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Assignment 3
Due by 4 p.m. Friday 12th May 2017

1. Find the eigenvalues and corresponding eigenvectors of A = 9 1

7 1

2. The propositions p q r , and s are defined by

p: she walks
q: she talks
r: she drinks
s: she eats
Express the following propositions in symbolic form.
(i) She walks and talks, but doesnt drink.
(ii) She doesnt talk if she eats or drinks.
(iii) If she doesnt eat, she drinks and talks.
(iv) If she talks and doesnt walk, she neither eats nor drinks.

3. Using the notation in Question 2, translate the following expressions into English.
(i) p r s (ii) qp

(iii) p r q (iv) p r q

4. Construct the truth tables for the following expressions

(i) p q q (ii) p p q (iii) p q r .

5. Use the algebra of propositions to prove:

(i) p p q p q (ii) p q p T

(iii) p p q p q (iv) p q p q T

6. Use the laws of set algebra to prove

(i) A A B = A B

(ii) A B B = A B .