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2 All-on-4

At a glance.

Principle Four implants two straight implants in the anterior and two
angled implants in the posterior supporting a provisional, fixed
and immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis

Benefits  Angled posterior implants help avoid relevant anatomical

structures, can be anchored in better quality anterior bone and
offer improved support of the prosthesis by reducing
Angled posterior implants help eliminate the need for bone
grafting by increasing bone-to-implant contact
Final restoration with fixed or removable prosthetic solutions
 Efficient treatment flow results in shorter treatment times and
improved patient satisfaction
 All-on-4 Guide for accurate placement of implants and
Can be combined with the computer-aided diagnostics and
treatment concept NobelGuide

Indications Edentulous mandible or maxilla

Surgical access Open flap; with NobelGuide: flapless, mini-flap and flap

Prosthetic flexibility Fixed provisional (metal-reinforced) acrylic prosthesis

 Fixed final prosthesis: NobelProcera Implant Bridge in Titanium
with acrylic veneering, or individual NobelProcera crowns
cemented to the bridge framework
Removable final prosthesis: overdenture on a NobelProcera
Implant Bar Overdenture

Available implant All Nobel Biocare implant systems with Multi-unit Abutments
systems NobelSpeedy: the widely documented implant for All-on-4

NobelGuide Prosthetic-driven diagnostics, treatment planning and guided

surgery system

Disclaimer: Some products may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets. Please contact the local Nobel Biocare
sales office for current product assortment and availability.
All-on-4 3

All-on-4 a proven and successful


concept for edentulous patients.

The All-on-4 treatment concept was

developed to provide edentulous patients Full-arch restoration with only four implants
with an efficient and effective restoration
using only four implants to support an Reduced need for bone grafting
immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis.*
Immediately loaded for efficient and time-saving treatment
Angled posterior implants
For fixed and removable final prosthetic solutions
By tilting the two posterior implants, longer
implants can be used in minimum bone
Scientifically proven and documented
volume, thereby increasing bone-to-implant
contact and reducing the need for vertical
bone augmentation (bone grafting). In
addition, the angled posterior implants can
be anchored in better quality anterior
Planning with NobelGuide
bone and offer improved support of the
All-on-4 can be planned and performed
prosthesis by reducing cantilevers.
using the NobelGuide treatment
concept, ensuring accurate diagnostics,
Good clinical results
planning and implant placement. The
Biomechanical measurements show that
NobelGuide Software allows for detailed
tilted implants, when part of prosthetic
diagnostics such as the identification of Provisional prosthesis for immediate
support, do not have a negative effect on loading
available bone, virtual implant placement
the load distribution.1,2 The tilting of
according to the anatomical situation
implants has been used in clinical practice
and the prosthetic needs, and the ordering
for over a decade and has shown good
of the individualized surgical template.
NobelGuide supports minimally invasive
flapless techniques as well as surgical
Overall published data on the All-on-4
access through mini-flaps and full flaps,
concept shows cumulative survival rates
with the surgical template ensuring guided
between 92.2 and 100%.2026 The concept
and therefore exact implant placement.
is supported by good clinical outcomes
from studies using protocols in which four
Angled Multi-unit Straight
implants have been placed to support a
Abutment Multi-unit
full-arch prosthesis.21 (17 or 30) Abutment

* If one-stage surgery with immediate

loading is not indicated, cover screws
are used for submerged healing.
4 All-on-4

All-on-4 the efficient treatment


concept with immediate loading.

High stability with only four Wide variety of prosthetic

implants options
Angled posterior implants can Fixed provisional prosthesis
be anchored in better quality for immediate loading.
anterior bone and offer Fixed and removable
improved support of the solutions for final restoration.
prosthesis by reducing

For all Nobel Biocare

implant systems
Multi-unit Abutments are
Reduced need for vertical
available for all Nobel Biocare
bone augmentation
implant systems.
Angled posterior implants
allow for the use of longer
implants, increasing
bone-to-implant contact and
reducing the need for bone
Widely documented implant
Preservation of vital structures
for All-on-4.
Angled posterior implants help
Slightly tapered with a more
avoid the mandibular nerve and
pronounced apical
the maxillary sinus.
taper allowing for under-
Designed to achieve high
primary stability in soft to
With or without NobelGuide medium bone and to
Safe and minimally invasive shorten drilling protocols.
surgery with full 3D diagnostics
and planning using NobelGuide.
Traditional open flap surgery
using the All-on-4 Guide for
accurate placement of implants.
All-on-4 5

All-on-4 for fixed and removable


prosthetic solutions.

