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Marys Primary School Donald

Pastoral Care Policy
Developed and Ratified 2008
Reviewed and Revised 2016
Next Review 2019
Pastoral Care at St. Marys School should enhance students, staff and families wellbeing through
their respect for self, others, property and the environment.
The school will provide a secure, supportive and child safe environment highlighting partnerships
within the community.
The policy is based on respect for the dignity and uniqueness of the individual person and aims to
respond to the social, economic and cultural diversity within the community.
Pastoral Care promotes a deepening of relationships between students, families, staff, canonical
administrator and the wider community.

SCRIPTURAL CONTEXT: I have come that you may have life and have it to the full (John 10:10)

Pastoral Care: The action taken within St. Marys community by its leaders and community members
to promote and enhance the wellbeing and safety of the individual. Key elements of wellbeing are
positive self-regard, respect for others, positive relationships, responsible behaviours and personal

At St. Marys School pastoral care will foster mutual respect and dignity by acknowledging the rights,
responsibilities, needs and differences of individuals within the community.
St. Marys community will provide an educational environment where all can feel and be safe while
sharing and contributing to one anothers growth.

St. Marys School believes that Pastoral Care should:
Foster the growth of the individual spiritually, socially and academically
Reflect the Catholic ethos of individuals caring for and respecting each other
Provide a structure where teachers, school community members and other professionals are
responsible for the well-being and safety of the students
Enable positive relationships to be established between members of the school community.
Provide mutual support for students, staff and parents.

For students, Pastoral Care will nurture personal dignity, a sense of well-being and a sense of
belonging so that the student is guided towards self-motivation, self-discipline, responsibility and
Christian responses.
For Staff, Pastoral Care will provide personal support, professional interaction, a sense of belonging
and a sense of vocation so that each person is able to develop professionally through mutually
beneficial relationships based on Gospel Values.

St. Marys Primary School 1

134 Woods Street
Donald 3480
For parents, Pastoral Care will provide personal support in their role as primary educators of their


All members of our school community have these rights and are also responsible for others in their
The Right to be safe and happy
The Right to learn
The Right to be treated with dignity and respect

When relating to Students, Staff will:
promote positive self-concept in each student
promote a climate of acceptance and tolerance
show appreciation
offer advice
have realistic expectations
be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of students
be fair, consistent and positive in their approach to discipline
promote the school rules
encourage students to be aware of and appreciate the efforts of others
see mistakes as part of the learning process and encourage students to take risks
foster in each student sensitivity and respect for all members of the community
respect individual differences and privacy
endeavour to understand the family circumstances of students
demonstrate genuine care for the physical, social and emotional needs of students
provide safe practices and a safe environment for all students of the community

When relating to each other, Staff will:

support one another
accept and affirm each other, recognizing each individuals uniqueness, talents and
make every effort to get to know one another
foster a sense of belonging respect the privacy of others
celebrate in appropriate ways, the achievements of staff members
demonstrate interactions with staff members that are characterized by respect courtesy,
openness, flexibility, availability and good humour
be open to honest communication in a non-threatening environment.

When relating to Parents, Staff will:

demonstrate attitudes and values which reflect the Gospel Values
be approachable and willing to listen
invite parents to take an active role in the life of the school
establish an atmosphere of honesty and professionalism in their dealings with parents
St. Marys Primary School 2
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inform parents of their childs progress, areas of concern and coming events
support and affirm parents
work with the parents for the good of the student.


Students can expect to:

have access to a well-planned program of teaching and learning
learn within an organised and well-managed environment
be supported as a learner
be identified as needing additional support beyond that which is available within the classroom
or learning environment
have their individual needs catered for within budgetary and staffing constraints.

Teachers can expect to:

have their Programs reviewed regularly and to be given feedback
have access to Professional Development that will enable continuous improvement
have a whole school plan from which to develop their own individual programs
be supported by other Staff in the execution of their role
have time to plan in accordance with Enterprise Agreements
be encouraged to reflect on present practice
provide accurate and detailed information to Parents and Carers on the progress of students.
be required to act in accordance with all appropriate Legislation, specifically The Child Safety

Staff can expect to:

be treated professionally in their delivery of programs within classrooms or for individual

be supported in their role by the Special Education Teacher and/or Classroom Teachers.
have access to Professional Development that will enable continuous improvement
be required to act in accordance with all appropriate Legislation, specifically The Child Safety

The Principal or Lead Teacher can expect to:

receive Programs in a timely fashion
be confident that planned programs are being implemented with rigour
see evidence of the whole school plan in individual programs
be informed by staff of any concerns relating to individual students learning needs, access to
appropriate resources, timetabling issues, the whole school plan and assessment and
reporting to parents.

Parents can expect to:

receive accurate and detailed information regarding their child/rens progress

St. Marys Primary School 3

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be confident that their child/ren will have access to a rigorous program of teaching & learning
be informed of the teaching & learning programs
have access to information about the Key Learning Areas
know that their child/rens needs are being met within budgetary & staffing constraints.

Pastoral Care at St Marys Primary school is part of and fundamental to every aspect of our
schools life and activities. The essence of this Policy therefore is evident in all other Policy
Statements developed and implemented at St. Marys.

