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Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

Listening Comprehension 4
Assignment 1
Assignment 1 is expected to be submitted during midterm-exam week and the latest submission
must be by 12 pm, Saturday 8 April 2017, but you may hand it in before then if you wish. It
counts for 30% of the final grade of the course.

Task Description

Students are supposed to make or write a mind map or chart based on an 8-minute video given
in the Assignment 1 folder. The mind map or chart should really show students understanding
of the video by giving the general idea framework and the details.

A good mind map or chart shows the flows idea that can be clearly followed. Also, it needs to
provide as many details as possible as to make it easy to get all the message in the video.
Words or phrases are suggested for the mind map or chart, but NOT sentences.

Submission and return of work

Students should submit assignments through Schoology system. Find the [SUBMISSION SLOT]
Assignment 1 and upload your work to there.

If you are enable to submit assignment on Schoology, you may submit it as an email
attachment to but please do not use that option unless you
absolutely have to.

Every effort will be made to get your assignment returned to you within two weeks of
submission with written feedback after it has been assessed.
Marking Criteria (Assignment 1)

Members :
1. ___________________________________
2. ___________________________________
3. ___________________________________

No Description E VG G F P
1 The general idea framework
2 The details
3 The cohesion and coherence through the formatted
4 Language (mostly spelling)


*E: Excellent (A), VG: Very Good (B+), G: Good (B), F: Fair (C+), P: Poor (C)
A (>80.0); B+ (75.0-79.9); B (70.0-74.9); C+ (60.0-69.9); C (55.0-59.9); D (40.0-54.9); E (<39.9)

General Comment and Suggestion for Improvement:


Teguh H. Saputro, M.A.