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Earthworm as A Great Natural Medicine The myth of Earthworm treatable disease, such as;

Typus, fever, heart disease and stroke due to thrombosis, rheumatic, hypertension, diabetes,
hemorrhoids, beauty skin and hair growth, not just talk, circulating in society.Some people feel
disgusted with earthworms. Make no mistake, it was behind the smooth, earthworms save a lot of
benefits. In fact, many people who take it to cure some disease, without effects, so safe to
consume.According to the experiences of people who have a fever or high body temperature,
with additional material earthworms consume their disorder increases. According to a study done
that earthworms are very high source of protein. Earthworms also contains several amino acids
with a high level. One of them, worms Lumbricus Rubellus contain very high protein content
approximately 76%. This is higher than the flesh of mammals (65%) or fish (50%) level. Several
studies have proven the existence of the antibacterial protein extracted from earthworms that can
inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli bacteria, gram negative dysenterica Shigella,
Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhi. Earthworms also contains the active substance in
the form of the enzyme, which consists of: a. lumbrokinase enzyme (restore & stabilize blood
function). b. catalase peroxidase (slows aging) c. Lignase cellulose enzyme (restore & stabilize
the digestive function.) d. arachidonic acid (to accelerate the formation of new cells). e. E
tocoferol (elatisitas maintain & skin rejuvenation). f. Taurine (speed up fat metabolism to
increase energy). g. Nutrients: polyunsaturated fat, calcium, phosphorus, fiber. To make a drink
worm, a worm that first thoroughly cleaned first. To remove fishy odor and taste, worms usually
boiled with ginger. After the stew is filtered and ready to drink. More delicious when added to
honey or practical sugar.For practise, many worms that have been prepared in consumption.
Worm Worm has been through the process of drying and put into capsules. Myths about
earthworms is fulfilled, besides earthworms can safely treat us in terms of commercial good-
enough. Moreover, the Indonesian people already know very well with a single animal.
Earthworm packed in tablet The benefit of worm as a natural medicine I will share about the
benefits of worm extracts for health, like: Working as a bio medicine, there is no side effects.
Safe for all ages (very good for adults and children). Safe to consume in the long term and
continuously. Safely used in conjunction with doctor medication, also enhance those drugs work.
Other diseases can be cured by earthworms Type of earthworm which usually used as a natural
medicine are Lumbricus rubellus, Eisenia poetida and Pheretima sp. This kind of earthworm
useful for : Normalize the metabolism of human body cells. Nervous system (calming, eliminate
cramps, lower the heat, stop the pain). Cardiovascular system (lowering blood pressure,
normalize the irregular heartbeat). Immunological system (enhancing immune / immunity
against disease). Respiratory system (widen nasal passages). Blood circulation (prevent
formation of thrombus, prevent blood clotting, destroying a thrombus). Based the information
from various source and expert, there are many diseases can cured by the earthworm. Like :
Healing typhus. Lowers cholesterol. Improve endurance of the body. Lowers high blood
pressure. Increased appetite of eating Treat digestive tract infections such as typhus, dysentery,
diarrhea and other stomach disorders such as an ulcer. Treat respiratory infections such as:
cough, asthma, influenza, bronchitis and tuberculosis. Reduces aches because of fatigue or
rheumatic. Lower blood sugar for diabetic. Healing hemorrhoids, eczema, allergies, wounds and
toothache.. Counteract nicotine. Healing encephalitis, pneumonia, stroke, inflammation of the
ear, liver, acne. Maintain stamina of the body. Research and Clinical Trials XUANWU
HOSPITAL and XIANXI MEDICAL COLLEGE doing research and clinical trials for
Lumbricius Rubellus enzyme powder to 345 patients with blood disorders of the brain
(cerebrovascelus ischemic disease) and effectiveness of treatment reaches 93% and 73%
complete healing. CANADA RNA Biochemical Inc. develop the research on Lumbrokinase
enzyme which found in Lumbricus Rubellus and managed to standardize this enzyme became a
medicine of stroke. This medication is used to prevent blockage of coronary arteries (Ishemic)
which invites the risk of coronary heart disease, hypertension and stroke. Prof.H.M. Hembing
Wijaya Kusuma (medical expert and medicinal plants). He said that earthworm extract contains
20 kinds of amino acids and proteins (76%) higher than fish or meat, Archidonat acid ,
lumbrokinase enzyme, peroxidase, catalase, cellulose, and lignase. Dr.Husein Ahmad, MD Ph.D
(President Director of HOLISTIC INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL). The best quality of
Lumbricus Rubellus. That has the main function as an anti trombus with the "BIO ACTIVE"
three main enzyme: Collagenase Enzyme, Fibrinolycin Enzyme, Protibinolycin Activator
Enzyme, It's function for : Hipertention, Hipotention, Stroke, Thipoid, Improve the immune

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