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Martha Paton, Administrative Manager
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Thursday, May 18, 2017 Vol. 135, No. 43 Stoughton, WI $1 Paul Selbo, Funeral Assistant
873-4590 | 1358 Hwy 51, Stoughton

Stoughton Area School District

Taking aim
at the gap
2017-18 grants
focus on changing Innovation
learning areas Grants
Unified Newspaper Group Last week: Overview of
last years grants
The fourth year of the
Stoughton Area School This week: New grants
D i s t r i c t s I n n o va t i o n awarded
Grants program takes aim Next week: Student-
at closing the achieve- centered learning at Fox
ment gap between stu- Prairie
dents along racial and June: Other 2016-17
socioeconomic lines. grants
The grants are designed
Photos by Amber Levenhagen for educators to submit
Hundreds attended the grand opening celebration at Stoughton Hospital on Thursday, May 11. proposals to support cre-

New space, new services

ative ideas they want The district funded four
to try in the classroom. projects for 2016-17, and
Approved applications next year it will fund two
receive seed money for new projects and continue
projects that align to the and expand two from this
districts strategic plan. Turn to Grants/Page 3
Stoughton Hospital celebrates new space, renovated facilities
Unified Newspaper Group City of Stoughton

Study will check Trailer

Hundreds of people visited Stough-
ton Hospital last Thursday, but not to
recover from health woes.
The hospital hosted a grand open-

building stability
ing ceremony May 11 that welcomed
visitors to tour its newly completed
facilities a renovated emergency
department, urgent care, day surgery,
private registration and ambulatory City seeks Street for redevelopment.
infusion center. Potential demolition con-
The renovations will allow more structural integrity tractors had visited the site
earlier in the day to look
specialized patient treatment and
increase in patient privacy, Stoughton
of South St. building at the condition of that
Hospital business development and site and nearby buildings
public relations director Laura Mays BILL LIVICK and whether any of the
told the Hub. Unified Newspaper Group 100-plus-year-old bricks
Our goal is to always make the could be salvaged.
patients as comfortable as possible, Concerned about the Earlier this spring,
because nobody really wants to go to safety of a building on strong winds blew down
the hospital, she said. So we want to EMT Jim Baldauf shows Leroy Wutke, 3, how to use the buttons on the ambu- South Street that will bricks from the buildings
make sure they enjoy their time here. lance that lift people into the vehicle by pushing Leroys mom, Casey Kichak, into eve n t u a l l y b e d e m o l - parapet, which landed on
Construction for the new facili- the back during a tour. ished, the city has ordered the sidewalk and in the
ty began in August 2015, and for 18 a study to determine its street. That prompted the
months, crews worked around hos- incidents throughout the renovation $13.2 million renovation was nec- structural integrity. city to close the sidewalk
pital employees to renovate 20,000 process and that patient care evalua- essary to adapt to changes in patient At its May 9 meeting, and a parking lane in the
existing square feet of space in addi- tions remained outstanding. needs and technology upgrades. the Common Council street by placing barri-
tion to 15,000 square feet of new Everyone worked together to make A behavioral health room was con- approved spending $8,768 cades and yellow tape at
space. this the best facility it could be, and it structed to keep patients safe who are from a contingency fund each end of the building.
As renovations were completed on has been really rewarding to hear such or may become confused or suicidal. for the study of the High- The study will be con-
one area, crews moved to the next to positive feedback from patients and There are also two isolation treatment way Trailer building. The ducted by InSite Consult-
make sure patients could still be pro- families, she said. Thats what its rooms for this purpose, and a new c i t y s R e d eve l o p m e n t ing Architects, based in
vided care throughout the construc- all about. bariatric room has specialized equip- Authority bought it seven Madison. InSite president
tion. ment for larger patients. years ago as it was acquir- Steve Mar-Pohl, whos
Mays said she was proud of the way Changing needs Other upgrades will allow visiting ing former industrial prop- also a member of the citys
hospital crews worked around the ren- The emergency facilities were last erties between the Yaha-
ovations, adding there were no safety renovated in 1995, and Mays said the Turn to Hospital/Page 2 ra River and East South Turn to Study/Page 3


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2 May 18, 2017 Stoughton Courier Hub

Photos by Amber Levenhagen

The new lab facility, above left, is designed to mimic a race car track a circular pattern that moves staff in the same direction to increase efficiency and remove clutter. Above right, visi-
tors explored the new ambulance bay, a heated garage that can hold up to four vehicles.

