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To: The Chief of Police

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

From: Frank Gallagher (Share holder) BioSafe Natural Products Inc./Bio-Safe

Natural Technologies Inc (Exhibit A1 & Exhibit A2))
34 Riverglen Drive
Keswick,On Original letter and accompanying documents ( ) left with
L4P 2P8 P. Goulet, Insp. at the RCMP building on Harry Walker
905-476-8959 Pkwy south of Davis Drive on or about January 3 2006

November 15 2005

RE: BioSafe Natural Products Inc. Corporation # 6159206 BN #871599601RC0001

dated November 13 2003 Registered Office Address (A1) Still active

Donald Wilson
12 Tower Court
L3Z 2V2 Canada

Bio-Safe Natural Technologies Inc. corporation # 6186581 BN864226600RC0001

dated January 27 2004 Registered Office Address (A2) Still active

Donald Wilson
16715-12 Yonge ST #260
Ontario L3X 1X4

Dear ……

I, a major share holder of the above named corporations am applying for an investigation of Don Wilson president
and director of the same under the Canada Business Corporations Act ,Part XIX Paragraph 229 (1)

The charges include:

2(a) Don Wilson president, director ,etc has intended to defraud his share holders

(b) Don Wilson, power of the director has been exercised in a manner that is
oppressive or unfairly prejudicial to or that unfairly disregards the interests of a
security holder.

(d) Don Wilson, president, director, etc. acted fraudulently or dishonestly.

It is a long story that I have to tell and I have an abundance of evidence to support my allegations in 2(a)(b) and (d)
above but in the interest of brevity I offer two agreements signed by Don Wilson and myself Frank Gallagher .

1) The May 6 2005 witnessed by my mother Edythe Gallagher (Exhibit Z1) (4 pages)
2) The April 13 2005 witnessed by Dave Kirby. (Exhibit Z)
Note that pages 2 and 4 were revised and signed on April 27 2005 and witnessed by
my mother Edythe Gallagher. (6 pages) original pages 2 and 4 are included.

These two agreements are similar in content with changes made to percentages of commission etc. and records

It is prudent to use the April 13 2005 agreement as case in point because I introduced it as evidence at an Ontario
Housing Rental Tribunal hearing on June 30 2005.

Don Wilson denied ever seeing the May 6 2005 agreement and the April 13 2005 agreement at the hearing.

I introduced Dave Kirby to the judicator as the person who signed the April 13 2005 as witness.

Dave Kirby stated that he did witness Don Wilson signing all 4 pages of the agreement.

This is all a matter of record and I have a copy of the record on CD provided by the Tribunal.

I had entered these documents to support my application to evict the said Don Wilson for failure to pay me rent for
approximately a year and to support my claim that he had agreed to leave my premises by the end of May 2005.

It is important to note that Don Wilson signed these documents with a different signature than he has used on
previous documents

His denial of ever seeing these documents is powerful supporting evidence of my allegations.

I should also mention that at the hearing Don Wilson reiterated the words on his dispute (Z2) which he had filed with
the Tribunal to argue my application for his eviction and he also stated that he had the documents to prove his

I was amazed at the ease he spewed out his fabrication which surely would have been enviously nose worthy to

Of course Don Wilson had no documents to prove his lies and of course I had and did present the evidence to dispute
his dispute.

The Order under Section 69 Tenant Protection Act, 1997 (Z3) File # TNL-67103 found for me ordering Don
Wilson to leave my premises and to pay me back rent.

Although this hearing was to determine matters relative to rental accommodation it would be reasonable to say that
the May 6 2005 and the April 13 2005 agreements which Don Wilson (Bio-Safe) had denied ever seeing played a
decisive role in the findings of the Order when I was able to prove that he did indeed sign them and the contents
within, relative to the rental hearing were verified by supporting documentation.

The CD of the hearing is recorded evidence of Don Wilson’s dishonesty which far surpasses rental matters and
supports my allegations under the Ontario Business Corporations Act.

