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Professional Teaching Experience
District English Language Learning Coordinator, 2015-present
Oshkosh Area School District
"Achieving academic excellence through building positive relationships with relevant and rigorous learning experiences."
Staff Training and Development
ELL Staff Support
Student Advocacy
ELL Curriculum and Assessment Development
Community, Professional & District level collaboration
Summer Program Planning
Students with Refugee Background support services
Family Outreach

English Language Learning Specialist, 2013-2016

Oshkosh Area School District, Merrill Middle School
"Achieving academic excellence through building positive relationships with relevant and rigorous learning experiences."
English as a Second Language Education
Provide students with comprehensive ESL learning materials at 5 levels
Provide ESL reading lessons at 5 different levels for ELL Resource and at-home studies
Monitor and record progress
Meet with Merrill Middle literacy teachers & OASD ELL Specialists to exchange strategies/materials
Provide summer program option resources
Classroom Support
Instruct students in technological aids for classroom success
Meet with 6th, 7th, 8th grade teams to advise on specific ELL student needs and to listen and respond to their
concerns, needs, and questions
Created and maintain a curriculum-specific ELL math support website
Provide accommodations and/or modifications as needed for tests
Prep students for upcoming topics in math, science, social studies, and literacy for 6 th, 7th , and 8th grade during
resource classes
Use peer mentors to support newcomers
ELL Resource Classes
Take accommodation requests, listen to student concerns, and strategize support steps with students
Follow-up with students after tests to determine what went well and what could be improved
Facilitate math, science, social studies and literacy preparation lessons & group study
Provide ELL learning opportunities based on individual student needs (5 levels, 4 skills), promoting
independent study habits
Provide feedback on ELL work and on content-based studies
Assess individual progress in all language areas together with the students
Utilize parent volunteer to teach to individual needs
Communicate with nurse, counselors, classroom teachers, dean of students, grade-level teams, refugee liaison,
and parents with student concerns
Apply for grants for equipment and programs that will help the students succeed
Monitor progress of ELLs with IEPs, assisting with ELL-related/cultural oncerns as needed
Promote respect for cultural diversity at Merrill Middle School
St. Norbert College (SNC) ESL Institute (ESLI), De Pere, WI
English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor, 2007-2013, Summer 2014
Instructed intensive business English, reading, writing and grammar, listening, speaking college preparation
courses at 3 skill levels for students of varying cultural backgrounds
Authored original classroom materials including: book circle guides, rubrics, skill assessments, and various
supplemental course materials
Collaborated with ESL staff to standardize and improve student and teacher evaluations, testing and placement,
curriculum, course objectives, teaching materials, instructor handbook
Authored a grant to annually provide 6 full time ESLI scholarships for college bound or career oriented Somali
refugees with insufficient English skills
Facilitated off-campus curriculum based activities including:
Community Business Expo: providing business English students opportunities for practical application
of classroom fundamentals
Harmony Cafes weekly Conversation Caf--students present material to and participate in group
discussions with community members
Provided authentic English exposure in the classroom (ex. guest lecturers by interdepartmental SNC faculty as
well as community members)
Promoted technology based learning environments for efficient, effective and contemporary instruction
Facilitated ESLI partnership with SNC Writing Center
Served as Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) coordinator for ESL staff, responsible for the
Created and maintained User Guides for 3 primary CALL programs
Explored CALL solutions and facilitate adoption for use in effective Second Language Acquisition
Collaborated weekly with campus IT analysts & leadership on extending technology solutions to ESLI
and campus wide
Implemented & maintained web based ESLI volunteer tutor schedules
Provided computer application support for ESLI instructors
Subject matter expert for Moodle (on-line course management like D2L) & the Criterion application, a
web based tool for essay evaluations that provides students with feedback for revisions

Aurora BayCare Medical Centers Rehabilitation Unit, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, 2007
Established the first Therapeutic Recreation program for the Rehabilitation Unit
Implemented best practices as determined by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification
Created system for patient evaluation, treatment, and discharge support
Developed assessment tools based on organizational and patient needs
Compiled a community resource information file for patients transitioning from the facility to a productive
leisure lifestyle in the community
Followed Aurora medical record documentation procedures for Therapeutic Recreation interventions
Provided a community stroke rehabilitation training session for health care providers

Hirosaki Gakuin University, Hirosaki, Japan

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Adjunct Lecturer, 2002-2006
Taught English Composition III, English Composition II, and English Conversation I
Designed and administered courses for academic writing & conversational skill development
Utilized small group activities, out-of-class assignments, testing, and presentations for students learning

At Home English, Mombetsu and Hirosaki, Japan

EFL Teacher/School Owner, 1994-2005
Instructed Children & Adult EFL classes
Created ESL courses and materials for specific student needs
Provided speaking and listening instruction
Specialized in creating a non-threatening classroom atmosphere
Master of Science in Education, TESOL concentration
Shenandoah University; Winchester, Virginia

Bachelor of Science, Therapeutic Recreation

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


TESOL Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate

TESOL International Association

English as a Second Language License (395), Early Adolescence to Adolescence

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Cross-Categorical Special Education License (801), Early Adolescence to Adolescence

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Mental Health First Aid USA with a Refugee Emphasis

National Council for Behavioral Health (April 2017)

Publications & Presentations

4K Dual Language Learning Panelist
Wisconsin DPI Collaborative Leadership Forum Preserving Early Childhood
March 2, 2017

International Education Conference on Mobility, Migration and Displacement Panelist

UW Madison School of Education
November 8, 2016

Supporting Students and Families with Refugee Backgrounds--Co-presenter

Wisconsin Department of Child and Familys Quarterly Consultation with Wisconsin Office of Refugee Resettlement
June 1, 2016

English Learners with Refugee BackgroundsTransitioning into Education and the Workplace--Co-presenter
Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce Partners in Education Meeting, January 14, 2016 &
Kiwanis of Oshkosh, February 5, 2016

Oshkosh Area School District Supporting Students and Families with Refugee Backgrounds-- --Co-presenter
Wisconsin Department of Children and Familys Quarterly Consultation with State Refugee Office
June 1, 2016

Transitioning Students with Refugee Backgrounds into Schools--Co-presenter

2015 WITESOL Conference, October 24, 2015

Technology for Supporting English Language Learners

Tools and Strategies for Achieving English Language Learner Success Conference
April 11, 2015 University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Technology for Supporting English Language Learners

2014 WITESOL Conference, November 1, 2014

Project-based Instruction: Using Poster Sessions to Facilitate English Language Skill Development, Motivate Students &
Integrate into the Community
2013 WITESOL Conference, October 26, 2013