Hospital: Construction for new facility began in August 2015 and lasted about 18 months
Continued from page 1 hallway away.
That unit also used to
family members to confi- share patient care space
dentially track patient prog- with the Ambulatory Infu-
ress on new TV monitors in sion Center, which special-
every waiting room. izes in intravenous treat-
Each patient has their ments, but the AIC got its
own unique code that is able own care area through the
to be shared with family renovations.
members or visitors, Mays The privacy push will
said. If youre here with help patients before they
your mom, and she needs even get treatment, as well,
to get an X-ray, the moni- as the registration area was
tor will update as she moves remodeled to have four
through that process. closed offices instead of
For patients rushed to the previous two desks with
the hospital in ambulanc- little separation between
es, space has been added to them. The closed offices are
accommodate more vehi- facing a new, larger waiting
cles at the same time. Crews area.
can now bring in two to four Scott Maly, who attended
ambulances at once, rather the grand opening with his
than the one available before. daughter, Samantha, said he
Stoughton EMT Jim was impressed with the
Baldauf, who regularly focus on patient care and
works at the hospital and privacy.
had experience with the The labs, added bath-
previously cramped space, rooms and private rooms
said the new garage is the really show that the new
only completely enclosed facility was well thought
and heated garage in Dane Photo submitted out and planned for, he
County. The new emergency patient rooms are completely private. The old rooms were separated with a curtain that limited patient said. The new space seems
Its really nice that the privacy. very state-of-the-art.
hospital included the EMS
a private room so we have accommodating. the renovations. curtain, allowing them to
with their renovations, New bathrooms now sep- be larger and completely Contact Amber Levenhagen
somewhere to go to do our
paperwork, they were very Focused on privacy
Baldauf said. They added arate day surgery patient private. Before the reno- at amber.levenhagen@
rooms, which were pre- vations, the floor only had
The privacy Baldauf men-
tioned was seen throughout viously separated by a one bathroom that was a
Serving Dane County
Buyers and Sellers
Since 1992.
May I help you? Hospital opens wound care clinic

As part of its recent reno- one of the few in Dane Coun- said. Because that prevents education in the management
vations, Stoughton Hospital ty. Fitchburg and Madi- infections and a range of oth- and prevention of wounds,
opened a new wound care son both have clinics that er complications. according to a news release.
Paul Lawrence clinic. Schwaab said typically only The hospital previous- The clinic will treat a vari-
608-516-2392 Dr. Aaron Schwaab, who see patients once a month ly would refer patients to ety of wounds, including
runs the clinic, introduced and have a waiting time of their primary doctors for pressure, burns, surgical,
the idea in July when he weeks to months. treatment, but those doctors trauma and diabetic. Some
joined the hospital, as the We had to create a way arent necessarily specialized of the services include bio-
hospital did not previously to see patients and treat them in wound care. engineered tissue substitutes,
offer specialized wound care. quickly, because when it Schwaab now offers indi- compression therapy and
Schwaab told the Hub that comes to healing wounds, vidualized care plans, as debridement.
Stoughtons wound clinic is the quicker the better, he well as extensive patient The clinic is open noon
to 4p.m. Monday and Fri-
day, but Schwaab said they
hope to eventually have the
clinic open all week. Hours
are limited now based on his
availability, as he is also a
general surgeon.
PRODUCTS & SERVICES As many time slots as
we make available, they will
Products Computer Cell Phones
US Cellular Service
Computer Setup
Data Backup & Transfer
Broken Screen
Charge Ports
GRILLING SEASON IS HERE! fill, he said. Its certainly a
need in the community.
Virus & Spyware Removal
Computer Training
Water Damage
Cell Phone Repair Jacobsons Brats, (Dont Forget The Potato Salad) For more information,
Headphones Computer Repair and much more... call the Stoughton Hospital
Wireless Network Fresh Black Angus Ground Chuck Always Fresh! General Surgery and Wound
Onsite or In Store! 85-90% lean, fresh never frozen, 5 lb. bulk only Care Clinic at 873-2266.
Schwaab also has a podcast
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast about the clinic available,
2384 Jackson St. 603 E. Main St. 1015 N. Main St. which can be accessed at
Stoughton, WI 53589 Evansville, WI 53536 Oregon, WI 53575 25lb. Meat Bundle Special
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City of Stoughton Study: City owns building

Council authorizes Continued from page 1

Landmarks Commission.
After Mar-Pohl used a
drone to take more than
threat to public safety, Mar-
Pohl told the RDA.
He said the buildings
roof is a greater concern
than the parapet bricks.