The contents of these documents (May 6 2005 and April 13 2005) also reflect the issues of concern that became
apparent over time since I first invested with BioSafe Natural Products Inc. on the 7th of January 2004.
My final agreement with BioSafe Natural Products Inc. on February 11 2004 issues me a total of 30,000,000 shares
which includes the original shares acquired by me on the 7th of January 2004

It is also important to note that Don Wilson had registered a new company above as BioSafe Natural Technologies
Inc. on January 27 2004 just a couple of weeks before I went all in but my shares were still of the Products

I also represent many friends who I have introduced to Don Wilson who have invested since then. Their documents
have the BioSafe Natural Technologies Inc. name on their agreements and I am listed as a share holder on their
documents. Others listed before me have an unstable number of shares as they show differently on each agreement.

It is also important to note that none of the certificates provided to us are on the proper form, nor are they signed
except for one which is signed but has no certificate number.

You will also note that none of the agreements reflect the registered name of the corporation which is Bio-Safe
Natural Technologies Inc.

Note the dash in Bio-Safe

I wonder if it is more than coincidence that this name is only used on his tax return account # 9317185
Donald Wilson
16715-12 Yonge St, 260 (Ab)

and his

TD Canada Trust account # 3102-5208016 Bio-Safe. I am not sure of the 8 (Ca)

His TD access card # 1305-432-422-098 shows BIO-SAFE NATURAL TECHNOLOG

Don Wilson has also informed my mother and I on several occasions that we will be sorry for evicting him and that I
will never see anything from this business.

He has also told me that it will take me 10 years in court to unscramble the documentation which could very well go
beyond my demise. That would be a hell of a way to spend my remaining years.

I have plenty of evidence (documents) which lend credence to this but the documentation clearly shows his
dishonesty and more.

I have a document signed on 21st day of March 21 2005 by Donald Neil Wilson, President
BioSafe Natural Technologies Inc.

headed Proprietary Technology Declaration (Za) which states that all the intellectual property, know how, process
technology etc. are the sole property of Donald Neil Wilson.

I do not believe that he has the best interest of share holders at heart.

It is also important to note that there is no way that I can get information from Don Wilson (Bio-Safe)
I had provided him 6 months free rent in my basement from February 1 2004 to July 31 2004 to allow him more time
for research.

He was to pay me $800 per month since but I finally had him evicted on August 18 2005 owing me more than
$10,000 for rent.

He also owes me another $10,000 + or – for promissory notes, phone bills etc .

He refuses to pay.

He refuses to provide me and my friends with proper documents for our shares.

He has never held a share holders meeting since I first invested on the 7th of January 2004.
I have requested that he do so on several occasions and I have asked to see the company books.

He told me to get a subpoena.

I have asked for a copy of the certificate of incorporation and a list of the share holders, their addresses and the
number of shares that they own but he refuses to deliver.

Before he was evicted from my place I wrote him several times requesting that he complies and I requested that he
hold a meeting to elect a director which is required by law before 18 months has passed since registration.

Note: The registered address of the business is a post office box on Yonge Street as above.

One of my friends attempted to contact him by registered mail at this address which was returned to sender.
after approximately 15 days.(Z4)

I know where he moved to when he was evicted from my place on August 18 2005 but I would not be welcome there
and I resist the urge to write him lest he moves to hinder investigation.

He would not leave a forwarding address and my attempt to follow him failed.

I was fortunate that he moved to a house on a main road and by luck I spotted his vehicle there on a later search, not
all that far from where I lost him.

I make this point to make it known that if not for my detective work his and BioSafe’s where abouts may go unknown
hindering prosecution and recovery of money that he owes me.

I wonder what address may appear on his drivers license. Perhaps post box # 260 unit 12 at 16715 Yonge St.

His last known address is 4021 Stoufville Road and his 1994 white Cadilac has plate # ASKA 151.

I could go on and on, but already I have surpassed brevity.

I hope that the evidence provided herein will be sufficient to warrant a proper investigation of Don Wilson, president
and director of Bio-Safe Technologies Inc.

Yours truly,
Frank Gallagher

To: Chief of Police, OPP Chief of Police, RCMP

From: Frank Gallagher

34 Riverglen Drive
L4P 2P8 905-476-8959

January 3 2006

Dear Chief

I am a major investor in BIO-SAFE TECHNOLOGIES INC.

