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Gold First Unit 4 Test

1 Choose the option A, B, C or D that best completes the sentences.
1 I couldn't get my __________ around what had happened. It was so unexpected.
A heart B head C mind D face
2 He couldn't __________ opening the envelope which contained his exam results.
He was too scared.
A see B look C eye D face
3 He was so angry that that he __________out of the room, slamming the door.
A thundered B stormed C rained D clouded
4 We had __________ rain last night so the roads are underwater.
A torrential B flooded C powerful D strong
5 The__________ fog made it very difficult to drive along the country lane.
A hard B rough C tough D dense
6 I think I put my __________in it when I mentioned my new job.
A face B eye C foot D hand
7 It was __________black that night as there was no moon.
A pitch B complete C dark D absolute

2 Complete the paragraph using the correct form of the word in capitals at the end of the line.
The two teenagers were 1__________to get started on their camping trip. PATIENT
They'd never been camping alone as their parents had always 2__________ COURAGE
them before, because they thought it would 3__________ their lives. However, DANGER
the two boys had never really been 4__________so finally, after a lot of RESPONSIBLE
discussion, their parents agreed they were 5__________ to do anything stupid. LIKE
They put up their tent near the river. They were 6__________ hot by the time BOIL
they'd finished so they dived into the river, which was 7__________cold, CREDIBLE
much to their surprise. After eating their supper they went to bed but they
found it 8__________ to sleep because they were so excited. POSSIBLE

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2012 Pearson Longman ELT

3 Complete the paragraphs with the, a/an or '-' for zero article.
Modern exploration of the South Pole began in 1902 when Captain Scott led 1_____ British National
Antarctic Expedition, accompanied by Ernest Shackleton and Dr Edward Wilson. Using 2_____ teams of dogs
and sledges they aimed to be 3_____ first people to reach the Pole. Unfortunately, ill health and lack of
supplies meant they failed. 4_____ few years later, Shackleton led his own expedition and, although he set a
record for reaching 5_____ farthest south, he had to turn back 97 miles before the pole to save 6_____ lives of
his men. In 1911 Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian, set out with 7_____ extremely well-organised team who
were trained in skiing and dog-driving. As a result, they not only reached the Pole, but returned 10 days early -
something which had never happened before. At the same time Scott was also trying to get to the Pole again.
This time he succeeded but only to find that 8_____ Norwegian Flag had been placed there a month earlier by
Roald Amundsen.

4 Put the verbs in brackets in the most appropriate past form.
My trip through Africa in 2008 has so far been the highlight of my life. I 1 __________ (plan) that trip ever
since I 2 __________ (see) a TV programme when I was about four years old. The vast plains, deserts, jungles
and mountains teeming with wildlife immediately 3 __________ (capture) my imagination. So one day, while
I 4 __________ (listen) to the radio, I heard about the chance to do exactly that and, finally, in 2008, my
dream 5 __________ (come) true. I 6 __________ (head) across the Sahara through the most inhospitable, yet
extremely beautiful landscapes, meeting with the most hospitable people in the world. I 7 __________
(always want) to visit Timbuktu and, after several scary adventures I finally made it. Although today it is but a
shadow of its former glorious self as the centre of medieval trading routes, the town with its mud-brick
buildings is still a sight to behold.



PHOTOCOPIABLE 2012 Pearson Longman ELT

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