
an excellent waveform. Efficiency = 87-89% (distortion <2%). Exeltech XP inverters can
run on the high charging voltages needed to charge alkaline batteries. 120 VAC output.
XP 150
1-year warranty.

Battery Continuous No load Dimensions Weight

Model voltage watts watts (inches) (lbs) Item code Price
XP 125 Series
XP125/12 12V 125 5 4.65 x 2 x 6.75 2.3 030-06021 $370
XP125/24 24V 125 5 4.65 x 2 x 6.75 2.3 030-06024 $370
XP125/48 48V 125 5 4.65 x 2 x 6.75 2.3 030-06025 $440 XP 250
XP125/120 120V 125 5 4.65 x 2 x 6.75 2.3 030-06026 $440
XP 250 Series
XP250/12 LI 12V 1100 6 5.23 x 2.77 x 10.38 5 030-06027 $672
XP250/24 LI 24V 1100 6 5.23 x 2.77 x 10.38 5 030-06030 $672
XP250/48 48V 1100 8 5.23 x 2.77 x 10.38 5 030-06032 $740
XP250/120 120V 1100 8 5.23 x 2.77 x 10.38 5 030-06035 $740
XP 600 Series
XP 600
XP600/12 12V 125 5 7.7 x 3.6 x 11.77 6.5 030-06041 $938
XP600/24 24V 125 5 7.7 x 3.6 x 11.77 6.5 030-06043 $938
XP600/48 48V 125 5 7.7 x 3.6 x 11.77 6.5 030-06045 $1,020
XP600/120 120V 125 5 7.7 x 3.6 x 11.77 6.5 030-06048 $1,020
XP 1100 Series
XP1100/12 LI 12V 1100 10 7.7 x 3.6 x 14.77 12 030-06072 $1,224
XP1100/24 LI 24V 1100 10 7.7 x 3.6 x 14.77 12 030-06078 $1,224
XP1100/48 48V 1100 20 7.7 x 3.6 x 14.77 12 030-06075 $1,464
XP1100/120 120V 1100 20 7.7 x 3.6 x 14.77 12 030-06080 $1,464

XP 1100
94 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

Sine Wave Inverters
Samlex sine wave inverters offer the first low-cost, high-quality
small sine-wave inverters for remote homes, RVs and boats.
The output is overload protected. All of these inverters have
AC receptacles and low-battery alarms. 120 VAC output. If you
plan to use these inverters with reactive load, such as motors
and compact fluorescent lights or other ballasted light, size
the inverter for 4 times the continuous watts required. 1-year

Samlex model Battery voltage Continuous watts Surge watts Dimensions (inches) Weight (lbs) Item code Price
PST-15S-12A 12V 150 250 2.4 x 4.7 x 7.4 2.6 030-07123 $169
PST-30S-12A 12V 300 500 4.7 x 11.22 x 2.4 3.9 030-07126 $195
PST-60S-12A 12V 600 1000 9.3 x 13.2 x 3.3 6.6 030-07129 $399
PST-100S-12A 12V 1000 1500 9.3 x 15.5 x 3.3 8.8 030-07130 $649
S-1500-112B2 12V 1500 2000 15.4 X 10.8 X 4.1 15.4 030-07131 $899
PST-60S-24A 24V 600 1000 9.3 x 13.2 x 3.3 6.6 030-07132 $334
PST-100S-24A 24V 1000 1500 9.3 x 15.5 x 3.3 8.8 030-07134 $575
S1500-124B2 24V 1500 2000 15.4 X 10.8 X 4.1 15.4 030-07135 $985
S1500-148B2 48V 1500 2000 15.4 X 10.8 X 4.1 15.4 030-07148 $985

NEW! Samlex Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers
The SL inverter is a low-cost, heavy-duty pure sine wave inverter, primarily
designed for backup power in places where power is unreliable. It can supply
power to various loads such as resistive load (heater), inductive load (air condi-
tioners, refrigerator), motors (vacuum cleaners), and rectifier load (computer).
All SL-series inverters are designed to work in heavy load condition. De-rating
is not necessary. It has a built-it battery charger and transfer switch. It can be
a good choice for remote cabins with small generator backup.
The smart charger can be set with different charging profiles and battery capacities to match various battery types and sizes.
When used for backup to utility power, the internal transfer switch automatically transfers the output between inverter and utility
source. When the utility voltage is low or off, it switches to the inverter power. Otherwise the load is connected to the utility source.
The transfer time is 1/4~1/2 of the total cycle time. The high-power charger (40A on the SL2024 for example) can charge a 24V/400
Ah battery bank in 10 hours.
SL series is an extremely good choice for utility backup power. It also can be used as a UPS for computers. 1-year warranty.

SL Series Domestic Voltage Inverters

Continuous Charge
Samlex model Battery volts AC volts / hertz watts amps Weight (lbs) Item code Price
SL-1012 12 120/60 1000 40 16 030-07189 $684
SL-1512 12 120/60 1500 50 18 030-07191 $884
SL2012 12 120/60 2000 80 23 030-07193 $978
SL1024 24 120/60 1000 20 15 030-07196 $684
SL1524 24 120/60 1500 25 18 030-07197 $884
SL2024 24 120/60 2000 40 20 030-07198 $978
SL3024 24 120/60 3000 60 25 030-07199 $1,260

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 95

New! Trace Series Inverter/Charger

Based on the proven technology of the Xantrex DR Series, the Xantrex Trace Series
Inverter/Charger is an economical power conversion solution designed to provide depend-
able modified sine wave electricity to essential circuits in the home or business during a
power outage. It can also be used in conjunction with a generator or any renewable energy
source in an off-grid application. In addition to providing new features, the Trace Series
improves on the key features that have made the DR Series the most robust and reliable
inverter/charger line for backup power and off-grid applications.
The front panel features an ON/OFF membrane switch, status indicator LEDs and a digital
display that shows kilowatts when inverting and amps when charging. Other controls are
protected by a snap-on cover that prevents settings
from being accidentally changed. TR Series Domestic Voltage Inverters
Power factor corrected (PFC) charging, combined Xantrex Battery AC volts/ Continuous Charge Weight
with a more sophisticated multi-stage battery charg- model volts hertz watts amps (lbs) Item code Price
ing algorithm, reduces electricity draw and generator TR1512 12 120/60 1500 70 40 030-01301 $880
run-time during generator-powered battery charging TR2412 12 120/60 2400 100 42 030-01305 $1,145
and its outstanding thermal performance allows full
TR1524 24 120/60 1500 35 40 030-01303 $880
inverter output power to 50C (122F) without de-
rating. A temperature sensor is included. High surge TR2424 24 120/60 2400 70 45 030-01307 $1,145
capacity starts more difficult loads and handles over- TR3624 24 120/60 3600 70 45 030-01309 $1,425
load conditions reliably. Domestic voltage inverters TR Series Export Voltage Inverters

can be series stacked for 120/240 VAC output using

Xantrex Battery AC volts/ Continuous Charge Weight
the cable supplied with each inverter. The TR has model volts hertz watts amps (lbs) Item code Price
a durable powder-coated, corrosion-resistant steel
TR1512E 12 230/50 1500 70 42 030-01312 $1,000
chassis and its circuit boards are conformally coated
to protect them from corrosion for longer life and TR1524E 24 230/50 1500 35 42 030-01313 $1,000
improved reliability. TR2424E 24 230/50 2400 70 42 030-01315 $1,250
Optional accessories include a Remote On/Off Switch TR Series Accessories
with an LED status indicator and a Conduit Box that TR-CB Conduit box for DR series 5 030-01318 $250
connects to the DC side of the inverter and accepts
TR-RC Remote on/off switch w/LED indicator 2 030-01316 $150
-inch, 1-inch or 2-inch conduit.

Modified Sine Wave Inverters
Samlex modified sine wave inverters are a value-priced solution
to mobile power requirements. They provide modified sine wave
output with over voltage, under voltage, overload and thermal
protection, and low-voltage alarm. Samlex 1000-, 1500- and
2500-watt inverters have dual LED bar graph meters indicat-
ing battery current and voltage. Cigarette plug included only on
140 and 300. Larger units need to be
hard-wired to battery. If you plan to Battery Continuous Surge Dimensions Weight
use these inverters with reactive loads, Model voltage watts watts (inches) (lbs) Item code Price
such as motors and compact fluorescent SI-175HP 12V 175 300 1.6 x 4.7 x 5.4 1.8 030-07220 $40
lights or other ballasted lights, size the SI-400HP 12V 400 600 2.4 x 6.3 x 6.3 2.9 030-07223 $67
inverter for 4 times the continuous watts SI-750HP 12V 750 1500 2.4 x 6.3 x 11.4 5.3 030-07227 $164
required. 1-year warranty.
PSE-12125A 12V 1250 2500 3.5 x 9.4 x 12.3 8 030-07229 $366
PSE-12175A 12V 1750 3500 3.5 x 9.4 x 17 10 030-07232 $470
PSE-12275A 12V 2750 4500 6.3 x 9.4 x 18.2 19 030-07235 $806

PSE-24100A 24V 1000 2000 3.5 x 9.4 x 13.5 9 030-07238 $448

PSE-24150A 24V 1500 3000 3.5 x 9.4 x 18.2 12.4 030-07241 $530
PSE-24250A 24V 2500 4500 6.3 x 8.5 x 19.5 22 030-07244 $866

96 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

PowerHub 1800
The Xantrex PowerHub is designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. The PowerHub is
an inverter/battery charger combination with an attached battery box for two 100 amp-
hour 12-volt batteries. One or two battery boxes can be attached to the PowerHub.
The PowerHub with two fully charged 100 Ah batteries can deliver up 950 watt-hours
of electricity to run small appliances in a weekend cabin or during a power failure.
The PowerHub allows batteries to be recharged with a small wind generator and/or PV
systems, with a gas generator or with utility power. It does not have a built-in charge
controller for PV modules but it has two DC charging inputs, one at 32 amps maxi-
mum, labeled PV and one at 80 amps labeled wind. Both could be used for PV with
the addition of a charge controller. The 80-amp input is suitable for an AirX wind turbine (page 61) which has a built-in regulator.
When AC power is available from a generator or utility grid, the PowerHub will function as an automatic backup power unit. It will
sit in bypass mode and will pass the power through to support the loads and/or the battery charger. When AC power is connected to
the unit, input from wind or solar will not be used for powering the loads. When the AC input fails, the PowerHubs automatic transfer
relay de-energizes and will switch the unit to inverter mode within 40 milliseconds.
Once AC input is restored, after a 20-second delay the relay energizes and qualifies the AC input and the load is automatically recon-
nected to the primary AC source.
When no AC power is available from a generator or utility grid, the inverter draws power from the battery bank and delivers a
modified-sine wave AC output voltage. This output voltage can be accessed by using the four outlets on the front of the unit or by
hard wiring the unit to the AC distribution panel which provides AC power to AC outlets at the site.
The inverter control panel provides a user interface for monitoring power levels, battery levels, and controlling the inverter func-
tions and displays. Four 120VAC outlets on the front panel provide up to 1440W (continuous) output power. One 15 A supplemental
protector provides over-load protection to the four AC outlets on the front panel. CSA Listed. 1-year warranty.

Xantrex model Description Item code Price

PH1800-UL Xantrex PowerHub 1800 with ground fault protection 030-00020 $899
PH1800-BBX Xantrex PowerHub battery box 030-00023 $150

XPower 1500 Powerpack

The XPower Powerpack 1500 is a portable power system that can supply up to 1500 watts of household
electricity. It consists of a battery pack that stores electrical energy, an inverter that converts 12 volts
from the battery pack to household power, two standard AC outlets, and a DC power outlet that is used to
run 12-volt products. These components are packaged into a rugged cart with a removable waist handle
that allows XPower Powerpack 1500 to be wheeled from room-to-room or outdoors over rough terrain.
Recharge XPower from a standard wall outlet with the included AC charger or recharge from your car,
truck or RV with the included DC charging cable. Battery capacity is 60 Ah. 1-year warranty.

XPower Powerpack 300Plus

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the XPower Powerpack 300Plus provides up to 300 watts of AC power and can jump-start a car,
truck, boat or small RV. It can also operate a wide range of 12-volt automotive and marine products. Ideal for power emergencies,
XPower Powerpack 300Plus comes with a built-in fluorescent emergency light and jump-start cables. The 20 amp-hour battery will
power a cordless telephone for up to 40 hours, a laptop computer for six hours, and a portable
stereo for 17 hours. The fluorescent light that comes with it will run for up to 25 hours on a
fully charged battery. Recharge XPower from a standard wall outlet with the included AC
charger. 1-year warranty.

Description Item code Price

XPower Powerpack 1500 030-01518 $370
XPower Powerpack 300 plus 030-01513 $130

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 97

Xantrex Samlex

T-240 Autotransformer Isolated DC-DC Converters
Use this to power 240-volt These isolated, enclosed DC-DC converters are designed to
appliances on 120-volt invert- increase, or decrease, the DC voltage that is inputted to the unit.
ers. Indoor enclosure, steel We have 100W, 200W, and 360W versions.
powder-coated white. Maxi-
mum load is 4.5 kilowatts. (For
smaller or larger loads, see the
toroid autotransformers below. Consumes 12 watts at idle. Includes
2-pole 25-amp QOU circuit breaker/disconnect and has room for
3 other QOU AC breakers. #14 to #2 hookup wire size. Dimen-
sions: 6.3" x 21" x 7". UL Listed. 2-year warranty.

Xantrex model Description Item code Price

T240 4 kW autotransformer 030-01402 $650 Samlex Input Output Output
model voltage voltage amps Item code Price
Toroid Autotransformers IDC-100B-12 20-35 12.5 8 030-08741 $140
These AC step-up and step-down transformers IDC-100C-12 30-60 12.5 8 030-08742 $140
are greater than 98% efficient and cause less IDC-100A-24 9-18 24 4 030-08744 $140
than 0.2% idle loss at no load. They are nearly IDC-100C-24 30-60 24 4 030-08746 $140
silent when operating. Use an autotransformer
IDC-200B-12 20-35 12.5 16 030-08748 $166
as a step-down to connect the 240-volt output of a generator to the
IDC-200C-12 30-60 12.5 16 030-08749 $166

Converters & Transformers

120-volt input on an inverter. This allows full output power of a
240-volt generator to be used for battery charging. Autotransform- IDC-200A-24 9-18 24 8 030-08751 $166
ers can step-up voltage to operate 240-volt appliances and motors IDC-200B-24 20-35 24 8 030-08752 $166
from the 120-volt output of an inverter. NEMA3R enclosures with IDC-200C-24 30-60 24 8 030-08753 $166
knockouts for conduit. 2-year warranty.
IDC-360A-12 9-18 12.5 30 030-08755 $329
Description Size (inches) Item code Price IDC-360B-12 20-35 12.5 30 030-08756 $329
2.5 kW autotransformer 8x8x4 038-09437 $400 IDC-360C-12 30-60 12.5 30 030-08757 $329
4 kW autotransformer 10 x 10 x 4 038-09440 $500 IDC-360A-24 9-18 24 15 030-08758 $329
8 kW autotransformer 12 x 10 x 6 038-09445 $825 IDC-360C-24 30-60 24 15 030-08760 $329

OutBack Solar Converters DC Autotransformers

PSX-240 Autotransformer These high-efficiency DC to DC convert-
The OutBack PSX-240 autotransformer can ers can be used to step-up or step-down
be used for step-up, step-down, generator battery voltage. These converters are bi-
and split phase output balancing or as a directional so they can be used to increase
series stacked inverter to load balancing auto-former. or decrease voltage. They can be used to
OutBack model Description Item code Price operate 12-volt loads on a 24- or 48-volt
battery system or to run a 24-volt refrig-
PSX-240 4 kW autotransformer 030-04429 $539
erator on a 48-volt battery system. See the
DC Step-Down Power Converters table below for up and down voltage and
These DC-DC converters current limits. 1-year warranty.
are designed to decrease
the DC voltage that is
inputted into the unit. Solar
Converters Amps @ Amps @
These switching convert-
model Voltage low voltage high voltage Item code Price
ers have a high efficiency
and provide regulated 13.8 EQ 12/24-20 12/24 20 10 038-08209 $262
VDC output from and input of 20 -30 VDC. Use them to power EQ 12/24-50 12/24 50 25 038-08751 $560
12-volt lights and appliances from a 24-volt system. EQ 12/48-10 12/48 10 2.5 038-08745 $296
Output max EQ 12/48-30 12/48 30 7.5 038-08760 $610
Samlex model amps Item code Price EQ 24/48-10 24/48 10 5 038-08748 $296
SDC-15 12 030-08720 $82 EQ 24/48-30 24/48 30 15 038-08754 $610
SDC-23 20 030-08725 $103
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 99
MidNite Solar
Power Systems

The MidNite Solar E-Panel is a quick and easy way to install most inverters. They come
standard with the basic over-current protection and disconnects required to install your renew-
able energy system. ETL Listed to UL and CSA standards.
OutBack E-Panels
OutBack inverters mount on a unique hinged door to keep the footprint of the system as
small as possible. They come standard with left-hand hinge, allowing the charge controller
to mount on the right. The STS version leaves room for the OutBack AC box with a surge
arrestor for grid-tie applications and the AL-PLUS version has room to mount an inverter
and MX60 on the door.
Mounting brackets are included to aid in one-person installations. Main breaker, inverters
cables, a 500-amp/50mv shunt for battery monitoring systems, 175-amp AC-power distribu-
tion block, 50-amp AC-input disconnect for generator or utility, 50-amp AC bypass switch are
included and pre-wired. They come with a mounting bracket for an OutBack MX60. Cutouts
for mounting up to six additional 13mm-wide DIN rail mount breakers are provided as well
as a cutout for a GFCI-style AC outlet.
If you are installing an Apollo T80 charge controller, use the 80-amp GFP or two 80-amp
breakers. For a larger selection of breakers see pages 105.

MidNite model E-Panels Item code Price

System Panels

For OutBack Inverters

MNE125ST-L Gray steel chassis with 125A inverter breaker left hinge 030-05126 $489
MNE175ST-L Gray steel chassis with 175A inverter breaker left hinge 030-05130 $529
MNE250ST-L Gray steel chassis with 250A inverter breaker left hinge 030-05134 $529
MNE125AL-L White alum chassis with 125A inverter breaker left hinge 030-05138 $529
MNE175AL-L White alum chassis with 175A inverter breaker left hinge 030-05142 $559
MNE250AL-L White alum chassis with 250A inverter breaker left hinge 030-05146 $559
MNE125STS Gray steel chassis with 125A inverter breaker 18" wide 030-05127 $559
MNE175STS Gray steel chassis with 175A inverter breaker 18" wide 030-05131 $599
MNE250STS Gray steel chassis with 250A inverter breaker 18" wide 030-05135 $599
MNE175AL-PLUS White alum chassis with 175A inv breaker w/ charge controller mt 030-05148 $639
MNE250AL-PLUS White alum chassis with 250A inv breaker w/ charge controller mt 030-05149 $639
MNEPV63 63A 150VDC DIN rail mount breaker (13mm wide) 053-03038 $13
MNDC-GFP 63A 150 VDC ground fault protector 030-05249 $69
MNDC-GFP80 80A 125 VDC ground fault protector 030-05250 $89
MNEDC80 80A panel mount breakers 030-04333 $25

Magnum E-Panels
Magnum inverters mount on a unique hinged door to keep the footprint of the system as
small as possible. Mounting brackets are included to aid in one-person installations. They
come with a main breaker, 2/0 inverters cables, a 500-amp/50mv shunt for battery monitor-
ing systems, an AC input and bypass, PV input bus bars, DIN rails, 3-panel mount breaker
knockouts, ground bus, remote display mounting brackets, charge controller bracket, wall
mount bracket and lots of hardware.

MidNite model E-Panels Item code Price

For Magnum Inverters
MNE175STM Gray steel chassis with 175-amp inverter breaker 030-05161 $599
MNE250STM Gray steel chassis with 250-amp inverter breaker 030-05163 $599
MNE175STM-240 White steel chassis with 175-amp inv breaker 120/240 030-05167 $799
MNE125STMM-L Gray steel chassis with 125-amp inv breaker for MM-series 030-05172 $529

100 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Xantrex E-Panels

Power Systems
The XW inverter is mounted directly
above the E-Panel. It comes with a
250-amp inverter battery breaker, AC
inputs for generator and utility, knock-
outs for up to 7 DIN rail mount break-
ers and 6 panel mount breakers and
a 500-amp shunt. Massive tin-plated
copper bus bars connect to the XWs
battery terminals. There are bus bars
for AC inputs, AC output, neutral, ground, PV + in, PV- in, Bat +, Bat-, covered by a
metal dead-front behind the reversible door. Charge controllers mount to either side
or both sides at once for dual controllers. The AC bypass can be configured as input
and output on/off as well as AC bypass. The XW MPPT controller requires no mount-
ing bracket. MX60, MF80 and Classic require right or left E-Panel charge controller
mounting brackets. A right-hand bracket is included. The color-matched enclosure is
16" wide, 18" tall, 8" deep and weighs 42 pounds.
DR and TR E-Panels
Sounds strange but now that the DR inverter has been
discontinued, MidNite designed an E-Panel for it!
This unit also works for the replacement TR inverter
from Xantrex. It comes with all the normal E-Panel
features such as inverter cables, PV+ busbar, battery+ bus-

System Panels
bar, 50-amp AC input/output bypass, 50-amp AC input disconnect,
175- or 250-amp 125VDC inverter battery breaker, AC busbars, covers
for DC and AC end, wall mounting brackets and hardware. AC breakers are rated at
277VAC. Dimensions are 11" x 14" x 28" and weight is 30 lbs.
MidNite model Description Item code Price
For Xantrex XW and TR Inverters
MNE250XW E-panel to mount under one XW inverter 030-05181 $950
MNE-XE-L-bracket Left-side charge controller bracket 030-05183 $20
MNE175DT/TR-L Gray steel chassis with 175-amp inverter breaker 030-05186 $559
MNE250DR/TR-L Gray steel chassis with 250-amp inverter breaker 030-05187 $559
More E-Panels
The E-Panel Lites come with a left-hand door, inverter breaker, pre-wired AC input and
bypass, 500-amp/50mV shunt, AC terminal blocks, DIN rails, wall mounting brackets,
instructions and lots of hardware.
UltraLite comes with a 50-amp AC input disconnect, 125-, 175- or 250-amp inverter
breaker, ground busbar and the normal hardware and DC covers normally associated
with E-Panels. They do not include an AC Bypass switch or AC and DC busbars.
Nottagutter accepts 2 UltraLites on top and 2 on the bottom, has bypass.
MidNite model Description Item code Price
Miscellaneous MidNite Extras
MNE125LT Gray steel chassis with 125-amp inverter breaker (Lite) 030-05105 $459
MNE175LT Gray steel chassis with 175-amp inverter breaker (Lite) 030-05109 $499
MNE250LT Gray steel chassis with 250-amp inverter breaker (Lite) 030-05113 $499
MNE125ALT White alum chassis with 125-amp inverter breaker (Lite) 030-05101 $499
MNE175ALT White alum chassis with 175-amp inverter breaker (Lite) 030-05102 $539
MNE250ALT White alum chassis with 250-amp inverter breaker (Lite) 030-05103 $539
MNE125ALULite-L 125 amp alum OutBack UltraLite w/o bypass 030-05116 $479
MNE175ALULite-L 175 amp alum OutBack UltraLite w/o bypass 030-05117 $479
MNE250ALULite-L 250 amp alum OutBack UltraLite w/o bypass 030-05118 $479
Nottagutter Gutter with bypass, bus bars and breakers 030-05120 $659
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 101
Power Systems

FLEXware Complete Power Systems

Fully Assembled and Tested
NEC-compliant pre-assembled power systems include inverter(s), AC enclosure inverter bypass, DC enclosure, inverter disconnect
breaker and shunt, all mounted to a back plate and wired. Charge controllers and battery cables and displays are not included. Charge
controllers, additional AC and DC input, and load breakers can be added at the time of pre-assembly or in the field. Some options
are listed below. Many other options are available. Please contact us for more information. Power systems ship by truck freight. ETL
Listed to UL standards.
Complete Kits to Assemble on Site
All our FLEXware systems are available as
parts kits to assemble in place. All parts are
UPS shippable.

