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Directorate Of Treasury (Koshagar Uttar Pradesh)

September-2016 Page 1
Login Details :-

First user open Mozilla Firefox and enter in address bar

Then click on "DDO interface" a new page is open . Page 2
User select the Treasury Name
Enter Login Id
Enter Password

And then click on login a new page is open Page 3
Transaction Operator Login
Beneficiary Detail

Incomplete Beneficiary List

Add New Beneficiary

Beneficiary Bulk Data Upload

Beneficiary File Upload

Generate New Token

Update Token

Transaction Forwarding

Transaction Detail

For the Transaction Operator

1. Add New Beneficiary:-

This Is for the entry of New Beneficiary Under a particular DD0 and District
With the selected Beneficiary type. The Text Box with (*) are compulsory. If
user wants to add Beneficiary detail of employee , click on "Add New
Beneficiary" option in side menu bar. Page 5
2. Beneficiary Detail :-

To view the detail Entries of Beneficiary with the new added entries of
Beneficiary made. Beneficiary Detail are viewed according to Name, Account
No, Mobile, Beneficiary Type with particular action to view entire detail of a
particular Beneficiary.

A. If user want to view/see the Beneficiary detail of particular employee then

click on " View " option , new page is open . Page 6
3. Incomplete Beneficiary List:-

If the Account Number or IFSC Code of employee is blank then that beneficiary
will be highlighted. Page 7
4. Beneficiary Bulk Data Upload

Beneficiary Bulk Data Upload provide the facility to add employees as a

beneficiary Which are Newly added and approved by DDO But not in List of
Existing Beneficiary .On click on Count Button Record of employees to be
Beneficiary is Listed.

A. Click on "Count" button a page is open where all the beneficiaries shown . Page 8
B. User get list of all Beneficiaries and he/she wants to upload the details then
click on "Upload" button all the data will sent to DDO for approval . Page 9
5. Beneficiary File Upload :-

This is the another mode for adding beneficiary , in which text file is browse
and uploaded.

6. Generate New Token :-

Bill ID Which are Approved By the DDO are Listed In the table which is to be
Operated By the Transaction Operator to Generate the Token No for a
particular Grant No. Page 10
7. Update Token:-
If user added more than one bill and want to
add/delete bill then he/she can click on "Update Token" .

A. if he/she want to add more bill in given token then he/she can click on add
bill and if he/she want to remove bill from selected token then he/she can click
on remove bill option.
* If token contain only a single bill then user can not remove it . Page 11
8. Transaction Forwarding :-

When user verify the transaction detail of

employee then he/she click "Transaction Forwarding" and enter DDO Code
and select Token No. and forwarding details to DDO for verification.

9. Transaction Detail:-

Credit/ Debit details corresponding to token can be

view in " Transaction Detail ". Page 12
A. User can see the details of amount . Page 13