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Field Service

Technical Electrical Field Service Support

Knowledge + Experience = Power
WRE Field Service

Wismer & Rawlings Electric Ltd.

Substation Testing and Commissioning

Mission Statement
To be recognized as an industry leader for electrical power system field services.

Corporate Statement
Wismer & Rawlings Electric Ltd. (WRE) has over fifty years of experience providing outstanding
electrical field service and support for electrical customers across the globe. WREs dedicated
team of highly-trained electrical service professionals use the latest testing technologies and
analytical investigation methods to support its commitments to its customers.

Substation Testing Substation Testing Transformer Power Factor Testing

An Electrical Solutions Company
Why WRE?
Our knowledgeable and
experienced professionals
utilize sophisticated methods
and the latest test equipment
to provide comprehensive
technical field service for
all low, medium, and high-
voltage electrical equipment
any time it is needed.

Start-up + Commissioning

Preventative Maintenance

Upgrades + Retrofits

Engineering + Design
Testing + Calibration
WRE Field Service
What can WRE do for your company?
Engineering + Design

Leveraging the latest software tools

and methods, our engineering team
can perform everything from co-
ordination studies and short-circuit
analysis; event and power system
analysis; infrared thermography; step
and touch analysis; arc flash studies;
and harmonic analysis. We can provide
personalized training; maintenance
project management, and custom
component design.
We have the expertise and resources
to perform turnkey Industrial Electrical
Shutdown Projects that meet strict Mobile High Vacuum Oil Purification
maintenance requirements and
minimize plant downtime.
Utilizing a custom-built, self-contained mobile
High-Vacuum Oil Purification unit, WRE can
effectively and economically reclaim, degas or
precondition insulating oil for transformers,
reactors, and other liquid filled electrical
Vacuum Oil Purification (VOP) service can
be used to dry out and vacuum fill new and
in-service transformers and reactors. Our
mobile, tractor-trailer mounted VOP unit is self-
contained, self-powered and processes up to
9,000 litres per hour with onboard storage of
up to 24,000 litres.

Power Transformer

WRE provides comprehensive support

to maintain, test, and repair power
transformers. Services include sampling
and analysis (with interpretation) of
insulating oil; repair, replacement,
or overhaul of bushings, radiators,
and on-load tap changers; testing
of winding, insulation, power factor,
capacitance; Sweep Frequency Testing
(SFRA); factory and field witness testing;
custom dry-core retrofit.
An Electrical Solutions Company
WRE Field Service
By investing heavily in technology and
training, WRE remains at the leading-
edge of its core business: electrical
field service. Our knowledgeable and
experienced professionals use the
latest test equipment, are familiar with
the most sophisticated techniques, and
continue to refine service packages
that provide comprehensive, reliable,
and cost-effective electrical support
anywhere, any time, and on any
Switchgear + Circuit Breaker

WRE provides comprehensive

maintenance services for switchgear
and circuit breakers of all types,
voltages, and manufacturers. Services
include testing, commissioning,
maintaining, retrofitting, and

Protection + Control Equipment

Protection and control equipment form

Generator a crucial part of power distribution
systems, and WRE has the knowledge
We possess the expertise and sophisticated and experience to ensure that your
technology to inspect industrial generators. protection system is safe and efficient.
Our technicians perform comprehensive We can design, test, commission, and
mechanical inspections and electrical testing calibrate all types of protective relays
to determine the condition of a generators and test battery charging systems for
stator, rotor, and associated parts before new systems or redesign, retrofit, and
providing maintenance recommendations. modernize existing systems to reduce
operating costs and increase reliability.

Start-up + Commissioning
WRE deploys special teams to perform on-site
commissioning and acceptance testing of
switchgear and complete substations. High-
potential tests are performed on equipment,
cables are tested, and ground-mat resistance
and ground soil resistivity studies are
performed. If required, health care facilities are
tested to specific CSA standards applicable to
essential electrical systems.
WRE Field Service

Proven Reliability
Regardless of industry, location, or technology, the WRE Field Service team has the
knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure that all your electrical systems run efficiently, with
unsurpassed reliability, and to the most stringent standards of safety. From testing and system
analysis using the most advanced diagnostic equipment, through upgrades and modernizing
retrofits, to engineering, design, and commissioning services, WRE is the comprehensive
commissioning and maintenance solution for all voltage classes of electrical equipment.
Minimize downtime, reduce operating costs and maximize safety, efficiency, and convenience
with WRE electrical field service.

Deployable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in unlimited groups based on customer
requirements, our professional electrical field service teams can handle everything from
simple start-ups to the most geographically challenging and technically demanding projects.

Transformer Tap Changer Inspection Transformer Vacuum Filling Switchgear and Circuit Breaker Testing
An Electrical Solutions Company

Field Service Project Experience

WRE has extensive substation field service experience including a significant main and pit
substation project for a Chinese coal mine that included all protection and coordination
studies, relay settings, testing and commissioning. In British Columbia, WRE has completed
numerous remote hydropower and urban utility substation projects that have involved
high-voltage circuit breaker testing and verification, power transformer testing, vacuum oil
processing and oil filling, protection and control system verification, and grounding system
resistance testing.
WRE routinely performs complete electrical shutdown projects for mining, pulp and paper,
oil and gas, and utility power systems. WRE also provides field services for commercial,
government, and multi-residential electrical systems throughout British Columbia. WRE has
performed coordination studies, testing, and commissioning for the Vancouver Convention
Centre, Vancouvers impressive Shangri-La building, and many other large commercial
buildings and health-care institutions in the B.C. lower mainland.

Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd., an affiliated company of WRE, is a leading Canadian
manufacturer of electrical equipment. CSA and ISO certified, UEE designs and manufactures
electrical equipment used in Mining, Renewable Energy, Industrial + Commercial, and
Transportation, including switchgear, substations, modular buildings, control and
protection panels.
To view UEE products and services, please visit
Wismer & Rawlings Electric Ltd.

An Electrical Solutions Company

Wismer & Rawlings Electric Ltd : ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

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