FLEXware 500 System

A FLEXware 500-based system will satisfy
a majority of renewable energy applications
with large power requirements such as resi-
dential, light commercial or rural electrifi-
cation systems by supporting up to two FX
Series inverter/chargers and up to two MX
charge controllers. FLEXware 500 AC and
Fully Assembled Systems

DC enclosures accommodate all the essential

protective devices while still providing lots of
room for additional breakers and large cable
connections. In addition to the ability to be
mounted horizontally, a FLEXware 500 based
system can also be mounted vertically for
added versatility. FLEXware 500 systems
come with one RTS, IOB-D-120/240VAC
and HUB4. Two-inverter systems also come
with a X-240.
FLEXware 1000 System
A FLEXware 1000-based system is best
utilized in applications with greater power
requirements like large residential, commer-
cial or mini-grid projects. FLEXware 1000
system architecture is capable of supporting
up to four FX Series inverter/chargers, four
MX charge controllers, and all the required
AC and DC components and wiring. FLEX-
ware 1000 is easily expandable for systems
as large and complex as your imagination
allows. FLEXware 1000 AC and DC enclo-
sures accommodate all essential protective
devices while still providing lots of room for
additional breakers and large cable connections. With mounting provisions for three DC shunts, there is now space for enough to max
out the inputs of multi-channel amp-hour meters. For added versatility a FLEXware 1000-based system can be mounted horizontally
or vertically. FLEXware 1000 systems come with one RTS, IOB-Q-120/240VAC, HUB10 and X-240.
Both the FLEXware 500 and 1000 systems come with the MATE remote monitors (page 89).

102 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Assembled & tested Parts only

Power Systems
FLEXware Inverter(s) Rated power Battery
Model type qty - model kW - AC output DC Voltage charger Item code Price Item code Price
OBFW5-FX2012T/S 500 1 FX2012T 2.0kW 120V 12 VDC 80 AMP 033-00321 $4,689 031-01015 $4,122
OBFW5-FX2012T/D 500 2 FX2012T 4.0kW 120/240V 12 VDC 160 AMP 033-00323 $7,819 031-01017 $7,095
OBFW5-VFX2812/S 500 1 VFX2812 2.8kW 120V 12 VDC 125 AMP 033-00325 $4,889 031-01019 $4,322
OBFW5-VFX2812/D 500 2 VFX2812 5.6kW 120/240V 12 VDC 250 AMP 033-00327 $8,219 031-01021 $7,495
OBFW5-FX2524T/S 500 1 FX2524T 2.5kW 120V 24 VDC 55 AMP 033-00329 $4,671 031-01023 $4,104
OBFW5-FX2524T/D 500 2 FX2524T 5.0kW 120/240V 24 VDC 110 AMP 033-00331 $7,826 031-01025 $7,102
OBFW5-VFX3524/S 500 1 VFX3524 3.5kW 120V 24 VDC 85 AMP 033-00333 $4,889 031-01027 $4,322
OBFW5-VFX3524/D 500 2 VFX3524 7.0kW 120/240V 24 VDC 170 AMP 033-00335 $8,217 031-01029 $7,493
OBFW5-FX3048T/S 500 1 FX3048T 3.0kW 120V 48 VDC 35 AMP 033-00337 $4,602 031-01031 $4,035
OBFW5-FX3048T/D 500 2 FX3048T 6.0kW 120/240V 48 VDC 70 AMP 033-00339 $7,677 031-01033 $6,953
OBFW5-VFX3648/S 500 1 VFX3648 3.6kW 120V 48 VDC 45 AMP 033-00341 $4,798 031-01035 $4,231
OBFW5-VFX3648/D 500 2 VFX3648 7.2kW 120/240V 48 VDC 90 AMP 033-00343 $8,037 031-01037 $7,313
OBFW10-FX2524T/D 1000 2 FX2524T 5.0kW 120/240V 24 VDC 110 AMP 033-00365 $8,715 031-01039 $7,991
OBFW10-FX2524T/Q 1000 4 FX2524T 10.0kW 120/240V 24 VDC 220 AMP 033-00367 $14,415 031-01041 $13,153
OBFW10-VFX3524/D 1000 2 VFX3524 7.0kW 120/240V 24 VDC 170 AMP 033-00369 $9,113 031-01043 $8,389
OBFW10-VFX3524/Q 1000 4 VFX3524 14.0kW 120/240V 24 VDC 340 AMP 033-00371 $15,266 031-01045 $14,004

Fully Assembled Systems

OBFW10-FX3048T/D 1000 2 FX3048T 6.0kW 120/240V 48 VDC 70 AMP 033-00373 $8,568 031-01047 $7,844
OBFW10-FX3048T/Q 1000 4 FX3048T 12.0kW 120/240V 48 VDC 140 AMP 033-00375 $14,121 031-01049 $12,858
OBFW10-VFX3648/D 1000 2 VFX3648 7.2kW 120/240V 48 VDC 90 AMP 033-00377 $8,970 031-01051 $8,245
OBFW10-VFX3648/Q 1000 4 VFX3648 14.4kW 120/240V 48 VDC 180 AMP 033-00379 $14,899 031-01053 $13,636

Install options Parts only

Model Description Item code Price Item code Price
MX60 Control One OutBack MX60 60-amp charge controller mounted on side with breaker 033-01513 $795 031-02407 $740
2 x MX60 Two OutBack MX60 60-amp charge controller mounted on side with breakers 033-01515 $1,601 031-02409 $1,465
2 x MX60 Two OutBack MX60 60-amp charge controller mounted on top with breakers 033-01517 $1,565 031-02411 $1,480
FLEXmax 80 Control One OutBack FM80 80-amp charge controller mounted on side with breaker 033-01521 $958 031-02413 $890
2 x FLEXmax 80 Two OutBack FM80 80-amp charge controller mounted on side with breakers 033-01522 $1,877 031-02415 $1,765
Trimetric meter Amp-hour meter installed in PSDC 24 volt system 033-01215 $273 031-02417 $210
Trimetric meter Amp-hour meter installed in PSDC 48 volt system 033-01216 $282 031-02419 $230
OBDC-GFP2 Ground fault interrupter for PV array installed in DC system box 033-01221 $171 031-02421 $135
OBDC-100 100-amp DC load breaker installed in system 033-01227 $65 031-02423 $63
OBDC-80 80-amp DC load breaker installed in system 033-01228 $42 031-02425 $32
OBDC-60 60-amp DC load breaker installed in system 033-01229 $33 031-02427 $23
OBDC-40 40-amp DC load breaker installed in system 033-01231 $33 031-02429 $17
OBDC-30 30-amp DC load breaker installed in system 033-01233 $33 031-02431 $17
OBDC-15 15-amp DC load breaker installed in system 033-01235 $33 031-02433 $17
OBDC-10 10-amp DC load breaker installed in system 033-01237 $33 031-02435 $17
OBDC-1 1-amp DC load breaker installed in system 033-01239 $33 031-02437 $17
Flexnet Flexnet metering installed with 2 additional shunts (3 total) 033-01291 $640 031-02451 $490
Aux Relay Aux relay installed (specify inverter or MX60) 033-01287 $106 031-02455 $25
SP-ACA Surge Protector ACA installed (one per inverter) 033-01285 $270 031-02463 $250

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 103
Power Systems

DC Disconnect
The Xantrex DC Disconnect is a white, powder-coated indoor enclosure with conduit knockouts for con-
nection to inverters, batteries, DC charging sources, charge controllers and DC load centers. It comes with
one 175A or 250A circuit breaker for an inverter (with space for a second breaker for a second inverter;
order separately) that meets the National Electric Code requirements for disconnection and overcurrent
protection of battery-based power systems. There are knockouts on the sides for four 15- to 100-amp DC
breakers used for charging sources and DC loads. Use the DC Bonding Block (DCBB; order separately
below) for connecting the negative cables and for single-point DC system grounding. There are pre-drilled
places inside for two metering shunts. Knock-outs on the top are provided for mounting two Xantrex C-Series
or OutBack MX-60 PV charge controllers, or one BlueSky PV charge controller. Knockouts on the sides
are designed for mounting two Xantrex SW, SW Plus, or DR inverter/chargers with their optional conduit
boxes and 2" offset nipples.
Xantrex model Description Item code Price
Order 175A or 250A DC surface mount circuit breakers listed at
right for adding second inverter breaker. Order 15A to 100A DC DC250 Xantrex 250A DC disconnect 030-01414 $329
panel-mount circuit breakers on the next page to use in the DC DC175 Xantrex 175A DC disconnect 030-01411 $329
Disconnect side spaces. Use the DC175 for the Xantrex SW4048, DCBB DC bonding block 030-01417 $75
SW Plus 2524 & 2548, DR1512, DR1524, and DR2424 inverters. GJ1-175-SM 175 A add-on breaker 053-01056 $119
Use the DC250 for the Xantrex SW4024, SW5548, DR2412, and
GJ1-250-SM 250 A add-on breaker 053-01061 $119
DR2436 inverters. ETL Listed to UL508. Dimensions: 21"H x
10.5"W x 5"D. Weight: 14 pounds. GJ1 Rear mounting kit for second breaker 053-01066 $10

MidNite Solar
System Components

Mini-DC Disconnect Power Center

Use this small DC disconnect, which includes the inverter breaker, to provide overcurrent protec-
tion for any single inverter. It has a DIN rail for additional rail mounted breakers for DC inputs
or loads and it is pre-drilled for a shunt and optional busbars listed below. The white powder-
coated aluminum chassis measures 10" X 5" X 18" and weighs 7 pounds. Three main breakers
sizes are available.
Baby Box
The Baby Box encloses up to four MNEPV or MNEAC DIN rail breakers. It is a general-use
enclosure for retrofits, a small inverter disconnect, a PV disconnect or a small AC or DC distribu-
tion center. It has concentric " and 1" knockouts at each end. Breakers are not included. Order
DIN rail breakers on the next page. Boxed: 3" x 3" x 7" and weighs 2 pounds.
These UL Recognized components can be use in the Mini-DC Disconnect and Baby Box above.
Busbars with colored insulators. Each has four 1/0 and eleven #6 usable wire slots, with two sizes of 10-32 screws. 4.63" long.
Ground busbar, 3.45" long with green screws. Two 1/0 and seven #6 wire slots with mounting screws.

Model Description Item code Price

MNDC125 125A mini-DC disconnect 053-00091 $205
MNDC175 175A mini-DC disconnect 053-00092 $235
MNDC250 250A mini-DC disconnect 053-00093 $235
Bay Box Baby box breaker center 053-00089 $36
MNTBR Red terminal busbar 053-00105 $17
MNTBB Black terminal busbar 053-00106 $17
MNTBW White terminal busbar 053-00107 $17
MNGBB Ground busbar 053-00100 $12

104 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Power Systems
DIN mount AC breakers with set-screw compression terminals for 14 to #2AWG wire. Use these for AC in OutBack FLEXware and MidNite E-panels.
Breaker Voltage Frequency Width MidNite
amps Poles rating rating (inches) OutBack number Solar # Item code Price
15 1 120 50/60HZ AC 0.5 OBB-15-120VAC-DIN MNEAC15 030-04415 $19
15 2 120/240 50/60HZ AC 1 OBB-15D-240VAC-DIN 030-04416 $39
20 1 120 50/60HZ AC 0.5 OBB-20-120VAC-DIN MNEAC20 030-04418 $19
20 2 120/240 50/60HZ AC 1 OBB-20D-240VAC-DIN 030-04419 $39
25 2 120/240 50/60HZ AC 1 OBB-25D-240VAC-DIN 030-04421 $39
10 1 277 50/60HZ AC 0.5 OBB-10-277VAC-DIN MNEAC10 030-04439 $19
15 1 277 50/60HZ AC 0.5 OBB-15-277VAC-DIN 030-04440 $19
30 1 277 50/60HZ AC 0.5 OBB-30-277VAC-DIN MNEAC30 030-04437 $19
30 2 277/480 50/60HZ AC 1 OBB-30D-480VAC-DIN 030-04414 $39
30 3 277/480 50/60HZ AC 1.5 OBB-30T-480VAC-DIN MNEAC30-3P 030-04435 $59
50 1 277 50/60HZ AC 0.5 OBB-50-277VAC-DIN MNEAC50 030-04422 $19
50 2 277/480 50/60HZ AC 1 OBB-50D-480VAC-DIN 030-04423 $39
50 3 277/480 50/60HZ AC 1.5 OBB-50T-480VAC-DIN MNEAC50-3P 030-04432 $59
60 1 277 50/60HZ AC 0.5 OBB-60-277VAC-DIN MNEAC60 030-04431 $29
60 2 277/480 50/60HZ AC 1 OBB-60D-480VAC-DIN 053-03036 $41
Panel mount breakers with stud terminals. Ring terminals on wire are required. Use these breakers for DC protection in OutBack FLEXware enclosures, and
MidNite E-panels when equipped for the Apollo T-80 controller. Stud size is 1/4" on 80A and smaller, 5/16" on 100A and 125A and 3/8" on 175A and 250A.
Breaker Voltage Frequency Width MidNite Generic

System Components
amps Poles rating rating (inches) OutBack number Solar # number Item code Price
1 1 150 AC/DC 0.75 OBB-1-150VDC120VAC-PNL LELK1-1 030-04350 $25
5 1 150 AC/DC 0.75 OBB-5-150VDC120VAC-PNL LELK1-5 030-04349 $25
10 1 150 AC/DC 0.75 OBB-10-150VDC120VAC-PNL LELK1-10 030-04348 $25
15 1 150 AC/DC 0.75 OBB-15-150VDC120VAC-PNL LELK1-15 030-04344 $25
20 1 150 AC/DC 0.75 OBB-20-150VDC120VAC-PNL LELK1-20 030-04347 $25
30 1 150 AC/DC 0.75 OBB-30-150VDC120VAC-PNL LELK1-30 030-04341 $25
40 1 150 AC/DC 0.75 OBB-40-150VDC120VAC-PNL LELK1-40 030-04338 $25
50 1 150 AC/DC 0.75 OBB-50-150VDC120VAC-PNL LELK1-50 030-04337 $25
60 1 150 AC/DC 0.75 OBB-60-150VDC120VAC-PNL LELK1-60 030-04335 $25
70 1 150 DC 0.75 OBB-70-150VDC-PNL MNEDC70 030-04334 $25
80 1 150 DC 0.75 OBB-80-150VDC-PNL MNEDC80 030-04333 $25
100 1 150 DC 1 OBB-100-150VDC-PNL 030-04332 $59
125 1 150 DC 1 OBB-125-150VDC-PNL MNEDC125 030-04331 $59
175 1 150 DC 1.5 OBB-175-150VDC-PNL MNEDC175 030-04329 $129
250 1 150 DC 1.5 OBB-250-150VDC-PNL MNEDC250 030-04326 $129
Panel mount breakers with 1/4" stud terminals. One inch wide body. Ring terminals are required. Use these breakers for side knockouts of the Xantrex DC
Disconnect, and in the Xantrex XW Distribution Panel. The 175A and 250A panel mount breakers for the Xantrex DC Disconnect are listed on the previous page
with the DC disconnect.
Surface mount breakers with screw lug terminals. 125 VDC rated. 10,000A interrupting current for direct connection to a battery. One inch wide body. Mounting
feet allow them to be bolted to the back panel in an enclosure. Use these breakers in the Xantrex XW Distribution Panel, and for custom DC control panels .
Amps Part # Volts Item code Price Amps Part # Item code Price
10 CD10-PM 125 053-01010 $25 10 CF-10 053-01011 $25
15 CD15-PM 125 053-01015 $25 15 CF-15 053-01016 $25
20 CD20-PM 125 053-01020 $25 20 CF-20 053-01021 $25
30 CD30-PM 125 053-01025 $25 30 CF-30 053-01026 $25
50 CD50-PM 125 053-01030 $25 50 CF-50 053-01031 $25
60 CD60-PM 125 053-01035 $35 60 CF-60 053-01036 $35
60 CD-60-PX 160 030-01192 $25
75 CD75-PM 125 053-01040 $35 75 CF-75 053-01041 $35
80 CD80-PM 125 030-01189 $29 100 CF-100 053-01051 $39
100 CD100-PM 125 053-01050 $39 110 CF-110 053-01051 $39
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 105
Charge Controllers

Charge Controllers PWM and MPPT

A charge controller is an electronic voltage regulator, used in Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controllers
off-grid systems and grid-tie systems with battery backup, that take power from the charging source at a voltage where it can
controls the flow of power from the charging source to the bat- put out the most power (its maximum power point) and convert
tery. The charge controller automatically tapers, stops, or diverts that to the correct voltage to charge the battery. This technique
the charge when batteries become fully charged. Some charge significantly increases the power from a solar array, especially
controllers have metering and datalogging capability to show when batteries are discharged, battery voltage is low, and the
system operation parameters and battery charge status. Some temperature is low causing the maximum power point voltage
have low battery load disconnect to prevent over-discharge and of the solar modules to be high. Most MPPT charge controllers
some have built-in light controls to turn on lights at night. can take an array voltage much higher that what is required by
the batteries, allowing the use of modules with higher peak
Charge controller capacities ranges from 4 amps to 80 amps
power voltage, designed for grid-tie use. A higher voltage solar
and multiple charge controllers can be used in parallel for
array also allows smaller wire to be used between the array
larger systems. The simplest charge controllers turn off the
and the charge controller, which can save wire and installation
charge when the battery reaches a voltage near full charge,
cost in large systems. Maximum power point tracking allows a
and turn it on when the voltage drops about one volt. Pulse
PV array to deliver up to 30% more power to a battery than it
width modulated (PWM) charge controllers turn on an off very
would if it were connected directly to the battery.
rapidly, holding the batteries at full charge, making better use
of available power.

Apollo Solar
NEW! T100 and T80 PV MPPT Battery Charge Management Systems

The T80 and T100 Charge Controllers integrate maximum power point tracking, battery charge man-
agement, state-of-charge information and communications into a single device. The T80 can deliver 80
amps continuous output to 12-, 24- or 48-volt battery systems from PV arrays with open circuit voltage
up to 140 VDC (150 volts absolute maximum voltage).
The new The T100 provides 100 amps continuous output and allows you to wire modules in series up
to 200 Voc max/160 volts nominal.
Wire modules in series to use smaller wire between the array and charge controller. These MPPT charge
controllers capture up to 35% more power from the PV array. Their MPPT algorithm starts early and
locks onto the peak power during rapidly changing insolation and temperature. Four-stage charging with
adjustable set points for all parameters.
The T80 and T100 produce full-rated power without de-rating up to 40 degrees C ambient temperature.
Above that, the output current is reduced gradually to protect the life of the T80, and then automati-
cally ramped up as the temperature decreases. High efficiency power circuits and robust thermal design
minimize heat generation. The internal temperature-controlled variable speed fan runs just fast enough
to maintain optimum reliability. UL Listed. Dimensions are 15.2" x 8.5" x 4.4" and weight is 22 lbs.
Both controllers include a built-in energy monitor using TriMetric technology from Bogart Engineering. The monitor tracks energy
production and consumption to calculate the energy remaining in the battery. State of charge (SOC) is displayed in percent full, amp-
hours, watt-hours, and bar-graph format. They store 90 days of energy-harvest history and feature a slot for add-in cards providing
system performance, data communication, and firmware updates via the Apollo Solar Wireless Remote Monitoring Display, PCs,
and the Internet. Controllers do not include shunt. Order a 50mV/500A shunt on page 119 if your system doesn't have one. Both the
T80 and T100 support flooded lead acid (FLA), GEL and absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries.
Two independently programmable SPST relays can be used to control external devices based on battery voltage, charge or discharge
current or battery state of charge. Contact rating is amp at up to 50 VDC.
Optional wired and wireless displays are available. The RD wired display can be up to 100 feet from the
controller using 4-conductor telephone cable. The RD100 wireless display can be 100 feet away from
controller in buildings and 300 feet line-of-sight. Its built-in rechargeable batteries last up to 3 months
and can be recharged from 12 or 24
Model Description Item code Price VDC or 115 VAC.
T100Apollo T100 charge controller 020-07076 $995
Optional network card allows you
T80 Apollo T80 charge controller 020-07080 $849 to stack up to 16 controllers on one battery bank.
RD-WIRED Wired remote display 020-07085 $199 Add a network card to each controller and con-
RD100 Wireless remote display 020-07087 $399 nect with Cat 5 cables. One controller acts as a master and the
ASNET Network option card 020-07091 $99 others as slaves.

106 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

Charge Controllers
XW-MPPT60-150 Charge Controller
The XW-MPPT60-150 can used with PV arrays with a voltage equal to anything from battery voltage
to 150 VDC and can support an output of up to 60 amps into the battery for battery voltage of 12 to
60 VDC. The PV open circuit voltage must not exceed 150 VDC.
Maximum power point tracking allows the charge controller to harvest the maximum energy avail-
able from the PV array and deliver it to the batteries. The MPPT algorithm continuously adjusts the
operating points in an attempt to find the maximum power point of the array. The algorithm can then
determine if it is harvesting more or less power than the previous operating points.
The charge controller has a configurable auxiliary output (producing 5 to 13 volts at 200 mA) to
drive a relay for load control or to turn on devices such as vent fans or indicator alarms. The auxiliary
output can be configured to perform only one function at a time.
Its large aluminum heatsink allows it to operate at full power with only convection cooling, without
the need for a fan. Built-in PV ground fault protection allows code-compliant installation without
the need for additional ground fault protection. The XW-MPPT60-150 can be mounted on the side
or top of the XW power distribution panel, or used by itself in other PV systems. The front panel
features a 2-line 16-character display and four buttons for configuration and system monitoring. A
battery temperature sensor is included with the controller.
The XW-MPPT60-150 is able to communicate its settings and activity to other Xanbus-enabled
devices, such as the XW Series inverter/charger, the system control panel II (SCP), XW automatic
generator start (XW-AGS), and other Xantrex XW-MPPT-60-150 solar charge controllers through the Xanbus network.

Array size can be up to 750 watts when charging a 12-volt
battery, 1,500 watts when charging at 24 volts and 3,000 watts Xantrex model Description Item code Price
when charging at 48 volts. See the Xantrex array sizing tool XW-MPPT60-150 60-amp MPPT charge controller 020-08040 $650
at Dimensions are 14 "H x 5
"W x 5 "D and weight is 12 lbs. 5-year warranty.

