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(EPR) Year 4,
Semester 2

Teaching Practice 4b Internship 201720

Name of Student: Fatema Rashed Course: EPC Year: Four

H00254073 4909

Name of School: Ibn Zaidon

Mentoring College Teacher: Allan Mutambo

Date and Time: January 25, 2017

Competency A Professionalism and Understanding:

You exhibited satisfactory professionalism. You seem to have established satisfactory

rapport with the learners and the MST.

Category B Planning for Learning:

A satisfactory lesson plan was provided before the lesson. The material and content
of the lesson were appropriate for the class level. The learning outcomes for the
lesson were satisfactory. The accompanying teaching aids demonstrated that
considerable planning and effort had gone into their preparation.

Category C Implementing and Managing Learning:

The learners were promptly engaged with the day and date presentation. Then they
were engaged in a game to complete words previously covered using a dice with
pictures to be spelt on the board. The learners were able to complete the spellings
correctly. Then the learners we presented write with new vocabulary items. Getting
the whole class tracing the words in the air was a good idea. Then the learners were
presented with pictures of food items to name. Yon used Q & A very effectively to
elicit desired responses from the learners. The teamers were fully engaged and
generally provided the correct responses. The trick pictures were useful in
establishing the concept of number and counting. After this the learners were
presented with some nouns and the definition of countable nouns. The learners were
the asked to identify the countable nouns - you could have required more. The
concept of non-count nouns was somewhat fuzzy but the examples worked. However,
the concept was not very clearly presented because of additional details about noun
phrases with count and non-count nouns E.g. A bottle of water. The follow-up task
was a worksheet that the learners had to complete in groups. The learners had to
assign items to right column on a T-Chart presenting count and non-count nouns. This
could have been more effective if you avoided the down time for learners not
presenting each item. The review of the group responses was satisfactory but there
was some ambiguity with - A bottle of Juice being uncountable or countable. It
could have been more effective to target the part of the sentence which makes it
Semester 2

Teaching Practice 4b Internship 201720

countable. The review activity was well intentioned but could have been more
effective if it was explicit and targeted to bring out the grammar rules E.g.
Numerical Number + Noun; "s "ending test, and the Indefinite Article Allergy test
moreover, there could have been less down time if the task cards were presented to
the whale class in the board. The final activity was satisfactory even in some of the
learners did not get to finish the task.

Category D Monitoring and Assessment of Learning:

You did a very good job managing the class. - For example: Your rewards strategy
worked very well. You used Q & A very efficiently and effectively to elicit desired
responses from the students. You provided adequate formative assessment

Category E Reflection:

Reflection: Your self-evaluation was satisfactory. You were spot on about the learner
engagement. However, you were too hard on yourself about pronunciation of some of
the words - my take is that your pronunciation of all the words relating to your lesson
were very satisfactory. Please, continue engaging in critical self-appraisal to fine tune
your teaching skills.

Strengths of the Lesson:

The main strengths of this lesson were: Learner engagement, rapport with the
learners and classroom management.

Areas for Development:

Work on ensuring that language presented to the learners is accurate to avoid

fossilization of teacher errors by the learners. Work on question framing - Yon need
to start your questions with question making Wh or H word E.g. What? or
How? Alternatively start your questions with modal verbs E.g. Can?
Rephrase: This groupYou can count the milk?

Focus for next lesson:

Please include more use of the target structure in self-generated sentences

Signed: _______________________________ Date: January 25, 2017.

MCT: Allan Mutambo

Semester 2

Teaching Practice 4b Internship 201720