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When observing for evidence of positive planning and assessment, look for the following and give details

of what your MST did.

Context What did your MST say/do? Outcome (if any)
In the end on the day, the teacher The teacher used questioning strategy to Getting students involve and engage in
read a story for the students that is evaluate students learning. For example, the story.
Day to day assessment related to the theme. the story that she read has pictures of Evaluate students understanding.
strategies dinosaurs. The teacher was asking them. Extend students thinking and problem
what the name of the dinosaur? solving.
What do they look like?.

In music class, the teacher asked The teacher planned for music activity Assess students understanding before
the students to say dinosaurs where students used the dinosaur ending the unit.
Feedback on learning features in order to create a features to create a rhyme about Introduce students to the rhyming
rhyme. dinosaurs and use musical instruments. concept.
She supported them with positive Improve students physical skills.
feedback where ever they help in
creating the rhyme.
Parents are not involve in Parents are not involve in classroom Parents are not involve in classroom
Involving parents and classroom activities. activities. activities.
carers in Afl

The teacher used a literacy The teacher pointed to the pictures, Evaluate students understanding.
booklet before doing production letters and words and students needed to Plan for future improvements and
Formative use of practice. She assessed students answer to the questions. Also, she asked lessons.
summative assessment formative and summative the students to write their names.
strategies to add on the school
The teacher is less likely to use The teacher is less likely to use The teacher is less likely to use
technology is assessing students technology is assessing students technology is assessing students
How ICT can be used learning. learning. learning.
to support Afl.
When observing your MST for evidence of positive teacher-child interactions, look for the following and give details of what the MST was doing
and how the child reacted:

Context What did your MST say/do? How did the child react? (say/do)
One-to-one interactions When one of girls had her The teacher sang birthday song for the girl, she They sang with the teacher and they
with children birthday party in the hugged her and gave her a gift. The teacher wished a good wishes for their peer.
classroom. planned for outdoor activities as well. Students played different games outside.
Getting down to the When one of the students The teacher was on the students level she used The student listened to the teacher
childs level for face-to- was able to complete math positive feedback and positive body language. comments and complete the other math
face interactions puzzle. activity.

Using a calm voice and When the teacher was The teacher used clear voice and instructions. She Students listened and followed the
simple language explaining one of the used simple language for better understanding. instructions smoothly.
Providing warm, While playing musical When students play musical chairs. When some The students smile for the teacher and
responsive physical chairs. of the students are out from the game she give they set around the tables to cheer for
contact each one of them a pat on their shoulders. their friends who are still in the game.

Following the childs In the playground. In the teacher saw some students play with the Students play with each other and answer
lead and interest during sand objects. She asks simple and short questions to the teacher questions and explain what
play to see their interests. they are doing.

Listening to children and In Sundays dissuasions. The teacher usually give the students on Sunday Students divide themselves in pairs and
encouraging them to mornings a discussions sessions. Where students the talk to each other about what they did
listen to others do their discussions in pairs to talk about what during the weekends.
they did during the weekends.
Acknowledging children Sharing students The teacher ask the student who accomplish The student who achieved something will
for their accomplishments with something to stand in front of his classmates and stand in front of others and he/ she will
accomplishments and others. she tells them about the student efforts. She also get a reward.
efforts give them a heart (this is the teachers reward