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How the Life of Dr.

Rizal Influences My Life

It takes an extraordinary person, to do what Dr. Jose has done, and all for the love for the
country. This personal thought has been verified when I watched the film, Ang Buhay ng Isang
Bayani. The said film showcased a brief history of our National Heros life, sacrifice and struggle,
although it was a short film with five episodes not exceeding 2 hours it has touched my life
unexplainably. The life of Dr. Jose Rizal has not only inspired Filipinos but also people from
different races and humble beginnings, as shown by the different monuments and memorabilia of
the National Hero around the world and not just in the Philippines. From his early years until his
death, everything about his life was truly an epitome of selflessness and genuine sacrifice, a
characteristic that has struck me the most. I am truly very honored to have watched this film, as I
have been hooked in every minute of it, and I could now say that the admiration that I have for Dr.
Jose Rizal is now at its utmost level.

His life was a story of never ending struggles, but the life that he has lead has brought the
spirit of nationalism that freed Filipinos. He left his could have been luxurious life, his loving
family, and his partner just so he could study overseas and take part in several Filipino led
organizations against the Spaniards. He moved from Laguna to Spain to France and to other
places just to acquire knowledge, not knowing what lies ahead of the new and unfamiliar setting.
He was brave enough to write Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, even though he had to skip
meals and live in a small and unlivable space just to finish them, then right after endangered his
own life and even the life of his family, all because he knew that the voices of the Filipino people
need to be heard. He came back to his Mother Land after writing the novels, even though he knew
that it could cost him his life just so he could fight beside the Filipino people. The love for the
country that he has shown is truly of no equality. Of all these, I am most moved as to how selfless
Dr. Jose Rizal was. Selflessness is something outlooked by many, but what they may not know is
that selflessness gives one life more meaning than any material thing on earth. With the past year,
I too have been challenged by many life changing obstacles. From my struggle with academic life,
family matters, and financial matters, I have kept my head up high and reminded myself often that
taking advantage of other people would get me nowhere. His sacrifices often urge me to have the
strength to do what must be done, to have a brave heart for sacrificing what is dear to me, and
lastly to have a geared mind to fight through life with intellect and fair judgement.

Dr. Jose Rizal is without a doubt, our National Hero. Yes, he is also human, with
imperfections, with flaws and personal desires. But his love for the country has outweighed
through everything. The life that he has led, even full of sorrow and even after his death has
continue to touch and inspire lives. Because of his life, we should be determined to act. We
should live a life of purpose, of continuity to aspire for a better future, of perseverance to achieve
greater things, and of selfless character not to fight only for revenge and personal desires. To my
fellow millennials, we are still young and in comparison, with Dr. Jose Rizals life we are still at the
moments when he was young yet already fighting for the country, we still have more time and a
long way to go. Again, it takes an extraordinary person, to do what Dr. Jose has done but we dont
need to be extraordinary, we dont need to be national heroes, we only need to be an inspiration to
ourselves and to other people, and to be better versions of ourselves, all for the love for the