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Describes a Comprehensively Explains a significant Describes a Describes some States information

and Historical Knowledge and

significant event explains a significant event or significant event or details about an about the event or
or development event or development and development and event or development and
and the role of the development and the role of people in the role of people in development and the impact on an
people that the role of people in bringing change. bringing change. the obvious impact Australian colony.
shaped the bringing change. of this event or
Australian development on an
colonies. Provides a reasoned Provides an informed Explains the impact Australian colony.
explanation of the explanation of the of this event or
Explains the impact of this event impact of this event development on an
impact of this or development on or development on Australian colony.
event or an Australian colony. an Australian colony.

Identifies and Develops logical and Develops logical Develops questions Develops descriptive Uses obvious inquiry
develops interrelated questions to frame a to frame a historical questions related to questions.
questions to questions to frame a historical inquiry. inquiry. a historical inquiry.

inform a historical historical inquiry.

inquiry; locates Effectively locates Locates and records Locates information
and organises Shows consideration and organises Locates and information from from supplied
relevant historical to locate and information from a organises relevant sources sources.
sources to organise information range of sources to information from a related to inquiry
respond to an from a range of answer inquiry range of sources to questions.
inquiry. sources to answer questions. answer inquiry
Analysing and Interpreting

Analyses and Clearly explains Explains different Identifies different Identifies obvious Identifies different
interprets different points of points of view points of view in points of view in information in
historical sources view examined in examined in historical sources. historical sources. historical sources.
Historical Skills

to identify points historical sources. historical sources.

of view to answer
inquiry questions.
Sections 2 and 3

Develops and Presents a well- Presents an effective Presents a point of Presents information Presents information

delivers a reasoned point of point of view using view using historical using historical using some historica
multimodal view with clear and historical sources sources and using sources, historical terms and concepts
presentation using purposeful and using historical historical terms and terms and concepts. from supplied
historical terms, communication terms and concepts concepts sources.
concepts and incorporating effectively. appropriately to
incorporating historical sources respond to inquiry
relevant sources and using historical questions.
to explain and terms and concepts