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Anterior Cruciate Ligament:

- Evaluation of ACL Injuries:

- Surgical Reconstruction:
- Bone Patellar Bone Reconstruction:
- Hamstring Reconstruction:
- Allograft Reconstruction:

- See:
- Anatomy of ACL
- Arthrofibrosis:
- Biomechanics of ACL:
- Bone Patellar Bone Reconstruction:
- Exam
- Isometric Graft Placement:
- Mechanism: ACL Tear:
- Natural History oF the ACL-Deficient Knee
- Non Bone Patellar Bone Reconstruction
- Partial ACL injury
- Post Op Care of ACL Reconstructions:
- Surgical Treatment

- Management of Meniscal Tears w/ ACL Deficiency:

- Pediatric ACL Injuries:

- see intercondylar eminence frx;
- references:
- Osgood-Schlatter's disease complicating anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
- Arthroscopic treatment of anterior cruciate ligament avulsion.
- Transepiphysial fixation of anterior cruciate avulsion in a child. Report
of a complication and review of the literature.
- Tears of the anterior cruciate ligament in adolescents.

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- Misc. Articles:

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