MX60 and FLEXmax80 MPPT Charge Controllers
Rated for up to 60 amps of DC output current, the OutBack MX60 can be used with battery systems from
12 to 60 VDC with PV open-circuit voltage as high as 140 VDC. The MX60 setpoints are fully adjustable
to allow use with virtually any battery type, chemistry and charging profile. The OutBack MX60 allows
you to use a higher output voltage PV array with a lower voltage battery such as charging a 12- or
24-VDC battery with a 48-VDC PV array. This reduces wire size and power loss from the PV array to the
battery/inverter location and can maximize the performance of your PV system. Array size can be up to
707 watts when charging a 12-volt battery, 1,500 watts when charging at 24 volts and 3,000 watts when
charging at 48 volts.
The FLEXmax80 (FM80) is the latest innovation in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge
controllers from OutBack Power Systems. Its innovative MPPT algorithm is both continuous and active,
increasing your renewable energy yield up to 30%. Thanks to enhanced cooling, the FM80 can operate at
its full 80-amp maximum current rating in ambient temperatures as high as 104F (40C). Array size can
be up to 11,250 watts when charging a 12-volt battery; 2,500 watts when charging at 24 volts; and 5,000
watts when charging at 48 volts.
Both controllers come standard with an easy-to-use-and-understand display of PV system performance.
The 4-line, 80-character backlit LCD display is also used for programming and monitoring of the systems
operation. They can be connected to the OutBack MATE system controller and display to allow monitoring of
up to eight MX60
OutBack controllers from
model Description Item code Price a distant location up to 300 feet away. The
FX80 OutBack 80 A MPPT charge controller 020-02020 $749 MATE also includes an optoisolated RS232
MX60 OutBack 60A MPPT charge controller 020-02015 $649 port for connection to a PC computer for data
RTS Remote temperature sensor with 20' cable 030-04190 $29 logging and system monitoring. ETL Listed.
MATE System controller shipped with a 50' cable 030-04180 $295 Dimensions 14.5"H x 5.75"W x 5.75"D for
the MX 60. The FM80 is 16.25"H. All other
MATE-B Black version of the MATE above 030-04180-B $295
dimensions are the same. Weight: 12 lbs. 2-year
MATE-2 Flush mount version of the MATE 030-04181 $295
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 107
Blue Sky Energy
Charge Controllers

Solar Boost MPPT Charge Controllers

The Blue Sky Solar Boost features reverse-polarity protection, MPP
tracking and selectable-charge voltage for flooded and gel lead-acid
batteries. An equalize function periodically conditions liquid electrolyte
lead-acid batteries. An optional user-friendly digital display is available
to monitor PV charge performance. The display shows battery voltage,
solar current, charge current and charge mode, either in the control-
ler, as a remote panel installed up to 300 feet away, or both. Optional
temperature compensation of charge voltage is also available to further
improve charge controller and battery performance. Solar Boost control-
lers available with or without digital display and optional remote display.
3-year limited warranty.
Solar Boost 50L
This charge controller can be used on 12- and 24-volt systems. It can also be used to charge a 12-volt battery from a 24 volt array.
Maximum open-circuit PV array voltage is 57 VDC.
Solar Boost 6024H System Charge
The 6024H is designed for charging 12- or Model Description voltage amps Item code Price
24-volt batteries from 36-, 48- or 60-volt SB50L Charge controller 12 or 24 50 020-03140 $479
PV arrays (maximum open circuit voltage SB50DL Controller w/ digital display 12 or 24 50 020-03137 $569
is 140). This allows for a much smaller SB50PDL Front cover w/ digital display for SB50L 020-03134 $125

wire size between the array and battery in SB6024HL Charge controller 12 or 24 60 020-03143 $549
large systems. Maximum charge current is
SB6024HDL Controller w/ digital display 12 or 24 60 020-03146 $599
60 amps at 12 or 24 volts.
SB6024HPDL Front cover w/ digital display for SB6024HL 020-03131 $125
Solar Boost 3048 SB3048L Charge controller 24 or 48 30 020-03128 $539
SB3048 is designed to charge 24- and SB3048DL Controller w/ digital display 24 or 48 30 020-03125 $629
48-volt battery systems from a 48- to SB3048PDL Front cover w/ digital display for SB3038L 020-03131 $125
60-volt array (maximum open-circuit volt-
Model Description of optional accessories Item code Price
age is 140). Maximum charge current is
30 amps output at 24 or 48 VDC. SB50RD25 Remote digital display w/ 25' cable 020-03152 $125
930-0022-20 Battery temperature sensor 020-03149 $32

Solar Boost 2000E

This 25-amp solar charge controller is for
12-volt systems. It mounts in a 5-11/16" x 3-15/16" cut-out
and is wired from the rear. This controls very popular in RV
installations. Optional box allows surface mounting.

System Charge
Model Description voltage amps Item code Price
SB2000E Charge controller 12 25 020-03122 $259
Wall mount box for SB2000 020-03119 $32

108 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Blue Sky IPN Controllers

Charge Controllers
Solar Boost 3024i and 2512iX charge controllers include load control outputs.
These controllers can also serve as lighting controllers with complete flexibility
over post-dusk and pre-dawn ON time settings. An IPN-ProRemote is required
to enable and configure dusk-to-dawn lighting control. The IPN-ProRemote does
not need to remain with the system and can be used as a setup tool only.

Solar Boost 2512i and 2512iX

The low-cost Solar Boost 2512i provides a fully automatic 3-stage charge control-
ler system. A partial IPN network interface is also included to allow use of the
IPN-Remote or IPN-ProRemote displays.
Additional features provided in the Solar Boost 2512iX include automatic or
manual equalization, battery temperature sensor input, full IPN network compat-
ibility, and an auxiliary output. The user-configurable auxiliary output can serve as
either a 25-amp load controller or a 2-amp auxiliary battery charger. The auxiliary
battery charge feature is ideal for charging a separate battery such as the engine
battery in an RV.

Solar Boost 3024iL

SB3024iL is designed to charge 12- and 24-volt battery systems from
a 24-volt array (maximum open circuit voltage is 57). Maximum
charge current is 40 amps output at 12 and 30 amps at 24 VDC. The
new IPN network interface coordinates multiple controllers and shares

temperature sensors and display.

Optional Equipment
A remote temp probe and a remote digital display can be mounted up to
300 feet away and used with all of the Solar Boost controllers. Optional
shunts allow it to monitor other charging sources and loads.

IPN Remote
The IPN Remote display provides basic monitoring for IPN compatible charge control-
lers. The unit displays battery voltage, output current and charge controller system status
for up to 8 charge controllers on a single IPN network.
An LED display is used to provide readability in any lighting. The charge status indica-
tor displays present charge controller system status and shows relative battery state-of-
charge. When the battery is being charged the display toggles between battery voltage
and charge controller output current. The current display can be configured to show the
total output current from all controllers on the IPN network, or the output current from
a particular controller. Multiple IPN-Remote displays can be placed on a single IPN
network even if an IPN-ProRemote is already present.
IPN Pro-Remote System Charge
The Pro-Remote combines charge controller monitoring Model Description voltage amps Item code Price
and battery system monitoring into a single user-friendly SB2512i Charge controller 12 25 020-03123 $199
remote display. With the IPN-ProRemote you no lon- SB2512iX Charge controller 12 25 020-03124 $239
ger have to guess how much battery capacity remains. A SB3024iL Charge controller 12 or 24 40/30 020-03158 $359
high-accuracy calculation of remaining battery capacity SB3024DiL Controller w/ digital display 12 or 24 40/30 020-03159 $419
compensates for a variety of factors including charge/ SB3024PDi Front cover w/ digital display for SB3024i 020-03157 $99
discharge current, battery size, type, temperature and how IPNPRO-S IPN Pro-Remote display w/ 500 amp shunt 020-03161 $199
the battery was brought back to full charge. Information IPNPRO IPN Pro-Remote display 020-03162 $169
learned from past battery behavior is used to continu- IPNREM IPN Remote 020-03163 $69
ously improve metering accuracy. The IPN-ProRemote
Model Description of optional accessories Item code Price
also monitors and controls BlueSkys IPN-based charge
930-0022-20 Battery temperature sensor 020-03149 $30
controllers. It can monitor both the combined total and
individual status of up to eight IPN charge controllers on CS-100 Remote shunt 100A/100mV 028-09245 $35
a single IPN network. CS-500 Remote shunt 500A/50mV 028-09253 $35
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 109
Charge Controllers

SunSaver MPPT Charge Controller SunSaver Charge Controllers

The SunSaver MPPT The SunSaver is
charge controller is a very reliable
designed for 12V and charge control-
24V battery charging ler and uses the
from PV modules with same battery
a maximum open circuit charging algo-
voltage of 75V. Use up rithm as the ProStar
to three 36-cell modules in and offers many of the advan-
series. It can be used with 200 watts tages of the ProStar for smaller systems,
of PV when charging a 12-volt battery and up at a reduced cost. Constant voltage pulse width
to 400 watts when charging a 24-volt battery. modulation (PWM) charging is a proven advance compared to the
Provides an estimated 5-25% boost of amps from the PV array common on/off PV regulators. SunSavers are field-selectable for
into the battery. Actual boost depends on PV cell temperature sealed or flooded batteries. A rugged anodized aluminum case and
and battery state of charge. Enables the use of high voltage PV epoxy encapsulated electronics ensure durability and longevity. A
modules (designed for on-grid applications) for off-grid 12V or temperature compensation sensor in the charge controller varies
24V battery charging. Provides a means to use a 24V PV array full charge voltage with temperature. They have LED charging
to charge a 12V battery, reducing power losses in systems with a and load control indicators in LVD models. 5-year warranty.
long cable run between the PV array and the battery. The controller Dimensions: 6" x 2.2" x 1.3".
has electronic protection from short circuit, overcurrent, reverse System Charge LVD
polarity, high temp, high voltage, lightning and transient surges. Model Description voltage amps amps Item code Price
An adjustable low battery voltage load disconnect protects the

battery from over-discharge. LED indicators indicate charging, SS-6-12V SunSaver 12 6 No 020-01245 $50
low battery and faults. Dimensions are 6.6" x 2.75" x 2.2". Weight SS-6L-12V SunSaver w/ LVD 12 6 6 020-01248 $61
is 1.65 lbs. 5-year warranty. SS-10-12V SunSaver 12 10 No 020-01230 $57
System Charge SS-10L-12V SunSaver w/ LVD 12 10 10 020-01233 $73
Model Description voltage amps Item code Price SS-10L-24V SunSaver w/ LVD 24 10 10 020-01236 $79
SunSaver MPPT SS-20L-12V SunSaver w/ LVD 12 20 20 020-01239 $95
SS-15MPPT charge controller 12 or 24 15 020-01261 $ 292
SS-20L-24V SunSaver w/ LVD 24 20 20 020-01242 $105

SunSaver Duo RV Charge Controller

The SunSaver Duo two SunLight Charge Controller with Lighting
battery controller for RVs, Control
caravans, boats and cot- The SunLight has
tages is rated for 25 amps all of the features of
at 12 volts DC. This prod- the SunSaver con-
uct will charge two sepa- troller. It also has a
rate and isolated batteries rotary switch that
at the same time, such as allows it to turn on
a house and an engine bat- the loads after dusk
tery, based on user select- for 2, 4, 5, 8, or 10 hours. It
able priorities. The SunSaver also has the option to turn loads on at
Duo employs Morningstars leg- dusk, off and on again before dawn. In this
endary SunSaver controller technology, whose long-term track configuration, you can choose the following settings (in hours):
record for high reliability and improved battery charging is well- 3/off/1, 4/off/2, or 6/off/2. On from dusk to dawn is also pos-
recognized in the solar industry. sible. A test button turns light on for five minutes. 5-year warranty.
This controller includes a backlit remote meter which may be Dimensions: 6.6" x 2.2" x 1.3".
mounted in or on a wall, and displays digital and pictorial status
information about the solar power system. The SunSaver Duo is
System Charge LVD
epoxy encapsulated for environmental protection, is user adjustable
Model Description voltage amps amps Item code Price
via DIP switch or connection to a personal computer and has an
optional remote temperature sensor. 5-year warranty. SL-10L-12V SunLight w/ LVD 12 10 10 020-01218 $108
SL-10L-24V SunLight w/ LVD 24 10 10 020-01221 $116
System Charge SL-20L-12V SunLight w/ LVD 12 20 20 020-01224 $141
Model Description voltage amps Item code Price
SK-6 SunSaver Duo 12 25 020-01250 $188
110 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
SunSaver DIN Rail Clips

Charge Controllers
Morningstars Polypropylene 35mm DIN rail clips provide a simple way to install the SunSaver
family of charge controllers to DIN rails in industrial enclosures. These rugged plastic clips have
been custom made to match the mounting holes on the SunSaver controllers and to either snap on
to the middle of the rail or to slide on from the end of the rail. The DIN rail clips are compatible
with the SunSaver, SunLight, SunSaver Duo, SunSaver MPPT, and SunLight MPPT.
Model Description Item code Price
DIN 1 DIN rail clip - each 020-01259 $1

TriStar Charge Controllers ProStar Charge Controllers

Recently revised, this sophisticated line of PV charge controllers
incorporates constant voltage PWM to make maximum use of
valuable PV power. They have automatic equalization, temperature
compensation and very high efficiency. They can be used on 12-,
24- and 48-volt systems with sealed, gel and wet-cell lead-acid
The TriStar pulse width modulated (PWM) controller can oper- batteries. Front panel LEDs indicate when the batteries are being
ate as a solar charge controller, a load controller, or a diversion charged and relative battery state of charge. Reverse polarity pro-
regulator in 12-, 24- or 48-volt systems. It can operate in only one tection on input and output. In the event of a load short circuit,
of these modes at a time, but two or more controllers can be used the load is automatically disconnected. M models include LCD
to provide multiple functions. PWM operation may be changed meter of battery voltage, PV charging current, and load current.
to on/off operation to prevent telecom noise. Two models are Low voltage LVD is current-compensated to prevent false dis-
available with UL current ratings of 45 and 60 amps. A choice of connect when the battery is heavily loaded. Units are conformal
7 different setpoints are easily selectable with DIP switches. An coated to guard against corrosion.
RS-232 communications enables PC connection to adjust control Dimensions: 6.01" x 4.14" x 2.2". 5-year warranty.
setpoints and data logging. An optional digital display may be
mounted on the front of the controller or up to 100 feet away using System Charge
4-conductor phone cable with RJ-11 jacks. Battery temperature Model Description voltage amps Item code Price
compensation may be added with the optional temperature sensor. PS-15 ProStar 15 12 or 24 15 020-01120 $112
Knock-outs on the bottom of the charge controller match knock-out
ProStar 15 w/
spacing on the Xantrex DC-175/250 disconnect and the OutBack PS-15M
digital display
12 or 24 15 020-01123 $179
FLEXware power system components, allowing easy mounting
ProStar 15 48V w/
on either. Dimensions: 10.25" H x 5" W x 2.8" D; weight is 3.5 PS-15M-48V 48 15 020-01126 $222
lbs. 5-year warranty. UL Listed.
48V w/ display
PS-15M-48-PG 48 15 020-01129 $239
System Charge Item & positive ground
Model Description voltage amps code Price
PS-30 ProStar 30 12 or 24 30 020-01132 $152
TS-45 TriStar 45 charge controller 12, 24 or 48 45 020-01105 $175
ProStar 30 w/
PS-30M 12 or 24 30 020-01135 $219
TS-60 TriStar 60 charge controller 12, 24 or 48 60 020-01108 $226 digital display
RTS Battery temperature sensor 020-01141 $32 30 w/ digital display
PS-30M-PG 12 or 24 30 020-01138 $236
TS-M Digital display mounts on front of charge controller 020-01113 $99 & positive ground
RM Remote display with 100 ft. cable 020-01115 $136 RTS Battery temperature sensor 020-01141 $32

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 111
SunGuard Charge Controller SunKeeper Charge Controller
Charge Controllers

The SunKeeper is available in 6-amp or 12-amp versions at 12 volts

DC. To withstand the high temperatures at the solar module, the
controller has been designed using extremely efficient power elec-
tronics and is rated to 70C. The SunKeeper is also certified for use in
The SunGuard uses the same charging circuit as the SunSaver. Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations, making it an ideal control-
It is ideal where a 12-volt low-power controller is needed. It can ler for solar powered oil/gas applications. Mounts in 1/2" knockout.
control up to 75 watts of PV module(s). Since it is epoxy encapsu- 5-year warranty.
lated, it can be used outdoors in a harsh environment. Dimensions
are 2.5" x 2" x 1.6" with wire leads for connecting module and System Charge
battery. 5-year warranty. Model Description voltage amps Item code Price
SK-6 SunKeeper6 12 6 020-01252 $63
System Charge LVD

Model Description voltage amps amps Item code Price SK-12 SunKeeper12 12 12 020-01253 $89
SG-4 SunGuard 12 4.5 No 020-01215 $30


W !
15 Amps at
12/24 Volts DC

-1 -6 , 1"

U Ideal for
- "RVs,
" /," ,
EW and cottages

N U Independently
TM charges both the
house and engine battery
U Maximum PV U Charging priority is user selectable
SOof L400W
AR CONTROLLER U Remote meter displays digital and
U Enables use of high voltage pictorial system information
modules up to 75Voc
U Converts up to 36 volt PV to 24V or 12V battery
U Provides power boost and maximizes PV output
U Smaller and less expensive than other Two Battery Solar Controller with Remote Meter
MPPT controllers
Our1 th Anniversary

Solar Controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking Phone: +1-215-321-4457 Fax: +1-215-321-4458

112 Suggested
AEE Solarretail
x 4.875to change; check with us43227
4/08 for latest pricing.
Specialty Concepts Inc.

Charge Controllers
ASC Charge Controllers SCI RV Charge Controllers

The ASC is a compact, encapsulated, battery charge regulator for These charge controllers are designed by Specialty Concepts
use in small photovoltaic systems. It is available in 12-volt and Inc. for the RV market. They are designed to flush-mount in a
24-volt units up to 16 amps. The ASC is a switching shunt regula- rectangular cut-out. They have a digital amp- and volt-meter for
tor, housed in an anodized aluminum chassis and encapsulated accurate information and an LED bar graph display for at-a-glance
in a hard epoxy resin. The terminal block accepts up to 12-gauge battery status. Charging is set to stop at 14.4 volts and resume at
wire or a spade connector, providing simple installation. 13.0, but the full charge level can be adjusted by turning a small
We stock a variety of 12- and 24-volt controllers. See the table screw on the back of the circuit board. Terminal strip on back of
below. Some have temperature compensation, low-battery voltage unit accepts up to 10 AWG stranded wire. The Mark 15 and 22
disconnect and adjustable set points or a combination of some of controllers have array and battery fuses on the back of the panel
these. All ASC controllers are FM approved, Class 1, Division 2 and a switch to set the display to volts, amps, or off. The optional
explosion-proof devices so they are an excellent choice for oil, black anodized aluminum box can be used to surface-mount this

gas and industrial installations. controller on a wall. Knock-outs are provided for wiring. Dimen-
sions: 7.5" W x 4.25" H x 1.5" D. 5-year warranty.
Shipping weight 1 pound. Five-year warranty.
System Charge
Model voltage amps Item code Price
Mark 15/12 12 15 020-04215 $119
Mark 22/12 12 22 020-04217 $129
Surface mount box 020-04211 $25

Battery PV Load Dimensions Weight

Model Optional features voltage amps amps LxWxD (lbs) Item code Price
ASC-12/4 Charge controller only 12 4 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04327 $47
ASC-12/8 Charge controller only 12 8 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04331 $54
ASC-12/8 A Temp compensation 12 8 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04332 $64
ASC-12/8 AF Temp compensation, adjustable set point 12 8 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04355 $59
ASC-12/12 Charge controller only 12 12 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04341 $62
ASC-12/12 A Temp compensation 12 12 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04343 $64
ASC-12/12 AF Temp compensation, adjustable set point 12 12 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04346 $67
ASC-12/16 Charge controller only 12 16 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04352 $66
ASC-12/16 AF Temp compensation, adjustable set point 12 16 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04356 $78
ASC-12/16 AEF Temp compensation, low-bat disc, adjustable 12 16 10 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04357 $94
ASC-24/8 AF Temp compensation, adjustable set point 24 8 6" x 3.5" x 3" 1 020-04437 $61
ASC-24/16 AF Temp compensation, adjustable set point 24 16 6" x 5" x 3" 1 020-04457 $78
ASC-24/16 AEF Temp compensation, low-bat disc, adjustable 24 16 10 6" x 5" x 3" 1 020-04458 $94

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 113
Charge Controllers

C-35, C-40 and C-60 PWM Controllers

The Xantrex C-35, C-40, and C-60 PWM (pulse width modulator) controllers can be used as PV
charge controllers, DC load controllers or DC diversion regulators in 12-, 24- and 48-volt systems
(except only the C40 can be used in 48-volt systems). They operate in only one mode at a time, so to
provide both PV charge controller and low battery load disconnect, two controllers must be used. As
DC load controllers they disconnect the load at a user-settable low voltage and reconnect at a higher
voltage reconnect point. As diversion controllers they send excess power to a dummy load
(such as a water or space heater) to regulate hydroelectric or wind generators. When used in diver-
sion mode, derate the amperage by 25%. All Xantrex controllers, when used as a charge controller,
have field-adjustable bulk and float setpoints and perform automatic equalization every 30 days or
whenever LVD is reached. Equalization can be manually initiated with automatic shut-off. Order
the optional temperature sensor for a more accurate battery charge controller. The optional LCD
digital display shows battery voltage, array amps and watts, cumulative amp-hours and a separately
resettable trip amp-hour measurement. The digital display is available for mounting on the front
of the charge controller, or with a 50- or 100-foot cable for remote mounting in a double-gang
electrical box. UL Listed. 2-year warranty.

System Max PV
Model Description voltage amps Item code Price
C-35 Charge controller 12 or 24 35 020-08004 $119
C-40 Charge controller 12, 24 or 48 40 020-08005 $159
PWM/Lighting Controllers

C-60 Charge controller 12 or 24 60 020-08009 $199

BTS/15 Battery temperature sensor with 15 foot cable 020-08025 $29
BTS/35 Battery temperature sensor with 35 foot cable 020-08029 $32
CM Digital display mounts on front of charge controller 020-08016 $99
CM/R50 Remote display with 50 foot cable 020-08019 $126
CM/R100 Remote display with 100 foot cable 020-08017 $146

Xantrex C-12 Charge & Lighting Controller

The Trace C-12 controller is PWM microprocessor-based and ideal for small vil-
lage power systems, vacation homes, outdoor area lighting, sign lighting, and bus
shelters. It has a 12-amp low-voltage disconnect and an automatic lighting control.
The lighting control turns the light on at dusk, then has an adjustable duration timer
for 2 to 8 hours of run time, or can be set to run all night. If the battery gets low,
lights are turned off. User-adjustable LVD set points. For use in 12-volt systems
only. Can be mounted outdoors. Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.3" x 1.5". UL Listed. 2-year

System Max PV
Model Description voltage load amps Item code Price
C-12 Charge controller / lighting controller 12 12 / 12 020-08002 $110

114 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Phocos New! CML Charge Controllers

Charge Controllers
NEW! CXN Charge Controllers These low-cost Phocos charge
controllers can be used for
Phocos CXN 12/24V 12- or 24-volt systems with
solar charge controllers sealed or flooded batteries.
have exceptional fea- They offer low-voltage load
tures at a very good price. disconnect and have 5 LEDs
They feature pulse width to display battery and load
modulator (PWM) regula- status.
tion with integrated tem-
perature compensation,
low-battery load discon-
nect and a comprehensive
display. Battery state of System Max PV Max load
charge, charge and dis- Model voltage amps amps Item code Price
charge current, and faults CML15 12 or 24 15 15 020-05135 $55
are clearly displayed on CML20 12 or 24 20 20 020-05137 $63
an LCD in a bar graph.
These only consume 4 mA at night. The deep discharge protection
function can be set up to three different modes: voltage controlled,
SOC controlled or adaptive (fuzzy logic). Lighting Controllers
CXN controllers have a built-in data logger. Data can be accessed This fully water-
by a PC by using the CXN-USB interface converter. Data includes proof PV charge and
maximum and minimum battery voltage, state of charge at begin- lighting controller

PWM/Lighting Controllers
ning and end of day, amp-hours produced by PV array and more. for area lighting,
Daily data is available for the past 7 days. roadside signs, and
warning signs can
Other features include audible warnings and a programmable
be used with 12- or
nightlight function.
24-volt systems. 15-amp and 40-amp versions are available.
Phocos new CXN charge controllers can be used in systems where Controllers have low-voltage load disconnect and temperature
the array, battery and load negatives are grounded. Dimensions compensation and can be used with sealed or flooded batteries.
are 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.5". Not UL Listed. 3-year warranty. Pulse action reduces sulfation.