$7.6 million of new debt

100 photographs of the The roof has three large
Highway Trailer building, openings that allow rain to
he spoke to the RDA at enter and rot the wood-tim-
its May 3 meeting about ber structure supporting the
numerous safety concerns, building. He noted there are
BILL LIVICK dissenting vote among 12 has the city paying down as well as the scope of ser- children living in houses on
Unified Newspaper Group alders. He argued the city 2017 debt at around $2.5 million vices related to his bid to Seventh Street across from
has taken on too much annually between 2019 and study the building. the Highway Trailer build-
The city will take on debt, especially with an Borrowing 2026, when the existing He recommended the city ing, and he warned they
another $7.6 million in estimated $8 million in debt starts to fall off so that close East South Street and should be kept away from
debt this year, after the borrowing being planned Buildings: $510,000 you will have capacity in a block on Seventh Street the building.
Common Council voted next year to finance con- Equipment: $1,355,000 future years for additional until the building is razed or At the May 9 council
to accept the low bid for struction of the new public ($1,325,000 plus $30,000 borrowing. made secure. meeting, Mayor Donna
promissory notes Tuesday, works facility. for fire engine 2017 and Wed like to keep the The RDA intends to Olson said the city would
May 9. The city is borrowing 2018) tax burden at roughly $2.5 demolish the building and loan the money to the
T h e c i t y s f i n a n c i a l more this year because it million per year, he said. six others to clear the way tax-increment financing
wants to avoid borrowing Parks: $512,589 (for EAB You are paying off more
consultant walked alders for redevelopment of the district that has been creat-
through the process of more than $10 million in projects 2017 and 2018) principal the front years, riverfront, although the goal ed for the development of
selling the notes to help any given year in order to Streets: $3,377,692 (for with the goal of having an is to save an older building, the area, TID 5. It will be
the city to fund a range of maintain its bank qual- 2017 and 2018 projects) overall level tax impact. known as the blacksmith repaid once the TID starts
capital improvement proj- ified status. Losing that Stormwater: $567,656 Ald. Matt Bartlett (D-4) shop, thats within the larg- to generate money from
ects and land acquisitions. standing would cost the (for 2017 and 2018 asked how borrowing for a er Highway Trailer build- increased tax revenues.
Though the exercise is city much more in long- projects) new public works facility ing. But its unclear when
undertaken every year, this term interest rates. next year would affect the the demolition would occur, Contact Bill Livick at bill.
years total is much larg- Murray told the coun- TIF #6: $500,000 citys credit rating. and until then the larger
er than most because the cil the city does have more Land purchases: Murray said it would building poses a potential
council decided to combine debt than the average city of $450,000 have to be analyzed next
2017 and 2018 projects its size, but its offset by Proposed land y e a r, a d d i n g , I d o n t
and equipment purchases the citys rapid rate of pay- purchases: $275,000 anticipate that itll be det- City in brief
in order to focus on bor- ing down its debt. He said rimental. One of the things
rowing in 2018 specifically Moodys Investor Services Total Borrow: $7,547,937 you have going is your Redevelopment rezone
for a proposed new public gave the city a AA2 rating, d eve l o p m e n t i s t a k i n g
works facility. which he described as a off and your tax base is The city has begun rezoning about 15 acres in the riv-
C o n s u l t a n t J o e M u r- very strong credit rating for more than a 10-year lifes- expanding. erfront redevelopment area as part of its plan to make
ray of Springsted Finan- a community of your size. pan, such as backhoes and He said the citys prop- better use of a former industrial area.
cial told alders the city He and finance director street sweepers. erty values have rebound- The Common Council voted unanimously May 9 to
received six bids, all very Tammy LaBorde explained But it typically pays ed, and its total equalized begin rezoning the area between the Yahara River and
close in interest rates, and the city borrows $1 million down more debt rough- value topped $1 billion last East South Street to Planned Development, which offi-
the council accepted a bid to $2 million annually to ly $2.5 million annually year for the first time since cials said is a necessary step that would provide the
with a 2.01 percent inter- maintain city streets, parks than it takes on each year, before the Great Recession flexibility needed. The planned-development process
est rate from the Bank of and capital equipment, and Murray said. hit in 2008. is more rigorous and time-consuming than other devel-
Oklahoma. spends another $400,000 He reminded the council opment but allows mixing of zoning types and building
Ald. Dennis Kittle- each year to replace capital that it adopted a CIP bor- Contact Bill Livick at bill. uses in an area and exemptions from standard zoning
son (D-1) cast the only equipment things with a rowing plan in April that rules.

