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Mental Health Association Miri First Meeting with Real


By Jacob Jinggut Vincent

Hello everyone! On 3rd March 2017 which is on Friday, we the Public Relation
Students of Curtin University had our very first meeting with a real client
which is Dr Muhamad Hatim Bin Abdul Razak, Vice Chairman of Miri Mental
Health Association. The meeting was held at the Meeting Room, Psychiatry &
Mental Health Department Hospital Miri. The meeting last for two hours
which is from 9.30am to 11.30am.

We started the meeting with the introduction of the client himself and his
role at the Mental Health Association Miri. Then he started with his
presentation about What is Mental Health, followed by The History of
Mental Health Association Sarawak and The Reality of Mental Health Issue
in Malaysia. Just by the clients presentation itself, we, the students get a lot
of information and awareness about the seriousness and danger of Mental
Health Issues.

After the presentation of the client, thats where the real talk begins. We
started off with the discussion. Firstly, about the how to create the
awareness of Mental Health Association which is arranging local media
coverage include media releases, interviews and appearances. This is to
promote and create awareness of the Rumah Kenyalang MHA Counseling
Centre at Tanjong Lobang. Second, indentifying possibilities for speaking
engagements and appearances. Next is, identifying additional public relation
opportunities within the designated budget. Lastly, creating and coordinating
special event, which is the proposal of hosting the Charity Dinner.
On the other hand, even though Im a local in this city, it was my very first
time going to the Psychiatry and Mental Health Department Hospital Miri. At
first I dont know anything about Mental Association Miri, What is Mental
Health, the danger of not taking Mental Health seriously and the statics of
Mental Health Issues in Malaysia. After attending this meeting I became more
concerned about the Mental Health issue that is going around in our country.
Also, Im excited for the Charity Dinner as this is the first time I am going to
organize an event which is one of the roles of a Public Relation practitioner.

Finally, we have finalized our meeting with the proposal of hosting the
Charity dinner and the distribution of the Charity Dinner tickets from Dr
Muhamad Hatim to the Public Relation Students to be sold. Mental Health
Association is having a Caring For Miri Charity Dinner which will be held at
Imperial Grand Ballroom (level 5), Imperial Hotel at 22 nd April 2017
(Saturday). Dinner will be 6:30pm onwards and the dress code for the dinner
is Smart Casual. The Charity dinner is open to the public and the residence of
Miri whom are interested of joining the dinner and interested in knowing
about the Mental Health Association Miri. The ticket is to be sold at RM80
each and the booklet of ticket is RM800. All the money from the ticket selling
will directly transferred to the funds of Mental Health Association Miri. Not
only that, the purpose of this Charity dinner is to raise fund for Mental Health
Association and also to create awareness to the residence of Miri.