I have proven in a lower court of the Province of Ontario that the president and director DON WILSON has filed false
and misleading documents to argue his case with the Ontario Housing Rental Tribunal.

During the hearing I introduced two documents which DON had signed with a false signature. He denied ever seeing
or signing them.

I introduced a witness to one of the documents who attested that Don did sign them.

The contents of these documents represents a monetary value surpassing $150,000

and his actions at the hearing can only be defined as crooked by any rational person.

I have written a few public offices with the hope of finding someone who may be concerned but at this point it seems
that there is nothing illegal about this.

The Tribunal found for me and Don was ordered to pay me $10,000 +/- but leave it up to me to try and collect.

I have attempted to get various departments to investigate him further but to no avail.

There is a con man loose in society which I have provided the evidence beyond any reasonable doubt in a provincial
court that he has taken money from me and about 20 other investors with the obvious intention of denying our

I have enclosed copies of the correspondence between Armand P. LA BARGE, Chief of Police, York Region and
myself and a CD of the hearing.

I would appreciate that you have a look at it with the hope that you see cause to investigate this man’s operation. An
early response at your convenience would be nice.

I personally do not have the resources to do the job.

There is no doubt that there is a criminal at large. I have identified him and located him for you.

Yours respectfully

Frank Gallagher

Note: Comments added September 3, 2007 are
blocked in green

Note: I did request an investigation under the

auspices of the Corporation Act because my
presentations to the ORHT and the Investigations
and Enforcement Unit of the Ministry of Municipal
Affairs and Housing and the YRP drew a negative
response and I thought at this time I should try a
different approach but received a response not
suitable to the offences Don Wilson committed at
the ORHT which should have been resolved by
either the ORHT or the Investigation and
Enforcement Unit which the RCMP did not address
because I had drawn their attention to the
Corporation matters and Michael Thomson had
accepted my file concerning matters of the
Corporation Act

However as my investigation progressed and I became more informed I attempted to draw their attention to
the crimes that should be dealt with by the establishment but to no avail.
From : Michael Thomson <>
Sent : January 18, 2006 12:51:19 PM
To : <>
CC : "Mona Eichmann" <>
Subject : BioSafe Natural Products Inc./ Bio-Safe Natural TechnologiesInc.
Dear Mr. Gallagher:

I have reviewed the documents, forwarded to our office here, that were submitted to our Newmarket Detachment.
You have proposed an investigation be undertaken utilizing the auspices of the Canada Business Corporations
Act,Chapter C-44 (CBCA) and as such, this matter has been taken by our office for review.

A review of the matter has been completed and the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been consulted in terms of
prosecution under the jurisdiction of this Act.
Unfortunately, Part XIX, and Section 229(1) CBCA and thereafter of the Act is quite specific in the terms of the
investigation and enforcement of same. This is entirely a civil procedure that requires the Court to issue an Investigation
Order and thereafter appoint an Inspector. The Inspector has specific authorization allowing entry and examination of
the corporation's books and records. These duties are outlined in Section 130(1) CBCA. Part XIX.1 outlines the
apportioning of the award of damages, and Part XX outlines remedies, offences and punishment.

Mr. Donald WILSON's assertions that a subpoena and/or a search warrant are required in order to allow the
shareholders to review the companies' books and records are erroneous, as outlined in Section 21 (1-10) CBCA.

It is the judgment of DOJ and this office that this matter lies solely within the confines of civil litigational
procedures,and as such, DOJ will not consider prosecuting this matter and no investigation will be undertaken by this
office. An attempt has been made to verbally convey this message via telephone, however the number provided appears
to be the number of a fax machine. The information provided will be kept on file for intelligence/ information purposes
only. If you have any further questions, these may be directed to the Writer at
the numbers listed below.

