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HDF 248

Reading Assignments

Erika Lanning


HDF 248 Reading Assignment #2 Write at least a 4-6 sentence paragraph for each item below.

Type and double space this assignment with a 12 pt. font.

1. Summarize the 2 most important points from Ch. 4 and explain why they are important (2


One of the important information I found in chapter four is that patterns surrounds all of

us in our daily life. Pattern is part of our life physically because we have a routine for going to

bed and when we get up in the morning. For our morning routine we get out of bed, get dressed,

and we get out the door for school and jobs. We can predict what will happen tomorrow because

of our behavior and how we stay in tune with our routine. Since we know our routine for the next

couple days that we can add new things that we need to do into our routine to help us do

something different instead of our normal routine.

Being able to understand the three different types of pattern is repeating patterns, spatial

structure patterns, and growing patterns. The most common pattern that teacher use is repeating

patterns, it helps children understand different shapes and colors. It also helps children be able to

figure out what next in the pattern for when the teacher does a repeating pattern to children.
When a child knows what next in the pattern is because they are able to figure out the shape of

the block and the color of the block by working at it and having the teacher help for when

children need it.

2. Summarize the 2 most important points from Ch. 5 and explain why they are important (2

Transformation is a big things in math, science, and other disciplines. Children act on

their own world by using the transformation like manipulating, moving, and exploring

objects. Many transformation is observable in our life and the children life too, which

transformation involves physical movement of objects. Children construct knowledge when

they are playing with objects that can transform in different ways of doing things like swing,

balance, stack, and bounce.

We can explore transformation in four different ways and they are observation,

estimation, experimentation, and growth. Observation is noticing the details and to record

those details in some ways. When we are observing the children we see what they do one day

and then we see them the next and we can see the transformation for when they are playing

with children, teachers, and toys. Doing mathematical and science observation means focus

on seeing and understanding things very clearly and precisely.

3. Summarize the 2 most important points from DAP p. 33-50 and explain why they are

important (2 paragraphs)
Being an excellent teacher are intentional in all aspect of the teacher role. The teacher

role identifies areas like creating a caring community of learners, teaching to enhance

development and learning, planning curriculum to achieve important goals, assessing

childrens development and learning, and establishing reciprocal relationships with families.

The teacher role is blended into a whole which is illustrated as a five-pointed star, each point
of the star represent one part of what teacher and early childhood programs must do to

promote different childrens learning and development.

Excellent teacher know that its both what you teach and how you teach children and the

child development. Early childhood teacher paid a great amount of attention to pedagogy

which means on how a teacher teach and learn. Research sometimes does not provide clear

answer on what the right way to teach children and learn from children of given age or grade

level of the children. But early childhood teacher need to have the knowledge and the

professional development and the support to enable them to understand and to use it in their


4. Summarize the 2 most important points from DAP p. 129-148 and explain why they are

important (2 paragraphs)

One important information is the influences of social interaction and play. We teacher are

aware that learning for young children is interdependent. Cognitive development is develop in

the preschool years and that they have important implications for childrens social and language

development. Having social and language is a huge part of play to help stimulate cognitive

growth and the way for the children to do that is to interact with other children and even adults

like teacher, parents, day care provider.

Promoting oral language and vocabulary knowledge can help children to become social

and have an understanding of the vocabulary with other children and adults. Teacher need to give

their full attention to the children, follow the child conversational lead, and add response and

comments to the child to help be more into the conversation and to also draw more out of the

child. Adding more conversation into the child words can help them have more expansion of the
meaning of the word and adds additional linguistic information that assists the young language