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Kelas : V ( LIMA ) ..

Nama :

I. Choose the right answer ( pilihlah jawaban yang benar )

1. Its got four bedrooms and a garden

a. its quite big b. its very big c. its small

2. What the english of cumi-cumi ..

a. quail b. squid c. squirrel

3. I am .. a fried rice

a. having b. watching c. writing

4. This is a ..

a. crab b. shrimp c. calamary

5. I am having .. drink

a. scrambled egg b. sandwich c. soft

6. Mr. Pratama and his family are at seafood restaurant.

What the means of seafood

a. makanan ringan c. makanan laut c. makanan kesukaan

7. What is this ? this is a ..

a. prawn b. butterfly c. birds

8. I am writing a .

a. mountain b. beach c. letter

9. What is the picture ?

a. shelf b. shell c. sharp

10. what is the picture ?

a. Im speaking on the phone

b. Im listening to music

c. Im reading a story

11. Im a mountain

a. drawing b. listening c. writing

12. What is this ? clip_image006

a. share the self b. show the shell c. shell the shoes


13. What is the picture ?

a. circle b. square c. rectangle

14. The table is dirty. What the means of dirty

a. bersih b. rapi c. kotor

15. The candy is

a. bitter b. sweet c. sour

16. What is the picture ?

a. bedroom b. bathroom c. big house

17. A : what are you . for lunch Sheila ?

B : just sandwich

a. listening b. having c. smelling

18. A : What are you Mike ?

B : a letter

a. drawing b. listening c. writing

19. Im ..delicious soup

a. speaking b. smelling c. listening

20. Im reading a magazine

What the means of magazine

a. buku b. majalah c. komik

II. Arrange the words into a good the sentences

21. house big is your how

22. having Im soft drink

23. having they are together dinner

24. Im music listening to

25. Im park in the jogging

III. Translate into english and indonesian !

26. I,m reading a story

27. Apa yang kamu tulis ?

28. Im watching a cartoon film

29. Shell the shoes

30. its got one bedroom, one bathroom and one small kitchen