CALL NOW 1-800-661-2240

Grants: Focus on reading culture, creativity, collaboration
Continued from page 1 Onsager said this is part

2017-18 SASD of helping Kegonsa begin
the journey of making the
New grants for the next
school year were award-
Innovation Grants entire school an inqui-
ry-based learning school.
ed to teams of educators at SHS: $13,000 for new collaborative teaching space Kegonsa will also launch a
Stoughton High School and River Bluff: $21,000 for innovative classroom 12-member group of teach-
River Bluff Middle School, ers interested in deepening
both dealing in part with Kegonsa/River Bluff: $25,000 for expanding learning their understanding of inno-
trying to solve the achieve- programs vation and inquiry, he said,
ment gap. That refers to and begin to implement
the difference in test scores student-centered practic-
between students of col- The space they will work using choice options, es throughout the school at
or and their white peers, create will be inviting and Onsager said. multiple grade levels.
and also the difference that comfortable with multi-pur- Each room will have six Were taking what were
shows up between different pose use by staff and stu- flexible seating zones, with doing and expanding it
socioeconomic groups. dents during school and colorful palettes to stimu- school-wide, he said.
Both will create new after school, Onsager said. late participation, as well as
spaces, with the SHS grant The multipurpose room soft lighting and education-

Email Unified Newspaper

focusing on a reading cul- will include various types al phrases and sayings on Group reporter Scott
ture and River Bluff put- of furniture, including the walls. De Laruelle at scott.
ting more emphasis on cre- leather chairs, collabora- They are going along
ativity. tive seating, storage, book- with personalized learn-
Both are intended to shelves, artwork and mood ing and creating a space in
improve student achieve- lighting. Five to seven cop- order to help them accom-

Memorial Day
ment across all content ies of various books will be plish that, he said.
purchased to be used in lit-
areas and across all student
erature circles. Continuing projects
groups, close the achieve-

Early Deadlines
ment gap and increase stu- Essentially, they will The district is also invest-
dent engagement in learn- create a space that will ing some funds for a few
ing, according to informa- increase the reading cul- 2016-17 innovation grants
tion provided by the dis- ture, he said Its a space to take them to the next
trict. that teachers can bring level, Onsager said.
SASD superinten- their (classes). Were excit- Its exciting, he said. Due to the Memorial Day holiday,
dent Tim Onsager, who ed to have them create this Its what we wanted to see. the display ad deadline for the May 31, 2017
announced the new round space. When we started this sev-
of grants at Monday nights Innovative classroom eral years ago, we wanted Great Dane Shopping News
to take our best ideas the
school board meeting, said
R ive r B l u ff t e a c h e r s ones that are really working will be Wednesday, May 24 at 3 p.m.
they are an investment in
district staff. Abby Alt and Mike Hens- and expand them. Classified ad deadline will be Thursday, May 25 at Noon.
I t s g iv i n g t h e m a n gen will receive a $21,200 The district is allotting
opportunity to submit grant for a creative writing/ $25,000 to expand to oth-
ideas, he said. And invest- innovative classroom with er buildings Kegonsa Deadlines for the June 1, 2017
ing in their ideas. flexible seating. Elementarys kindergarten Oregon Observer, Stoughton Courier Hub
Their two language arts play-based, inquiry-based
Collaborative space classrooms will be con- learning system and Fox and Verona Press
verted into creative writ- Prairie Elementarys fifth-
SHS teachers Julie
ing spaces where personal- grade student-centered will be Friday, May 26 at Noon.
Lynch, Laura Streyle, Anna

Schwerke and Cathy Gar- ized learning curriculum is learning program. The
gano will receive a $13,000 designed to allow students funds will cover training In observance of the holiday,
grant for a new collabora- to work at their own level costs and allow staff to visit
tive teaching space. and pace and to show their other schools. our offices will be closed Monday, May 29, 2017.
4 May 18, 2017 Stoughton Courier Hub

