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5/10/2017 ResidentialElectricityRatesVeridianConnections

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Rates & Charges

Residential Electricity Rates
By Ontario government mandate, residential electricity bills are
designed to present costs simply and clearly, and to identify to
consumers the un-bundled major cost components of their
residential electricity usage. In addition, consumers are presented
with a cost representing the debt of the former Ontario Hydro, which
was stranded when that organization was broken up into five
separate components in the transition to an open market for

Regulatory Charges
Debt Retirement Charge

Some of these line items have more than one component. The
Delivery charges vary by region, but the other line items are the same
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5/10/2017 ResidentialElectricityRatesVeridianConnections

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For a detailed Tariff of Rates and Charges including specific service
charges click here .

Below is a breakdown of the calculations used to determine each of

the four line items that make up your VERIDIAN bill

Electricity Delivery Regulatory Charges Debt Retirement Charge

Electricity represents the cost of the electricity itself. These rates
cover the cost of power purchased by VERIDIAN on your behalf, and
passed through to you without mark-up.

This part of electricity supply is subject to competition. Customers

may purchase electricity from any licensed retailer registered with

Global Adjustment: /kWh

The price of wholesale electricity in Ontario is set by a

competitive market. Certain generators receive payments
through regulation or contracts that differ from market prices.
Customers who pay the Hourly Ontario Energy Price for
electricity or who buy electricity under contract from a licensed
retailer will see this separate line item on their bill. It allocates
their portion of the net adjustment arising from these different
The Global Adjustment rate changes each month and is

available at
Customers on the Regulated Price Plan will not have this line
item presented on the bill. For these customers, the Global
Adjustment is embedded in the fixed electricity rates that they
pay under the price plan.

Customers not enrolled with a competitive retailer are provided with

electricity at the rates shown below:

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5/10/2017 ResidentialElectricityRatesVeridianConnections

Tiered RPP Prices:

The power to make your community
9.1/kWh for electricity use up to and including 600 kWh
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Business use above 600 kWh per month*
Energy Veridian
*These are the prices that appear on the electricity line of your bill.
They do not include other charges on your total bill like delivery.

Time-of-Use (TOU) Prices:

7.7/kWh Off-Peak Price

11.3/kWh Mid-Peak Price
15.7/kWh On-Peak Price

Other sources of information about electricity and rates are:

Ontario Energy Board Call Centre: 416-314-2455

Ministry of Energy: 1-888-668-4636 (toll-free)

Independent Electricity System Operator: 1-888-448-7777 (toll-free)

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