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Note 1: If on some reasons you are not coming to Greece this year please inform
Job Trust as soon as possible. Send us your name and surname by email with the

Note 2: If you have already got this information please ignore this email.

Dear Applicant,

You get this email because you are among the accepted applicants for Job Trust
program. Please read general information and regulations bellow.

Job Trust does not charge money for its services to the applicants (students and
jobseekers). All our services (presentation and seminars, recruitment procedure,
information on your future placement, transportation info, documentation, personal
support during your stay in Greece) are free of charge. However there are few rules
that you have to follow if want to participate in our programs:


The results of interview (if you are accepted)

Job Offer (information on the hotel that have selected you, terms and
conditions of your future work)
Documentation procedure (papers that you should prepare before coming to
Greece and after your arrival to Greece)
Transportation info (information on how and when you should come to Greece
and how you can get to the hotel)
Contacts of other applicants that have the same starting dates of the contract,
so you could come all together.
Date and time of Job Trust visit to the hotel you would be working.

This information would be sent to you in due time. You should not make a special
request to get this info.


Check if all parts of your online Job Trust application form are completed such
as TEST, photos, personal info, working experience, education, languages, job
positions, availability dates, etc.
Check if your photos are correct: choose the most representative and serious
ones (do not put photos in swimming suits or too short skirts!).
Check if your name and surname from your online application form is written
as it is in your international passport and if the passport number is correct. Use
English characters only.

The accepted Applicants have no right to make any deal with our partner
hotels for the duration of 3 years without informing first Job Trust.
If you change your plans and do not come to Greece you should inform us
in advance by an e-mail.
The selection of personnel is based on the application form & interview with
the applicant. Job Trust has right not to accept the applicant without giving any
The applicants that successfully pass Job Trust interview and got confirmation
that they are accepted are further considered by Job Trust partner hotels. It is
the right of each hotel not to accept the applicant without giving any reason.
Applicants that have successfully passed interview are guaranteed that they
would get the placement if their application forms are fully completed and the
availability dates are good (see Duration of Your Work)
Applicants may request the region of Greece they want to work (by selecting
the right region in the application form). In case of friends that want to work
together we cannot guarantee that they would work in the same hotel but we
would do any efforts to place them in the same region.
After getting email about the interview results (if you are accepted) you should
wait for the offer till at least one month before your supposed arrival to
The offer is the e-mail with subject Job Trust Offer sent to the applicant
selected by a specific hotel. It contains the name of the hotel you are selected
and general terms & conditions of your work at that hotel.
It concerns only the applicant that gets such offer and not the group of
The offers usually come at least one month before your supposed arrival to
Greece. You should not be worried if you did not get any offer yet, it may
come later. However, you should not buy your tickets to Greece unless you get
the offer and confirmation of your acceptance.
When you get the offer you should answer on it in in 3 days.
To answer the offer means to accept or reject it in written form by e-mail sent
If you refuse the offer you should write the reason in order to know where to
forward your application form.
If you refuse the offer there is no guarantee that you would get another one.
If you do not answer the offer in due time you would be dismissed from our
If you accept the offer you should write your name/surname/ and the
duration you may come to Greece for your practical training.
If you accept the offer and the duration you may come is suitable we would
send you the contracts or official confirmation of your acceptance.
If you do NOT get any offer by the end of the summer (meaning that you are
not selected by any hotel) you may apply for the next season by changing your
availability dates.
When you get the contract with your future employer you should sign it in due
time and send back to Job Trust.
After getting the contracts you should buy the tickets to Greece.
You should arrive to Greece at least 1-3 days before the starting date of the
You should inform your arrival details to Job Trust at least 2 weeks before
your arrival.
In case of any change in the arrival date or time or arrival cancelation you
should inform Job Trust immediately.
On your arrival you should have all the papers that we would ask you (by a
separate email)
After your arrival to Greece you should inform Job Trust about your Greek
mobile number.
In case of any problem in Greece you should first contact Job Trust.
In case you would want to work in the same hotel or any other Job Trust
partner hotel next year, you should first inform Job Trust.
Any questions regarding your future employment should be done to Job Trust
and not to the Hotel.


The summer tourism season in Greece starts in April-May and lasts till the end
of September-October. Thus, the preferable duration for most of the hotels is
5-6 months from April/May till the end of September/October. But there are
also few hotels that accept applicants from June.
If you want to come from July or August we cannot guarantee you that there
would be any offer for you. But we would keep your application form and in
case there would be any vacancy you would get the offer few weeks before
your supposed arrival.
Remember that July and August are the busiest months in Greek tourism
business. We do not accept anyone who wants to stop working in these
months. The earliest closing date of the contract would be September with
very few exceptions.


1. In case of practical training for students studding Tourism, applicants get

3-side contracts between Student-Hotel-University. Such training agreements
should be signed by the student and stamped by the University. One contract
(out of 3) should be sent back to Job Trust. In case of such contracts, the
employer is the Hotel and Job Trust is the supervisor of the students.

2. In case of work contract, applicants get 2-side contracts between the

applicant and the Agency either before their arrival or on their arrival to
Greece. In case of such contracts the Employer is the Agency and the Hotel is
the place of work.

3. Few of the hotels can accept also EU employees just like local people. In this
case the papers are singed on their arrival in the accounting office of the hotel.

As soon as you get the offer and the duration you are coming is approved by the hotel,
you would be informed which of the 3 ways we would use for your registration.
In case of any question please do not hesitate to contact Job Trust.

Best Regards,

Tel.: 0030 2310 326 946
Fax: 0030 2310 327 761