Stoughton High School Honor Roll

3rd quarter
High Honor Roll (3.75 or higher) Emily Fitzsimmons Samuel Kicera Joshua Stenjem Callie Jordan
Kaila Abrahams Lexie Fitzsimmons Audrey Killian Rachel Stepp Payton Kahl
Casey Ace Elise Fjelstad Elizabeth King Jenna Stokes Mark Keenan
Collin Ace Carson Fleres Garrett Kluever Charlotte Streitferdt Emma Kissling
Brianna Adams Matthew Franklin Ruby Knipfer Payton Swatek Abigail Kittleson
Megan Adams Addison Franseen Abigail Kooima Jackson Talbert Sydney Konkol
Malachi Alvarez Emma Freeman Myranda Kotlowski David Tessier Traeton Kooima
Dayne Anderson Alita Frick Matthew Krcma Sophia Thompson Courtney Krabbe
Tyler Anderson McKayla Frickelton Stephen Krcma Paige Titak Natalie Kratz
Kristina Auerswald Bergen Gardner Nathan Krueger Tanner Titak Elizabeth Krauss
Aidan Baldukas Luke Geister-Jones Nicholas Kuhn Karley Toso Olivia Kress
Steven Balthazor Samuel Geitt Samantha Lankey Peighton Trieloff Alexandra Lee
Gianna Barberino Isabelle Genter Matthew Leikness Elizabeth Trotter Ashley Leikness
Emalyn Bauer Matthew Gille Isabella Lenz Jacob Turner Jake Lenz
Joshua Bausch Emma Girling Quinlan Link Gabriella Unitan Alexandra Lightner
Coltrane Bautch Audrey Groeschl Jacob Livingston Nicole Varese Ava Lonnebotn
Sarah Benoy Anna Gruben Mya Lonnebotn Katelyn Walter Madeline Lunde
Brianna Bergman Grace Guetschow Marianna Malin Lacey Watters Noaj Mahieu
Sara Blommel Alyssa Guzman Eli Malmquist Danielle Wenker Kyle Malmquist
Madeline Bonebright Jeffrey Halverson Samara Markle Carley Wentela Brandon Mason
Ian Bormett Karissa Halverson Lauren Marte Gladys Wentorf Jacob Mathias
Lela Brashi Jackson Hampton Sarah Matthews Alyson Weum Kylie McCann
Augustyna Brestar Nicole Hansen Adam McCune Alyssa Wicks Ian McClements
Dale Broughton Hailee Hanson Aidan McGee Jordyn Wilker Sean McGlynn
Melissa Browning James Hanson Henry Mehring Rylie Wilker Samuel McHone
Maria Buckles Samantha Havlicek Delia Meier Quinn Wilson Kassidy McMillan
Zackary Burke Carter Hellenbrand Jessica Merzenich Delaney Winton Margaret McNulty
Morgan Carroll Evan Herbst Nolan Meyer Hannah Wirag Janelle Minter-Swapsy
Owen Chase Adam Hobson Kadin Milbauer Emma Wollangk Garrett Model
Breanna Christianson Amber Hodkiewicz Brita Moe Anna Wozniak Nathan Moll
Alexander Cisewski Daniele Hodkiewicz Hannah Moody Ethan Wright Emily Nelson
Sydney Collins Maegan Hohol Sierra Murphy Tabitha Wylie Jordan Nelson
Ava Cook Kaleah Holzmann Alexa Nelson Bradley Yarwood Chloe Neumeyer
Ellen Cook Megan Howard Ashley Nelson Trisha Yarwood Carolyn Newquist
Jonathan Cors Amanda Howell Jack Nelson Katherine Zacharias Courtney Normington
Matthew Curry Daniel Howell Paige Nelson Gabriella Zaemisch Kayley Novotny
Matayla De Bruin Briana Hoxha Averie Ness Micah Zaemisch Christopher Oettel
Jordan DiBenedetto Charrley Hudson Morgan Neuenfeld Zerek Zeichert Laken Oler
Gabriel Dickens Nicklas Hull Taylor Nisius William Zeimet Nikkayla Parks
Rosana Draus Nicole Huset Katelyn Nolan Bronwynn Ziemann Nicholas Posch
Hannah Drewieck Grace Jenny Olivia Nortwen Madeline Posick
Gloria Eddy Evan Jensen Dillon Nowicki Honor Roll (GPA of 3.5 3.749) Emmett Post
Jakob Eigenberger Broderick Jerrick Anja Nygaard Cole Adams Fiona Prechel
Brady Estervig Andrew Johnson Molly Olstad Jack Albert Erika Pugh
Katherine Eugster Benjamin Johnson Maggie Osterhaus Abigail Alvarez Jack Purves
Veronica Ewald Brock Johnson Mitchell Osterhaus Drew Anderson Alexandra Puzon
Madelyn Falk Jason Johnson Olivia Panthofer Logan Armagost Kayla Rippe
Ashley Fisher Sydney Johnson Cade Pasold Cassidy Bach Mikayla Roggendorf
John Fisher Taylor Johnson Drew Pasold Kyianna Baker Riley Royston
Derek Karlen Cailyn Paul Olivia Bakken Paige Sager
Brianna Pautz Brittny Ballesteros Kirsten Sanford
Aubrey Peterson Elizabeth Balthazor Ashlyn Sarbacker
Asher Pfanku Sam Baughn Graham Scheel
Krissy Pohlod Jordan Baumann Morgan Schellin
Robyn Pohlod Madeline Beach Mary Schilz
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Obituaries May 18, 2017 Stoughton Courier Hub 5
Keith H. Swalheim Army during the Berlin Cri- Over the course of his will be held at Gunderson
sis. travels and through his Funeral and Cremation
He then h o b b i e s , Ke i t h s h a r e d Care, 1358 Hwy. 51 North
followed his friendships with many. at Jackson St., Stoughton,
traveling pas- He was a loving husband, at 11a.m. Saturday, May LEGACY ACADEMY
sion and began his career father, grandfather and 27. Lunch will follow the
as a truck driver, working great-grandfather and will service at BBGs Lower
first for Severson Transport, be missed by all. Level, 800 Nygaard St.,
followed by 25 years with
Graber Industries and later
Keith is survived by his
wife, Cosette (Rodefeld)
Stoughton. Visitation will
be held at the funeral home
Youngsters Open Gym Pass
with Hull Transport. After Swalheim; daughters, Jodi from 3-6p.m. Friday, May
retiring from truck driving, (Bob) Coon and Sara Swal- 26, 2017, and from 10a.m. Present this pass for a
Keith worked for Houston heim; grandsons, AJ (Tes- until the time of service on FREE Family Admission
Excavating and Iverson sa) Coon and Brad (fiance Saturday. to any gym session at our
Keith Swalheim Construction during the Chelsea Haffele) Coon; In lieu of flowers,
summer months, spending great-grandchildren, Rae- memorials may be made Fitchburg facility
Keith H. Swalheim, age his winters in the sunshine lyn, Logyn, Madisyn and to the Veterans Memorial
75, passed into eternal life through Sept. 30, 2017
of Arizona. Noah Coon; brother, Rich- ParkStoughton, or Spirit
on Monday, May 8, 2017, He was a craftsman at ard (Lenore); stepson, Nels of Grace Lutheran Church
with his family by his side heart and restored four (Sarah) Rodefeld; the moth- (Gifts of Hope)Surprise,
Daily Open Gym session times are
after an 18-month battle vintage airplanes, several er of his daughters, Mari- Ariz. Online condolences posted at
with pancreatic cancer. that went on to win awards an (Dale) Holzhuter; and a may be made at www.
He was born on Aug. or call us at (608) 270-9977.
at the EAA convention niece and several nephews.
24, 1941, in Madison, the in Oshkosh. Keiths 1934 He was preceded in death Gunderson Stoughton adno=522086-01

