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Company Research

This group assignment is to help students understand the implementation of managerial

accounting concepts in the real business world. Students have the opportunity to learn how
companies use managerial accounting concepts to evaluate performance, help them make
sound decisions, and improve efficiency.

Your task: Find a large company (could be a domestic or a multinational company) that have
a branch in Yogyakarta (such as a retailer, a chain restaurant, etc). Conduct a research through
the internet and/or go to the branch to interview the companys employees and write a report
which covers the following information:

1. Their background (name, branch location, industry type, number of employees in the
branch, annual total sales in the branch, competitors, their goals and their strategy,
their financial performance, and so on).

2. Find out if the branch is classified as a cost, profit, or investment center (chapter 12).

3. Investigate their reward systems. Does the company use bonus extensively, or mainly
salary to reward the employees?

4. How does the headquarter evaluate the performance of their branches? Do they use
profit, return on investment, residual income, or other measures? (Chapter 12).

5. How do they prepare their budget? Top-down or participative? Is there reward for
meeting the budget? (Chapter 9).

6. Try to find their financial reports through the internet. From the report, identify their
costs and classify them into fixed, variable, or mixed cost (chapter 3).

7. Do they calculate their product cost? How do they determine the cost of their
products? Job-order, process costing, or other costing methods? (Chapter 7).

8. Evaluate the activities in the company and identify if there are activities that you think
are non-value-added (chapter 5).

9. Explain how the quality assurance is implemented in the company (Chapter 10).

10. Do they make the products by themselves or do they outsource? (Chapter 13)

11. Other issues relevant to the company under your investigation.


1. Write a written report on the company research. The report should be between 6 to 10
pages in length, double spaced, with one-inch margin and font size 12.

2. The written report is due on Thursday, May 19, 2017 at 17:00 pm in Layanan Kuliah.
3. Prepare a group presentation (use PPT) on May 15 and 19, 2017 in the class to share
your research results with other class members. Each group has approximately 15
minutes to present the research results.

4. If you find a member in your group that is not cooperative or does not contribute to
the group, report it to me as soon as possible.