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MOOC Title: Early Childhood Education (EChldEdu)

Provider: Open2Study

Objectives of the MOOC:

To discover the world of children in the early years

Content Outline:
The stages of child development from birth to five years and some important milestones
The different domains in which children develop, and how caregivers can support the
development in each domain
Laws and regulations that guide the care and education of children in Australia and
The belonging, being and becoming framework for understanding childrens developmental
How childrens brains develop, and the importance of interactions with caregivers in this process
The importance of play in child development and learning
The concepts of attachment and reciprocity, and their importance in early childhood education
Why taking risks is an essential part of childrens learning and development
Positive forms of behaviour guidance, especially for toddlers

Why did you pick this MOOC?

Aside from the fact that the course is free, this MOOC will help me hone what and connect what
I learn from the university to this online course. It will deepen my understanding of my course
and the concepts that my professors teach me.

MOOC Title: Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense Specialization

Provider: Coursera

Objectives of the MOOC:

To help you switch from a top-down leadership, with the emphasis on authority, to an open
leadership based on trust and sense

Content Outline:
Exploration of leadership style through conversations with peers, and acquisition of the
necessary self-confidence to make good decisions based on the opinions and ideas of others,
even if they are contradictory

Perspectives on leadership from outstanding leaders such as an Olympic athlete, business

executives, and other distinguished guest speakers

Application of the skills and the models learned to address and overcome a personal or
professional leadership challenge

Why did you pick this MOOC?

Teachers are also leaders. They greatly influence and inspire the lives of the students who are
the future of the world in a long term basis. As a future leader, I want to learn more about how to
inspire and encourage the students in the best possible way I can.

MOOC Title: Flipped Classroom: Total Classroom Makeover

Provider: Open Learning

Objectives of the MOOC:

To demonstrate the creators own approach to flipping the classroom, changing the way
teachers teach and the way students learn
To help educators to design and deliver the flipped classroom effectively
Content Outline:
Demonstration of how the professor flipped the classroom

Why did you pick this MOOC?

Flipped classroom is one of the best way for the students to learn. I advocate for individualized
learning and I believe that classrooms should be student-centered. I want to be able to see how
teachers do flipped classroom for I havent experienced it myself.

1. How can MOOC help you in your future career as a professional teacher and as a lifelong
MOOC gives everyone a chance to learn. Its all about education for all. There are so many
courses to choose from. That is why the easy access to education gives us more opportunities
for learning. Through this, we can widen our knowledge and possibly phase out ignorance.

2. What did you learn from the way the providers use technology to teach in the MOOCs?
The providers use videos to teach MOOCs. There are also additional readings for further
knowledge. There are forums so that the students from all around the world may share their
interpretation and insights about the topic.

3. How will you prepare yourself for the MOOCs, as a learner, and as a teacher who may
someday teach a MOOC?
I would want to experience it for myself and explore as many MOOCs as I can to see where I
want to possibly teach. I would take as many MOOCs and degrees as I can to sharpen my
knowledge and be an expert of the field so that I may be able to share what I know correctly and


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