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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is born in 1897 on the 14th of

march in Ulm, in the Kingdom of
Wrttemberg in the German Empire. He was
a theoretical physicist.

Hermann and Pauline Einstein

His parents are borth jewish descent but

both of them wanted to change that.
Hermann Einstein, his father, he is from
Buchhau. Hermann Einstein traveled with all
his brothers to Ulm, there he met Pauline
Koch, she was born in Cannstatt in
Wrttenberg and in 1876 they get married.
Einstein's father and his uncle founded
Elektrotechnische Fabrik J. Einstein & Cie,
a company that manufactured electrical
equipment based on direct current. In 1897
they needed to close the fabric.

Albert Einsteins childhood

After he was born Einstein went with his parents and his younger sister,
Maja (*18.11.1881) to Munich. Albert and his sister had a good realtion
ship, he really trusted her. In his first schoolyears nobody saw any
examinations. He was not that best in laguages but he was actually very
good in science. He started to stuby by himself in books by Aron
Bernstein or Felix Eberty, their books are about Raum und Zeit that
means room and time, die Weltgeschichte that means world history ,
their books are very important for Einstein and in 1923 he write a book
about it. In 1884 he started to play the violin with a private teacher and 4
years later he moved to a higher level school. In 1894 his parents went to
Milan without him, he was only 15 years. That was the beginning for him
to become a rebell, so in the same year he left school without a leaving
certificate, he wanted to go to his parents, one of his reasons were as
well that he was afraid to go to the military.


So Einstein were with his family in Pivia, he traveled to the alps and
visited his Uncle in Genua, at this time he wrote his first scientifc work,
with 16 years. It was an essay and the titel was ber die Untersuchung
des therzustandes im magnetischen Felde that means about the
examination of ether state in the magnectic field He send this essay to
his uncle in Belgium so that he can have a look at it. Einstein wanted to
go a special school in Switzerland, but that was more complcated as he
though because he dont have a graduation form, so he needed to do a
entrance examination, he failed because of his french. After that he
decided to go do his graduation in Aura. On his leaving certificate were
five times the best grade, which is a 6 in Switzerland.
There is a rumor that Albert Einstein was a bad student, that was a
german mistake, because the german people were confused because in
Germany is 6 the worst grade.

At the beginning in 1896 Einstein gave up his German citizenship and

didnt join any religion. Then he remained statelessfor 5 years. Then he
get the Swiss citizenship.

1896 : he began to study on the school for polytechnic specialists in

Zurich. He was fascinated of the theoretical physic objects but he didnt
liked the subject abstract maths, he never went to the classes, late he
realized that this wasnt clever, because he needed maths fort he relative
theory, his friend (Marcel Grossmann) who was in the same maths
course as Einstein was a big help for him and the relativ theory.
On the end of this collage he has a the diplom for a maths and physics
teacher in year 1900.

Albert Einstein privat

While he was studying he met his futur wife Mileva Maric, she was
serbian, four years older and she liked physics as well, they had two sons
(Hans Albert Einstein 1904 - 1973 and Eduard Einstein 1910-1965) they
had one doughter as well but there are no informations about her,
historian suspect that she were an orphan or that she died at scarlet.
Einstein and his Wife lifed a 2 years in Bremen, Germany after the two
years they went to switzerland. For Einstein the womans were inspiration,
the inspiration of Meleva was her independence and her determination.
In Einsteins opinion was work more important than his family, he was all
the time in his office or on districts, after a while Meliva get angry with
him, than she figure it out that he has other womans, she was very
jealous. In 1912 Einstein started an afiar with his cousin and in 1919 he
separated with Meliva and he married his cousin Elsa, she was the
perfect wife, but more like a mom for him. She was worried about him in
in 1916 whe he had a mental breakdown because he hadnt got a good
job and his relatives theory was unproved ( that after over 10 years just
working on the theory) He wasnt a good father, the oldest son said
once : the only project what he gave up was me. The younger son were
schizophrenic and a long time in a clinc. He failed as an dad and as a

Einsteins career in summary

In 1904 he started to write eassys about Room and Time and his theory,
at this time it started that it looks like something what makes sence.
Years over years, and work over work. In 1916 he had is mental
breakdown, it was to much work without any results. 1918 was one of the
best years from Albert Einstein. The sunshine eclipse was finally the
proof for his relative theory. He has been famous in one day, he is the
genius of his centurie, the most intelligent person oft he whole world.
Einstein said to explain his theory to everyone:

If you seat 1 secound on a stove it seems like 1 hour.

If a beautiful girl seats on your lap for 1 hour it seems like 1 secound.
That is realism.

In 1921 he won the classy price in physics.

Albert and Elas travelled to the united staates of america, the greeting
was full with photograpfs and cameras. Elas enjoyed to be famous, but
Einstein not, for him it was shoked and a bitt o much, he didnt expect
that he will be so famous for his work.

Secound world war

When the war began to starts Einstein was a lot of times in his office and
did his work, he didn't really liked Germany anymore,
There he wasn't really famous, in Germany he was " the jew" and the
NSDAP really wanted his head, so they said if some could kill him, this
person will get 50.000RM that was a lot of money for this war time.
So he decide to went with his wife and her two doughters to go to
Princeton in 1932 and they never came back.

Atom Bomb

In 1936 he knowed from someone that the germans wnated to create a

new bomb which is so badly that if they ignit them that the world would
trough back in 1600. Einstein didn't want that so he write a letter to the
presedent Roosevelt. After that the americans started to create a most
dangorus bomb of the world. Albert Einstein is considered as "the father
of the atombomb" but he was never involved to create the bomb because
they were afraid that Einstein could say something what they don't like.
After the atom bomb in Hiroshima Einstein felt so guilty, but it wasn't his

Einstein said: I made one great mistake in my life when I signed the
letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made;
but there was some justification the danger that the Germans would
make them.

His dead

He went to the hospital with a lot of pain in his cheast and stomach. He
died at internal bleeding.
Before he died the docorts asked him if he want to have a operation but
he just answeared " no, i did enough in my life. It's time."

He died at the same day, the 18th of april in 1955. He was 76 years old.

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