son of Harold and Mildred Stinson SR5 now resides by his parents; and grand- Funeral & Cremation
CALL NOW 1-608-338-1170
(Johnson) Swalheim. in the AeroMexico Muse- parents, Peder and Lena Care
Keith graduated from um in Mexico City. He was Swalheim and Herman and 1358 Highway 51 North at
Stoughton High School in a founding member of the Charlotte Johnson. Jackson St.
1960 and enlisted in the Bucks Only Hunting Club. A Memorial Service (608) 873-4590
32nd Division of the U.S.

Mae M. Benisch graduated from Stoughton

High School and from cos-
of Cambridge, Jane (Jer-
ry Duesterbeck) of Fort
place in St. Ann Catholic
Cemetery in Stoughton.
metology college. Atkinson and Jim (Sandi) Friends may greet the fam-
On May 3, 1952 she mar- of Edgerton; grandchil- ily from 9:30a.m. until the
ried Robert Benisch. Robert dren, Jesse, Ricky (Ashley), time of Mass on Thursday
was drafted into the U.S. Abby, Cassie and Chris; at church.
Army and was stationed in great-grandchildren, Jac- Thank you to the staff of

60% OFF Installation

Germany where they lived ey, Rose, Corbin, Allyson, Azura Memory Care for
for a period of time. Upon Jonathan and Dominic; two their care and attention to
their return to the U.S., brothers, David and Gene mom for the last five years,
together they farmed for Hermanson; and nieces and and to Father Francisco

New orders only. Minimum purchase required. Does not include material costs.
many years in rural Edger- nephews. Higuera for visiting with
ton. Mae and Robert were She was preceded in mom. Please share your Ask About 60 Months 0% Interest!
dedicated members of St. death by her parents; hus- memories of Mae at: www. With minimum purchase and approved credit.

Mae Benisch
Pius X Catholic Church. band; and brother, Howard.
Mae enjoyed traveling to Memorial Mass will be Cress Funeral Service
visit family out West, sew- held at 11a.m. Thursday, 206 W. Prospect Street
Mae M. Benisch, age 85, ing and cake decorating. May 25, 2017, at St. Pius
*see website for details and disclaimers

passed away on Sunday, Stoughton, WI 53589

May 14, 2017, at Azura
Most of all she enjoyed X Catholic Church, 701 W.
(608) 873-9244 www madcitywindo
spending time with her Water Street, Cambridge.
Memory Care. family, especially her chil- Friends and relatives are
She was born in Stough-

Stoughton Citywide
dren and grandchildren. i nv i t e d t o a l u n c h e o n ,
ton on Sept. 12, 1931, the Mae is survived by her i m m e d i a t e l y f o l l ow i n g
daughter of Herman and children, Judy (Don) Hotter Mass, in the church fellow-
Myrtle Hermanson. Mae of Montana, Bob (Nancy) ship hall. Burial will take

Celebrating 25 Years in Business!

