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Forests are being sacrificed for high-rise buildings and golf courses, some

say. At the same time, the authorities ___1___ money on tree planting.
While tree planting should be encourage, existing forests must be
___2___. People need ___3___ from the pressure of urban living. It is
___4___ to maintain pockets of green in the city to improve the quality of
living. Trees help to filter pollutants, ___5___ noise pollution and
maintain a cooler atmosphere as they ___6___ solar radiation. Urban
forests or green lungs in the city also ___7___ as bird sanctuaries. If these
forests are cut ___8___ the cities are going to become hotter and ___9___
and unpleasant to live in. Even if developers try to reafforest areas they
have developed, they cannot ___10___ the biodiversity.

1. (A)spend 6. (A)cut
(B)spent (B) reduce
(C)is spending (C)remove
(D)are spending (D)hinder

2. (A)kept 7. (A)serve
(B)guarded (B)provide
(C)protected (C)give
(D)preserved (D)support

3. (A)rest 8. (A)off
(B) relief (B)up

(C)change (C) down

(D)cure (D)away

4. (A)good 9. (A)dust
(B)needed (B)dusty
(C)required (C) dustier

(D)important (D)duster

5. (A)less 10. (A)save

(B)lesser (B)return
(C) lessen (C)replant
(D)least (D)replace

How can we prevent household poisoning ? First of all, lock ___1___ all
potentially dangerous ___2___ like medicine, pesticides and harmful
chemicals. Put them ___3___ immediately after use or throw them away
if they are no longer needed. Never keep poisonous substances in food
containers or beverage bottles. Keep them in ___4___ original containers.
Double check before ___5___ medicine. Don't mix different tablets or
capsules in one bottle. Do not self prescribe or give drugs to anybody.
That is a ___6___ responsibility. ___7___ there is adequate ventilation
when using cleaning fluids. Keep your eyes ___8___. Parents should
educate their children from an early ___9___ about the dangers ___10___

1. (A)in 6. (A)doctor
(B) up (B)doctors

(C)out (C) doctor's

(D)away (D)doctors'

2. (A)things 7. (A)Sure
(B)stuff (B) Ensure
(C)materials (C)Assure
(D)substances (D)Certain

3. (A)in 8. (A)closed
(B)out (B)shut
(C)up (C)covered
(D)away (D)protected

4. (A)them 9. (A)age
(B)they (B)year
(C) their (C)time
(D)theirs (D)period

5. (A)consume 10. (A)in

(B)consumes (B)by
(C)consumed (C) of

(D)consuming (D)over