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MS3 level Test 2 ( 3rd Term) Date : May 2017

A really bad day

Last Monday, I had a really an unlucky day. It started early in the morning. First, when I was having
breakfast my milk spilled on my white shirt uniform so as a result I had to change uniform, because of my
spill I was really late to school!

Once I got to school, my teacher was upset, because I missed the lesson. I felt really sad because my
teacher was angry. At lunch time my friends made fun of me because my uniform shirt was the wrong
color for the day. I felt really angry at them because they were not kind. Later, at break two boys playing
with their ball hit me on my head and as a result my head hurt the rest of the day.

At the end of the day I had to walk home because my mom couldnt pick me up. A bad storm started
and it started raining heavily , so I got really wet when walking in the street .I got sick with the flu! I
really hope tomorrow I have a better day.
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Part One : A/ Reading Comprehension (7pts)

Read the text then do the following activities.

Activity One: Answer the questions. (2pts)

1. Is the text about a happy day? ..
2. Did the writer have only one problem in one day? ..

Activity Two : Complete the table with information from the text(3pts)

Places Home School Street

Problem 1- 1- 1-
Result 1- 1- 1-

Activity Three : lexis .

1/ Find in the text words that opposite in meaning to the following.(1pt)

a) lucky =/= b) happy =/=

2/ Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to the following.(1pt)
a) Nice = b) wish =

Part One : B/ Mastery of the language. (7pts)

Activity One: Combine the sentences using so because. (2pts)

a) I came late to school , yesterday

b) The administration punished me.

a) The teacher offered presents to good students.

b) Students studied hard and got good results
by mr.Samir Bounab (
Activity Two: Fill in the gaps with the suitable words.(3pts)
but - was to- was doing - when

Last Monday a very unhappy day. Zina woke up too late so she missed her school bus. Her mother
had to take her school. Then, she had a Math test. she ..the test, her
classmate was asking her questions. The teacher thought they were cheating.
Activity Three: Find in the text words that have the following sounds.(2pts)

/ei/ = play /ai/ = hi

1- 1-
2- 2-

Part Two: Written Expression (Integration). < 6 points>

- You have certainly had an unpleasant or an unlucky day in your life.
- Write a short paragraph talking about what happen to you using ( when so , because , simple
past & past continuous) .
Write about .
The date
The place
End of story
The paragraph:

Good Luck by mr.Samir Bounab (