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Version 8 / (GB)
811 860
Colour contrast penetrant

Description Application
PFINDER 860 is a direct water-washable colour contrast Process description according DIN EN ISO 3452-1 see
penetrant (red) of the sensitivity level 2 for crack detection of
surfaces. Due to its user-friendly rinsability PFINDER 860
provides low residual back-ground even on rough metal surfaces. For applications at temperatures below +10C and above +50C
acc. to EN ISO 3452-5 and EN ISO 3452-6 penetration time has to
PFINDER 860 is qualified for penetrant testing at temperatures be adapted as follows (values are referring to the temperature of
between -20C to +100C (temperature of work part) accoring to the work part. Spray cans must not be warmed up above +50C):
EN ISO 3452-5 and EN ISO 3452-6.
At +100C to +50C: penetration time up to 10 minutes,
Penetrant type II according DIN EN ISO 3452-1. at +50C bis +10C: according DIN EN ISO 3452-1 and EN ISO
Use: Type II, Method A+C, Form e. 3452-2,
at +10C bis 0C: usual penetration time x2,
at 0C to -10C: usual penetration time x3,
Product benefits at -10C to -20C: usual penetration time x

Bright, sharp indications with high contrast. The capability of penetrant system should be checked regularly by
means of own reference pieces or e.g. reference test block 2
Easy rinsability. according EN ISO 3452-3 (Art. no. 811 0030).

Low residual background. Technical data (active component)

Density/20C DIN EN ISO 12185 approx. 972 kg/m3
Reduced consumption due to low viscosity. Viscosity/20C DIN EN ISO 3104 approx. 11,7 mm/s
Flashpoint ASTM D 93 > 100C
Sensitivity EN ISO 3452-2 Level 2
Approvals / conformities
The product conforms to the following specifications / is suitable Technical data (spray can)
for use according to: Flashpoint <-40C

EN ISO 3452-2, 3452-5, 3452-6, ASTM E165, ASME V Art.6, Delivery form
RCC-M, PMUC. Dark-red liquid.

Low content of sulfur and halogens according to EN ISO 3452-2. Packages

200-L-barrel, 30-L-canister, 5-L-canister, 500-mL-spray can (for
Please respect the relevant rules and specifications for your 360 application).
Storage / shelf-life
Between +5C and +45C 2 years.
Spray cans: Between +5C and +45C 2 years.

The information contained herin is correct to the best of our knowledge. The recommendations or suggestions contained in this bulletin are made without guarantee or representation as to
results. We suggest that you evaluate these recommendations and suggestions in your own laboratory prior to use. Our responsibility for claims arising from breach of warranty, negli-
gence, or otherwise is limited to the purchase price of the material.

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