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Apr. 24-28, 2017 8th grade Adv.

Algebra 4th - 7th Periods

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Standards F.IF.7a F.IF.7a F.IF.8a F.IF.8a Write a function
defined by an expression
Graph functions Graph functions Write a function defined in different but equivalent
expressed symbolically expressed symbolically by an expression in forms to reveal and
and show key features of and show key features different but equivalent explain different
the graph, by hand in of the graph, by hand forms to reveal and properties of the function.
simple cases and using in simple cases and explain different a. Use the process of
technology for more using technology for properties of the function. factoring and completing
complicated more complicated a. Use the process of the square in a quadratic
cases.*(Modeling cases.*(Modeling factoring and completing function to show zeros,
standard) standard) the square in a quadratic extreme values, and
a. Graph linear and a. Graph linear and function to show zeros, symmetry of the graph,
quadratic functions and quadratic functions and extreme values, and and interpret these in
show intercepts, maxima, show intercepts, symmetry of the graph, terms of a context.
and minima. maxima, and minima. and interpret these in
terms of a context.

Learning Be able to graph a Be able to graph a Be identify different

quadratic equation by quadratic equation forms of a quadratic
using a table of values by using a table of expression.
values Be write functions in
Be able to identify the equivalent forms using
roots of the quadratic Be able to identify the process of
the roots of the factoring.
quadratic Be identify zeros,
extreme values, and
symmetry of the graph
of a quadratic function

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Vocabulary parabola parabola

Symmetric Symmetric
Axis of symmetry Axis of symmetry
Intercepts Intercepts
Maxima Maxima
Minima Minima

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