Only four implants needed Fixed and removable prosthetic All-on-4 step by step

The All-on-4 treatment concept, with its use solutions

of straight and angled Multi-unit Abutments, With All-on-4, patients benefit from an
allows for a firmly-seated restoration on immediate implant-supported restoration,
only four implants two placed vertically in as a provisional prosthesis is screwed
the anterior, two placed at an angle of up to onto the implants right after surgery.*
45 in the posterior region.
Final solutions include both fixed and
By tilting the two posterior implants, the removable prostheses: Insertion of implants
bone-to-implant contact is enhanced, F ixed solutions include NobelProcera
providing optimal bone support even with Implant Bridge Titanium with acrylic
minimum bone volume.21 Additionally, veneering, or individual NobelProcera
tilting of implants in the maxilla allows for crowns cemented to the bridge
improved anchorage in better quality framework.
anterior bone and bicortical anchorage in R emovable solutions include acrylic
the cortical bone of the sinus wall and overdentures on a NobelProcera
the nasal fossa.21 Implant Bar Overdenture, attached by
means of a variety of attachment
Tilting of the posterior implants also helps Securing of Multi-unit Abutments
avoid vital structures, such as the
mandibular nerve or the maxillary sinus, NobelProcera Implant Bridge and Implant
and results in a better distribution of Bar Overdenture are milled from a
implants along the alveolar crest, which biocompatible titanium monobloc using
optimizes load distribution and allows state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology,
for a prosthesis with up to 12 teeth and resulting in consistent precision of fit,
minimal cantilevers.20 individualized design and optimal esthetics.

Multi-unit Abutments
Nobel Biocare offers straight, as well as
17 and 30 angled Multi-unit Abutments Securing of provisional prosthesis with
prosthetic screws
for all Nobel Biocare implant systems.
The abutments are available with various
collar heights to match the thickness of
the soft tissue.

* If one-stage surgery with immediate

loading is not indicated, cover screws
are used for submerged healing.
6 All-on-4

All-on-4 digital treatment


planning and guided

surgery with NobelGuide . TM

NobelGuide is the ideal treatment concept Safe and predictable implant

for All-on-4, because it optimizes implant placement
placement by means of 3D diagnostics, After planning the case in NobelGuide
digital treatment planning and guided Software, a ready-to-use surgical template,
surgery with a surgical template. together with all necessary implants,
abutments and surgical instruments, can
Existing prosthesis can be modified
Accurate diagnostics and prosthetic- be ordered online in a single order. The
directly into a radiographic guide
driven planning surgical template enables guided implant
Based on 3D (CB) CT diagnostic imaging of site preparation and precise and efficient
the patient and a radiographic guide, virtual implant insertion, which minimizes patient
implant placement following prosthetic- pain and swelling.
driven planning can be performed within
the NobelGuide Software, ensuring Prefabrication of provisional
high diagnostic accuracy and safe and prosthesis before surgery
predictable implant placement. The surgical template can be used to create
a stone model with implant replicas already
Digital prosthetic-driven planning in
With the combination of the 3D radiological in place before surgery. This enables the
NobelGuide Software
dataset and 3D models of bone and dental technician to produce the provisional
radiographic guide, dental professionals prosthesis and the abutment placement
can evaluate bone quantity and quality, jig in advance, so that the clinician can
mark vital anatomical structures such as finalize the prosthesis and mount it on the
the alveolar nerve and the maxillary sinus, implants right after surgery.
and position the implants according to
prosthetic needs. Through controlled
and customizable angulation of the dental
Guided implant insertion with
reslice planes in the split-screen view of the
ready-to-use surgical template software, the tilted posterior implants are
also ideally positioned.
All-on-4 7

All-on-4 achieving TM

predictable results
with NobelGuide . TM

63-year old edentulous female patient requests a fixed restoration. All-on-4 using
NobelGuide is chosen to avoid bone grafting.

Preparation Case courtesy of Dr. Armando Lopes,

DDS, MALO CLINIC Lisbon, Portugal
The existing removable denture represents
the intended teeth setup and is transformed
into a radiographic guide (gutta percha
markers). A bite index is created to ensure
correct anatomical positioning of the guide
during CT scanning.

Treatment planning
Based on 3D CT diagnostic imaging of
patient and radiographic guide, the four
implants are placed virtually in the
NobelGuide Software, optimizing position,
angulation and distribution.

Implant insertion
The ready-to-use surgical template is used
for site preparation and insertion
of four NobelSpeedy Groovy implants. It is
secured by guided anchor pins.

Minimally invasive surgery

If a flapless procedure is chosen, trauma to
tissue is minimized. This image shows
the maxillary arch immediately after implant

Provisional prosthesis
Immediate loading of the implants is
achieved by using a prepared
fixed prosthesis, which is finalized by the
clinician on the day of surgery.
8 All-on-4

All-on-4 efficient TM

with NobelSpeedy . TM

44-year old edentulous female patient requests a fixed restoration due to inadequate
function, comfort and esthetics of the existing removable denture.

Case courtesy of Dr. Paulo Mal, DDS, Diagnosis

MALO CLINIC Lisbon, Portugal
Limited bone volume in the posterior and
a need for bone crest level optimization.

A conventional flap procedure is performed,
the bone crest level optimized and the
All-on-4 Guide anchored.

Implant site preparation

Implant site preparation according to the
drilling protocol for straight implants using
the All-on-4 Guide. The vertical lines on
the guide are used as reference for drilling
at an angle of 45.

Implant insertion
Insertion of NobelSpeedy Groovy implants
with external hex connection.

Provisional prosthesis
Immediate loading of the implants can
be achieved by using a fixed provisional
prosthesisbased on an impression taken
straight after surgery.
All-on-4 9


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