System Max PV Max load System PV Load Dimensions

Model voltage amps amps Item code Price Model voltage amps amps L" x W" x D" Item code Price
CXN10 12 or 24 10 10 020-05016 $66 PVLC-15 12 or 24 10 10 2 X 3 X 1.25 020-05425 $95
CXN20 12 or 24 20 20 020-05017 $86 PVLC-40 12 or 24 20 20 3.3 X 5.5 X 1.7 020-05427 $140
CXN40 12 or 24 40 40 020-05018 $125
CX USB interface for data logger 020-05011 $58 Lighting Controllers with Motion Sensor
This fully waterproof PV charge and lighting controller for area
New! PL60 Charge Controllers lighting, roadside signs, and warning signs can be used with 12-
This PWM charge controller or 24-volt sys-
works well as a diversion con- tems. 15-amp
troller for wind and hydroelec- and 40-amp
tric systems ad a solar charge versions are
controller at the same time. It available. Con-
can be used on 12, 24, 32, 36 trollers have a
and 48 volt systems . Maximum motion sensor
diversion load is 30 amps. to activate the
It can be programed with the light or load
button on the front panel and the when motion is sensed. They have temperature compensation
LCD display and it has built-in and can be used with sealed or flooded batteries. Pulse action
data monitoring. reduces sulfation.
System PV Load Dimensions Item
System Max PV Max load Model voltage amps amps L" x W" x D" code Price
Model voltage amps amps Item code Price PVLC-15MD 12 or 24 10 10 2 X 3 X 1.25 020-05432 $130
PL60 12, 24, 32, 36, 48 60 30 020-05007 $650 PVLC 40MD 12 or 24 20 20 3.3 X 5.5 X 1.7 020-05435 $160

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 115
Atkinson Magnum
Charge Controllers

GSCM AGS - RV Auto Generator Start

The GSCM (Generator Start Controller Module) is a micro-

processor-based generator-starting controller that receives start
commands from the 12-volt output from an OutBack FX inverter
auxiliary relay, a user-supplied switch, an auxiliary relay in an The Magnum AGS is compatible with most major generators,
inverter, a voltage controlled relay, a timer or any user-supplied including Onan, Powertech, Generac, and Weterbeke. Please
contact closure. It automatically controls a gas/propane or diesel check with us for specific model compatibility. The Magnum
powered generator or pump, and is totally sealed for harsh envi- Auto Generator Start (AGS) is designed to automatically start
Generator Start Controllers

ronment operation. your coach generator based on low battery condition or the inside
The GSCM provides contact signal relays to start the engine and temperature of the coach.
disconnect the starter when a minimum generator frequency output You can set the battery start voltage from 10-12 VDC or 20-22
is measured. It monitors the generator operation, shutting it down VDC, the start temperature from 65-85F, the run time from
if one of several fault conditions is detected. LEDs are flashed to one to five hours, and the quiet time with an easy-to-set clock.
indicate the cause of the shutdown. Manually resetting the GSCM Auto Gen Start settings do not interfere with the manual start /
removes the lockout and allows the generator to restart if called. stop operation of the generator. Just use any existing start / stop
The GSCM is powered by 12 to 24VDC from a battery bank and switch in your coach.
will start generators for 12 to 48V systems. For 48V systems the Two models are available. The standalone version of the AGS
GSCM must be powered by a 24V-or-less tap on the 48V battery works well for installation and operation without an inverter. The
bank. The GSCM provides a 30-day exercise function which network version of the AGS allows operation of the AGS via the
can be synchronized with a photovoltaic input to only start each ME Series remote panel.
30-day period at the beginning of the solar charge day. 2-year
limited warranty. Dimensions are 5.5" x 3.3" x 1.5".
Model Description Item code Price
Model Description Item code Price AGS-S Automatic generator start standalone 020-06375 $299
GSCM Generator start controller module 020-06341 $322 Automatic generator start Magnum network
AGS 020-06377 $299
version use with Magnum inverters only
This generator start controller is opti-
mized for use with OutBack invert-
ers. It supports three types of 3-wire
gas-generator control: momentary,
maintained or ignition. It has a fixed
crank time and over and under fre-
quency shutdown.

Model Description Item code Price

GSCM-mini Generator start controller module 020-06343 $165

116 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Morningstar SPDT 12V 40A Relay

Charge Controllers
These single pole, double throw 40-amp
Relay Driver enclosed relays are widely used in the auto-
The Relay Driver is a logic module motive industry. Wires may be attached with
which provides control functions 1/4" quick-connect terminals or the relay
such as high/low voltage alarms, socket below may be used. Nominal operat-
load control and generator start for ing current is 140mA. Relay socket has 2
12-, 24- or 48-volt battery systems. feet of wire.
It controls four independent relay
driver outputs by reading digital SPST N.O. 12V 75A Relay
data inputs from Morningstars TriStar controller or by reading This enclosed single-pole, single-throw relay
battery voltage. Outputs can be used to operate any of the relays has one set of contacts that close when power
in the next column or any other mechanical or solid state relay is applied to the coil terminals. It can be used
with a coil voltage that is the same as the battery voltage used to to turn on 12-volt loads of up to 75 amps.
power the relay driver. Maximum current for each output chan- Power terminals are 10-32 screws and coil
nel is 750 mA. terminals are " quick disconnects. 300mA
The Relay Driver may be mounted to a DIN rail and is fully pro- is nominal operating current.
grammable with the included PC software via serial RS-232 port DPDT 30A Relays
connection. Dimensions are 6.4" x 3.2" x 1.3" and weight is 0.4
lb. Terminals can accept 16- to 24-AWG wire. Self consumption These double-pole, double-throw relays can
is less than 20 mA and the unit will operate from 8 to 68 volts be used for up to 30 amps at 12 or 24 volts
DC. 3-year warranty DC or 120/240 volts AC. All contact surfaces
are silver alloy with gold flashing. Contact
Description Item code Price terminals are #8-32 screws and coil terminals

Morningstar Relay Driver RD-1 020-01255 $169 are #6-32 screws. Relays with 120 VAC or
240 VAC coils can be used to build simple transfer switches.
Voltage-Controlled Switches Relays with DC coils can be used for remote operation of pumps
and fans. By connecting a relay with a DC coil to a voltage con-
These are user-
trolled switch, AC or DC loads may be turned on or off based on
adjustable voltage-
activated relays battery voltage levels.
with SPDT (single Battery Isolator Relay
pole, double throw)
This relay is designed to isolate a
contacts rated for
second battery in a vehicle. The
30 amps. The relay
contact terminals are connected
coil in the Active-
between the positive terminal
High version is
of the starting battery and the
powered when the
positive terminal of the second
voltage rises to the high setpoint. The relay in the Active-Low
battery. The negative terminals
is powered when voltage drops to the low setpoint. The SPDT
of both batteries are connected
relay allows the voltage controlled switch to either connect or
to the vehicle chassis. One of the coil terminals is connected to
disconnect a circuit when it operates or to turn one thing on while
chassis ground and the other coil terminal is connected to the
turning another thing off.
ignition switch or fuse box. When the vehicle is running, both
Voltage settings are user-adjustable and can be read with a volt- batteries are connected together in parallel and being charged by
meter. An active high relay can be used as a DC pump control- the alternator. When the ignition switch is off, the contacts are
ler, a diversion load controller, or to operate a large relay for a open, disconnecting the second battery from the vehicle electrical
high-powered charge controller. An active low can be used as a system. 80-amp maximum continuous current. 12-volt coil.
2-wire generator start controller or as a low battery voltage load
disconnect. These devices consume 17mA when off. Maximum Description Coil current Item code Price
switched current is 30A at 12/24 VDC, 3A at 48 VDC. VCS-1
40 A SPDT 12V relay 140 mA 053-08290 $8
measures approx. 3" x 5.3" x 1.75".
Relay socket for 40 A relay 053-08291 $4
VCS-2 comes in a 5" x 7" x 2" enclosure. 1-year warranty. 75 A SPST relay 300 mA 053-08293 $30
Mode of DPDT 30A relay 12VDC coil 170 mA 053-08281 $48
Model operation Enclosure Item code Price DPDT 30A relay 24VDC coil 53 mA 053-08287 $48
VCS-1AH Active High No 020-06218 $112 DPDT 30A relay 120VAC coil 83 mA 053-08278 $48
VCS-2AH Active High Yes 020-06215 $180 DPDT 30A relay 240VAC coil 42 mA 053-08284 $4
VCS-1AL Active Low No 020-06221 $112 Dual battery isolator relay 053-08272 $28
VCS-2AL Active Low Yes 020-06224 $180

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 117
Charge Controllers

Diversion Load Information

In most hydroelectric and wind-powered battery charging sys- the load on just enough to keep the battery voltage from rising
tems, the charging source cannot be disconnected from the further. To determine wattage of these diversion loads at other
batteries while running without the possibility of damaging voltages, use Ohms Law: voltage = amps x ohms.
them from over-voltage.
The critical requirements are that the diversion load can dis-
The typical way to regulate battery charging voltage with this sipate more watts than the charging source can deliver, and that
type of generating system is to use a load diversion type charge the maximum amperage that the load can draw is smaller than
controller. The Morningstar TS45 and TS60 and the Xantrex the maximum diversion rating of the charge controller. Order
C-35, C-40 and C-60 can be configured for this mode of charge one or more loads with a total current (amps) draw greater than
controller. A diversion-type charge controller also may be used your charging systems maximum output, but no more than the
in a PV system. If the array is much larger than necessary to maximum power rating of the charge controller in the diversion
charge the battery, excess power can be used to heat water by mode. We recommend that you do not use a load that draws
using a water heating diversion load. more than 75 percent of the maximum rating of the charge
In operation, when battery voltage reaches the full charge setting controller. For example, if the charging source can deliver 20
in the charge controller, it begins to divert power to the diver- amps at 24 volts, use a 30-amp diversion load with a 40-amp
sion load. The controller uses pulse width modulation to turn or larger charge controller.

Low-Voltage Water Heating Element

These low-voltage water-heating elements are for use as diversion
loads for wind or hydroelectric systems. Use one or more of these
heating elements with a charge controller designed for load diver-
Diversion Load

sion, such as the Xantrex C40 or C60, Morningstar TS-45 or TS-60

or the OutBack MX-60 to turn your excess power into hot water.
They fit most standard electric water heaters with screw-in elements.
We have one model for 12-volt and 24-volt
systems and another for higher power 24-volt Regulation voltage: 14.00 28.00 56.00
systems and 48-volt systems. Each unit has Model Wiring ohms amps watts amps watts amps watts Item code Price
two elements that can be wired in series or
Series 0.96 14.6 204 29.2 817
parallel or used individually, depending on
voltage and desired amp draw. See the table 12v / 24v Single 0.48 29.2 408 021-09275 $120
to determine what each element will draw at Parallel 0.24 58.3 817
various charging voltages.
Series 2.48 5.6 79 11.3 316 22.6 1265
If your water heater tank is designed for square 24v / 48v
flange elements, use one square flange adapter Single 1.24 11.3 158 22.6 632 021-09279 $120
(12v also)
for each element. 1" male pipe threads. 2-year Parallel 0.62 22.6 316 45.2 1265
warranty. Square flange element adapter 021-09285 $25
Air Heating Diversion Loads
These resistive loads enclosed in vented aluminum boxes can be used in 12-, 24 and 48-volt diversion
regulation systems. The aluminum box may get very hot in operation. It should be mounted on a nonflam-
mable surface and should be at least 12" from any flammable material.
HL-100 is shipped as a 4-ohm resistor and can be reconfigured as a 1-, 0.5- or 0.25-ohm resistor by easily
changing connections in the terminal block.
HL-75 is shipped as a 3-ohm resistor and can be reconfigured as a 0.75-ohm resistor by changing connec-
tions in the terminal block. See table below for diverted amps at various voltages. 2-year warranty.

Resistance Diversion load amps at voltage below Item

Model setting 14V 15V 28V 30V 56V 60V code Price
0.25 56 60
0.50 28 30
HL-100 021-09330 $235
1 ohm 14 15 28 30
4 ohms 3.5 3.8 7 7.5 14 15
0.75 ohms 19 20 38 40
HL-75 021-09335 $235
3 ohms 4.7 5 9.3 10 19 20

118 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Samlex Mastech

Meters & Monitoring

New! Battery Watch Digital Multimeter
The battery watch is a smart piece Test diodes and measure DC volts, AC
of equipment which automatically volts, up to 10 amps AC or DC cur-
detects battery voltages between rent, ohms and continuity with this
7V and 32V. It can be used to moni- 9-volt powered digital multimeter
tor approximate battery state-of- (battery included). This inexpensive
charge on 12- and 24-volt battery troubleshooting tool is made in China.
systems. Dimensions are 2.75" x 5" x 1".
Three LEDs green, red and yellow light in various combina-
tions to indicate battery voltage. An audio alarm can be set to sound
at high or low voltage levels and all settings are programmable
by the user with a push button on the front panel.
Description Item code Price
Description Item code Price Digital multimeter 028-08031 $19
Samlex battery watch 028-02257 $60
PV and Wind Digital Monitor
AEE Solar This digital monitor and shunt com-
Digital DC Volt & Amp Meters bination can measure amps and amp-
hours from two charging sources of
up to 40 amps each on a 12-, 24- or
48-volt battery system. The monitor
and shunt module are connected with
a cat-5 network cable. The monitor
stays in the battery voltage mode until
the select button is pushed. The button
can turn on the backlight, advance
through display settings, reset amp-
hours, lock the display in any mode
Measure amps and volts in 12-, 24- or 48-volt systems with these or activate a scroll setting. Backlight
high-quality, low-cost LCD digital meters. The surface mount, 3" comes on for 15 seconds every time the button is pushed and
x 2" x 1" plastic enclosure can be easily attached to wood or metal stays on in scroll mode.
surfaces with two screws. Terminal strip on the back of the meter Display module requires a shunt module to operate. Order both
accepts 14 to 22 AWG wire. items. Cat 5 cable required to connect display to shunt.
Amp meters are available with a 100A/100mV shunt for measuring
up to 100 amps with 0.1 amp resolution, a 500A/50mV shunt to Description Item code Price
measure up to 500 amps with 1 amp resolution or without a shunt Atkinson PVWDM digital monitor 028-02205 $126
for installations that already have a shunt. Current draw is only
Atkinson PVWSM shunt module 028-02207 $130
20mA. Amp meter requires 4-conductor wire; volt meter requires
2-conductor wire. Use 22 gauge or larger for up to 50 feet. Use Cat 5 cable 50' 030-04199 $25
18 AWG for up to 150 feet. 2-year warranty. Cat 5 cable 6' 030-04197 $8

Description Item code Price

Digital volt meter 11 to 65 VDC 028-09228 $42
Digital amp meter w/o shunt 028-09257 $42
Digital amp meter w/ 100A shunt 028-09259 $65
Digital amp meter w/ 500A shunt 028-09261 $65

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 119
Hoyt AC Kilowatt-Hour Meter
Meters & Monitoring

These EZ-Read cyclometer GE util-

Induction Amp Meters
ity-grade meters have been removed
from service and reconditioned and
certified. If you are selling power back
to the utility grid, you can keep track
of how much power your system is
generating. Order one of the raintight
meter bases to mount and connect
wires to the meter. For use on 120
or 120/240 VAC systems. Maximum
current 200 amps. GE Model I-70S,
These meters read DC amps from a wire that is placed in the slot CEC approved. Please contact us for
frame on the rear of the meter case. No electrical connection is pricing on kilowatt-hour meters for
needed. The 30-amp meter will work with wires up to 8 gauge. higher power and for 3-phase sys-
The dual range meter has a 75-amp scale and a 600-amp scale. tems.
This amp meter will work with wire up to 20 gauge.
Kilowatt-Hour Meter
Description Item code Price
Hoyt 30A induction meter 028-08045 $29
We stock two types of kilowatt hour
Hoyt 75A induction meter 028-08047 $29
meter bases. The cast, low-cost round
Dual Range 0-75 / 0-600 ADC 028-08049 $35 base has 1-1/2" threaded holes in the
top and bottom. The Milbank brand
Analog Amp Meters sheet metal base is 8" W x 11.5" H
(shown with meter mounted). Both
These high quality amp meters mount in a 72mm square hole.
are for single phase 2- or 3-wire
The meter movement is very smooth and accurate. The shunt is
100-amp service and both come with
built into the 30-amp meter so it can be
sealing ring. Raintight, NEMA 3R for
in series with the load to be measured
outdoor use.
on the negative or positive wire. The
60-amp meter comes with a separate
shunt. The mounting plate in the table
below holds 1 meter and mounts in a
2-gang wiremold deep switch box.

Description Item code Price

Analog meter 0-30A DC 028-07332 $18 Description Item code Price

Analog meter 0-60A DC 028-07362 $18 GE kilowatt hour meter w/ EZ-Read cyclometer 028-03015 $30

Mounting plate for 2-gang wiremold box 028-09015 $5 GE kilowatt hour meter w/ conventional dial 028-03018 $32
Kilowatt hour meter socket 120/240VAC - round 028-03025 $16
Kilowatt hour meter base 120/240VAC NEMA-3R 028-03031 $90
AC Meter
This kilowatt-hour meter is easy to set up and
use. It gives the user power usage information
for individual appliances, displaying true power
consumed (including power factor information),
and keeps track of cumulative kilowatt-hours,
cumulative time the meter has been plugged in,
and amount of money the electricity consumed
costs. A 15-amp circuit breaker protects against
overloads. UL Listed.

Description Item code Price

Kill-A-watt portable kilowatt hour meter 028-02005 $50

120 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Meters & Monitoring
Tech Tip: Amp-Hour Meters
With the use of an amp-hour meter, you can tell the condition is hard to tell state of charge from voltage, or specific gravity.
of your batteries at a glance. An amp-hour meter is the best The main destroyer of lead acid batteries is sulfation caused by
indicator of your systems condition. As you use power, the undercharging. These sophisticated meters help you keep track
meter counts how many amp-hours are used. As the battery of your batteries state of charge so you can keep them charged.
is charged, the meter goes backwards, toward zero. When the Get maximum life out of your batteries and save money and
battery is full, the meter reads zero. This type of meter is a system down time. Note: Amp-hour meters lose accuracy if
must for nickel-cadmium and nickel-iron batteries, where it batteries are always run in a very discharged state.

Link 10 Meters TM-500A
Link 10 meters provide complete The TM-500A is similar to the Tri-
battery status information for a bat- metric meter in a special package with
tery bank. Simple and easy-to-use fuse and fuse holder. An improved
digital display shows volts, amps, display shows volts, amps, amp-
amp-hours consumed, and operat- hours and percent without changing
ing time remaining. It also has an mode. Very easy to install and use.
easy-to-read multi-color LED bar Installation is simplified with a special shunt that includes a
graph. The Link 10 allows you to phone-type jack. Install the shunt, plug the special six-conductor
select automatic, sleep and scanning modes and automatically cable into the shunt and meter and all the connections are made!
calculates and displays charging efficiency. By adding an optional Meter shows days since fully charged, cumulative amp-hours,
prescaler, Link 10 can monitor battery banks up to 500 volts. The recharge indicator, low-voltage indicator, and full-charge indica-
splash-proof panel allows for outdoor mounting and hands-free tor. Comes with a 50' six-conductor cable with jacks, fuse, and
operation. It displays key historical battery information such as a special 500A/50mV shunt. Also is capable of turning DR, PS,
charge efficiency, deepest discharge, and average discharge and and UX inverters on and off. 2550 amp-hour max battery size.
they are compatible with 12- and 24-volt DC systems. The shunt is Longer length cables are available for long runs. Use the 48-volt
included. Accessories include prescalers (0-100 or 0-500 volts) to adapter for 48-volt systems.
extend voltage range covered by your meter. 1-year warranty. Dimensions: 4.55" x 4.55" x 1.725". 2-year warranty.

Description Item code Price Xantrex

model Description Item code Price
Link-10 Standard Meter w/ 500A/50mV shunt 028-01128 $250
TM-500A Amp-hour meter w/shunt 028-01405 $375
Pre-scaler 0-100V Use w/ battery higher than 24V 028-01131 $110
TM-500NS Amp-hour meter w/o shunt 028-01403 $325
Pre-scaler 0-500V For use w/ battery up to 500V 028-01134 $175
TM48 48-volt adapter 028-01413 $75
Temperature sensor Increases meter accuracy 028-01137 $57
TC25 25-foot cable 028-01421 $22
Mounting bracket 028-09014 $7
TC50 50-foot cable 028-01422 $36
Meter wire 8-conductor 18 AWG (price/ft) 050-01252 $.40

Battery Monitor XBM

The Xantrex battery monitor uses Description Item code Price
sophisticated microprocessor technol- XBM meter w/ 500A/50mV shunt 028-01119 $300
ogy to provide complete battery status
XBM communication kit with software for Windows 028-01120 $225
information for your battery. A simple
display shows volts, amps, amp-hours XBM connection kit 32 feet 028-01121 $90
consumed, and operating time remain- XBM connection kit 50 feet 028-01122 $115
ing. An optional communications kit is XBM temperature sensor kit 32 feet 028-01123 $75
available that contains hardware and XBM temperature sensor kit 64 feet 028-01124 $105
software to enable battery monitoring
from a Windows-based laptop. The splash-proof panels allow for
outdoor mounting and hands free operation. XBM is compatible
with 12- and 24-volt DC systems and comes with a 500A/50mV
shunt. Front panel measures 2.56" square and the back fits in a
2.05" hole. 1-year warranty.

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 121
Bogart Engineering
Meters & Monitoring

Trimetric 2020
This amp-hour meter for 12- or 24-volt battery systems (and 48-volt with adapter) reads volts, amps
and amp-hours on an LED display. Amp-hours can be displayed in actual amp-hour numbers or as %
full. An LED lights when the battery is charging and flashes when the battery has been fully charged.
Another LED flashes when batteries should be recharged, equalized, and during low battery voltage.
It also records min and max voltage, days since batteries were last charged, days since equalized, and
total lifetime amp-hours withdrawn from the batteries. The Trimetric can be located hundreds of feet
away from batteries using inexpensive 4-conductor twisted-pair meter wire. For 48V systems or addi-
tional lightning protection on 12/24 V systems, use a 48V adapter
with the meter. A shunt is required for operation. Use the 500-amp Description Item code Price
shunt if you have a 12V inverter larger than 800 watts or a 24V Trimetric 2020 amp-hour meter 028-00020 $175.00
inverter larger than 1600 watts. Use a 1000-amp 100mV shunt for 48-volt adapter 028-00023 $28.00
systems with stacked XW inverters or where continuous current is Surface mount box 028-00026 $11.00
over 300 amps. The 1000A/100mV shunt has the same resistance
500A/50mV shunt 028-09253 $35.00
as the 500A/50mV shunt and may be used interchangeably. Order
shunt separately. Allows for a maximum battery bank size of 2500 100A/100mV shunt 028-09245 $35.00
amp-hours. The positive lead to the Trimetric should be fused with 1000A/100mV shunt 028-09254 $47.00
a 1-amp fuse. Flush mount or use wiremold box to mount. Made 4-conductor 22 AWG wire 050-01243 $0.50
in USA. Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.75". 2-year warranty. 4-conductor 18 AWG wire 050-01237 $0.78

Pentametric Battery Monitor Basic measurements:

The Pentametric monitor measures 1 or 2 2 voltage channels: 8-100 volts. (For example you can monitor
battery systems with a common negative. volts from two-battery systems).
With one battery system, battery current 3 amperage channels .01-200 amps (with 100A/100mV
plus two charging sources/loads can be shunt). 0.1-1000 amps (with 500A/50mV or 1000A/10mV
measured. shunt). Each of these requires a separate shunt.
The new PentaMetric battery monitor Temperature -20 to +65 degrees C.
system offers a lot more capability than Secondary measurements:
the TriMetric monitor. The complete sys- Amp-hour (3 channels): to 83,000 amp-hours
tem consists of 3 parts: input unit (near
Cumulative (negative) battery amp-hours (2 channels)
batteries), display unit (shown here) and
computer interface unit. It can monitor up Smoothed (time filtered) amps
to 3 shunts: For example; measure total solar input and wind input Volts (2 channels): 0-100 volts
independently in addition to monitoring battery state of charge. Watts (2 channels) .01- 20,000 watts
You can access the data with display unit (shown above) with LCD Watt-hours (2 channels) 21,000 kilowatt hours
display and buttons up to 1000 feet from batteries. An optional Battery % full (2 channels) 0-100%
computer interface with Windows software allows you to control
Days since batteries charged (2 channels) .01-250 days
and read out all data from the computer. It has a relay output to
control a generator or external alarm and it has audible and visual Days since batteries equalized (2 channels) .01-250 days
alarms for high and low battery conditions. 2-year warranty. Data logging functions
There are 3 types of data logging functions. With the computer
Description Item code Price interface all 3 types can be output to spreadsheet file.
Pentametric display unit PM-100D 028-00011 $199.00 1. Periodically logged data can record any or all of the fol-
Pentametric input unit PM-5000U 028-00013 $220.00
lowing at regular intervals: once per day to up to once per
minute, amp-hours (3 channels), watt hours (2 channels),
Computer interface PM-100C 028-00015 $100.00
Temperature max/min (1 channel), volts (1 channel), amps
Temperature Sensor TS-1 028-00018 $29.00 (1 channel)
500A/50mV shunt 028-09253 $35.00 2. Battery discharge voltage profile data logs volts and amps
100A/100mV shunt 028-09245 $35.00 every time charge level changes by 5% (or 10%) for 1 or 2
8-conductor 22 AWG wire / per foot* 050-01255 $0.36 battery systems.
3. Battery cycle efficiency data documents system efficiency
* 8-conductor wire is ok for measuring one battery. One additional con- for up to 2 battery systems.
ductor will be required for two batteries.