Garage Sales
Norman L. Moe
WisConsin MonuMent & Vault Co. Saturday, June 24

Norman L. Moe, age 78,

passed away on Friday, 159 W. Main St. 873-5513
May 5, 2017. Serving Stoughton since 1989.
He was born in Stough-
ton on February 21, 1939,
the son of Edwin and Marie
Norman attended Stough-
ton High School where he
played football and was
active with the Norwegian EPA Accepting Comments
Dancers. He graduated with on the
the class of 1957. Hagen Farm Superfund Site
Norman enlisted and Town of Dunkirk, Wisconsin
served his country for two
years in the U.S. Marine U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to amend the
Corps. 1992 record of decision for managing groundwater contamination
He enjoyed at the Hagen Farm site, 2318 County Trunk Highway A, Town of
woodwork- Dunkirk, Wis. Your garage sale ad will appear in the
ing, garden-
ing and spending time at the Great Dane Shopping News on Wednesday, June 21st
casino. Normans passion EPA is proposing to officially change the original groundwater and in the Stoughton Courier Hub on Thursday, June 22nd.
was farming. cleanup plan from pump-and-treat to a technology called low flow
He is survived by eight air sparge. This new technology was tested in 2000 and eventually
brothers, Roger (Mari -
lyn), Tom, Robert (Judy),
Lyle, Donald (Susan), Nels
replaced the pump-and-treat system.

The proposed plan and other site-related documents are available

Only $1850 (includes 15 words)
(Marcia), Steven (Sue), and Additional words 40 each.
for review at the Stoughton Public Library, 304 S. Fourth St.; the
Keith; and 17 nieces and
Dunkirk Town Hall, 654 County Road N, Stoughton; and at
nephews. Deadline to advertise your garage sale is
Norman was preceded in
death by his parents; and Friday, June 16th at Noon.
Send, fax, or email written comments between May 22 and June
brother, Charles.
21 to:
Ads must be placed in person, by fax, or e-mail. No phone calls.
Funeral services were
held on Tuesday, May 9, Payment must be made at time of placing your ad.
2017, at Cress Funeral Susan Pastor
Home in Stoughton. Burial, Community Involvement Coordinator

with military honors, was

held in Riverside Cemetery. 77 W. Jackson Blvd., SI-6J

Memorials may be made Chicago, IL 60604

in Normans name to the
Stoughton Area Veterans 312-385-5344 (fax) 135 W. Main Street, Ste. 102, Stoughton
M e m o r i a l Pa r k . P l e a s e
share your memories To request a public meeting, contact Susan Pastor by May 30 at Fax: 873-3473 E-mail:
o f N o r m a n a t : w w w. 312-353-1325 or Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-3pm
6 May 18, 2017 Stoughton Courier Hub

