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TahunPelajaran 2015/2016

BidanStudi : Sastra Inggris Hari/ Tanggal : Minggu, 12 Juni 2016

Kelas : XI BAHASA Waktu : 90 menit

Read the text carefully and then answer the Text 2

questions. A glass envelope
My daughter, Jane,
Text 1 never dreamed of
Last week, I took my four year-old daughter, receiving a letter from
Sally, to a childrens party. We travelled by a girl of her own age
train. Sally has never travelled by train before. in Holland. Last year,
She sat near the window and asked a lot of we were travelling
questions. Suddenly, a middle-aged lady came across the channel
into our compartment and sat opposite Sally. and Jane put a piece
Hello, little girl, she said. Sally did not answer, of paper with her
but looked at her curiously. The lady took out name and address on
her powder compact. She then began to make it into a bottle. She threw the bottle into the
up her face. sea. She never thought of it again, but ten
Why are you doing that? Sally asked months later, she received a letter from a girl in
To make myself beautiful, the lady answered. Holland. Both girls write to each other
She put away her compact and smiled kindly. regularly now. However, they have decided to
But you are still ugly, Sally said use the post office. Letters will cost a little
more, but they will certainly faster.
1. Where did the writer take Sally?
a. To a childrens party 8. When did Jane cross the Channel?
b. To a farewell party a. Last year c. last moon e. last week
c. To a garden party b. Last month d. yesterday
d. To a child ceremony 9. What did she throw into the sea?
e. To a book party a. A box with her name and address
2. Where did Sally sit? She sat . b. A tube with a letter
a. Near the door d. next the lady c. A bottle with a story in it
b. Near the window e. on the door d. A bottle with her name and address
c. On the alley e. A box of letters
3. Who came into the compartment? 10. What did it contain?
a. A young lady d. A friend a. An origami paper d. Janes name
b. A granny e. A lady b. A postcard e. Janes picture
c. An old woman c. Janes name and address
4. How old was the lady? She was . 11. Jane never dreamed of receiving a letter
a. Middle-weight d. midterm from a girl in Holland because.
b. Middle-aged e. midwife a. It is a long way away
c. Middle-height b. No one in Holland knows her address
5. Where did the lady sit? c. She has never been abroad
a. Near the writer d. Next to Sally d. She didnt expect anyone to find the
b. Beside Sally e. Opposite Sally bottle
c. Opposite the writer e. She didnt need the reply
6. Why did the lady make up her face? 12. Both girls .
a. To make Sally beautiful a. Meet regularly
b. To make him beautiful b. Send notes to each other in bottles
c. To treat him beautiful c. Correspond in the normal way now
d. To make her beautiful d. Travel regularly now
e. To make them beautiful e. Call each other regularly
7. What did Sally say to the lady? Sally said
that the lady .
a. Was still ugly d. was beautiful
b. Were still ugly e. was kind

c. Was not ugly
13. I am not a cow but my Indonesian name is French and he replied in
cow. I am not the eye but my name is eye. I the same language.
am made from egg. What am I? Apart from a few words, I
a. Fried tofu c. fried egg e. egg yolks do not know any French
b. Beef d. fried chicken at all. Neither of us
14. I dont have a head, but I have a mouth. I spoke during the
do not have hands and feet. I have a body. journey. I had nearly
My mouth is on my long neck. Sometimes, reached the town, when
there is soy sauce, syrup, water, etc. What the young man suddenly
am I? said, very slowly, Do
a. Bottle c. book e. fan you speak English? As soon I learnt, he was
b. Can d. pencil English himself!
15. I have a big body. I have small eyes and a
tail. I have four feet. I have wide ears. I have 20. Whom did the writer give a lift to in the
a long nose. The nose is like my hand. south of France last year?
a. Cow c. elephant e. ant a. A young boy d. a young man
b. Sheep d. hippopotamus b. A young lady e. a young woman
c. An old lady
Read the following lyric carefully and then 21. How did they greet each other? They
answer the questions. greeted each other in .
a. Germany c. English e. France
Text 3 b. Turkish d. Italy
Mother How Are You Today 22. Did they sit in silence?
(Written by A. May) a. No, they didnt d. Yes, they was
b. Yes, they did e. No, he wasnt
Mother, how are you today? c. No, they wasnt
Here is a note from your daughter 23. What did the young man say at the end of
With me everything is ok the journey?
Mother, how are you today? a. Are you English? d. I am France
Mother, dont worry, Im fine b. Do you English? e. I am English
Promise to see you this summer c. Do you speak English?
This time therell be no delay 24. Was the young man English himself?
Mother, how are you today? a. Yes, he was d. No, he wasnt
b. No, he wasnt e. No, they werent
c. Yes, she was
I found the man of my dreams
Next time you will get to know him
25. Indonesian proverb: Bersatu kita teguh,
Many things happened, while I was
bercerai kita runtuh. What can you infer in
Mother, how are you today?
a. Give him an inch and he will take a yard
b. There is a will, there is a way
16. What is the theme of the song?
c. Persevere and never fear
a. Love c. sacrifice e. honesty
d. United we stand, divided we fall
b. Loyalty d. tolerance
e. No pain, no gain
17. Who is the composer of the song?
26. Give him an inch and he will take a yard.
a. Aunt May c. A. May e. Mayer
The Indonesian proverb is .
b. Aunty May d. Ann May
a. Dimana ada kemauan, disitu ada jalan
18. What is the mood of the song?
b. Dikasih hati, minta jantung
a. Happy c. Sad e. Gloomy
c. Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita runtuh
b. Bitter d. Optimistic
d. Berakit-rakit ke hulu, berenang-renang
19. What is the structure of a song?
ke tepian. Bersakit-sakit dahulu
a. Verse, refrain d. Chorus, verse, coda
bersenang-senang kemudian
b. Verse, coda e. Verse, chorus, coda
e. Rajin pangkal pandai
c. Coda, chorus
Text 5
Text 4
Do you speak English?
Do you know what the meaning of
I had an amusing experience last year.
corruption is? What is the relation between
After I had left a small village in the south of
money and corruption? Well, corruption is
France, I drove on to the next town. On the
common everywhere in the world even in the
way, a young man waved to me. I stopped and
U.S. its just a matter of intensity. However, it
he asked me for a lift. As soon as he had got
is quite shocking when one reliable survey
into the car, I said good morning to him in
claim Jakarta as the most corrupt place in 34. My mother is a person I admire
Indonesia. tremendously.
The survey has made me sad, actually, a. Who c. whose e. where
because I stay and earn a living here in the b. Whom d. when
capital. As most people know, Tanjung Priok 35. Where can I catch the bus goes down
smuggling is not a new thing at all. town.
Entrepreneurs who want to minimize their tax a. When c. whom e. whose
payments tend to do such a thing more often. b. Where d. which
They even bribe the officials.
Well, I think the measures taken so far to 36. I would be very thankful, if I you.
overcome the problem by punishing the a. Was c. am e. be
corruptors is still far enough. We have to b. Will d. were
prevent the younger generations from getting a 37. They would have finished their work, if
bad mentality caused by corruption. they it two days ago.
I believe we should start at the earliest a. Have done c. have do e. had done
stages in school and I think everyone should be b. Has done d. has does
involved in the effort to eradicate corruption.
We must not make any distinctions.
(The Jakarta post, 2005)