Yours truly,
M.J. Thomson, Sgt.
NCO i/c Central Intake & Admin. Support.
Greater Toronto Area - Commercial Crime Section,
Milton, Ontario
(905) 876-9656
(905) 876-9757 (Fax)

To: Michael Thomson

Michael Thomson []


From: Frank Gallagher

34 Riverglen Drive
L4P 2P8
905-476-8959 tel/fax
905-716-4927 cell

Re Don Wilson (BioSafe)

4021 Stouffville Road (just east of Kennedy Road, south side)
1994 white cadilac de ville plate # ASKA 151
February 6, 2006

Dear Michael

I am delivering the attached document to Don Wilson this morning.

In it you will find more information that should tip the scales in favor of Justice.

It requires you to make a few phone calls, to confirm my statements and then you
should be on your way to the court for the elusive warrant to investigate Don Wilson
for Fraud under the criminal code.

He has harassed my ex girlfriend and my ex wife.

I request that you make all the appropriate charges that the evidence allows for, and I
remind you that I have evidence up to my ears on him if you will take the time to meet
with me.

I do not have enough ink to inform you of everything and I am a two fingered clutz
on the keyboard.

I also request that you pass on this correspondence to the Department of Justice and ask
their office to respond to my writings.

Please inform me as to whom you addressed this matter to and provide me with their
e-mail address

Please keep me up to speed and I request that you do likewise.

Thank you

Frank Gallagher


He was at Larry Honsberger’s place a couple of weeks ago gathering up personal

belongings that he had stored in his garage. He could be on the move or even
worse, moved already.

Have you checked his drivers license data?

Cc:;;;;;;;;;; '';;;;;;;

September 29, 2006 10:15 AM sent replacement email correcting dates

To: Michael Thomson Fax to: Premier Dalton McGuinty, Tim Arkell, Ombudsman, Julia Munro, MPP,
RCMP Peter Van Loan, MP Bruce Herridge, York Regional Police
From: Frank Gallagher
Dear Michael Thomson

As you are aware I am a Canadian citizen who became victim to a scam.

This scam was identified at a Tribunal hearing of the ORHT on June 30 2005 where I had attached a copy of a May 6 2005
agreement to my application to evict my tenant Don Wilson for refusing to pay rent and for not vacating my premises on May 31
2005 as per the May 6 2005 agreement which both he and I had signed and my mother had witnessed.

On June 10 2005 Don Wilson had signed and filed a Dispute with the ORHT which was a humungous fabrication which was an
obvious contradiction of that which was contained in the May 6 2005 agreement which he had signed.
During the course of the hearing Don Wilson denied having ever seen the May 6 2005 agreement and of course denied having
signed it or initialed it. I then produced another agreement dated April 13 2005 which Don Wilson and I had signed and a friend
of mine had witnessed. I showed it to Don and he denied ever seeing it and also denied ever signing it.
I then introduced Dave Kirby to the Judicator as being the witness and he identified Don as the person who signed it.
Both of these agreements confirmed that Don owed me the rent money and both confirmed that he had given me notice to
vacate my premises on May 31 2005 quite contrary to the Dispute he had signed and filed with the Tribunal stating that he was
paid up until February 2009 as per special arrangements made in stock negotiations..
The agreements dealt with other matters regarding Don Wilson’s Incorporated business BioSafe which I am a major share
holder. The value of the document on paper to me and my friends is about $150,000
but it also protected the investors who had come before me increasing the value on paper to around $300,000. Probably about
20 investors in all.
The reason I had him sign them in the first place is because he had given cause for me to distrust him.

The Tribunal was adjourned to July 28 2005 for the Tribunal’s decision and I should make note that Nancy Fahlgren (Judicator)
announced at the beginning of the hearing that the hearing that it was not being recorded.
I do have a copy of the June 30th as you know as I provided you a copy.

On August 10 2005 I received the Tribunal Order under Section 69, Tenant Protection Act, 1997 File Number TNL-67103 dated
August 8 2005 which found for me and Don Wilson was ordered to pay me the arrears and vacate my premises.

I had asked Nancy Fahlgren on June 30th at the hearing if she would be charging Don Wilson with fraud and in fact I had said
“There should be a law” when it was revealed that Don was a fraud, and Nancy said “There is and that she could forward it onto
the Investigations and Enforcement Unit”. I should note that this part of the hearing is not on the recording of the hearing so it
was either erased or Nancy turned off the recorder.