122 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
new! Obvius

Meters & Monitoring

A8812-1 AcquiSuite DR Acquisition Server H8035/8036 Networked Power Meters
The AcquiSuite data acquisi- The H8035 and H8036
tion server provides plug & are three-phase net-
play connectivity to detect worked (Modbus RTU)
and configure Modbus devices AC power meters. They
in just seconds. Data from the can be used to measure
connected Modbus devices are three-phase or single
time stamped and stored in inverter output or build-
memory at user selected inter- ing loads. These inno-
vals. This interval data can be vative meters combine
stored by the AcquiSuite or power metering electron-
updated to a destination of the ics and high-accuracy
users choice through XML or industrial-grade current transformers (CTs) in a single package,
CSV. Data can also be accessed using the modem or LAN con- eliminating the need for external electrical enclosures and greatly
nection using any web browser. This enables the user/contractor reducing installation time and cost. There are two application-
to push/pull data into energy kiosks, building dashboards, or other specific platforms to choose from. The Basic Enercept Energy
custom software applications or web interfaces. The A8812-1 Meters (H8035) measure kW and kWh. The Enercept Enhanced
has 8 flex IO inputs; each input can monitor analog, resistance, Data Stream meters (H8036) output 26 energy variables including
or pulse data. The AcquiSuite provides a cost-effective solution kW, kWh, volts, amps and power factor, making them ideal for
for monitoring solar system performance down to the string and power monitoring and diagnostics. Up to 63 power meters can be
panel level. daisy-chained on a single RS-485 network. Connect power meters
directly to AcquiSuite via Modbus RS485 output. They can also be
R9120-3 ModHopper Wireless Transceiver use with the ModHopper for wireless connectivity. Call for higher
The ModHopper provides a current meters. Call for pricing on larger power meters.
self-optimizing wireless inter-
face between multiple Modbus Weather Stations
devices and the AcquiSuite By integrating a wireless or wired
server. The device uses 900Mhz, plug and play weather station with
FHSS (frequency hopping spread the AcquiSuite and ModHopper
spectrum) technology. subsystems, you can add any com-
Its the perfect solution for wire- bination of solar radiance, wind
less communication with solar direction and speed, temperature and
current monitors, net meters, inverters, and environmental sensors relative humidity, barometric pressure
(weather stations). There are two pulse inputs available on each and rainfall and leaf wetness. Call for
ModHopper and users can connect up to 32 hardwired Modbus a complete list of wired and wireless
devices. The R9120-3 has a range up to 1500 feet (typical indoor). sensors and the weather station will
Combining ModHoppers with the AcquiSuite and sensors from be assembled to order. These weather
Obvius provides solar users and contractors with a complete stations automatically detect and con-
wireless monitoring package. figure Modbus devices in just seconds,
reducing installation time and costs. A
A89DC-08 Multi-Circuit DC Monitor (MCDM) basic wired weather station that gives
The MCDM allows temperature and irradiance and a wire-
owners and installers less one with wind speed added are
of PV systems or other listed on the price list. Other options
DC generating appli- are also available.
cations to monitor the
performance of each
device individually by providing high accuracy direct current
readings. It can monitor 8 sources, strings or subarrays using 8
Model Description Item code Price
non-contact Hall Effect current sensors, and provides a Modbus
A8812-1 AcquiSuite DR acquisition server 029-02011 $1,649
RS485 output. If used with the AcquiSuite the user can utilize
many additional features including alarming. Up to 247 MCDMs A89DC-08 Multi-circuit DC monitor (MCDM) 029-02015 $ 995
can be networked when used with the wireless ModHoppers. Use H8035 Power meter - basic 100A 029-02022 $842
the MCDM to monitor key performance parameters and quickly H8036 Power meter - enhanced 100A 029-02041 $1061
detect issues with panels or strings. R9120-3 ModHopper wireless transceiver 029-02044 $ 535
Wireless weather station w/ wind speed & humidity Call $3,300
Wired weather station w/ temperature and irradiance Call $1,205
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 123
Meters & Monitoring
Why Use Monitoring Tools?
Residential and commercial system owners and installers can problems, and take corrective actions quickly and cost-effec-
benefit from remote monitoring services for renewable energy tively often without ever leaving their office. Over time your
systems. These services provide knowledge and control over solar energy generation and demand fluctuates. Periodic meter
energy system generation and demand and are remotely acces- readings provide only a summary view of energy consumption,
sible via the Internet. Monitoring systems typically consist of telling you little or nothing about PV generation or short-term
a local device that connects to the energy system, collects data, performance issues. Good monitoring and display tools can help
and communicates with the monitoring service providers central reveal trends, transient issues, cost-saving opportunities and
data center. Using such a service, residential and commercial emerging issues. They feature real-time and historical system
system owners can remotely monitor their solar electric instal- performance graphs and downloadable data. Additionally, they
lations and see the impact of changes in consumption as well provide the independent third-party, revenue-grade monitoring
as problems such as tree shading or equipment degradation and reporting required to collect performance-based financial
over time. Installers can check system performance, diagnose incentives.

Fat Spaniel Technologies Residential Monitoring Service

Fat Spaniels Residential Monitoring Service gives the residential
Monitoring and Visualization Services system owner the monitoring and visualization tools to understand
The Fat Spaniel monitoring product was designed with residential their solar energy system. The residential solution allows you to
and commercial system owners and installers in mind. Fat Spaniel improve your net metering results and reduce your electricity bill
Technologies simple, powerful, and field-proven monitoring and by managing your energy use.
visualization services work with your residential or commercial
The image on the bottom left is a typical simple view show-
solar electric or wind system to provide web-based visual displays.
ing real-time and historical data about energy generation, the
This remote monitoring solution allows you to manage and view
building's energy usage, and environmental information. Energy
your solar energy system or whole-building energy usage in a
information can be selected to show daily, weekly, monthly and
single view. You can view your system anytime, anywhere using a
yearly comparisons.
web browser or mobile phone. Residential and commercial install-
ers can assure customers that their renewable energy system is Fat Spaniel offers inverter-direct monitoring for most grid-tie
operating properly. Fat Spaniel provides views for post-installation inverters as well as revenue grade, inverter-independent monitor-
support, alerting you to failure issues and providing tools for ing that can be used for power purchase agreements, performance
remote trouble-shooting. The Fat Spaniel service also generates the incentives and renewable energy credit trading. Residential moni-
regular reports required for performance-based financial incentives toring systems can be used for systems under 20 kW.
available under programs such as Californias CSI. Inverter-direct monitoring meets the California PUC < 10kW
EPBB metering requirement, and is not designed
to meet the PUC PBI metering requirement. SMA
and Fronius inverters require optional equipment
from the inverter manufacturer. See information on
the table on the next page. Xantrex inverters do not
require extra equipment. Inverter-direct monitoring
comes with a simple web-based view. Detail view
and alerts are an extra-cost option.
Inverter-independent monitoring includes ANSI
standard revenue-grade meter with 2% accuracy
and meets metering and reporting requirements of
California EPBB & PBI programs and of all states
requiring revenue-grade meters. These systems
come with simple and detail web-based views, and
alerts for inverter-off condition and communica-
tions failures
Weather data and building load are options that can
be added to the monitoring package. All packages
include hardware, 5 years of hosted monitoring ser-
vices and 5 years of warranty coverage. Broadband
Internet access is required for standard systems.
Cellular and dialup modems are optional.

124 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Commercial Monitoring Service

Meters & Monitoring

With Fat Spaniel Technologies Commercial Monitoring Service
you get an accurate and real-time view of your savings and produc-
tion, whenever and wherever you need it. It allows you to view
your whole-building energy picture by monitoring one or many
building systems in a single view.
The image at right is a typical commercial simple view show-
ing real-time and historical data. Custom commercial views are
available to view selected aspects of your whole-building energy
picture. Monitor one or many building systems in a single view.
A Fat Spaniel monitoring system is custom designed to meet your
needs from a variety of options through an eleven-step checklist.
The table below has a summery of the choices to be made. The
first 5 items are required. Step 6 through 10 are optional. The
prices are for the minimum in each category and there may be
premium products that have a higher cost.
Contact us for actual options and prices.

Description of products Price

Required Items - choose at least 1 from each step
Revenue-grade monitoring - meets metering and reporting requirements of California EPBB & PBI programs and of all states requiring $2,899
Step 1 revenue grade meters
Inverter-direct monitoring - Provides access to detailed inverter information such as fault events $650
Monitoring capacity - one-time cost based on maximum of 10 kW DC system capacity rating $0
Step 2 Monitoring capacity - one-time cost based on maximum of 20 kW DC system capacity rating $125
Monitoring capacity - one-time cost based on maximum of 30 kW DC system capacity rating $240
Monitoring service - 5 years cost based on maximum of 10 kW DC system capacity rating $249
Step 3 Monitoring service - 5 years cost based on maximum of 20 kW DC system capacity rating $539
Monitoring service - 5 years cost based on maximum of 30 kW DC system capacity rating $1,025
Web views option - Standard Web Views hosted on Fat Spaniel site, HTML, for public or private access $0
Step 4 Web views option - Flash-based implementation includes How it Works module explaining operation of a solar electric system. Can be
viewed from either lobby kiosk display or online with a web browser.
Internet access - Provides an Ethernet port - Internet access must be supplied by a third party $0
Step 5
Cellular modem - Provides Internet access for Fat Spaniel gateway - requires purchase of cellular service from a 3rd party $999
Optional Items - choose any needed for system
Basic weather station - monitors irradiance, module temperature and ambient air temperature $1,999
Step 6
Full weather station - monitors irradiance, module temperature, ambient air temperature, wind speed and wind direction $3,299
Building demand with gateway - used with Inverter Direct Base System or as a standalone unit $2,950
Step 7
Building demand without gateway - used with a Revenue Grade Base System (which already has meter and gateway) $2,300
String monitoring - Includes gateway, one required for every 120 strings monitored, setup and service five years $1,500
Step 8
Subarray monitoring service only, for a SatCon inverter for five years $608
Data feed for five years - five years, for one site used for non-billing purposes such as graphing - average power (kW), incremental
Step 9 energy (kWh) and incremental irradiance (Wh/m2) in 15-minute increments - delivered on an hourly basis CSV and / or XML format
Data feed for five years - as above, but billing grade - used for billing purposes $1,725
Step 10 Agency report (PUC / REC) for 5 years - pricing is for 5 years, per site, per report destination (i.e. a specific agency or other recipient) $862

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 125

Battery Information and Sizing

All standalone and battery-backup PV systems require bat- made of lead, mixed with other materials, submerged in a
tery storage. Photovoltaic modules charge the batteries during sulfuric acid solution. We do not list nickel-cadmium batteries
daylight hours and the batteries supply the power when it is in this catalog because of their high cost and environmental
needed, often at night and during cloudy weather. Utility grid- problems related to disposal. Nickel metal hydride and lithium
tie systems supply power directly to the utility grid; no battery ion batteries look promising for the future, but at this time
storage is needed. their price is much too high for the size needed for all but the
smallest of remote lighting systems.
The two most common types of rechargeable batteries in use
today are lead-acid and alkaline. Lead acid batteries have plates

Battery Size Caring for Lead-Acid Batteries

The size of the battery bank required depends on the storage Always use extreme caution when handling batteries and electro-
capacity required, the maximum discharge rate, the maximum lyte . Wear gloves, goggles and old clothes. Battery acid will
charge rate, and the minimum temperature at which the batteries burn skin and eyes and destroy cotton and wool clothing.
will be used. When designing a power system, all these factors The quickest way to ruin lead-acid batteries is to discharge them
are looked at and the one requiring the largest capacity will dictate deeply and let them stand dead for an extended time. The posi-
battery size. Temperature has a significant effect on lead-acid bat- tive plates change from lead oxide when charged to lead sulfate
teries. At 40F they will have 75% of rated capacity, and at 0F when discharged. If they remain in the lead sulfate state for a few
their capacity drops to 50%. The storage capacity of a battery, the days, part of the plate does not return to lead oxide when the bat-
amount of electrical energy it can hold, is usually expressed in tery is recharged. The parts of the plates that become sulfated
amp-hours. If one amp is used for 100 hours, then 100 amp-hours no longer store energy.
have been used. A battery in a PV power system should have
Batteries that are deeply discharged and then charged partially on
Technical Information

sufficient amp-hour capacity to supply needed power during the

longest expected period of cloudy weather. A lead-acid battery a regular basis can fail in less than one year. Check your batter-
should be sized at least 20% larger than this amount. If there is a ies on a regular basis to be sure they are getting charged. Use a
source of backup power, such as a standby generator with a battery hydrometer to check the specific gravity of your lead-acid batter-
charger, the battery bank does not have to be sized for worst-case ies. If batteries are cycled very deeply and then recharged slowly,
weather conditions. the specific gravity reading will be lower because of incomplete
mixing of electrolyte. Check the electrolyte level in wet-cell bat-
Lead-Acid Batteries teries at least four times a year and top-off each cell with distilled
Lead-acid batteries are the most common in PV systems because water. Do not add water to discharged batteries. Electrolyte is
their initial cost is lower and because they are readily available absorbed when batteries are discharged. If you add water at this
nearly everywhere in the world. There are many different sizes and time and then recharge the battery, electrolyte will overflow and
designs of lead-acid batteries, but the most important designation make a mess. Keep the tops of your batteries clean and check that
is whether they are deep cycle batteries or shallow-cycle batteries. cables are tight. Do not tighten or remove cables while charging
Shallow-cycle batteries, like the starting batteries in automobiles, or discharging. Any spark around batteries can cause a hydrogen
are designed to supply a large amount of current for a short time explosion inside, and ruin one of the cells, and you. It is a good
and to stand mild overcharge without losing electrolyte. However, idea to do an equalizing charge when some cells show a variation
they cannot tolerate being deeply discharged. If they are repeatedly of 0.05 specific gravity from each other. This is a long steady
discharged more than 20% their life will be very short. These bat- overcharge, bringing the battery to a gassing or bubbling state.
teries are not a good choice for a PV system. Deep cycle batteries Do not equalize sealed or gel-type batteries.
are designed to be repeatedly discharged by as much as 80% of their With proper care, lead-acid batteries will have a long service life
capacity so they are a good choice for PV systems. Even though and work very well in almost any power system. With poor treat-
they are designed to withstand deep cycling, these batteries will ment lead-acid battery life will be very short.
have a longer life if the cycles are shallower. All lead-acid batteries
We strongly recommend the use of an amp-hour meter with all
fail prematurely when they are not recharged completely after each
battery systems. See pages 121-122.
cycle. Letting a lead-acid battery stay in a discharged condition
for days at a time will cause a permanent loss of capacity. Sealed
deep cycle lead-acid batteries (gel cells and absorbed glass mat)
are maintenance-free. They never need watering or an equalization Battery warranties do not cover damage due to poor main-
charge. Sealed batteries require very accurate regulation to prevent tenance or loss of capacity from sulfation.
over-charge and over-discharge. Either of these conditions will
drastically shorten their lives. We recommend sealed batteries for
remote, unattended power systems.

126 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Battery Wiring Diagrams

The diagrams below show typical 12-, 24- and 48-volt battery wiring configurations. Batteries can deliver extremely high current.
Always install fuse protection on any positive wiring connected to batteries.

+ -
+ - + - + -
+ + + - + - + - + - + - + -
+ - 6V
- 6V
- 2V 2V 2V
2V 2V 2V


+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + -
+ +
2V 2V 2V 2V 2V 2V
- 6V
- + - + - + - + - + - + -
+ +
2V 2V 2V 2V 2V 2V

+ -

Technical Information
+ -
+ -
+ + + +
+ - + - 6V
- 6V
- 6V
- 6V
12V 12V

+ - + 6V
+ 6V
+ 6V
+ 6V
+ - + - + + + +
- - - -
12V 12V
6V 6V 6V 6V

+ - + - 2 PARALLEL


- +

- - +
12V 12V +
- + -
- + -
- + -
3 PARALLEL 2V 2V 2V 2V 2V 2V
- + - + - + - + - + - +

+ - -+
+ - + - + - + - + + + +
12V 12V
12V 12V
- -
- -
- -
6V 6V 6V 6V

+ + + +
+ - + - + - + - 1 PARALLEL

12V 12V 12V 12V

+ - + - + - + -
12V 12V 12V 12V

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 127
Battery State-of-Charge Measuring Battery State-of-Charge

Battery state-of-charge (SOC) can be measured by an amp-hour Battery voltage will vary for the same state-of-charge depending
meter, voltage or by specific gravity. Some care and knowledge on whether the battery is being charged or discharged, and what
is required to interpret state-of-charge from voltage or specific the current flow is in relation to the size of the battery. The table
gravity readings. We recommend amp-hour meters for all systems below will give you an idea of state-of-charge for various battery
with batteries. conditions in flooded cell lead-acid batteries. Voltage varies with
temperature. While charging, a lower temperature will increase
Amp-Hour Meters battery voltage. Full-charge voltage on a 12-volt battery is 0.9
An amp-hour meter is like having a gas gauge for batteries. It volts higher at 32F than at 70F. While discharging, a higher
gives users all the information they need to keep their batteries temperature will increase battery voltage. There is little temperature
charged. At a glance the user can see system voltage, current, and effect while a battery is standing.
battery condition. (See the meter section for more information on
(Thanks to Ralph Heisy, Bogart Engineering, for this information.)
amp-hour meters.)

Nominal battery voltage

Battery condition @ 77F 12V 24V 48V
Battery during equalization charge Over 15 Over 30 Over 60
Battery near full charge while charging 14.4 to 15.0 28.8 to 30.0 57.6 to 60.0
Battery near full discharge while charging 12.3 to 13.2 24.6 to 26.4 49.2 to 52.8
Battery fully charged with light load 12.4 to 12.7 24.8 to 25.4 49.6 to 50.8
Battery fully charged with heavy load 11.5 to 12.5 23.0 to 25.0 46.0 to 50
Technical Information

No charge or discharge for 6 hours - 100% charged 12.7 25.4 50.8

No charge or discharge for 6 hours - 80% charged 12.5 25 50
No charge or discharge for 6 hours - 60% charged 12.2 24.4 48.8
No charge or discharge for 6 hours - 40% charged 11.9 23.8 47.6
No charge or discharge for 6 hours - 20% charged 11.6 23.2 46.4
No charge or discharge for 6 hours - fully discharged 11.4 22.8 45.6
Battery near full discharge while discharging 10.2 to 11.2 20.4 to 22.4 40.8 to 44.8

A hydrometer is very accurate at measuring battery state-of-charge Hydrometer Readings
if you measure the electrolyte near the plates. Unfortunately, you The table below shows battery state-of-charge at various spe-
can only measure the electrolyte at the top of the battery. When a cific gravities. These readings are correct at 75 degrees F.
battery is being charged or discharged, a chemical reaction takes
place at the border between the lead plates and the electrolyte. State of charge Specific gravity
During charging, the electrolyte changes from water to sulfuric 100% charged 1.265
acid. The acid becomes stronger and the specific gravity rises as 75% charged 1.239
the battery charges. Near the end of the charging cycle gas bubbles
50% charged 1.2
rising through the acid stirs the fluid to mix it. It takes several
hours for the electrolyte to mix so that you get an accurate reading 25% charged 1.17
at the top of the battery. Always try to take readings after a period Fully discharged 1.11
of no charge or discharge.

128 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Battery Sizing Worksheet

Battery temperature Multiplier
Use this worksheet to determine what size battery is required for your system. Bat- 80F/26.7C 1
tery size is measured in amp-hours. This is a measure of battery capacity. Battery 70F/21.2C 1.04
voltage is determined by the number of cells in series. All lead-acid battery cells
60F/15.6C 1.11
have a nominal output of 2 volts. Actual cell voltage varies from about 1.7 volts at
full discharge to 2.4 volts at full charge. 12-volt lead-acid batteries are made of 6 50F/10.0C 1.19
separate cells in one case. 6-volt batteries are made of 3 cells in one case. Putting 40F/4.4C 1.3
battery cells in parallel increases amp-hour capacity, but does not change voltage. 30F/-1.1C 1.4
20F/-6.7C 1.59

Step 1 Total average amp-hours per day required (line 10 from the Off-Grid Load Worksheet on page 13):

Step 2 Maximum number of continuous cloudy days expected in your area :

Step 3 Multiply line 1 by line 2:

Step 4 Divide line 3 by 0.8 to maintain a 20% reserve after deep discharge period.
(Dividing line 3 by a more conservative 0.5 will maintain a 50% reserve and increase battery life):
If no special conditions below apply, skip to line 9:

Special Condition #1: Heavy Electrical Load

Technical Information
Step 5 Maximum amperage that will be drawn by the loads for 10 minutes or more :

Step 6 Multiply line 5 by line 5.0:

Special Condition #2: High-Charge Current

Step 7 Maximum output amperage of PV array or other battery charger :

Step 8 Multiply line 7 by 5.0:

Step 9 Amp-hours from line 4, 6 or 8, whichever is largest :

Step 10 If you are using a lead acid battery, select the multiplier from the battery temperature table above which
corresponds to the batterys wintertime average ambient temperature:

Step 11 Multiply line 9 by line 10. This is your optimum battery size in amp-hours:

Step 12 Amp-hours of battery chosen. (Industrial Cell, T105=220, L16=350, etc.):

Step 13 Divide line 11 by line 12. This is the total number of batteries in parallel required:

Step 14 Round off to the next highest whole number. This is the number of parallel strings required:

Step 15 To determine the number of batteries required in series, divide the system voltage (12, 24, or 48) by the
voltage of the chosen battery (2V, 6V or 12V):

Step 16 Multiply line 14 by line 15.

