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"The victor will never be asked if he told the truth", these words though sounds

rough, but are True. Since our childhood we are often asked to believe in helping
the oppressed or in general anybody who needs help. And common it's our
human emotions that dives us all the way up to feel love for someone or feel the
anger. But then too, these competition scenarios didnt changed the world. Even
if no matter how much you believe to help the oppressed, still you wont let them
pass you. And it's not new. I mean, if you see we are also taught not to get
surpassed but to surpass other people and to do it anyhow or whatever it takes.
So in some way we are doing the same thing! Illusions is what our generations
believe and we treat reality as illusion! So if we see, we do it and Hitler just
penned it!
People have often seen Hitler as one of the driving forces behind the change in
the world. And even if you dont believe it, its still the untold truth. The mass
brutality Hitler carried for Jews is what everyone knows but why did he do that
nobody could ever get a proper answer for it. Also when we see or asked about
Nazis, we are always Judging and negative about how they carried a mass
destruction for Jews, but the little did we know that The principal Axis countries
forming the Tripartite alliance were Germany (including Austria), Italy (including
Albania) and Japan (including Korea). They were supported by Slovakia, Finland,
Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Thailand, Manchukuo, Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia and
Croatia. There were Spanish volunteers that served in Russia. Also some French
including those from Alsace Lorraine who were incorporated into the Reich. All
three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) had volunteers who supported
the fascists. The Swedes supplied critical iron ore to Germany and also allowed
the transport of a German division via rail from Norway to Finland prior to the
start of Barbarossa.
So was he really brutal?
See the only brutal thing that Hitler ever did was to pitch the idea of extinction of
Jews and world control. And everyone wanted it. And if we look into the matter
closely, that was the first time dictatorship was actually being understood by
people and the word power was felt by the leaders of our nations! Ruling
agendas came to existence. Not only divided between the Axis and Allies or
between Franklin D Roosevelt and Hirohito but between everyone, every single
human who got the greedy Idea to suppress the oppressed. These ideas are still
on run. Not that we live in a democratic Country but still some people are surely
there to control us by their thought process. And this raises questions like are we
really Democratic?
The National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi party) is one of the most
infamous political systems in the history of this world. They were famous by their
severe acts of cruelty and Inhuman Experiments. Even then, the Nazi
government implemented a number of policies which were for the good of their
people and those of the future; many of these policies are now implemented by
our own governments.
Banning Vivisection was one of the primary things Heinrich Himmler and Hitler
agreed upon. One of the major decisions made up by the Nazis that
revolutionized the thoughts of animal conservation and seeing up them as
humans and protecting them! Though they didnt see Jews as Human (pun) but
surely this step was such a strong message. Anti-Tobacco campaign, AutoBahn
and Welfare programs were something they coined to the world and showing
them how to protect their people.

Though they showed people how brutal they are and how their ideologies were
better be an extinct, they were the change. A change that made us realize why
we need peace. Why we need people to believe in people and stand up tall
against the factors of racism, communism and the thoughts of difference
between Rich and Poor. Though they were not right but we need to learn the way
they protected whom they thought were their people.