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Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others,

helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time.

For the past couple of years at El Dorado High School, I have had the privilege of hosting our

high school pep rallies, and have developed morals and understandings that will stick with me

forever. Standing and addressing my entire school, including my peers, can take quite a toll on

the nerves, and any minor mishap or accidental mistake can easily lead to a long time of

embarrassment or trauma. This year, however, I began to recognize the advantages I had with

this significant responsibility. I realized that I had the opportunity to hold the attention of all of my

peers and even more importantly, entertain them. With my schools recent issue regarding

discrimination and bullying, I decided to take action by delivering a speech during our big

Homecoming rally that would hopefully inspire the minds around me to be open-minded and

create a stronger sense of harmony at my school. I discussed our school mascot, the cougar,

and what it truly means to be a cougar. I encouraged my classmates to roar in the face of

judgement and to help others along the way when they can. I applauded their hard work and

efforts in creating a unified community on campus, and assured them that compassion and

sincere kindness would never be frowned upon. Whether a student excels academically or their

talent shines through the arts or sports, we all contribute to a society and tell a story. I asked my

fellow students and teachers to help me make the story of El Dorado High School one that

would not be forgotten. For the sake of our futures, I requested that the atmosphere on campus

remain a positive one, and that each individual who may be experiencing loss, pain, or any

torment may view the campus as a place of refuge and acceptance. I was recently informed by

my teacher that bullying in my school has diminished since the rally. Ive been doing my part by

sharing a smile here and there, and people have been smiling back. Even more, they have been

smiling at each other.

What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that

talent over time?

I have always been a performer, and to be honest I have loved being the center of attention, but

I have found so much more than just glory in performing. I have always cherished the moments

in which I hold the attention and interest of those who care to observe, and have found I have a

natural ability when it comes to acting out and expressing my emotions. For some time, I only

found these skills beneficial when they were used for entertainment, but as I matured and as I

was exposed to lifes challenges, I found other purposes for my skills. I learned to use my

talents for communication and perception. Ironically, with how many opportunities my

generation has as a technologically innovative group of people, the ability to communicate is

scarce. I feel my talents of expression eventually developed into skills of empathy and

compassion with others around me. I am able to learn in my own way, and with that came a

competence to view situations from a pure and unbiased standpoint. Through art and

expression, I have also learned to appreciate the beauty of the world and those who reside in it.

The human mind has so much to offer, and I believe mine can offer an example. I believe that

my talents on a stage and as an actor correlate directly with my talents as a person, and the

ability to commit to ones character is not so different from the power to explore ones

personality. Through art and entertainment, I have learned to communicate and understand

those who are similar to me and also those who are so very dissimilar, and there is still much to

What is the one thing that you think sets you apart from other candidates applying to the University of


During this application process, Ive struggled to stay optimistic. The feeling of competition

always creates stress for me, and when it comes to deciding the path I will take in life, the

feelings of anxiety and anticipation become even more strenuous. But after extensive thought

and self-examination throughout the years, Ive come to the conclusion that I have truly given

my all to creating a future I want for myself. Although there are plenty of worthy applicants with

similar interests and more impressive academic abilities, my skills and peculiarities lie in

comprehension. I am proud of what I have accomplished this far in my life, and recognize that

everything that has happened to me has shaped me for the better. I am content with failure, and

view failure as an opportunity to improve. To be more clear, I think I am a very quick learner with

a persistent drive for doing what needs to be done for myself and others. I have been raised to

know the importance of compassion, integrity, and patience to understand others and overcome

challenging obstacles. I also know the values of placing others before me in order to create a

better environment. My hometown has provided me with so many adventures and memories

that will always last, but a small hometown can make a person feel pretty small themselves. The

limits of my town and lack of opportunities have weathered my conscience to strive for

something big. Since I was young, I have had very big dreams - dreams of art and film, stories

and poetry, and setting an example greater than the ones I learned from. I am different because

I can take a hit and ask for another as long as I stand for what I love. I can inspire others to do
extraordinary things by simply being ordinary. I am going to make the world a little happier, and

nothing can stop me from doing so.

Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and

innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side.

I was raised on films, movies, and TV shows of every genre, and from the beginning have

inevitably become fascinated with the work behind the magic. Watching and exploring countless

situations, stories, and character developments have influenced me to produce my own magic.

My parents raised me to always give in to my creative side, and to find creativity and beauty in

everything I do. I have always cherished my ability to highlight the most entertaining elements in

human interaction and daily happenstances. I have always felt that my purpose is to show the

world things that they have never seen before, and help them feel things they have never known

in order for them to understand the world around them. I enjoy creating works of art that

introduce my own language of expression and represent my perception of what I experience.

Finding the humor, passion, and raw emotion in words or movement and sharing them with

everyone who needs incentive to expand their horizons is where I am at my strongest. The most

effective forms of my creativity would have to be in my characters. In the stories I have written,

films I have created, and the dreams that cloud my mind, I put forth all my effort into developing

relatable and awesome characters. Beings that others may strive to be like, or ones that
illustrate emotions that one may not have been able to comprehend. I manifest a piece of myself

in everyone and everything I create, so that it may be completely and It could be

said that I express my creativity through vulnerability. I only choose to make myself completely

vulnerable because I have always been a very curious person. Regardless of the risks and pain

that vulnerability might bring, it will always bring growth with it.