This is the total number of system batteries needed for the chosen battery:

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 129
East Penn

MK Battery
Sealed PV/Solar Batteries
MK sealed batteries are designed for maintenance-free operation for
the life of the battery. Sealed construction eliminates periodic water-
ing, corrosive acid fumes and spills. Tank formed plates ensure voltage
matching between cells. Most models are rated non-spillable by ICAO,
IATA and DOT, meaning easy transportation by air and no special con-
tainers are needed. Exceptions are the three asterisked AGM models
below, which cannot be shipped by air freight or UPS and must be
shipped by truck freight on pallets. 1-year warranty.
MK Sealed Gel Batteries
The gelled electrolyte wont stratify, so no equalization charging is
required. Less than 2% per month standby loss means low discharge
during transport and storage. Gel batteries are best for cycling opera-
tions and where very cold temperatures are expected. They can operate at temperatures from -76 to 140 F.
MK Sealed AGM Batteries
These are completely sealed, absorbed glass mat, valve-regulated batteries with efficient recombination. UL Recognized components
to UL MH17218. AGM batteries are recommended for battery backup standby power systems where batteries are in float service with
occasional deep discharges. They can operate at temperatures from -40 to 140 F. Delivered from one of 20 MK warehouses across
the US. NOTE: The 3 asterisked models below can NOT be shipped by air or UPS, only by truck freight.

Capacity (Ah)
Battery Dimensions (in) Weight
type Model number Volts Terminals 20-hr rate 100-hr rate LxWxH lbs Item code Price
SU1-SLD-G 12 T874 31.2 36.1 7.8 x 5.2 x 7.3 24 040-03015 $119
S222NF-SLD-G 12 T881 50 57 9.38 x 5.5 x 9.25 38 040-03018 $202
Sealed gel solar batteries

S24-SLD-G 12 T881 73.6 84 10.9 x 6.8 x 9.9 53.6 040-03022 $270

S27-SLD-G 12 T876 86.4 99 12.75 x 6.75 x 9.75 63.2 040-03024 $294
S31-SLD-G 12 T876 97.6 108 12.94 x 6.75 x 9.75 71.7 040-03027 $329
S4D-SLD-G 12 T975 183 210 20.8 x 8.5 x 10 130 040-03030 $640
S8D-SLD-G 12 T975 225 265 20.8 x 11 x 10 161 040-03033 $779
SV6GC-SLD-G 6 T881 180 198 10.3 x 7.2 x 10.9 69 040-03036 $356
8AU1 12 T874 32.5 37 7.8 x 5.2 x 7.3 24 040-03117 $100
Sealed AGM solar batteries

8A22NF 12 T881 55 63 9.38 x 5.5 x 9.25 38 040-03120 $184

8A24 12 T881 79 91 10.9 x 6.8 x 9.9 53.6 040-03123 $231
8A27 12 T876 92 106 12.75 x 6.75 x 9.75 63.2 040-03126 $275
8A31 * 12 T876 105 116.2 12.94 x 6.75 x 9.75 71.7 040-03129 $315
8A4D * 12 T975 200 216 20.8 x 8.5 x 10 130 040-03132 $588
8A8D * 12 T975 245 257 20.8 x 11 x 10 161 040-03135 $693
8AGC2 6 T881 200 220 10.3 x 7.2 x 10.9 69 040-03137 $315


3/8" DIA. 11/32" DIA.
1-3/6" 3/8" DIA.
1-1/8" 1-7/8"

1-1/16" 1-25/32" 1-7/8"

T874 T876 T881 T975

130 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
New! MK 8L-16 6-Volt Deep Cycle Battery

This version of East Penn's MK L-16 battery is the best commercial deep cycle battery value we offer.
They have flag terminals and a heavy duty plastic case.MK L-16 batteries are made in USA. They seem
to be able to maintain the best price on this type of battery because they own their own lead smelter
which allows them to have better control of lead prices Capacity is 370 amp-hours at a 20-hour rate and
420 amp-hours at a 100-hour rate.

Model Volts Dimensions (in) Weight lbs Item code Price

8L-16 6 11.75 x 7 x 17.3 113 040-01957 $410

Commercial Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries
These batteries have been used in off-grid power systems in remote cab-
ins for the past 25 years with great success. Because of their low initial
cost, they are the most affordable true, deep cycle batteries. The T105
golf cart battery is designed to be used in small electric vehicles where
they are cycled heavily and last about 2 years. In a remote home system
where they are cycled down 20% every day they can last 3 to 6 years.
The L-16 battery is designed for electric floor scrubbing machines. They
are a heavy-duty cousin of the golf cart battery with
much thicker lead plates and nearly twice the
capacity. The L-16 is available in a standard Capacity (Ah) Weight
and a high-capacity version. The standard ver- Model Volts 20-hour rate Dimensions (in) lbs Item code Price

sion holds more electrolyte and has a slightly T-105 6 225 10.375 x 7.125 x 11.25 62 040-01939 $223
longer life. L-16PO 6 390 11.625 x 7 x 16.75 113 040-01963 $545
The SCS-series 12-volt marine batteries are L-16HC 6 420 11.625 x 7 x 16.75 121 040-01964 $605
Trojans top of the line 12-volt deep cycle bat-
SCS150 12 110 11.25 X 6.75 X 9.75 50 040-01921 $263
teries. They are designed for
MK_Solar_07_v6.qxd marine and
4/28/08 1:26RVPMusePage 1
and work well in small cabin systems where 110 SCS225 12 130 13.25 X 6.75 X 9.75 66 040-01927 $320
to 130 amp-hours is enough storage.

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 131
Rolls/Surrette Battery

Deep Cycle Industrial Flooded Batteries

These are the new generation, dual container, deep cycle Rolls
batteries from Surrette. (S-460 and S-530 are not dual container).
They are high-capacity batteries with heavy duty plate grid to
resist positive plate breakdown. The plates are double insulated
with glass mat and a polyethylene envelope, eliminating the pos-
sibility of separator misalignment, cracked separators, treeing
or shorting at the bottoms or sides. Rolls batteries are rated at
3200 cycles at 50% depth of discharge except for S-460 and
S-530 which are rated at 1000 cycles. Each 2-volt cell is built
into its own lightweight container made of durable polypropylene
with the cover heat bonded to the container, thus acid leakage is
eliminated. The cells are then assembled into a tough, lightweight
polyethylene outer container with a removable lid. Even if the
outer container were to break, the battery would still be operable
without acid spills. The individual cells are bolted together (CS
and KS series) allowing the battery to be disassembled and the
cells can be independently removed.
This facilitates easy on-site installation, disassembly, assembly, or
replacements of individual cells without special skills or tools. All
Surrette CS & KS deep cycle solar batteries come with a 10-year
warranty, 3-year full warranty, and 7-year prorated.

Batteries shipped to commercial addresses qualify for free ship-

ping to different regions of the country as follows:
East of the Mississippi:
S-460s and S-530s 18 batteries or more
All other batteries greater than 2000 pounds
West of the Mississippi, east of the Rockies:
S-460s and S-530s 36 batteries or more
All other batteries greater than 4000 pounds
West of the Rockies:
S-460s and S-530s 54 batteries or more
All other batteries greater than 6000 pounds

Capacity (Ah) Dimensions (inches)

Battery Rated cycles Warranty Weight
Surrette model voltage 20-hr rate 100-hr rate (50% DOD) (years) L W H wet / dry Item code Price
2-KS-33PS 2 1766 2491 3300 10 15.44 8.31 24.81 208/145 040-02220 $913
2-YS-31PS 2 2430 3435 3300 10 15.50 9.00 31.63 285/200 040-02221 $1432
4-CS-17P 4 546 770 3200 10 14.38 8.25 18.25 128 / 98 040-02223 $525
4-KS-21P 4 1104 1557 3200 10 15.75 9.38 24.75 267 / 186 040-02226 $790
4-KS-25P 4 1350 1900 3200 10 15.75 10.63 24.75 315 / 220 040-02229 $1236
S-460 6 350 460 1000 7 12.28 7.12 16.75 117 / 90 040-02106 $333
S-530 6 400 530 1000 7 12.28 7.12 16.75 125 / 105 040-02109 $366
6-CS-17PS 6 546 770 3200 10 22 8.25 18.25 221 / 178 040-02232 $824
6-CS-21PS 6 683 963 3200 10 22 9.75 18.25 271 / 217 040-02235 $957
6-CS-25PS 6 820 1156 3200 10 22 11.25 18.25 318 / 254 040-02238 $1130
8-CS-17PS 8 546 770 3200 10 28.25 8.25 18.25 294 / 238 040-02247 $1050
8-CS-25PS 8 820 1156 3200 10 28.25 11.25 18.25 424 / 342 040-02250 $1535
12-CS-11PS 12 357 503 3200 10 22 11.25 18.25 272 / 220 040-02259 $1001

132 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
HuP Solar-One

2100 Cycle Industrial Batteries
The Solar-One battery with HuP Technology is optimized for industry. Each Solar-One is made up of six 2-volt cells and comes
renewable energy systems. It has a slightly enlarged epoxy-coated with stainless steel hardware, lead-plated copper buss bars, a cell
steel case that allows cell removal and easier installation without lifting strap and an operator/installation manual. Order two for
a forklift or crane. Solar-One batteries are designed with 0.310" 24-volt systems or four for 48-volt systems. Many sizes are in
thick positive plates and a patented technology that allows them to stock and available for immediate shipment. Other sizes are made
be warranted for 2100 cycles to 80% DOD. The 10 year-warranty, to order; please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery. Free shipping
7-year free replacement and 3 years prorated is the best in the RE to a commercial location in the lower 48 states.

Capacity Weight Dimensions

Cell type @ 20-hr rate lbs L" x w" x 25" h Item code Price
SO-6-85-17 845 A-H 742 40" x 7.75" 040-05269-A $1,959
SO-6-85-19 950 A-H 808 40" x 8.25" 040-05272 $2,099
SO-6-85-21 1055 A-H 880 40" x 8.75" 040-05275 $2,169
SO-6-85-23 1160 A-H 959 40" x 9.0" 040-05278 $2,315
SO-6-85-25 1270 A-H 1036 40" x 10.25" 040-05281 $2,425
SO-6-85-27 1375 A-H 1102 40" x 11.25" 040-05284 $2,500
SO-6-85-31 1585 A-H 1252 40" x 12.75" 040-05290 $2,899

SO-6-85-33 1690 A-H 1336 40" x 13.5" 040-05293 $2,999

Capacity Capacity @ Weight Dimensions

Cell type @ 20-hr rate 100-hr rate lbs L" x W" x 24" H Item code Price
IBE 12V POWR-Plus Solar Batteries
POWR-Plus Solar Batteries Pp-6-85-9 418 A-h 510 A-h 490 21.5 X 6.62 040-07209 $1,229
POWR-Plus batteries are designed to give more Pp-6-85-11 523 A-h 638 A-h 630 26.5 X 6.62 040-07211 $1,382
energy and maximum battery life. All batteries Pp-6-85-13 627 A-h 765 A-h 670 30.75 X 6.62 040-07213 $1,493
are custom built when an order is received. All Pp-6-85-15 732 A-h 893 A-h 710 18 X 13 040-07215 $1,698
batteries have high capacity industrial type deep Pp-6-85-17 836 A-h 1020 A-h 790 20.25 X 13 040-07217 $1,848
cycle cells with flag type terminals on the posi-
Pp-6-85-19 941 A-h 1148 A-h 905 22.38 X 13 040-07219 $2,034
tive and negative posts. Heat-sealed cell covers
eliminate the major source of electrolyte leakage, Pp-6-85-21 1046 A-h 1275 A-h 1006 24.75 X 13 040-07221 $2,171
reducing corrosion build-up. Tough steel cases Pp-6-85-23 1160 A-h 1403 A-h 1080 27 X 13 040-07223 $2,304
are powder coated for acid resistance and have Pp-6-85-25 1255 A-h 1530 A-h 1160 29.25 X 13 040-07225 $2,516
lifting handles.
Pp-6-85-27 1359 A-h 1658 A-h 1240 31.5 X 13 040-07227 $2,663
Cycle life of these batteries is 5,000 cycles at Pp-6-85-29 1464 A-h 1785 A-h 1325 33.75 X 13 040-07229 $2,913
20% depth of discharge or 1500 cycles at 80%
Pp-6-85-31 1568 A-h 1913 A-h 1389 36 X 13 040-07231 $3,177
depth of discharge.
Pp-6-85-33 1673 A-h 2040 A-h 1480 38.25 X 13 040-07233 $3,497
We list 12-volt packs that can be combined for
2V POWR-Plus Solar Batteries
24- or 48-volt systems. IBE can also supply 2-volt
cells with the same high quality cells, for use PP-1-85-17 836 A-H 1020 A-H 138 6.62 x 6.88 040-07155 $399
when the batteries must be moved by hand. PP-1-85-19 941 A-H 1148 A-H 146 6.62 x 7.62 040-07157 $429
IBE batteries have an 8-year warranty. The first PP-1-85-21 1046 A-H 1275 A-H 168 6.62 x 8.38 040-07159 $451
5 years are full replacement. The last 3 years PP-1-85-23 1160 A-H 1403 A-H 180 6.62 x 9.12 040-07161 $473
are prorated. PP-1-85-25 1255 A-H 1530 A-H 194 6.62 x 9.88 040-07163 $510
PP-1-85-27 1359 A-H 1658 A-H 208 6.62 x 10.62 040-07165 $533
PP-1-85-29 1464 A-H 1785 A-H 224 6.62 x 11.38 040-07167 $575
PP-1-85-31 1568 A-H 1913 A-H 238 6.62 x 12.12 040-07169 $619
PP-1-85-33 1673 A-H 2040 A-H 252 6.62 x 12.88 040-07171 $672

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 133

Absolyte IIP Industrial Sealed Batteries Applications

The Absolyte battery was developed by GNB, in conjunction with Absolyte IIP batteries are ideal for photovoltaic and alternative
Sandia National Laboratories, as the first VRLA, large capacity, energy applications including:
deep cycle battery for photovoltaic applications. This design pro- Village electrification
vides for extended partial state-of-charge operation and allows for Telecommunications
deep discharge recovery. Their wide band of temperature operation,
Residential power
from -40C (-40F) to +50C (122F), retains more capacity in cold
temperatures than traditional flooded batteries. Life expectancy in Railroad signal
float conditions is 20 years @ 25C (77F) with proper charging. Navigational aids
Life expectancy in cycling conditions is1200 cycles to 80% DOD
with proper charging. Sealed cells with absorbed glass mat (AGM)
separators eliminate the need for periodic water additions as found
in flooded cells. Periodic visual inspections, voltage readings, and
connection retorquing are all that is required.
Protective steel tray housings offer
Capacity (Ah) Height
maximum installation flexibility GNB Length Width (depth) Weight
and the Absolute IIP is qualified part # Volts 20-hr rate 100-hr rate (in.) (in.) (in.) lbs Item code Price
to stack horizontally up to eight
6-Cell 12-Volt Batteries
high for use in 1997 UBC/2001
CBC Seismic Zone IV (at or 6-50a05 12 120 145 17.19 8.53 16.22 157 040-04409 $2,052
below grade). This provides for 6-50a07 12 182 220 21.69 8.53 16.22 209 040-04412 $2,430
high capacity in a small footprint

6-50a09 12 240 290 26.19 8.53 16.22 252 040-04415 $2,873

and frees up floor space for other 6-50a13 12 360 440 35.19 8.53 16.22 356 040-04421 $3,672
equipment; and because they are
6-90a07 12 300 365 21.69 8.53 23.56 316 040-04430 $3,062
sealed, they do not require a sepa-
rate battery room. 6-90a09 12 400 490 26.19 8.53 23.56 396 040-04433 $3,576
6-90a11 12 500 610 30.69 8.53 23.56 477 040-04436 $4,217
They are IEC 896, BS 6290, UL
Recognized, ISO 9001:2000, 6-90a13 12 600 730 35.19 8.53 23.56 557 040-04439 $4,925
designed to meet Telcordia 6-90a15 12 700 855 39.69 8.59 23.56 637 040-04442 $5400
SR4228 and GR-63-CORE 3-Cell 6-Volt Batteries
3-100a19 6 1,020 1,200 26.75 8.59 26.38 470 040-04322 $3,507
3-100a21 6 1,140 1,330 29.00 8.59 26.38 515 040-04325 $3,804
3-100a27 6 1,460 1,730 35.75 8.59 26.38 653 040-04334 $4,722
3-100a29 6 1,580 1,860 38.00 8.59 26.38 704 040-04337 $5,073
3-100a31 6 1,700 1,995 40.25 8.59 26.38 750 040-04340 $5,432
3-100a33 6 1,820 2,130 42.50 8.59 26.38 795 040-04343 $5,778
2-Volt Cells
1-100a39 2 2,040 2,400 19.93 8.53 26.38 328 040-04225 $2,525
1-100a45 2 2,340 2,795 22.18 8.59 26.38 374 040-04228 $2,893
1-100a51 2 2,700 3,190 24.50 8.59 26.38 424 040-04231 $3,225
1-100a57 2 3,060 3,590 26.75 8.59 26.38 470 040-04234 $3,512
1-100a63 2 3,420 3,990 29.00 8.59 26.38 515 040-04237 $3,819
1-100a69 2 3,780 4,390 31.25 8.59 26.38 561 040-04240 $4,094
1-100a75 2 4,080 4,790 33.50 8.59 26.38 608 040-04243 $4,382
1-100a81 2 4,440 5,185 35.75 8.59 26.38 653 040-04246 $4,724
1-100a87 2 4,800 5,585 38.00 8.59 26.38 704 040-04249 $5,075
1-100a93 2 5,100 5,985 40.25 8.59 26.38 750 040-04252 $5,433
1-100a99 2 5,460 6,385 42.50 8.59 26.38 795 040-04255 $5,780

134 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
East Penn

New! Deka Unigy II Sealed Industrial Batteries
The Deka Unigy II line features two module designs with a wide range of capacities to fit the requirements
of renewable energy applications. These batteries are ideal for float applications with an occasional deep
discharge, such as battery-backup for grid-connected systems. The front safety shield design easily clips
on and off without tools for quicker assembly. The modules are coated with acid resistant epoxy powder
paint and each module has mounting holes for grounding option.
These batteries are available with interlocked frames for locations with tough seismic requirement and non-
interlocked frames where this is not required. They are also available with flame retardant polyethylene
cases. The interlocking module frames require only front access bolts for mounting, providing quick and
safe installation. Their standard one-piece base enables it to be used as anchoring template. Anchors can
be drilled and installed with base in place. They are certified to UBC 97 Zone 4 Top of Building up to 8
modules high. The non-interlock modules require front and rear access bolts for mounting, providing easy
and safe installation. The standard two-piece base enables anchors to be drilled and installed with base in
place. The non-interlock version is certified to UBC 97 Zone 2B Top of Building up to 8 modules high.
To order, pick the prefix of the battery with the capacity required, then add the suffix to indicate the case
type and whether they are interlocking modules.

Non-Interlock SpaceSaver Interlock SpaceSaver

Flame retar- Standard Flame retar- Standard

dant poly case polycase dant poly case poly case

Item code Deka Amp hours Suffix > -NL -NS -IL -IS
prefix model 20 hour rate 100 hour rate Module volts Price per module
040-06011 6AVR75-5 180 210 12 $2,134.00 $2,089.00 $2,343.00 $2,296.00
040-06012 6AVR75-7 280 310 12 $2,382.00 $2,259.00 $2,618.00 $2,482.00
040-06013 6AVR75-9 380 420 12 $2,631.00 $2,510.00 $2,888.00 $2,756.00
040-06014 6AVR75-11 460 520 12 $2,851.00 $2,735.00 $3,133.00 $3,005.00
040-06015 6AVR75-13 540 630 12 $3,109.00 $2,986.00 $3,418.00 $3,280.00
040-06016 6AVR75-15 640 730 12 $3,431.00 $3,269.00 $3,771.00 $3,592.00
040-06017 3AVR75-17 720 840 6 $2,337.00 $2,252.00 $2,565.00 $2,473.00
040-06018 3AVR75-19 820 940 6 $2,501.00 $2,409.00 $2,749.00 $2,644.00
040-06019 3AVR75-21 920 1050 6 $2,662.00 $2,546.00 $2,923.00 $2,799.00
040-06022 3AVR75-23 1000 1150 6 $2,780.00 $2,672.00 $3,055.00 $2,937.00
040-06023 3AVR75-25 1100 1250 6 $2,906.00 $2,790.00 $3,194.00 $3,065.00
040-06024 3AVR75-27 1200 1360 6 $3,063.00 $2,926.00 $3,366.00 $3,215.00
040-06025 3AVR75-29 1280 1460 6 $3,388.00 $3,231.00 $3,723.00 $3,550.00
040-06026 3AVR75-31 1380 1570 6 $3,523.00 $3,358.00 $3,868.00 $3,689.00
040-06027 3AVR75-33 1460 1670 6 $3,633.00 $3,468.00 $3,988.00 $3,810.00
040-06028 6AVR95-15 790.6 941.2 12 $3,840.00 $3,634.00 $4,221.00 $3,989.00
040-06029 3AVR95-17 903.5 1075.7 6 $2,581.00 $2,470.00 $2,836.00 $2,715.00
040-06030 3AVR95-19 1016.4 1210.1 6 $2,767.00 $2,643.00 $3,040.00 $2,903.00
040-06031 3AVR95-21 1129.4 1344.6 6 $2,942.00 $2,805.00 $3,231.00 $3,083.00
040-06032 3AVR95-23 1242.3 1479 6 $3,083.00 $2,948.00 $3,388.00 $3,236.00
040-06033 3AVR95-25 1355.3 1613.5 6 $3,232.00 $3,087.00 $3,551.00 $3,394.00
040-06034 3AVR95-27 1468.2 1747.9 6 $3,391.00 $3,232.00 $3,726.00 $3,551.00
040-06035 3AVR95-29 1581.1 1882.4 6 $3,726.00 $3,553.00 $4,094.00 $3,903.00
040-06036 3AVR95-31 1694.1 2016.9 6 $3,879.00 $3,697.00 $4,263.00 $4,060.00
040-06037 3AVR95-33 1807 2151.3 6 $4,012.00 $3,825.00 $4,409.00 $4,204.00
040-06038 2AVR125-33 2367 2930 4 N/A N/A $3,763.62 N/A

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 135
Direct Power & Water

Pole-Mount Aluminum Battery Boxes

Side-of-pole mount aluminum NEMA 3R hinged door boxes from Direct Power & Water are available
for several battery sizes and battery/equipment configurations. They are made to order from 0.125"
5052- H32 aluminum with white powder coating, and can be built to meet specific application require-
ments. The doors have padlock hasps and stainless steel continuous hinges. Each box has a removable
control mounting plate, screened vents and two 7/8" wire entrance holes.

Batteries Dimensions (in)

Battery size spaces DxWxH Item code Price
Group 27, 30 1 9 X 16 x 20 048-04179 $545
Group 27, 30 2 16 X 16 x 20 048-04188 $660
Group 27, 30 4 16 X 16 x 20 048-04200 $840
Group 27, 30 6 16 X 25 x 34 048-04201 $1,020
Golf cart 2 14 X 18 x 22 048-04197 $545
Golf cart 4 14 X 18 x 36 048-04203 $680
4d 1 12 X 24 x 22 048-04282 $630
4d 2 12 X 24 x 36 048-04291 $790
8d 1 15 X 24 x 22 048-04285 $760
Battery Enclosures

8d 2 15 X 24 x 36 048-04294 $865

MidNite Solar
Battery Enclosures
These grey powder-coated steel battery enclosures with locking doors are ETL Listed for the
US and Canada for indoor use. They are for use with sealed AGM or gel batteries. MNBE-A
ships by UPS, unassembled. MNBE-B ships by UPS unassembled in 2 boxes. MNBE-C ships
by truck freight, unassembled .