The Tribunal Order never indicated that Don Wilson had been charged for fraud which initiated my search for justice which I
have not found to date.( over a year now)

What I have found is that which I am sure the public have been aware of but just unable to prove.

The administrators of the Constitution Act, 1982 have used their authority mandated by the Act for their own benefit
disregarding the Charter rights of the people.

I have documented this along with commentary in a file which I named the BLACK BOOK which consists of a cover
page, 3 index pages, 266 pages and a back cover page as you know.
I have sent you a copy as well as the York Regional Police, the Ombudsman, my MP and my MPP as well as the
Premier of Ontario to whom I addressed on September 1 2006 on the cover page and forwarded to him, Dalton
I have closed that file and opened a new folder the BLUE BOOK which contains correspondence with various
authorities regarding my search for justice and I have attached an excerpt from it for your attention.(Beginning page

What you will read is the reason I am writing you now.

The evidence within the BLACK BOOK proves that the people of Canada are not being protected by the
administrators of the Constitution and this excerpt from the BLUE BOOK confirms my allegations.

On page 9 of this excerpt I ask the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing a few questions, but I do not expect
a prompt response and so I request that you provide me the answers.

I have also Cc this to the media and others to make known my concerns should anything happen to me as I continue
my quest for justice.
It is my hope that at least one of the recipients of this e-mail will share my concerns and dare to do something for the

I suggest that it is every person’s duty to back the people’s Charter rights and even more, those people who have
been paid by the Taxpayer to do so.

Given the strength of the evidence, I suggest that failure of any person receiving this evidence to take the necessary
steps to correct this situation will implicate them in this conspiracy.

Michael Thomson, I hereby formally charge you with the responsibility to put in motion the formal and legal
procedures according to the Constitution Act, 1982 to deal with this conspiracy by the authorities who are
empowered by the Constitution Act, 1982 to carry out and enforce the provisions of the said Act and have used that
authority to suit their own purpose disregarding the rights and freedoms guaranteed to the people by the Charter and
in so doing have effectively quashed the guarantee. I go onto say that they use their authority to collect taxes for the
purposes of the Constitution and by so doing are guilty of Fraud, Conspiracy and just about anything you can name.

I understand that most of you do not make the laws nor set department policy and I do know the difficulties of
proceeding forward as I have experienced the same which has been identified in the BLACK BOOK regarding the
gallagher papers and the Cover UP by the MAYOR’S OFFICE.

I hereby request you to take my concerns forward and inform me ASAP to whom you have addressed the matter to
and their e-mail address and request that person to do likewise and so on until the appropriate action is taken to
remedy the situation. I suggest that it is your duty and everyone else’s who come across a superior who refuses to
act appropriately or orders you to halt and remain silent, such as the gag order that was issued to the personnel of
my former employer the City of Toronto, Property Surveys Management, to go around such person and charge them
with obstruction of justice.

So, let’s get the ball rolling and see who is implicated in this conspiracy and I will not accept any

response that states that you do not have the authority because we all have the Authority of the Constitution Act,
1982 and you have all the evidence you need to commence procedures.

You have the knowledge, experience gained at the taxpayers expense to act in service of them and the rest of the
population of Canada and I expect you to do so and I suggest that the majority of the people have the same
expectations of you.

I also request that you provide me with the e-mail address of the RCMP Commissioner.

Thank you

Frank Gallagher


I am also forwarding this by fax to others who have not provided me with an e-mail address.
I will also be forwarding to others I find on the net whom I feel should be concerned.

I do not expect this to protect me but I hope it will help to expose this to the public.

----Original Message-----
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Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 9:25 AM
Subject: Re: RCMP Web Comment


I would recommend that you contact your local RCMP detachment and ask
for their assistance and advice.

National Communication Services
Services nationaux de communications
1200 Varnier Parkway
Ottawa, ON K!A 0R2

>>> RCMP Website <> 10/22/06 11:13 PM >>>

October 23 2006

RE: Charter Rights

Obstruction of Justice

Thank you very much for your response, but I have been there done that. They refuse to respond
to my concerns.

