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Summary of activities Accomplishment Report

Activity/ Project Inclusive Problems

Expected Outcome Implementation Actions Taken Recommendation
Title Dates Encountered

Due to barangay
The students will be
captains busy The students together with The students should be
familiar with the
Courtesy call to schedule, the their clinical instructor went introduce their selves
barangay captain and Sept. 25,
Courtesy call the barangay students were fully to the barangay captain and to the barangay captain
for the barangay 2016
captain able introduced explained their activity in and explain the
captain to be aware of
themselves to the the community. activities properly
the activity.
barangay captain.

Due to time
constraints the The students should be
Students will be students was not familiar with the
Ocular able to familiarize The students introduces their community during the
familiar with to the Sept. 25,
Ocular Visit inspection of the their selves in the selves to the barangay health
place where they will 2016 first day for them to
barangay community during workers
conduct their activities plan their activities
the first day properly

Family The students will be Sept. 26, Family The students had The students was paired and The students should
the problem in
able to do their assessing the plan their assessment
assessment of the integration of the children because of assigned to the families that properly for them to
Integration 2016
family and be able to students the large population they will be integrated know what to expect
get along with them and lack of during the assessment

The students should

The students emphasized the make it sure that the
Revisit of the Due to attachment
The students will be importance of seeking family is aware of the
students to their of the children to
able to evaluate the medical attention and services of that they
Sept. 27, respective the students, the
Post- family Visit effectiveness of the explained to the family the can avail in the health
2016 assigned students cannot
health teachings given services available in the center and health
families for focus properly to
to their families health station and health station.
evaluation the families.
The health The students explained to
The students will be
education was held the audience the importance
able to review the The health education
Health education in an open space in of prenatal check-ups and
barangay health should be conducted in
Oct. 2, about prenatal the community that the dos and donts and they
Health Education workers about vital a closed venue to avoid
2016 and review of is why there are let the barangay health
signs and will be able unnecessary noise and
vital signs taking many distractions workers to do return
to conduct lecture distractions
during the health demonstration of vital signs
about prenatal
education. taking

Due to lack of The students should

The students surveyed the
The students will be materials, the make an assessment
Identify cases of community to be able to find
able to look and assess students tool that will cover
diabetes, out who are and how many
diabetic patients, Oct. 3, encountered everything that is
Case Finding tuberculosis and diabetic, tuberculosis
patients with 2016 problem in needed to assess in
malnutrition in patients, and malnourished
tuberculosis, and assessing the diabetic, tuberculosis
the community children are there in the
malnutrition. children for patients and
malnutrition malnourished
The students should be
The students went to the
There are convincing enough for
The students will be Scheduling of hypertensive clients and
hypertensive clients them to effectively
Hypertension able to schedule the Oct. 9, Hypertensive invited them to go to the
that does not want invite all hypertensive
Consultation hypertensive patients 2016 Patients for health station for them to
to participate in the clients to participate in
for consultation Consultation schedule their free consult to
activity the activity of health
the health center

The student will be Because of the The students must be

able to get along with Procession of length of The students joined the ready enough in
Oct. 9,
Procession the community people different kinds procession, some community people in the joining the procession
and experience their of Mother Mary students procession for them not to be over
activities. experienced fatigue fatigue

The students will be

The students was The students were assigned The students must
able to experience the
Duty in RHU II not confident into different areas of RHU improve their
Rural Health Unit rural health unit set-up Oct. 10,
of Apalit, enough to handle (Assessment/ Consultation, assessment for them to
Duty and to be able to learn 2016
Pampanga the RHU activities Vital signs, Hypertension conduct accurate and
the activities in the
alone and Diabetes) quick assessment
The students must
Identify cases of The students continued
The students will be The students did assess the community
diabetes, surveying the community for
able to finish Oct. 10, not finish surveying thoroughly for them to
Case finding tuberculosis and cases of diabetes,
surveying the 2016 the community due have complete
malnutrition in tuberculosis and
community to time constraints information needed for
the community malnutrition

The students will be

able to experience the
The students was The students were rotated to The students must
different areas in the
Duty in RHU II not confident different areas of RHU improve their
Rural Health Unit rural health unit Oct. 11,
of Apalit, enough to handle (Assessment/ Consultation, assessment for them to
Duty (Assessment/ 2016
Pampanga the RHU activities Vital signs, Hypertension conduct accurate and
Consultation, Vital
alone and Diabetes) quick assessment
signs, Hypertension
and Diabetes)