Batteries Dimensions (in) Shipping Weight

MidNite model Battery size spaces DxWxH dimensions (lbs) Item code Price
27 or 31 6
MNBE-A 14.5 X 29 x 27.25 30" X 32" x 7.5" 71 048-05501 $425
8d 2
MNBE-B 27 or 31 8 15.25 X 33.6 X 34.5 18" X 8" x 36" & 18" X 9" x 37" 102 048-05503 $605
27 or 31 12
MNBE-C 16 X 36.5 X 55 Ships by truck on a 42" x 42" x 60" pallet 190 048-05505 $849
8d 3

136 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Direct Power & Water

Chest-Style Battery Enclosures
Pad mount, chest style enclosures are manufactured with 0.125" 5052-h32
aluminum. All die marks and welds are sanded smooth and the boxes are
finished with a reflective bright white polyester powder coat to minimize
internal heat gain. All enclosures are provided with integrated louvers located
to promote convective air flow through the enclosure to reduce internal tem-
peratures and remove gasses. Filters are located over the louvers to keep out
dust and insects. The filters are removable for cleaning or replacement. All
standard enclosures are built to meet NEMA 3R specifications.
Other sizes are available. For sizes not listed below, contact us for price.

Non-insulated Insulated
Batteries Dimensions
Battery size spaces Layout (inches) Weight lbs Item code Price Item code Price
2 2x1 16x16x16 26 048-04030 $768 048-04033 $1,030
4 2x2 18x30x16 39 048-04031 $973 048-04034 $1,283
4 1x4 16x34x16 37 048-04032 $995 048-04035 $1,314
6 2x3 25x30x16 50 048-04140 $1,158 048-04143 $1,518
8 2x4 30x33x16 60 048-04036 $1,320 048-04043 $1,711

Battery Enclosures
10 2x5 41x30x16 70 048-04037 $1,469 048-04044 $1,903
2 2x1 24x26x16 44 048-04057 $1,047 048-04065 $1,368
4 2x2 26x46x16 68 048-04116 $1,433 048-04119 $1,835
4 1x4 24x50x16 65 048-04066 $1,459 048-04067 $1,871
6 2x3 38x46x16 90 048-04128 $1,781 048-04131 $2,255
8 2x4 46x50x16 111 048-04068 $2,102 048-04069 $2,629
10 2x5 62x46x16 131 048-04164 $2,400 048-04167 $2,993
12 2x6 46x74x16 150 048-04070 $2,701 048-04077 $3,431
12 4x3 50x68x16 150 048-04071 $2,691 048-04078 $3,415
2 2x1 13x18x17 25 048-04074 $750 048-04079 $1,009
4 2x2 18x25x17 37 048-04075 $935 048-04080 $1,236
4 1x4 14x35x17 36 048-04076 $980 048-04081 $1,298
6 2x3 25x27x17 47 048-04134 $1,112 048-04137 $1,462
Golf cart
8 2x4 25x32x17 56 048-04152 $1,256 048-04155 $1,637
10 2x5 43x25x17 65 048-04082 $1,400 048-04089 $1,825
12 2x6 25x51x17 74 048-04083 $1,547 048-04090 $2,088
12 4x3 34x35x17 74 048-04084 $1,529 048-04091 $2,056
2 2x1 19x22x28 43 048-04088 $868 048-04095 $1,157
4 2x2 22x32x28 61 048-04122 $1,113 048-04125 $1,452
4 1x4 19x39x28 63 048-04096 $1,155 048-04097 $1,508
6 2x3 31x32x28 76 048-04146 $1,333 048-04149 $1,726
8 2x4 32x39x28 89 048-04158 $1,518 048-04161 $1,945
L-16, s460,
10 2x5 32x48x28 102 048-04098 $1,698 048-04099 $2,173
12 2x6 32x56x28 115 048-04170 $1,882 048-04173 $2,476
12 4x3 39x46x28 114 048-04171 $1,860 048-04172 $2,446
14 2x7 32x65x28 128 048-04174 $2,077 048-04175 $2,694
16 2x8 32x73x28 141 048-04176 $2,257 048-04177 $2,929
16 4x4 39x59x28 137 048-0418 $2,194 048-04181 $2,845

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 137
Heavy Duty Plastic Battery Box

This battery box designed to hold eight L-16 batter-

ies is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE)
The box has an insulated base with removable mid-
dle section that minimizes lifting, easing battery
installation. The plastic is easy to drill with hole
saw to attach conduit fitting for inverter cables. A
hydrogen vent tube in the top should be extended to
exterior of building. A drain in the bottom section
makes it possible to wash batteries.

Dimensions (in)
Description HxWxD Weight lbs Item code Price
HDPE battery box 18 X 30 x 26 60 048-04017 $549

Plywood Battery Storage Containers

These durable wooden storage units are constructed with 5/8" plywood for the bottom to
provide a solid support platform. The sides, back and front are " plywood. The lid is 5/8"
plywood with an overhang on the both the front and sides and is fastened using galvanized
hinges to provide durability in all weather conditions. Handles are added to the lid to make
it easy to open. Each box is vented on both sides and the front to provide a constant air flow.
Battery Enclosures

A drain plug is included in the floor for easy washing of your battery bank. Every box is
finished with quality exterior paint available in black, brown or white. It can also be shipped
unfinished so you can match to your homes exterior.
Top and front are removable to allow easy battery installation. Battery boxes are shipped
unassembled. Assembly is easy and can be done in just a few hours with 2 people. Step by
step instructions, all hardware, screws, and finishing supplies are included in every box.

Number of Dimensions (in)

Model Battery size batteries WxDxH Item code Price
A8 T105, SCS150, SCS225 8 40 x 33 x 22 048-03905 $839
B8 L16PO, L16HC; S460, S530 8 40 x 31 x 27 048-03911 $839
D8 Type 24, 27, 31 8 37 x 33 x 20 048-03915 $839
A16 T105, SCS150, SCS225 16 80 x 33 x 22 048-03919 $1,299
B16 L16PO, L16HC; S460, S530 16 80 x 31 x 27 048-03923 $1,299

Water Miser Battery Caps

Water Misers are molded plastic flip-top vent caps designed to reduce and ease main-
tenance on flooded lead-acid batteries. There is no need to remove the caps when charg-
ing, filling or equalizing the batteries. When charging, the plastic pellets capture up to
90% of the moisture and acid droplets. This reduces acid fumes, corrosion, and keeps the
battery tops much cleaner and dryer. Excess water is dropped back into the battery cell.
Water loss is reduced, which extends time between watering.
These caps fit all batteries with standard caps.
Description Item code Price
Water Miser battery cap 040-09913 $8.50

138 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.

Generator-Powered Chargers Max DC current
AC kW Weight
IBE model Volts required Start Continuous lbs Item code Price
6GPU60 12 0.84 60 42 48 045-04105 $650
6GPU70 12 1.1 70 49 68 045-04107 $780
6GPU90 12 1.4 90 63 76 045-04109 $870
6GPU100 12 1.6 100 70 83 045-04111 $940
6GPU125 12 1.9 125 88 102 045-04117 $1,070
6GPU150 12 2.3 150 105 115 045-04119 $1,180
6GPU170 12 2.6 170 119 120 045-04121 $1,280
6GPU200 12 3.1 200 140 130 045-04123 $1,445
6GPU240 12 3.7 240 168 150 045-04125 $1,790
6GPU270 12 4.2 270 189 180 045-04127 $2,040
12GPU60 24 1.9 60 42 75 045-04145 $810
12GPU70 24 2.2 70 49 82 045-04147 $930
12GPU90 24 2.9 90 63 103 045-04149 $1,075
12GPU100 24 3.1 100 70 114 045-04151 $1,155
All IBE GPU models are designed with simple and 12GPU115 24 3.6 115 81 132 045-04153 $1,275
time-proven controlled-reactance transformer and 12GPU125 24 4.1 125 88 138 045-04155 $1,370
saturable reactor circuits, which requires the least 12GPU150 24 4.7 150 105 154 045-04157 $1,470
amount of AC power, little or no maintenance and 12GPU170 24 5 170 119 160 045-04159 $1,565
provides a true, constantly tapering charge. The

Chargers & Accessories

12GPU200 24 6 200 140 178 045-04161 $1,755
IBE charger is regulated by the ON CHARGE 12GPU240 24 7 240 168 204 045-04163 $1,990
battery voltage to control the output DC current.
12GPU270 24 8 270 189 220 045-04165 $2,290
The charger is protected against overloads, short
24GPU60 48 3.8 60 42 112 045-04207 $1,290
circuits, line voltage surges and reversed battery
connections. 24GPU70 48 4.4 70 49 143 045-04209 $1,440
24GPU90 48 5.8 90 63 154 045-04211 $1,580
Design features include full magnetic control that
automatically allows for full taper charge from high 24GPU100 48 6 100 70 165 045-04213 $1,720
rate to maximum safe finish rate. The charging rate 24GPU115 48 6.8 115 81 182 045-04215 $1,880
is easily re-adjusted to accommodate aging batteries 24GPU125 48 7.7 125 88 188 045-04217 $1,990
or batteries with faulty cells. 24GPU150 48 9.3 150 105 196 045-04219 $2,120
10-year limited warranty. 24GPU170 48 10.5 170 119 204 045-04221 $2,310
24GPU200 48 12.5 200 140 227 045-04223 $2,570

Truecharge 40+ Charger
Truecharge 40+ is a high reliability 40-amp electronic battery charger for deep cycle
batteries. Switch settings give correct charge for wet, gel cell, or absorbed glass mat
(AGM) batteries. Selectable 2- or 3-stage charging where 3-stage includes float charge.
Manual equalize charge button. Manual or automatic temperature compensation.
Optional temperature sensing probe to correct charge voltage for actual battery tem-
perature. This charger has full 40-amp output even with low-cost generators, which is
important when using the charger with a 1000- to 3000-watt generator. Dimensions:
2.75" x 6.7" x 15.1". 1-year warranty.

Description Item code Price

Truecharge 40+ charger 045-02885 $450
Temperature sensor 045-02889 $30
Remote control panel 045-02888 $40

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 139

DLS Converter/Chargers
The DLS series converter/power supply output is so clean and ripple-free, it can be used with or without
a battery. The DLS series converter/charger quickly and efficiently charges batteries from the full rated
output of the DLS. The DLS then maintains the batteries, only putting into the battery what is required
by load or self discharge, cutting back to milliamps as the battery requires. Low and transient AC line
voltage can be a major cause of converter/power supply failure. The DLS series converter/power supply
is protected against low line voltage, as well as spikes coming from the AC power source or from improperly
adjusted generators. When used as a power supply, the DLS model will only supply what is required by the load.
When not in use it is essentially off,
Battery Charge Dimensions Weight reducing electricity usage. External fuses
IOTA model volts amps (inches) lbs Item code Price can be quickly and easily replaced.
DLS-15 12 15 7 x 6.5 x 3.5 4 045-02112 $132 Chargers have 120 VAC input. 75-amp and larger
DLS-30 12 30 7 x 6.5 x 3.5 5.5 045-02115 $171 chargers have 120V 20-amp plugs. 2-year war-
DLS-45 12 45 7 x 6.5 x 3.5 5.5 045-02118 $183 ranty
DLS-55 12 55 7 x 6.5 x 3.5 5.5 045-02121 $215 IOTA IQ-4 Smart Controller
DLS-75 12 75 10 x 6.5 x 3.5 7.8 045-02124 $440 The IQ-4 makes the DLS charger into 3-stage
DLS-90 12 90 10 x 6.5 x 3.5 7.8 045-02127 $497 charge with bulk, absorption and float charging. If
DLS-27/15 24 15 7 x 6.5 x 3.5 5.5 045-02130 $281 the battery remains in float stage for 7 days, it deliv-
ers a bulk charge. The IQ-4 is not recommended
DLS27/25 24 25 7 x 6.5 x 3.5 5.5 045-02133 $335
for generator-powered battery charging if generator
DLS-27/40 24 40 10 x 6.5 x 3.5 7.8 045-02136 $545 is only run for short periods of time.
Chargers & Accessories

DLS-54/15 48 15 10 x 6.5 x 3.5 7.8 045-02148 $545

IQ-4 12 Smart Controller for 12V Chargers 045-02103 $30

Battery Chargers
These compact, lightweight, multi-stage battery chargers are
designed to charge and maintain lead-acid and gel-cell batter-
ies, without supervision. Safely charge and condition marine,
recreational vehicle, industrial and automotive batteries. They
can charge multiple banks of batteries.
Charges have 120VAC input. 1-year warranty.

Battery Bulk Float Max DC Amp Isolated Weight

Samlex model volts voltage voltage current meter banks Dimensions (inches) lbs Item code Price
SEC-1215A 12 14.4 13.8 15 Yes 3 8.4 x 8.4 x 3.25 5.0 045-03073 $162
SEC-1230A 12 14.4 13.8 30 Yes 3 10.7 x 8.4 x 3.25 5.3 045-03076 $266
SEC-1245A 12 14.4 13.8 45 No 2 12 x 9 x 4 11.1 045-03079 $410
SEC-2415A 24 28.8 27.6 15 Yes 3 10.7 x 8.4 x 3.3 5.3 045-03082 $266
SEC-2425A 24 28.8 27.6 25 No 2 12 x 9 x 4 11.1 045-03085 $410

Anti-Corrosion Protectant
QuickCote offers a complete acid neutralizing coating, formulated especially for battery terminals and exposed
electrical connections. The 8-ounce can has a brush-on applicator that will give years of use and cannot clog
like aerosol coatings.

Description Item code Price

QuickCote 046-00195 $20

140 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
BD-2 Zephyr

Battery Desulfator Power Vent Battery Box Vent
The BD-2 battery desulfator from Lead-acid batteries produce hydro-
Solar Converters rejuvenates weak gen gas when charging. But if the
and dead batteries. It uses sharp battery box is left open to vent gas
spikes of current forced into the in cold climates, the batteries get too
battery to jar sulfate crystals cold and battery capacity is signifi-
and cause mechanical and electri- cantly reduced. A vent that solves
cal resonance to grind them down, this problem is especially impor-
removing sulfation from battery plates. It can be used for 12-, tant when battery boxes are placed
24- and 48-volt batteries. Voltage and pulse strength is adjustable. in basements, garages and sheds.
Two wires connect to positive and negative battery terminals. When heat rises in the structure,
1-year warranty. a low pressure area forms around
the box, cool air flows into the box
Description Item code Price and gases vent into the structure.
BD-2 battery desulfator 045-07105 $125 The Power Vent controls battery
box venting, removing hydrogen
gas while reducing cold air infiltra-
Battery Power Solutions tion into the box. The Power Vent
Desulfators contains a gravity-operated damper that normally stays closed.
The BLS-12-A from Bat- When connected to a voltage-controlled relay, the fan operates
tery Power Solutions is for only when the batteries are being charged and blows gas vapors
use on vehicles that are used out. Designed for battery banks under 2200 Ah and charge rates

Chargers & Accessories

frequently and have one or under 125 amps. Fan can be operated from the auxiliary relay on
two batteries. Also for use a Xantrex XW inverter, from the auxiliary relay of an OutBack
with a battery bank that FX inverter (use 12 volt-fan for all OutBack inverter voltages) or
operates at 12 volts. Runs by a voltage controlled switch (sold separately on page 117.) The
constantly to keep the bat- 12/24-volt unit uses 3 watts and pushes air at 6 CFM with a 360
tery in optimum condition. Can also be used for battery storage maximum change of direction. Dimensions: 4" diameter x 7.25"
in conjunction with a float charger. Comes with eye rings for with a 2" PVC pipe socket on the inlet and outlet. The 48-volt unit
attachment to the battery clamp bolts. uses 6 watts and pushes 8 CFM with a 360 maximum change
of direction. Dimensions: 4" diameter x 10" long, with a 3" PVC
BLS-12/24-B is a higher powered version of BLS-12-A. For use
pipe socket on the inlet and outlet.
with a battery charger to rejuvenate unusable batteries. Works
faster than BLS-12/24-A. Comes with plier type battery clips.
Description Item code Price
BLS-12/24-C is for use on heavy trucks and other vehicles and Power vent 12V 085-08205 $79
systems with multiple batteries. Runs constantly to keep batteries
Power vent 24V 085-08207 $79
in optimum condition. Comes with 5/16" lugs for attachment to
the battery clamp bolts. Power vent 48V 085-08209 $104

BLS-36-A is a 36-volt version for use with battery powered

vehicles. Can be mounted on the vehicle to constantly keep the
batteries in optimum condition or can be used in conjunction Hydrometers
with a battery charger. Comes with 3/8" lugs for attachment to Reads actual specific gravity for an
the battery terminals. accurate measurement of battery
BLS-48-A is a 48-volt version for use with battery powered state of charge. Float type has built-
vehicles and for battery banks that operate at 48 volts. Can be in thermometer for temperature cor-
mounted on the vehicle to constantly keep the batteries in optimum rection. Variation of 0.20 or greater
condition or can be used in conjunction with a battery charger. specific gravity between battery cells
Comes with 3/8" lugs for attachment to the battery terminals. indicates a need for battery equaliza-
tion charging or a weak cell.
Description Item code Price
BLS-12-A 045-07161 $60 Description Item code Price
BLS-12/24-B 045-07163 $96 Hydrometer float type 046-00154 $8
BLS-12/24-C 045-07165 $96 Hydrometer dial type 046-00156 $8
BLS-36-A 045-07167 $96
BLS-48-A 045-07169 $96

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 141
New! Citel
Electrical Distribution Parts

Why Have Surge Protection?

Photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric systems usually have Surge Protection Products
long runs of exposed wire that can pick up surges from light- Citel PV surge protectors are DIN mount and are ideal for place-
ning, even if the lightning strike is not nearby. These power ment inside combiner boxes.
surges can damage sensitive electronic components in meters,
charge controllers and inverters. Surges can also damage
DS210DC Off-Grid Surge Arrestor
telephone, audio and video equipment connected to the power The Citel DS210DC series is designed
system. It is a good idea to install surge protection on all to protect 12V, 24V, 48V and 150V DC
incoming wires in the system, including incoming PV, wind power lines for an off-grid PV system.
or hydroelectric power lines, AC generator lines, telephone The surge protectors protect the charge
and antenna leads. Proper grounding is absolutely necessary controller and other system electronics.
for lightning protection to be effective. In the event of a direct DS210DC automatically reset after each
strike, damage may occur, even with surge protectors installed. lightning surge or electrical transient.
Type 1 heavy duty surge protectors are recommended when a These surge arrestors clamp at much
direct lightning strike is possible on the installation. lower voltage than Delta surge arrestors
at left so they offer much better protec-
tion for charge controllers and inverters
in low-voltage DC systems.
Delta DS50PV Grid-Tie Surge Arrestor
Lightning Arrestors The DS50PV is designed to protect the
Delta lightning arrestors have a maximum solar panel array at the solar PV array
current rating of 60,000 amps and 2,000 combiner box for a utility-interactive
Surge Protection

joules per line. Response time is 25 ns to PV system. The DS50PV is designed to

clamp 50,000 amps. Mounts easily in a 1/2" withstand 40kA (8/20us) induced tran-
knockout. sient surges and is designed with replace-
able modules. Use the DS50PV-500 for
Install the DC version for surge protection systems with inverters that have an upper
on wires coming from a PV array, DC wind limit of 500 volts. Use the DS50PV-800
generator or DC hydroelectric turbine. Use the 600VDC unit for inverters that allow arrays over 500
for high-voltage grid-tie PV arrays. Lightning protection can be VDC. For use with grounded arrays.
installed in a combiner box, DC load center or grid-tie inverter.
The AC versions can be mounted in your AC load center to pro- DS60PV Grid-Tie Surge Arrestor
tect 120/240 VAC equipment and on AC wiring running outside DS60PV are Type 1 heavy duty surge
of the building, to generators, pumps or outbuildings. All units protectors, recommended when a direct
are waterproof. lightning strike is possible on the instal-
lation. They are available in 500- and
Delta model Description Item code Price 1000-VDC operating voltages. The
LA302DC Arrestor for up to 300 VDC 053-04115 $40 use of Type 1 surge protector is recom-
LA602DC Arrestor for up to 600 VDC 053-04109 $42 mended at both ends of the DC power
LA302R Arrestor for up to 300 VAC 053-04112 $40 supply line (solar panel side and inverter/
converter side). The DS60PV is made
LA303R Arrestor for up to 300 VAC 3-Phase 053-04118 $50
with a monobloc enclosure and mounts
Mounting bracket for surge arrestors 053-04138 $3 on DIN rail.

Nominal Maximum Discharge Width Item

Citel model volts DC volts current in (mm) code Price
DS210-12DC 12 15 1 kA 0.7 (18) 053-04201 $52
DS210-24DC 24 30 1 kA 0.7 (18) 053-04203 $52
DS210-48DC 48 56 1 kA 0.7 (18) 053-04205 $52
DS210-95DC 95 100 2 kA 0.7 (18) 053-04207 $52
DS210-130DC 130 150 2 kA 0.7 (18) 053-04209 $52
DS50PV-500 500 530 20 kA 1.4 (36) 053-04218 $128
DS50PV-1000 800 840 20 kA 1.9 (48) 053-04220 $164
DS60PV-500 500 550 40 kA 2.8 (72) 053-04224 $168
DS60PV-1000 1000 1000 40 kA 2.8 (72) 053-04226 $279

142 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Lay-in Lugs for Module Grounding Unirac

Electrical Distribution Parts

These tin-plated copper lugs have stainless steel
set screws and come with stainless steel thread-
Grounding Clip 1 (UGC-1)
forming screws and lock washers. They meet For use with Unirac SolarMount or Light Rail
NEC requirements for connecting a continuous mounts. Order one grounding clip for every
ground wire to all modules. Sold in packages two top mounting clamps (end clamps and
of 10. UL Listed. mid clamps) in your installation. Only one
of the two rails in
Description Item code Price each row requires Unirac # Item code Price
Bag of 10 lay-in lugs w/ screws 051-03414 $35 grounding clip. 980000 051-04055 $1.80
ETL listed.
Wiley Electronics
WEEB Grounding Products
WEEB stands for "washer, electrical equipment bonding." WEEB products are used to bond solar modules to aluminum solar mounting
rails. The mounts are then grounded, grounding the entire assembly. This eliminates the need to use a lay-in lug and thread-forming
screw on each module and it eliminates the need to run a continuous wire to each module.
This saves time and money and it meets the requirements of UL 467. Wire is only needed to connect a lay-in lug on each module rail
to an equipment grounding terminal in the inverter or disconnect. ETL listed to UL standards.
The WEEB-9.5 is
used for bonding
grounding clips
modules to mount-
are used between
ing structures

Array Grounding
modules and
when the modules
AEE Solar and
are directly bolted to the rails using 1/4" bolts through the mounting
ProSolar rails
holes on the rear of the module frames. This type of mounting is
when front
typical on DP&W ground and pole mount systems (pages 51-54)
mount clips are
and on Wattsun and Zomeworks trackers (page 56-58). The WEEB-
used to hold the
9.5NL is used for bonding strong-back structure and legs to the
module to the rails. One clip grounds the frame of two adjoining
rail where 3/8" bolts are used. Sold in packs of 10.
modules to one of the mounting rails. Two clips are required for
WEEB-UMC each pair of modules so that the modules will be bonded to both
WEEB-UMC rails. Sold in packs of 10.
grounding clips are WEEB L-6.7
used between mod-
The WEEB L-6.7 provides a con-
ules and Unirac
nection to the mounting system and
SolarMount Stan-
has lay-in provision for an equipment
dard Rails or Solar-
ground conductor. The WEEB-6.7
Mount Light Rails
kit includes the lay-in lug, matching
when front mount
WEEB washer, bolt, nut flat washer
clips are used to hold
and lock washer. Two WEEB lugs and
the module to the rails. One clip grounds the frame of 2 adjoining
a short piece of bare wire can be used to
modules to one of the mounting rails. Two clips are required for
connect across a rail splice, or a WEEB
each pair of modules so that the modules will be bonded to both
splice kit can be used.
rails. Sold in packs of 10.
WEEB Splice
We advise speaking to your building inspector before installing WEEB Splice kit is used to bond two
these products to see if they are acceptable in your area. Unirac Solarmount or DP&W Power-
Rails together at a splice.