On or about January 3 2006 I submitted a preliminary folder to my local RCMP detachment

(Newmarket) laying out the details of the case and January the 19 2006 Michael Thomson, Sgt
responded stating that I had proposed an investigation be undertaken using the auspices of the
Canada Business Corporations Act and as such, this matter has been taken by their office to

It is the opinion of the DOJ and the RCMP concur that this is a civil litigation matter. B…S…

When I first wrote I described the whole story and did make reference to certain offences the
Director of the Company, I had invested in, was guilty of under the Act, however, I, being an
amateur at this type of thing, just an ordinary taxpayer did my best to present all that I
knew about the case trusting those who we pay and have gained experience in such matters would
use their experience to read the information I provided and translate it to legal definition
which you all are familiar with.

I did not know what section, subsection of which Laws or Acts my former tenant was guilty of
when he fabricated his dispute and committed fraud at an Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal.(I do
now and I have informed them but they are oblivious to my concerns.)

Common sense told me that justice is not achievable in an environment of lies.

The ORHT and the Investigations and Enforcement Unit refused to file charges.

I took the matter to the York Regional Police who reviewed my case and informed me this was a
civil matter.

Like the YRP, Michael Thomson, Sgt RCMP has chosen to focus on the part about the Corporations
Act rather than deal with the root of my concerns which surfaced at the Ontario Rental Housing
Tribunal when they declined to charge my former tenant with fraud and filing a fabricated

These offices are financed by the people to administer justice to and for the people.

Both of these investigation forces financed by the people for the people have indicated one of
two things maybe both, by their actions.

Their inability to investigate objectively or and negligence to their duty to protect the
people of Canada as per the Constitution Act, 1982 and more particularly Part 1,Canadian
Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This is their responsibility to the people, but they have chosen to shrug their duty.

When they failed me I went to the YRP and RCMP to ask them to look into the matter and all
they did was investigate to see how they could put the responsibility on to me ignoring all
other evidence.
Not once did they refer to the root of the problem evidencing they are also part of the

This is absolutely abhorrent and intolerable and proves that we people can not expect justice
or protection from those who hold positions of trust within our legal system.

Since their decline to deal with the matter I have written many departments at all levels of
government which have either failed to respond or declined to deal with the problem.

Those who have responded are consistent with the opinions of the YRP and the RCMP.

This does not prove them to be right and me wrong but only evidences that which I have stated
in my writings and all the correspondence up to September 15 2006 has been filed in the “BLACK
BOOK” so that it may be presented for review.

I first began my commentaries which contained my views as an ordinary citizen living in the
democratic country of Canada who was of the opinion that the government was a group of people
chosen by the people to look after and protect us.

As the correspondence poured in it became apparent that my views were either wrong or the
government people were oblivious to the peoples concerns.

I am the type of person who considers all evidence as I learned early in life you can not get
to the truth without doing so.

I picked up this good habit early in my legal surveying career and found it very useful and in
fact a prerequisite for my duty to reestablish property lines in their original position as
required by law.

Of course law is the authority to do so and the mandate is to observe and obey the law.

I often found my self surrounded by people who were ignorant to the law and it is a shame
there exists such a majority of ignorance for it just made my job more difficult but I have
forty years experience in such matters and I know for fact that law and me prevail over

ignorance, most certainly when common sense is used to reason with and I must insist that
common sense is a prerequisite in all matters of law if they are to be understood and obeyed.

There must be reason for everything we do and in matters of law we must apply our arguments to
the reason for the Constitution Act, 1982 and all laws must be reasoned for that reason.

Any presentation of law which is inconsistent to the reason for the Constitution is not a
viable presentation and it is stated or implied in

Part 1, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

and supported by

52. (1) The Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada, and any law that is inconsistent with the
provisions of the Constitution is, to the extent of the inconsistency, of no force or effect.


Laws must be read in support of the intent of the Constitution Act, 1982

The reason for the Act is obvious to anyone of sound mind.

People reason in many different ways and when allowed to act on their reasoning to the
detriment of others a peaceful society is unachievable.

