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Creating Places that Enrich Peoples


Burnsville Comprehensive Plan Update

Advisory Panel Meeting

April 17, 2017, 6:00pm
Burnsville City Hall

Advisory Panel Members Attending:

Jim Bradrick (PC, Chair); Steve Behnke (PC, Vice Chair); Ramraj Singh (PC); Dan
Wolter (PC); Stephen Levie (PC); Pat Belland (Fairview Ridges Hospital); Jennifer
Harmening (Chamber of Commerce & resident); Nancy Sand (resident); Jane
Kansier (resident); Amie Burrill (CVB); Steven Jensen (School District #191
Activities Coordinator/youth representative); Adam Decknatel (Burnsville
Foundation Board and CPA); Stephanie Atkinson (South of the River Education
Center); Jerrad Solberg (high school student & resident)

Advisory Panel Members Absent:

Vincent Workman (PC); Jeff LaFavre (BCREC & resident); Richard Tucker (Coldwell
Banker Realtors & resident); Joe Gothard (School District #191
Superintendent/youth representative & resident); Jeff Marian (Prince of Peace
Church); Jodi Settersten-Coyer (CBL & Associates/Burnsville Center); Bill John
(Burnsville Athletic Club/youth representative)

Staff/Consultant Attendees:
Skip Neinhaus, Economic Development Coordinator; Deb Garross, City Planner;
Julie Dorshak, Community Services Manager; Mark Koegler, HKGi; Jeff Miller, HKGi

Community Enrichment End Statement & Outcomes

Suggested that Outcome #4 be changed to expand youth tobacco to all
tobacco. While the Outcomes are set by the City Council, the
Comprehensive Plan can address all tobacco users.

Burnsville Demographic Snapshot

Would be helpful to see population by age projected out for the next 10 to 20
years, particularly to show the increasing number of seniors.
Is it possible to create 10 to 20 year projections for race and ethnicity in

Community Enrichment Plan Approach

Experience has shown that people of color have skills to participate and
contribute and want to do so. They are not just people who need to be

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Burnsville Comprehensive Plan Update Advisory Panel Meeting April 17, 2017

served by programs. The community needs to reach out to get people to

come in.
Question #1 to help organize the new chapter: What do you think will be
some of the changing needs of the community relating to community
enrichment/ community building/ community cohesion in the next 10 to 20
o Work to integrate ethnicities into the community, rather than having
concentrations of ethnicities
o Need to look at housing do we have enough lower income housing for
the people who are moving in?
o Attract businesses that reflect our communitys diversity look at Lake
Street in Minneapolis
o Healthcare and services that meet the changing population, such as
aging and other demographic trends
o How does Burnsville stack up with other cities relating to community
enrichment? Answer cant compare; no other comprehensive plans
that weve seen contain a comparable element.
o Look at what the community will look like in 2040 in terms of
demographics and what needs to change, e.g. more collaboration with
hospital needed?
o Leadership of the community should reflect the diversity of the
community currently lacking young people of color. City should
encourage diversity in appointed and elected positions.
o New residents look at community facilities grocery, library,
healthcare, etc.
o Seniors look for volunteer opportunities and play a significant role in
supporting volunteerism in the community.
o Realtors could be contacted to let them know what Burnsville offers for
community enrichment for youth, seniors, different ethnicities, etc.
Question #2: What other segments of the community should be called out in
the Comp Plan?
o Julie Dorshak commented on current programs for youth, seniors, and
after-school youth programs.
o Faith-based communities also offer programs and support for residents.
o Key segments of the population people with disabilities and older
people may need vocational rehab, living support services,
transportation (Metro Mobility). Millenials. Baby Boomers will see a
shift in activities and the availability of programs to maintain a sense
of worth such as mentorship.
o Organize chapter by all community members (header) with some break
outs of specific segments seniors, ethnicities, faith-based
communities, etc.
o Minority groups request large spaces for family gatherings but the city
has limited facilities schools which are being addressed in the new
park plan. Burnsville does not have a community center today.

Burnsville Comprehensive Plan Update Advisory Panel Meeting April 17, 2017

Question #3: What types of community enrichment will be important in the

o Add arts, recreation, age 0 to 5 programs. School district starts at age
0 and goes up to age 102, which is the oldest member of the senior
o Recreation is different from health/fitness.
o Community enrichment contains health, fitness, and recreation, which
are three different things.
Question #4: What ideas do you have on how the city and partners can offer
all community members opportunities to enrich their lives?
o Promote programs like the Fire Muster, International Festival continue
to offer those events but understand how things are changing and how
those changes should be incorporated into city activities.
o More emphasis on electronic outreach and posted information. How do
we reach out to our diverse population and get them involved in the
community? The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Panel is an example of
an attempt to get diversity and only have limited success. Need to
find the right person trusted by segments key communicators - of the
community to help get people to get involved (Somali youth example).
o Identify effective ways to communicate with different groups, how to
distribute information to them, ask them how they would like to get
their information from the city.
o Getting community enrichment information out to renters and
o Using the internet more for communication than mailing information
out long-term.
o Multiple languages spoken in the community in the future.
o Continue to have some strategic printed materials, e.g. the Chamber of
Commerce has printed maps that are a popular request.
o Consider different communication techniques for different age groups,
e.g. social media for young age groups.
o Communication/format of the Comprehensive Plan consider ways to
make it easier to read and use.
Question #5: Are there any gaps in community enrichment?
o What community enrichment resources are important to have literally
in Burnsville vs. having resources available nearby, but outside, of
o Impacts of social media interaction replacing physical (person-to-
person) interactions?
o Impacts of working women on limiting the capacity for social
interaction, involvement, volunteerism?
o Burnsville should continue to prevent duplication of community
enrichment services, e.g. know what services are available in
surrounding communities.

Burnsville Comprehensive Plan Update Advisory Panel Meeting April 17, 2017

o Target Burnsville as a healthy community as an element of the

community enrichment chapter. Note that the Healthy Cities
Initiative no longer exists.
o Workforce gaps include a shortage of employees and a shortage of jobs
in the community. Consider the concept of job enrichment to address
job skill gaps.
o Make technology/internet accessible for all people in our community
o Continue to put an emphasis on local farmers markets and healthy
food options
o Continue to make infrastructure decisions that create a social
community (bike paths, walking paths)
o What is the long-term vision of a Burnsville Community Center like they
have in Eagan?

Vision and Goals Youth / Community Enrichment Chapter

Look at changing focus on youth to all community members
Leave in the word Burnsville
Expand post-secondary opportunities
Strategies group supports simply changing from youth to all community
members, as shown in meeting presentation; need to clarify what all
community members means
Use the terms multi-generational and multi-cultural
Keep some focus on youth, but also other groups like people with disabilities

Public Comments
Speakers: Judy McFarland, Judy and Mike Leonard
In the past, the city has brought communication about city plans out to the
neighborhoods, e.g. for mothers, working women, etc.
There is a lack of single-level housing opportunities in Burnsville
If the senior population is valuable to the community, for volunteerism as an
example, then the city should address senior needs in the Comprehensive
Dont overgeneralize the senior population there are different types of
seniors with some needing lots of services and some not.
Current diversity of senior population
o At the YMCA
o Needs for different communication techniques, e.g. dont use mailed
flyers for the African community
o Burnsville appreciates new diverse businesses
o Crystal lake attracts diverse people

Next Meeting
The next Advisory Panel meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 15, 2017.