Wiley part # Description Item code Price

WEEB-9.5 Bonding washer for 1/4" bolted connections - pack of 100 051-04007 $140
WEEB-9.5NL Bonding washer for 3/8" bolted connections - pack of 100 051-04008 $140
WEEB-UMC Clip for use with Unirac SolarMount Standard Rail and SolarMount Light Rail - pack of 100 051-04003 $180
WEEB-PMC Clip for use with ProSolar rails - pack of 100 051-04001 $180
WEEB-6.7 Lay-in lug with mounting hardware and WEEB washer - each 051-04015 $6
WEEB-Splice Kit Splice kit for Unirac SolarMount Standard Rail and SolarMount Light Rail - each 051-04018 $9
Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 143
Pulse OutBack
Electrical Distribution Parts

PCB10 Combiner Box NEW! FLEXware PV Combiners

The PV array combiner box from
Pulse Energy is designed to com-
bine the output of multiple PV
source circuits. The PCB10 has
10 fused circuits in a NEMA 3R
lockable enclosure. Each circuit
can accept up to 15 amps of PV
input current up to a total maxi-
mum of 64 amps. The PCB10
may be used with 12-, 24- and
48-VDC PV systems and can
handle a maximum 125VDC input and includes built-in light-
ning protection. UL Listed. Use type ABC fuses. Comes with ten
15-amp fuses. Dimensions: 8"W x 10"H x 4"D.

Model Description Weight lbs Item code Price

The FLEXware PV8 and FLEXware PV12 accommodate over-
PCB10 Combiner box - 10 circuit 8 053-02709 $150 current protection requirements for off-grid and grid-connected
applications. The DIN rail can be fitted with 150VDC circuit
breakers for low-voltage PV arrays or 600VDC fuse holders for
grid-tie arrays. These combiners replace the PSPV.
Array Combiners

Type ABC Fuses for Combiner Boxes

Rated for NEMA-3R rainproof, the powder-coated aluminum
These fuses can be used with the combiner box above. Use a fuse chassis can be mounted on a wall, a sloped roof, or a pole.
equal to or less than the series fuse rating of the modules being
protected. Dual output lugs allow connection for up to 2/0 AWG wire. An
easily removable flame-retardant polycarbonate deadfront panel
prevents accidental contact with live terminals. FWPV8 has one
Fuse part # ABC fuse sizes Item code Price circuit and FWPV12 can be configured to have one or two circuits.
ABC-5 5-amp fuse for combiner 053-02721 $1.20 Negative and ground terminal bus bars are included.
ABC-6 6-amp fuse for combiner 053-02724 $1.20 OutBack # of # of fuse Dimensions Weight Item
ABC-8 8-amp fuse for combiner 053-02727 $1.20 model breakers holders in lbs code Price
ABC-10 10-amp fuse for combiner 053-02730 $1.20 FWPV8 8 6 15.2 x 12.7 x 3.9 4.4 053-03012 $139
ABC-15 15-amp fuse for combiner 053-02733 $1.20 FWPV12 12 8 15.2 x 9.2 x 3.9 5.9 053-03014 $199

MidNite Solar
MNPV Combiners
These powder-coated aluminum, NEMA-3R rainproof
array combiners will accept 150VDC DIN-rail mounted
fuse holders for 600VDC arrays or 150VDC DIN-rail
mounted breakers for low-voltage arrays. Dead front.
Two sizes. ETL Listed. Negative busbar and ground bar
are included. Breakers and fuse holders are not included.
Breakers and fuses are available on page 105.

MidNite # of fuse MNPV combiner Weight Item

model # of breakers holders dimensions lbs code Price
MNPV3 3 N/A 10.5" x 5" x 3.5" 2 053-03017 $89
MNPV6 6 4 13" x 8" x 3.5" 4 053-03018 $109
MNPV12 12 8 14" x 9" x 3.5" 6 053-03015 $139
MNPV16 N/A 16 17" x 13" x 3.5" 12 053-03016 $499

144 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Pass-Thru Wiring Box SolaDeck

Electrical Distribution Parts

These ETL listed Pass-Thru Wiring Box are intended to provided
PV Roof-Mount Enclosure/Combiner

This weather tight NEMA 3R enclosure is made from 18 gauge

galvanized steel with a powder coated finish provides a profes-
sional look.
It has dual ground lugs, a universal DIN rail to mount fuse holders
or terminal blocks, a wire strain relief clip and 1/2, 3/4 & 1
knockouts for running wires through the roof. It built-in flashing
is guaranteed seal to roof. Since it is only 2.5 deep it can be
a robust, secure, and code compliant method of transferring the under the array.
Multi-Contact USE-2 type conductor coming from the PV array
to THHN/THWN-2 type conductor. The PTWB also provides a Model Description Item code Price
convenient location to begin the necessary conduit run from the

Array Combiners
SD-780 SolaDeck Enclosure Combiner 053-00225 $86
PV array to the power conditioning equipment. The NEMA 4
enclosure dimensions are 8" x 6" x4". It has two cord grips for
array wire entry and a hole on the opposite side for a 1/2" conduit
fitting. There are two terminal blocks for positive and negative
conductors and one for ground. It is designed to be mounted
directly on the side of the module mounting rail.

Description Item code Price

Pass Thru Wiring Box 053-00271 $172

Wiley Electronics
NEW! Acme Conduit Entry
This transition box to go from MC cables to conduit is made from
corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. It accepts conduit from the
bottom or side and has a seal for entry of USE-2 or PV wire.
The optional mounting bracket makes it easy to mount on any
module mounting structure.
ACE -PT is for pass-through and has no terminals or DIN rail.
ACE-1P has a DIN rail that will accommodate up to 4 fuse hold-
ers and two terminal blocks. Other configurations are coming.
Call for information and pricing. Order fuse holders and fuses
on page 147.

Model Description Item code Price

ACE-PT Pass through - use butt splices or wire nuts 053-00305 Call
ACE-1P 1 string pass through with 2 DIN rail mounted terminal blocks 053-00308 Call

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 145
Electrical Distribution Parts

Combiner Boxes
These 600VDC-rated array combiners are in NEMA 3R enclosures and feature DIN
Rail mounted touch-safe fuse holders for use with KLKD fuses. Input terminals take
wire from 10 AWG to 6 AWG. Output terminals take wire from 6 AWG to 300 MCM.
SBCB6 has one output circuit. Larger combiners have two output circuits.

Input Max input Max output Dimen- Weight

SMA model circuits fuse current sions (In) (lb.) Item code Price
SBCB 6 6 15 Amp 72 Amps 10 x 8 x 6 11 053-03003 $440
SCCB 28 28 15 Amp 336 Amps 20 x 20 x 8 56 053-03005 $1,240
SCCB 52 52 8 Amp 333 Amps 42 x 30 x 8 70 053-03009 $2,233

This 600VDC-rated disconnect has a built-in 4-input fused array combiner. Four
10-amp 600VDC fuses are included. Bring up to 8 module strings together, two into
each fuse holder. Maximum fuse size: 10 amps. NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure. 5-year
warranty. ETL Listed.

Description Item code Price

SMA DC disconnect & combiner 030-03181 $580
Array Combiners

AEE Solar
New! NEMA 4X 12 Circuit Array Combiners

These 12 circuit array combiners are available in fiberglass, powder-coated steel and stainless steel versions. The NEMA 4X enclosure
allows them to be mounted in any position. Hole for conduit and cord grips are not provided. They can be punched by the installer
as needed. Combiners feature DIN Rail mounted touch-safe fuse holders for use with KLKD fuses. Input terminals take wire from
10 AWG to 6 AWG. A single output terminals take wire from 6 AWG to 300 MCM.

Model Enclosure type Dimensions (In) Item code Price

CB-12F NEMA 4X Fiberglass 16 x 14 x 6 053-00033 $950
CB-12PC NEMA 4X Powder coated steel 24 x 20 x 6 053-00035 $1,150
CB-12SS NEMA 4X Stainless steel 24 x 20 x 6 053-00039 $1,400

146 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
DIN Rail Mount Fuse Holders and Fuses DIN Rail Mount Combiner Breakers

Electrical Distribution Parts

Fuse holder and fuses below and breakers at right
fit MidNite MNPV and OutBack PSPV combiners.
Use breakers for arrays with maximum voltage of
150 or less. Use the fuses and fuse holder below for
600VDC array combiners.

Amps OutBack number MidNite Solar # Item code Price

Fuse holder and fuses below and breakers at right fit MidNite 1 OBB-1-150VDC-DIN MNEPV1 053-03033 $13
MNPV and OutBack FlexPV combiners. Use the fuses and fuse 2 OBB-2-150VDC-DIN MNEPV2 053-03034 $13
holder below for 600VDC array combiners. Fuses are KLKD 3 OBB-3-150VDC-DIN MNEPV3 053-03024 $13
for 600 VDC.
4 OBB-4-150VDC-DIN MNEPV4 053-03020 $13
Amps Description Item code Price 5 OBB-5-150VDC-DIN MNEPV5 053-03025 $13
USM1 Fuse Holder - 600V 30A Max - DIN mount 053-03040 $20 6 OBB-6-150VDC-DIN MNEPV6 053-03021 $13
1 1 amp 600 VDC KLKD fuse 053-03155 $12 8 OBB-8-150VDC-DIN MNEPV8 053-03022 $13
2 2 amp 600 VDC KLKD fuse 053-03052 $12 9 OBB-9-150VDC-DIN MNEPV9 053-03023 $13
4 4 amp 600 VDC KLKD fuse 053-03051 $12 10 OBB-10-150VDC-DIN MNEPV10 053-03026 $13

Array Breakers & Fuses

6 6 amp 600 VDC KLKD fuse 053-03050 $12 12 OBB-12-150VDC-DIN MNEPV12 053-03027 $13
8 8 amp 600 VDC KLKD fuse 053-03048 $12 15 OBB-15-150VDC-DIN MNEPV15 053-03029 $13
10 10 amp 600 VDC KLKD fuse 053-03046 $12 20 OBB-20-150VDC-DIN MNEPV20 053-03030 $13
12 12 amp 600 VDC KLKD fuse 053-03044 $12 30 OBB-30-150VDC-DIN MNEPV30 053-03032 $13
15 15 amp 600 VDC KLKD fuse 053-03043 $12 50 OBB-50-150VDC-DIN MNEPV50 053-03035 $13
20 20 amp 600 VDC KLKD fuse 053-03042 $12 60 OBB-60-150VDC-DIN MNEPV60 053-03037 $13
30 30 amp 600 VDC KLKD fuse 053-03041 $12 63 OBB-63-150VDC-DIN MNEPV63 053-03038 $13

Safety Labels for PV Installations

These labels are manufactured using ultraviolet (UV) resistant
ink, permanent acrylic adhesive and base material designed to
withstand environmental elements. A laminate is added to further
add protection against prolonged UV exposure. They are recom-
mended for use in identification of DC disconnects and inverters.
For use on both painted smooth metal and textured metal surfaces.
All labels are 4.12" wide. Labels are sold in packs of 10 labels.

Label description Item code Price

DC Disconnect warning 2-piece label - 10 pack 053-00013 $18
Solar Disconnect warning 2-piece label - 10 pack 053-00015 $18
Warning - Dual Power Sources - 10 pack 053-00017 $6
Warning - Electric Shock Hazard - 10 pack 053-00019 $6

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 147
Electrical Distribution Parts

240V and 600V NEMA 3R Safety Switch Disconnects

According to the National Electric Code, section 690.15, PV arrays must have a disconnecting means
to isolate the inverter from the PV power source. Utility grid-tie inverters that utilize PV arrays
with voltages above 250VDC require a disconnect rated for 600VDC to perform this function. The
Square-D 600VDC 30-amp 3-pole safety switches are UL Listed to handle 13A at 600VDC per pole.
They can be used for disconnecting up to three PV arrays for three grid-tie inverters. It has wiring
lugs that are rated to accept two #14 to #10 wires in each lug.
This allows the disconnect switch to also act as a string combiner in systems that utilize two strings
of PV modules per inverter. The 600VDC 60-amp 3-pole safety switches are UL Listed to handle
38A at 600VDC per pole. All other Square-D 600VDC disconnects are rated for disconnecting one
string at full rated power.
Many utilities require an AC disconnect between a grid-tie inverter and the AC load center, close to
the AC service entrance, with a visible and lockable handle. A 30-amp 240-volt disconnect is good for
up to 5kW at 240 VAC and the 60-amp disconnect is good for up to 11kW. For connection of multiple
inverters to one of these disconnects, use an AC load center, with a circuit breaker for each inverter
installed, as an AC combiner box between the inverters and the disconnect switch. The breakers can
be back-fed with the inverter outputs and the load center main lugs will handle the combined outputs
to be connected to the AC disconnect.
Use Class R fuses of
Dimensions the proper amperage



Neutral Ground (inches) Weight Square-D for fused disconnects.

Disconnects & Overcurrent Protection

kit kit HxWxD (lbs) model Item code Price Use the hubs on the next
600-Volt AC or DC 3-Pole NEMA 3R Heavy Duty Switches page to connect conduit
30 Yes No 3* SN03 GTK03 14.88 x 6.63 x 4.88 9.3 HU361RB 053-02312 $175 or a kWh meter socket
to the top of the discon-
30 Yes Yes 3* SN03 GTK03 14.88 x 6.63 x 4.88 9.8 H361RB 053-02313 $270
nect. Disconnects are
* Uses 2 poles in series for 600VDC, except for PV where all 3 poles may be used for 600VDC at 13 amps per pole
raintight (NEMA 3R)
60 Yes No 3** SN0610 GTK0610 17.50 x 9.00 x 6.38 16 HU362RB 053-02339 $380 for outdoor use. Order
60 Yes Yes 3** SN0610 GTK0610 17.50 x 9.00 x 6.38 16 H362RB 053-02341 $480 a neutral busbar and
100 Yes No 3** SN0610 GTK0610 21.25 x 8.50 x 6.38 24 HU363RB 053-02357 $530 ground busbar if you
100 Yes Yes 3** SN0610 GTK0610 21.25 x 8.50 x 6.38 24 H363RB 053-02355 $750 need to land these con-
200 Yes No 3** SN20A PKOGTA2 29.25 x 17.25 x 8.50 44 HU364RB 053-02364 $640 ductors in the disconnect
00 Yes Yes 3** SN20A PKOGTA2 29.25 x 17.25 x 8.50 44 H364RB 053-02374 $884 switch box. See next
page for accessories.
** Uses 2 poles (and 2 fuses) in series for 600VDC
240-Volt AC / 125-Volt DC*** NEMA 3R Heavy Duty Switches
30 Yes Yes 3 included GTK03 14.88 x 6.63 x 4.88 9.8 H321NRB 053-02315 $314
60 Yes Yes 3 included GTK03 14.88 x 6.63 x 4.88 10 H322NRB 053-02336 $503
100 Yes Yes 3 included GTK0610 21.25 x 8.50 x 6.38 19 H323NRB 053-02351 $722
200 Yes Yes 3 included PKOGTA2 29.25 x 17.25 x 8.50 43 H324NRB 053-02363 $988
*** Switches are rated for 250VDC but available fuses are only rated for 125VDC
240-Volt AC Only NEMA 3R General Duty Switches
30 AC only No 2 N/A PK3GTA1 9.63 x 7.25 x 3.75 4.4 DU221RB 053-02318 $83
30 AC only Yes 2 included PK3GTA1 9.63 x 7.25 x 3.75 4.5 D221NRB 053-02326 $90
30 AC only No 3 N/A PK3GTA1 9.63 x 7.25 x 3.75 4.7 DU321RB 053-02319 $139
30 AC only Yes 3 included PK3GTA1 9.63 x 7.25 x 3.75 5.1 D321NRB 053-02329 $139
60 AC only Yes 2 included GTK03 14.88 x 6.63 x 4.88 9.7 D222NRB 053-02334 $141
60 AC only No 3 N/A PK3GTA1 9.63 x 7.25 x 3.75 5 DU322RB 053-02342 $222
60 AC only Yes 3 included GTK03 14.88 x 6.63 x 4.88 9.8 D322NRB 053-02343 $210
100 AC only Yes 2 included GTK0610 17.50 x 8.50 x 6.50 16 D223NRB 053-02358 $227
100 AC only No 3 N/A GTK0610 17.50 x 8.50 x 6.50 15 DU323RB 053-02359 $386
100 AC only Yes 3 included GTK0610 17.50 x 8.50 x 6.50 16 D323NRB 053-02361 $386
200 AC only Yes 2 included PKOGTA2 29.25 x 17.25 x 8.25 29 D224NRB 053-02371 $513
200 AC only Yes 3 included PKOGTA2 29.25 x 17.25 x 8.25 30 D324NRB 053-02372 $853

148 Suggested retail prices are subject to change; check with us for latest pricing.
Square-D Disconnect Accessories Class R Fuse Blocks

Electrical Distribution Parts

Field-installable service ground and neutral busbars and hubs for Use these fuse blocks
the safety disconnect switches on the previous page. See table to with the Class R
determine which neutral and ground to use. 250-volt fuses. Bare
wire ends fit into the
Neutral and ground accessories Item code Price screw terminals on
SN03 Neutral busbar 053-02389 $52 each end of the fuse
block. The small fuse
SN0610 Neutral busbar 053-02381 $71
block holds 10-30A fuses and accepts up to #2 wire. The medium
SN20A Neutral busbar 053-02383 $133 size block holds 40-60A fuses and accepts up to #2 wire also.
GTK03 Ground busbar 053-02387 $8 The large size block holds a 100A fuse and accepts up to #1/0
PK3GTA1 Ground busbar 053-02395 $8 wire. Small and medium size blocks are available in one-pole
GTK0610 Ground busbar 053-02386 $13 and two-pole versions.
PKOGTA2 Ground busbar 053-02388 $38 Description Item code Price
Conduit hubs Item code Price Class R fuse block 0.1-30A, 1-pole 053-02423 $5
Top mount hub 3/4" 053-02305 $22 Class R fuse block 0.1-30A, 2-pole 053-02426 $12
Top mount hub 1" 053-02306 $22 Class R fuse block 31-60A, 1-pole 053-02429 $9
Top mount hub 1-1/4" 053-02307 $22 Class R fuse block 31-60A, 2-pole 053-02432 $16
Top mount hub 1-1/2" 053-02308 $22 Class R fuse block 61-100A, 1-pole 053-02435 $25
Top mount hub 2" 053-02309 $40
Inline ATC Fuse Holder
Class R Fuses The waterproof cover makes this an

Disconnects & Overcurrent Protection

These Class R fuses can be used in AC circuits up to 250V or excellent choice to fuse a single circuit,
DC circuits up to 125V. They have the high amp interrupting indoors or out. Cut wire loop and splice
capacity (AIC) required for fusing circuits powered by batteries into the line to be protected. We recom-
and for protecting Square-D brand circuit breakers. They can mend these with 1-amp fuses below in
be used to protect wiring to small inverters (100-700 watts) and the positive power line for Trimetric,
wiring from charging sources. Use these fuses in fused safety Link and Trace TM500A meters. Low-
disconnect switches on the previous page and in the fuse blocks voltage DC use only.
at right. UL Listed
Description Item code Price
250VAC/125VDC 600VAC/VDC ATC Inline holder 18 AWG 053-02663 $3
ATC Inline holder 10 AWG 053-02669 $3



Item code Item code

ATC Fuses
10 053-02441 $5 053-02442 $11
ATC blade-type fuses were designed for low-voltage DC circuits
15 053-02444 $5 053-02447 $11
for the automotive industry. They are very popular in autos and
20 053-02450 $5 053-02453 $11 RVs. They are not approved by the National
30 053-02456 $5 053-02459 $11 Electric Code (NEC) for use in homes, but
40 053-02462 $8 053-02463 $24 they are often used to provide circuit protec-
50 053-02465 $8 053-02466 $24
tion in remote cabin power systems. They
are sold in boxes of 10 fuses.
60 053-02468 $8 053-02471 $24
70 053-02469 $18 053-02470 $46 Description Item code Price
80 053-02475 $18 053-02472 $46 ATC fuse 1A 053-02629 $0.40
90 053-02476 $18 053-02473 $46 ATC fuse 3A 053-02631 $0.40
100 053-02474 $18 053-02477 $46 ATC fuse 5A 053-02633 $0.40
125 053-02478 $48 053-02481 $80 ATC fuse 10A 053-02635 $0.40
150 053-02479 $48 053-02482 $80 ATC fuse 15A 053-02637 $0.40
200 053-02480 $48 053-02483 $80 ATC fuse 20A 053-02639 $0.40
ATC fuse 30A 053-02641 $0.40

Please call us with any questions! Our contact information is on the cover. 149
Electrical Distribution Parts

QO Load Centers
Square-D brand load centers can be used for multiple purposes, output from multiple inverters feeding the grid. When used as DC
for wiring that meets the National Electric Code (NEC). All of load centers they should be protected by a high interrupt capacity
these can be used as AC load centers or sub-panels. Panels using fuse or circuit breaker between the load center and the battery.
QO plug in breakers are rated up to 50 VDC for use as 12V or Use one of the Class T or Class R fuses, or the DC breakers used
24V DC load centers. They can also be used to combine the AC in the OutBack and Xantrex DC power centers.

Spaces Bus amp Max wire in Ground kit Dimensions (inches) Weight
(single) rating Outdoor Cover main lug for this unit HxWxD lbs Square-D model Item code Price
120/240-volt AC Single-Phase Main Lug Load Centers
2 70 Yes INCL. #4 PK4GTA 9.38 x 4.88 x 4 5.0 QO24L70RB 053-02141 $60
2 70 No INCL. #4 PK4GTA 9.30 x 4.81 x 3.19 3.8 QO24L70S 053-02144 $50
6 100 Yes INCL. #1 PK7GTA 12.62 x 8.88 x 4.27 9.7 QO612L100RB 053-02147 $54
6 100 No INCL. #1 PK7GTA 12.57 x 8.88 x 3.8 8.3 QO612L100DS 053-02153 $46
12 125 Yes INCL. # 2/0 INCL. 19 x 14.25 x 4.5 23 QO112L125GRB 053-02163 $190
12 125 No Add # 2/0 INCL. 18 x 14.25 x 3.75 15 QO112L125G 053-02162 $85
12 200 Yes INCL. 250 kcmil INCL. 26.25 x 14.25 x 4.5 27 QO112L200GRB 053-02165 $320
12 200 No Add 250 kcmil PK15GTA 29.86 X 14.25 X 3.75 18 QO112L200G 053-02164 $177
Uses QO plug in breakers
Disconnects & Overcurrent Protection

120/208-volt AC Three-Phase Main Lug Load Centers

12 125 Yes INCL. # 2/0 INCL. 19.00 x 14.25 x 4.52 22 QO312L125GRB 053-02181 $323
12 125 No Add # 2/0 INCL. 19.00 x 14.25 x 3.75 11 QO312L125G 053-02183 $221
18 200 Yes INCL. 250 kcmil INCL. 30.00 x 14.25 x 4.52 31 QO318L200GRB 053-02185 $412
18 200 No Add 250 kcmil INCL. 30.00 x 14.25 x 3.75 17 QO318L200G 053-02187 $295
Uses QO plug in breakers
277/480-volt AC Three-Phase Main Lug Load Centers
12 125 Yes INCL. 250 kcmil PK9GTA 26.00 x 20.00 x 6.50 36 NF412L1 (MH26WP) 053-02191 $2,319
12 125 No INCL. 250 kcmil PK9GTA 26.00 x 20.00 x 5.75 22 NF412L1 (MH26,NC26S) 053-02193 $1,264
30 250 Yes INCL. 350 kcmil PK18GTA 38.00 x 20.00 x 6.50 42 NF430L2 (MH38WP) 053-02195 $2,556
30 250 No INCL. 350 kcmil PK18GTA 38.00 x 20.00 x 5.75 27 NF430L2 (MH38,NC38S) 053-02197 $1,603
Circuit breaker, single pole, 277-volt, 30-amp continuous duty rated 1 EDB14030 053-02111 $85