27. Where is the most corrupt place in

Ok. Whats the
a. Palembang c. Kalimantan e. Solo
riddle this time?
b. Sumatera d. Jakarta
28. What is the purpose of the writer in this
a. To entertain the reader
b. To convince the reader that corruption is
dangerous 38. I have three feet. When I am standing, I
c. To persuade the reader that everyone always follow the MOUSE. When I am
has to get involved to eradicate upside down, I dont follow the mouse
corruption anymore but I fly with the WIND.
d. To make the reader aware about a. M b. W c. E d. H e. R
corruption 39. Ok. Guess what it is? Its as big as a horse
e. To prevent the children from the but it doesnt weight anything
mentality of corruption Ehmm. I havent a clue
29. According to the writer, when do we start its .
to prevent corruption? a. A house c. a deer e. a horse
a. Start from ourselves d. start now b. A zebra d. a horses shadow
b. Start since infant e. start today
c. Start at the early stage Text 6
Flowers are the parts of a seed plant that
30. Does this pen belong to you? contain the organs concerned with sexual
No. It be Susans. She was sitting at reproduction, including ovary and stamens.
that desk. These reproduction structures are usually
a. Will c. May e. Should associated with sterile outer structures that
b. Can d. Must protect them and attract insects or birds who
31. Hey, Ted. Whats up with Ken? Is he upset help the process of fertilization. Some flowers
about something? have special scents which can attract insects to
Hes angry because you recommended Ann come.
instead of him for the position. You sit Flowers basically have four parts: petals,
down with him and explain your reasons. sepals, stamens and pistils. Most petals are in
a. Should c. will e. could bright color, or sometimes green, as green as
b. Can d. may sepals. Stamens are the male reproductive
32. Have you seen my blue jacket? I find it organs, which arise within the petals. They
Look in the hall closet. vary in number, from one to hundreds per
a. May not c. will not e. may flower. Pistils are the female organs of
b. Wont d. cant reproduction, they vary in structures.
33. I know some people live on the boat
a. Whom c. when e. who 40. What is the function of sterile outer
b. Whose d. where structures?
a. they have special scents
b. they attract insects or birds
c. they protect ovary and stamens
d. they contain sexual-reproduction
e. they help the process of fertilization
41. What are the male organs of reproduction
a. Petals c. pistils e. ovary
b. Sepals d. stamens
42. Why do sterile outer structures attract
insect or bird? To .
a. protect them
b. vary in structures
c. give their scent
d. help the process of fertilization
e. provide some flowers with special
43. What is the aim of the text above? To .
a. give information about flowers
b. explain the process of fertilization
c. describe the parts of a seed plant
d. expose the reproduction structures of
e. report how flowers attract insects or
44. What is meant by the female reproductive
a. Petals c. stamens d. pistils
b. Sepals d. seeds
45. How many stamens are there for each
a. from one to ten per flower
b. from one to two per flower
c. from one to thousands per flower
d. from one to hundreds per flower
e. from one to fifty per flower