This is prominent in our history books and a good example of this is present today as we
attempt to resolve the consequences of such reason which inflicted dire problems upon the
aboriginal people which in turn inflicted dire problems upon us all.

I commend the government for being coherent to the fact that the aboriginal people were
wronged and I use this scenario as a very good example of reasoning after the fact rather than
reasoning in a timely fashion so as to prevent the necessity.

It’s an “If I only knew then what I know now” kind of thing.

Of course the people of the government today did not exist when this damage was done so they
can not be blamed nor can the rest of the people of Canada.

Simple fact is none of us are to blame for the initial deprivation but the problem exists and
it must be dealt with as soon as possible.

We are to blame for taking so long to understand and there is no excuse for that.

It is just fact that we are slow to understand, some slower than others.
Victims catch on real quick and government leaders are the slowest who do not get it until
they fall upon their own sword.

They truly never get it but they understand the necessity to please the voters. Kind of a
personal thing then and they bend over backwards for their cause.

Sad but true and until they are made to consistently understand they will consistently be
inconsistent with the Constitution Act, 1982.

I have a prodigious amount of evidence which Karen Noakes of the YRP will attest to but she is
no more capable of interpreting it than she is capable of interpreting the Constitution Act.

I have provided the York Regional Police department with more than 400 pages (letter size) of
evidence and commentary in an effort to demonstrate my concerns and she wrote two pages to
explain what she understood.

Karen demonstrated ignorance and incompetence in matters of law and investigative abilities,
the latter dependant on the first.

I reason that she has reasoned that she has done a good job and her superior’s would agree for
common sense tells me that she would not deal with such evidence in this manner on her own.

Her response is not evidence of the law which was the purpose she was to address but it is
evidence of her superior’s incompetence to administer the law for the purpose it was intended.
I have written that it is quite possible that the law was authored to benefit a certain group
making the Constitution Act the catalyst of a conspiracy and that is most likely the fact but
that intention no matter how true it may be, will never be argued as a defense and I will
settle for a plea of incompetence.

So the irony is they are trapped in their own snare which is proof enough of their

These people must be brought forward and punished in a manner so as to prevent such a

That is the obvious intent of the supreme law of Canada.

Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

The way of God is the rule and the enforcers must guarantee compliance


The Key opens the minds to the door to HEAVEN as defined in the Charter

The Lord works in mysterious ways until common sense is applied.

It’s no mystery to me.


The Constitution Act

Reasoned well
By good reason
For good reason
By minds of reason
For minds of reason

Law by reason
Reason by law
Punish by mind
Punish for mind
Mind for reason
Reason for mind
Peace of mind
For all minds
Of one mind
Of Reason

Please forward this whole letter including my original of October 22 2006 along with your
response to Commissioner Giuliano Zacacardelli as it was addressed to and intended for him.
I had phoned the London Office and was told this is the way to contact him.
I have spent 10 months attempting to communicate my concerns to the mind set of those at the
local office and I have no more time or patience to deal at this level.

Too many trees have died needlessly while trying to open doors that are welded shut.

Once again I thank you for your trouble.

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I would recommend that you contact your local RCMP detachment and ask
for their assistance and advice.

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>>> RCMP Website <> 10/22/06 11:13 PM >>>

October 22 2006
To:Commisioner Giuliano Zacardelli

From: Frank Gallagher

Re: Obstruction of Justice

Minister of Municipal Affairs
and Housing
Hon. John Gerretsen etal
Tenant Protection Act,1997
Constitution Act,1982

ORHT-Tampering with evidence

Dear OPP

I(landlord) received an Order under section 69 Tenant Protection

Act,1997 File # TNL-67103 which found for me directing my (tenant) to
pay me rent arrears and vacate my premises as per an agreement he had
signed Dated May 6 2005 which I had attached to my application to

The dispute he had signed and filed was a complete fabrication and
contrary to the May 6/05 Agreement which he and I had both signed.

The tenant denied having ever seen the 4 pages of the May 6 2005 agreement
and denied having ever seen them.