This Policy is only complete when implemented in conjunction with all other policies and
procedures including:
Child Safety Policy
Code of Conduct
Child Safety Mandatory Report Policy
Curriculum Policy
Curriculum Plan
Behaviour Management Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Assessment & Reporting Policy

Our Pastoral Care Policy aims to develop children who have a sense of self-worth, a sense of responsibility for
others and honesty in thought and action. Our policy aims to develop such life skills as: recognition of the
value of the human person respect for the rights and responsibilities of individuals development of a
Christian conscience fostering of the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness

and Foundational to the nature of pastoral care in Catholic Education is the belief that each person is
created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27), with the inherent dignity that this implies.
Each is created as a social being, with the mutual rights, obligations and needs that this implies.
Pastoral care in Catholic Education affirms and gives expression to the belief that the person
of each individual human being, in his or her material and spiritual needs, is at the heart of
Christs teaching.
Schools in the Ballarat Diocese exercise their pastoral responsibilities under the leadership of
the Principal. Parents exercise their responsibility by providing positive support and
collaborative engagement with the school in support of student and school community
Respectful and cooperative school-family relationships provide an effective channel of
pastoral care for students. Schools and families share responsibility for developing and

St. Marys Primary School 4

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maintaining such relationships of trust, characterised by respect for the goodwill of the other
and a willingness to engage collaboratively.
Student and Staff wellbeing is best achieved within a school environment that is safe,
supportive, inclusive and empowering, where diversity is respected and valued, where
human rights and the common good are honoured, where inter-relationships are positive,
where students experience connectedness and engagement, and where those experiencing
difficulty or special need receive particular care and support.
Enhanced student wellbeing contributes significantly to improved student learning outcomes.
Effective pastoral care is therefore recognised as promoting the achievement of learning
outcomes and thus contributing to a School Improvement Framework.
Effective whole-of-school approaches to pastoral care require age-appropriate behavioural
education and skilling of students, and pastorally driven management of student behaviour
through processes focused on both individual and community wellbeing, and on ensuring a
just and reasonable balance of individual and community rights, needs and responsibilities.
Effective school-community partnerships offer opportunities for networks of pastoral care for
students. Appropriate local services and agencies may be identified, and links or
partnerships developed, to support the needs of students and their families and to enhance
the schools own pastoral initiatives.

Guidelines Indicators

The St Marys School

Community will: This will be evident when:

foster quality relationships the opinions of members of the school

among all members of the community are valued in all aspects of
school community school life
members of the school community show
respect for each other in their daily activities
including when communicating on line
members of the school community are
encouraged to identify with both the school
and parish community
parents and guardians are supported in their
role as prime carers of their children

provide a comprehensive the curriculum reflects current educational

and contemporary theory and practice
curriculum and an
the curriculum provides opportunities for the
inclusive approach to
learning and teaching children to participate in a wide range of
activities including digital tasks to develop
knowledge, skills and values
the curriculum provides opportunities for
each student to have their individual
St. Marys Primary School 5
134 Woods Street
Donald 3480
learning needs met thereby optimising their
potential academically.

the children are encouraged through a

socially responsible curriculum to accept
and value their peers

nurture and maintain confidential support is provided for family

relationships of trust, co- concerns regarding their childs social and
operation and partnership academic needs
between the school and
regular, open, two- way communication
family members
between school and family is facilitated and
provide a safe school for students educating
them of their rights and of how to report and
be supported if they feel unsafe at school,
home or in the community

demonstrate a opportunities are created for members of the

commitment to partnership school community to participate in school life
and shared responsibility
the school community develops an effective
through the establishment
network of care and, when necessary,
of effective networks of
accesses agencies/support services within
the wider community

encourage the children to students develop their capacity to exercise

develop responsibility and sound judgement and concern for each
ownership for their actions other
students demonstrate an increasing ability
to take responsibility for their own learning
and personal well being
students are learning about their role as
Australian and digital citizens
students are able to seek support if they are
feeling unsafe or have been abused

St. Marys Primary School 6

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establish relevant Pastoral there is flexibility in the arrangement of
Care Programs and student groupings and curriculum delivery
staff and student wellbeing is a matter of
structures are in place for effective
school/home liaison
each member of the school community
takes responsibility for their well being
appropriate protocols and procedures are
developed, implemented and reviewed
School Code of Behaviour
School Behavioural Policy
Serious Offences Policy
Discrimination and Harassment
Grievance Procedure
relevant Pastoral Care programs and
approaches are established, implemented
and regularly reviewed
Bounce Back Program

St. Marys Primary School 7

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Implementation Plan

Implement school policies and protocols related to Pastoral care

Review Pastoral Care programs and approaches annually
Maintain open and effective channels of communication within the school community
Pastoral Care is extended to students, staff and families

Students Staff Parents and Guardians

Awakenings - religious Personal Leave Individual communication
education program - 2.5 Family Leave Newsletter
hours per week.
Personal Development School App and
Bounce Back Program Programs Webpage
CEO/community welfare School Advisory Council
CEO/community welfare agencies Parents and Friends
agencies as required
Staff social events Parent Teacher Meetings
Tailored programs
including digital CEO/community welfare
conferences and guest agencies as requested.
speakers Provision of Parent
information sessions
academic and parental
Family social events
School Masses and

Reviewed and Updated: July 2016

Presented to School Advisory Council:
Placed on Webpage and School App:
Reviewed: 2019

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