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Question Syllabus Vocabulary Grammar Speaking & Skills

Whats really important in life? Life priorities Verb + infinitive or + -ing Talk about life priorities

1.1 Have to / Need to / Want to Create a personal profile

Whats your favorite item of clothing? The senses + verbs & Talk about & aspects of life
1.2 adjectives Sensations & experiences
Whats your favorite ad? Will for predictions / Promote a product
1.3 unplanned decisions Write an ad
1.4 What should you do when you have a headache? Common illnesses Should Give advice
Will there be TV in 2030? Give advice & make predictions
Do you want me to turn on the light? Offer help
Where do you get your news from? News media In / On (news media) Talk about the media you use

2.1 Create a news survey

What were you doing at 8 oclock last night? Global problems Past Continuous Talk about global problems
2.2 State vs. Action verbs Describe photos
Are you afraid of lightning? Natural phenomena Describe TV shows
2.3 Talk about natural phenomena
What were you doing when you heard about 9/11? Past Continuous vs. Ask & answer about particular
2.4 Past Simple moments in the past
Talk about dramatic interruptions
What do you have in your pockets? React to news
Are you a good listener? Tell a story
Review 1 p. 24
3.1 Do you get stressed when traveling? Traveling expressions Tell travel stories

Have you ever been to Australia? Past participle verbs Present Perfect for past Talk about past experiences
Have you visited London yet? Present Perfect for List ten things to do before you die
3.3 completed actions
(already, just, yet)
How long have you had that hairstyle? Points & periods in Present Perfect for Talk about unfinished events
time unfinished past (for, since)
Have we really been to the moon? Word formation React to unexpected information
How much personal information do you have online? Ask & answer personal questions
Were you a spoiled child? Childhood Talk about childhood

4.1 Personality
Did you use to like school? Do vs. make Talk about childhood habits
4.2 Tell stories about childhood
Did you use to wear a school uniform? Past Simple vs. Used to Talk about past habits
4.3 Talk about childhood memories
Are you as tall as your parents? Adjectives Comparatives / Make comparisons
Superlatives / as as
Have you ever had a pet? So / But Talk about pets
What animal makes the best pet? Prepositions + -ing Make recommendations
Review 2 p. 46
What do you like to study? School subjects Talk about school / college life

5.1 Talk about life choices

What do you have to do to learn English well? Class activities Modals of obligation & Talk about class activities
5.2 prohibition Talk about rules
Why do people drop out of school? Phrasal verbs Too / Enough Give tips about school
5.3 Too much / Too many Talk about dropping out
What will you do when you pass this course? Zero & First Talk about friends
5.4 Conditionals Make suggestions
How do you prefer to communicate with people? Pronouns & referencing Compare generations
Do you often take risks? Warning phrases Make warnings & promises
Review 3 p. 58

Grammar p. 116 Irregular verbs p. 136 ID Caf p. 138 Writing p. 148 Pronunciation p. 154 Audio Script p. 156

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Language Map SB
Question Syllabus Vocabulary Grammar Speaking & Skills
Have you ever been to Florida? Leisure time Go + -ing Talk about leisure time activities
6 6.1 activities Talk about vacation
Would you like to try hang gliding? Verbs of movement Prepositions & Adverbs Talk about sports
6.2 Compound Nouns Ask & answer personal questions
Do you feel like going out tonight? Prepositions of Verb + gerund Do a class survey
6.3 movement Express likes & dislikes
What do you enjoy doing on your birthday? Sports vocabulary Verb + infinitive or + -ing Describe sports
6.4 Phrasal verbs Reply to invitations
Have you ever done a bungee jump? Talk about extreme sports
6.5 Would you rather travel to the U.S. or the UK? Would rather / prefer Express preferences

Review 4 p. 70
How often do you go to the movies? Movie genres Describe & guess the movie
7 What are you really into? Like phrases Any / Every / No / Some Talk about movies
7.2 Talk about fans & idols

7.3 Have you ever collected anything? So & Such Talk about obsession
Who was the iPad created by? Numbers & fractions Passive Voice Present Talk about piracy
7.4 & Past Create a trivia quiz
Are you into reality TV? Pausing devices Talk about reality TV
7.5 Are you a good singer? Give opinions
How much technology do you use? Technology Present Participle Create new inventions
8 8.1
8.2 How often do you charge up your cell phone? Phrasal verbs Pronouns in phrasal verbs Role-play man & machine

8.3 In the future, will space vacations be popular? Future forms review Talk about predictions
Is technology making us stupid? False cognates Future forms Present Talk about conversation habits
8.4 Simple & Present Role-play future situations
Do you believe in fortune-telling? Reduced sentences Talk about fortune-telling
8.5 Will you ever get married? Expressions for Make predictions
certainty & doubt

Review 5 p. 92
What do you think of marriage? Wedding words Be vs. get Talk about marriage & weddings
9 9.1 Compare weddings
Do you get bored easily? Romance -ed & -ing adjectives Talk about romance
9.2 Intensifiers Compare feelings

9.3 If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? Second Conditional Talk about unreal situations
Do you like to perform in front of people? Performers Probability may, might, Talk about performers
9.4 could, must, cant + be Talk about celebrity gossip
How do you get on with your siblings? Birth order Talk about siblings
9.5 If you had no money, what would you do? Give advice
Are you under much pressure right now? Causes & symptoms Talk about stress causes
10 10.1 of stress Talk about ways to cope with
Word formation stress
over / under
Would you like to change anything in your life? Lifestyle changes Relative Pronouns Talk about lifestyle changes
10.2 Describe vacation photos
Whats your attitude towards money? Money Talk about a movie
10.3 Alternative lifestyles Compare attitudes towards money
How often do you check your Facebook page? Questions Review Talk about school reunions
10.4 What vs. Which Chat with an old friend
How + Adjective / Adverb
Do you enjoy reading in English? Read faster
10.5 Are you similar to most of your friends? One / Ones Describe people & things

Review 6 p. 114

Grammar p. 126 Irregular verbs p. 136 ID Caf p. 143 Writing p. 151 Pronunciation p. 154 Audio Script p. 162

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