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Term Course Course Summary

Spring 2017 Human Communications 102- Theory and presentation of

Public Speaking public speeches, including an
analysis of determinants of
comprehension and attitude
formation; selection and
organization of speech
materials, development of
delivery skills and evaluation
of message effectiveness.
Student presentations
required. Participation in
research projects.

Fall 2017 Internet, newspapers,

Communications 233- Mass
magazines, film, radio and
Communication in Modern
television; their significance
as social instruments and
economic entities in modern

Spring 2017 Communications 300- Visual Social and cultural analysis of

Communications the meaning, production and
consumption of visual
information in a modern
media society. Still, moving,
television, graphic design,
cartoon and computer images
will be analyzed in terms of
technical, commercial and
cultural considerations

Spring 2017 Communications 350- Functions, strategies, ethics,

Principles of Advertising technology and media
relevant to the advertising
industry, as well as concepts
in international, intercultural
and integrated marketing

Spring 2017 Communications 351- Develop written

Writing for Advertisement communications and critical
thinking skills essential for
success in all advertising
related careers. Compose
persuasive letters, reports,
proposals and news releases.
Grammar and language skills.