I submitted evidence which proved beyond any doubt that the tenant
filed a false and misleading information which is an offence under the
Tenant Protection Act.
In so doing I also proved that he had committed fraud regarding the May
6 2005 agreement.

When the judicator realized what was happening I said "There oughta be
a law" and she responded "There is" and went on for a minute or two
articulating the matter.

When I tried to contact her after receiving the order to see if charges
would be laid the ORHT declined to file charges but I got a copy of the
hearing recording.

The part where I said "There oughta be a law" and her response were

There was no recording of the second day of the hearing.

I corresponded with the Investigations and Enforcement Unit of the

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and finally Dave Grech wrote
me to say that he would not be filing charges and his reason was
absolutely ridiculous and he ended with it would be my word againt his
which is absolute B..S.. My tenant had no evidence to back his dispute
and I had a prodigious amount to conclude beyond any doubt that he was a
fraud and had filed a false and misleading information under the Act.
206. (1) Any person who knowingly does any of the following is guilty
of an offence:
6. Harass, hinder, obstruct or interfere with a landlord in the
exercise of,
i. securing a right or seeking relief under this Act or in the court,

After corresponding with various levels of government I was not able to

find anyone to deal with this matter but the Premier, Dalton McGuinty
suggested I write the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Hon.John
Gerretsen who declined to review the matter stating that Dave Grech
coordinator of Investigations and Enforcement is the person whom he
appointed to investate such matters and he trusts him so case closed. As
for the ORHT he states they are at arms length from the government and
implied that he couldn't investigate them.

Duties of Minister
200. The Minister shall,
(a) monitor compliance with this Act
(b) investigate cases of alleged failure to comply with this Act and
(c) where the circumstances warrant, commence or cause to be commenced
proceedings with respect to alleged failures to comply with this Act.
1997, c. 24, s. 200.

I have written the Attorney General, Michael Bryant on several

occasions to investigate and file charges under:
Tenant Protection Act, 1997 but he has declined to respond.

206. (1) Any person who knowingly does any of the following is guilty
of an offence:
6. Harass, hinder, obstruct or interfere with a landlord in the
exercise of,
i. securing a right or seeking relief under this Act or in the court,

I have this all well documented but everyone declines to file charges.
I have been attempting to get this matter dealt with for over a year
now and nobody has accepted responsibility to investigate.

I reiterate that the evidence is overwhelming that the tenant filed a

false and misleading dispute with the ORHT and the Fraud regarding the
May 6 2005 agreement.

Could you please inform me as to who has jurisdiction to investigate

this matter.

I am determined to get to the bottom of this.

I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the Tenant
Protection Act,1997 is inconsistent with the Constitution Act, 1982

Thank you
Frank Gallagher

See Lawyer File # 9

Note: Among the prodigious

amount of evidence was the
BLACK BOOK dated September
1 2006 and the letter to the
Toronto Sun dated October 8
2006 which contains the
irrefutable evidence that the
criminal act of fraud and other
offences under the Tenant
Protection Act, 1997 were
committed in a court of the legal
system set up by the government
to administer justice to and for the
people who finance the system to
be consistent with the
Constitution and in particular with
the individual’s guaranteed
Charter rights.

Deeds Speak loudly as do no deeds and your failure to remove the justified frustration your officers have when
they are refused warrants from judges when the evidence is good enough to frustrate them and the victim.
It is your faith in the system like that of a religious fanatic who refuses to believe the truth over belief and have
no understanding of what I mean by: “Loyalists to a belief are the answer to a Charlatan’s prayers”
Your Deeds Speak loudly. I have provided a prodigious amount of evidence which points to Gov. corruption
Facts should be a very important part of an investigation as they go into a I went to the RCMP
report and easily rebutted when they are not true leaving the author with January 3 2006 one day
egg on their face and not reliable as a witness. after I filed my
complaint with the YRP.
Nobody but Sgt.
Michael Thomson gave
me his name.

I downloaded a copy of
the Canada Corporations
Act and presented the
related issues to Michael
Thomson along with the
facts of the crimes
committed by Don
Wilson at the ORHT
I have explained many
times why a lawyer is
not a viable solution

See Lawyer File # 10 dated March 30 2007.