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KPL (Kotsons Pvt. Ltd.) established its transformer manufacturing unit back in 1979
at Alwar, India to produce distribution & power transformers of 33 KV class voltage, to meet the
needs of public utilities organizations and of private industrial sector in India. It was KPL vision of
becoming integrated global transformer manufacturing company that the company's manufacturing
facilities were later expanded and second & third plant was setup at Agra (U.P) and Bazpur
(Uttaranchal), India and product range was expanded up to 25 MVA with 33 KV class, to cater the
needs of international demands.
Today, with over more than two & half decades of experience in the manufacturing, KPL has
grown in geographical reach, market size and product range to become one of the leading
transformer manufacturing company Our product comprehensively fulfilled the requirements of local
and international standard specifications and their stringent requirement.

KPL is ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 certification from Det Norske Veritas, The
Netherlands and commits itself to introduce and maintain a quality system that ensures quality
products and services to total satisfaction of the customer. The quality control department controls
and monitor all quality control documents and carries out its inspection at all strategic points in the
production process. TQM (Total Quality Management) programme is in place, which is backed by
strong in house R & D and a crew of service engineers for providing after sales services.
At transformer's quality & soundness point, KPL's transformer range from 100 KVA to 1000
KVA are being type tested for temperature rise test and impluse test at world's renowned testing
laboratory , The Netherlands.
At KPL, R & D is a continuous process and department has consistently produced innovative
concepts that have now become industry standards. A highly qualified and experienced technical
personnel keeps an eye upon the latest development in technology and the product to supply a prime
quality product at competitive price.

KPL has in house facilities for conducting all routine test as per IEC, DIN, BS, ANSI, NEMA & IS
and temperature rise type test.
Land Area Covered Area
(Sq. Mtrs.) (Sq.Ft.)
ALWAR (Unit-1) 1979 6000 45000
AGRA (Unit-1) 1991 8800 60000
AGRA (Unit-2) 2005 3200 25000
BAZPUR 2006 26000 70000
ALWAR (Unit-2) 2008 50000 150000

Valuable Customers:

Overseas Customers Indian Customers

Central Electricity Torrent Power Limited.

Board, Mauritius
Schneider Electric
General Establishment Limited.
for Electricity
Distribution in the ABB Limited.
middle, Baghdad, Iraq.
Reliance Energy Limited.
Rural Electrification
Board, Dhaka, BSES.
General Company for
Baghdad Electricity JdVVNL.
Distribution, Iraq
Schneider Electric
Limited. DVVNL.

Areva T & D Limited.

L & T Ltd.

Siemens Ltd.


Achievements :

Single Phase CRGO Core Transformers 5 KVA to 167 KVA

upto 33KV Class

Single Phase Amorphous Metal 5 KVA to 167 KVA

Transformer up to 33 KV Class

Three phase Three Phase CRGO Core Transformers

Oil Type Transformers

Distribution & Power Transformers

25 KVA to 25000 VA
Rectifier Transformers upto 33 KV Class
upto 10 MVA
Furnace Transformers (Arc & induction)
upto 10 MVA
Auto Transformers
Upto 10 MVA.
Thyristor duty Transformers
upto 1500 KVA

Three Phase Amorphous Metal

15 KVA to 1000
Distribution Transformer (Pole/Platform KVA up to 33 KV
Mounted) Class

Dry Type VPI (Vaccume Pressure

Impregnated) Transformers

Distribution & Power Transformers 100 KVA to 5000

KVA upto 33 KV
Manufacturing Process:

1). Design:
2). CORE-Amorphous (wound):
3). CORE-CRGO (Stacked/wound/3D Wound):
4). Winding:

7). Testing & Inspection :

8). Packing & Dispatch :

1). Conductor Plant:

At conductor plant manufacturing of winding wire of all types copper, aluminum, round
and rectangular. Here the process involved from wire drawing, enamel coating, heat
treatment, and paper insulating.
Product line includes Enameled Copper Wire (ECW), Enameled Copper strips (ECS),
Enameled aluminum wire (EAW),bare Copper Wire (BCW), Bare Copper strips (ECS). The
Electrolytic grade copper conductor and high conductivity copper conductor is used to
guarantee the desired high voltage, elongation & insulation thickness and other quality
2). Fabrication:
3). Surface treatment and corrosion Protection:
Products Manufactured:

1). Completely Self protected Distribution Transformers:

2). Three Phase Distribution Transformers:
3). Power Transformer:
4). Amorphous Core transformer:
5). 3D Core Transformer:
6). Dry Type Transformer:
7). Special Purpose Transformer:

Special Purpose Transformers (SPMs) are explained by its name itself, these are
made for a specific purpose / application. From designing to manufacturing
everything is special and specific. Few types of SPMs are listed below :

Dual Ratio Transformers

Auto Transformers
Rectifier Transformers
Reactor Transformers
Earthing Transformers
LT LT Transformers
Dual Secondary Transformer for Solar PV Application
Package Sub Station Transformer with RMU & LVDB

KOTSONS designs and manufactures custom designed special transformers for

industrial and power applications.

In KOTSONS each transformer is designed as a new product and customized to

comply with specific customer requirements. The KOTSONS engineering team
covers the complete design of a transformer, from designing of core and coils to the
tank and the supporting structures with proper cooling system and full protection.

Transformer engineering begins from electromagnetic and thermal design of core

and windings. This activity is performed by means of standardized calculation sheets
developed by Design Department over the years. 2D and 3D FEM software tools are
used for particular studies, such as: short-circuit impedances of phase-shifted multi-
winding transformers, eddy current and stray losses calculation due to harmonics,
hot-spots calculation and localization on windings and carpentry, mechanical
stresses due to short-circuit, insulation assessment.

Transformer mechanical design is carried out using 3D software tools allowing

dimensions optimization, mechanical stress evaluation and taking into account
special external conditions (Seismic Zone, Low Noise Level).

Each transformer is supplied with a set of basic documents describing its features
and functionalities, such as fabrication drawings, HV/LV connection drawings,
auxiliary circuit / schematic wiring diagrams, cooling system drawings, user's