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Living Simply is part of Vesterheims national trav- (sweet buns with or without rai- Thursday, May 18
eling exhibit. sins) and Norwegian waffles. All 1-5 p.m., Personal Essentials Pantry, 343 E. Main St.,
Terra Simpla will host a new, six- Livsreise will be open to the pub- proceeds will benefit the Stoughton
week discussion series Living Sim- lic for Syttende Mai weekend from food pantry. 2-2:45 p.m. Sandhill Elementary third grade music
ply in a Complex World 2017 every 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, 9:30 a.m. For more information, call 877- concert, Sandhill gym, 1920 Lincoln Ave., 877-5400
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May 2 through June 6, at the retreat noon Sunday. the King Community Church, 401 W Main St.,
center, 845 State Road 138. Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , v i s i t SHS jazz performance
The discussion will focus on pos- For a night of musical entertain-
itive community change. Space is ment, visit Stoughton High School,
Friday, May 19
limited. To register, call 492-2060 Benefit concert 600 Lincoln Ave., for a Jazz Band All day, Syttende Mai Norwegian Folk Festival,
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ROHS meeting efit concert will be held during per, at 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 22. 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., Stoughton Farmers Market,
Syttende Mai weekend, at 7 p.m. This years concert will include Stoughton Plaza, 1050 W. Main St.,
R Olde House Society (ROHS) until midnight Saturday, May 20, at JazzKor, the SHS vocal jazz ensem- farmersmarket
will hold its next meeting at 7 p.m. Mandt Park, 811 S. Fourth St. ble. Beverages and desserts will be 1 p.m., Classic Movie Friday: A Street Car Named
Thursday, May 18, at Christ the New to the benefit concert, 80s available throughout the program. Desire, senior center, 873-8585
King Community Church, 401 W. cover band Kings of Radio will be Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for 6 p.m. River Bluff eighth grade orchestra perfor-
Main St. featured this year. students and free for children age 5 mance, Syttende Mai opening ceremonies, Division St.
Pastor Jason Miller will give a Tickets are $5 and can be pur- and younger. 7 p.m., Stoughton Village Players present Medals
tour of the church. He will also talk chased at the Mandt Center. Tickets may be purchased at on Main Street or Wheres Ole?, SVP Theater, 255 E.
about its history and the accurate Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , v i s i t the door or in advance by contact- Main St., purchase tickets at stoughtonvillageplayers.
restoration process to bring it back ing Dan Schmidt at org
to how it originally looked. or 877-5745.
The ROHS is a group of people Norwegian language class Saturday, May 20
C h r i s t t h e K i n g C o m m u n i t y Speakers presentation
preserving Stoughtons treasures, All day, Syttende Mai Norwegian Folk Festival,
one house at a time. Attendees are Stoughton,
Church will offer a free Norwegian Visit the senior center from 1-2:30
asked to bring a treat to share and language class during Syttende Mai p.m. Tuesday, May 23, for a presen- 1-3 p.m., Norwegian language lessons, Christ the
their non-alcoholic beverage of weekend, from 1-3 p.m. Saturday, tation by the UW Speakers Bureau. King Community Church, 401 W. Main St., 877-0303
choice. May 20, at the church, 401 W. Main Benjamin Futa, director of 1 p.m. River Bluff 7-8 grade band performs in SM
For more information contact St. the Allen Centennial Garden at Youth Parade, downtown Main St. Youth pastor Lisbeth Wacker, a UW-Madison, will explore the con- 6 p.m., Bingo (food available at 5 p.m.), Sons of Nor-
Quilt exhibit fluent, native Norwegian speaker, dition known as plant blindness way-Mandt Lodge, 317 South Page St., 873-7209
will lead with two of her children and talk about how public gardens Sunday, May 21
For part of the annual Syttende that are also fluent. The activities throughout North America and
Mai celebration, Livsreise, 277 W. All day, Syttende Mai Norwegian Folk Festival,
will teach the Norwegian alphabet beyond are connecting their audi- Stoughton,
Main St., will feature a quilt exhibit numbers and colors. ences to plants in new and innova-
Pieces of Self: Identity and Norwe- There will also be a bake sale tive ways. 1:30-3:30 p.m. SHS band in Syttende Mai parade,
gian-American Quilts, starting at downtown Main St.
with Norwegian goodies like boller For information, call 873-8585.
11 a.m. Friday, May 19. The display Monday, May 22
7:30 p.m., Stoughton High School Jazz Band perfor-
Bahai Faith Covenant Lutheran Church Seventh Day Baptist mance Jazz at the Red Slipper (tickets $10 for adults,
For information: Alfred Skerpan, 877-0911 1525 N. Van Buren St., Stoughton 873-7494 Church of Albion $5 for students, 5 and under free), SHS Cafetorium,
or Gail and Greg Gagnon, 873-9225 616 Albion Rd., Edgerton 600 Lincoln Ave., 877-5745 Stoughton study classes. Saturday: 5:30 p.m. Worship 561-7450 Tuesday, May 23
Sunday: 9 a.m. Worship
Bible Baptist Church Worship Saturday 11- Sabbath School 10
1-2:30 p.m., UW Speakers Bureau presentation,
2095 Hwy. W, Utica Ezra Church Fellowship Meal follows service on first Sabbath
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873-7077 423-3033 515 E. Main St., Stoughton 834-9050 6:30 p.m., Adult book discussion: The Girls by
Sunday: 10 a.m. - Worship; 6 p.m. - Worship Stoughton Baptist Church Emma Cline, library, 873-6281
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on our uniforms, as it were, and dressing appropriately for both the work day, senior center, 873-
873-4590 ahead and the days weather. Why not clothe the soul with the protective Dementia Caregivers 8585
1358 Hwy 51, Stoughton garments of faith as well? In the grand scheme of things, our immortal soul 2 p.m., second Thursday,
is worth infinitely more than our corruptible bodies, and thus we should senior center, 873-8585 Parkinsons Group
Pete Gunderson
Mike Smits Dale Holzhuter take greater pains to protect it. The faith and knowledge that God loves us 1:30-2:30 p.m., fourth
Martha Paton, Administrative Manager and wants us to be well while we carry out His will is a protective garment Crohns/Colitis/IBD Wednesday, senior center,
greater than anything we have in our closets. A great addition to the morning Support Group 873-8585

Sara Paton Barkenhagen, Administrative Assistant

Paul Selbo, Funeral Assistant
routine is to gird up your loins with the garments of faith and thanksgiving, 5:30 p.m., third Wednes- remembering that our primary mission and the very meaning of our life is to day, Stoughton Hospital, Multiple Sclerosis Group
love God with all our hearts, and to love our fellow man as we love ourselves. 873-7928 10-11:30 a.m., second
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Ephesians 6:14-15 NIV
Jeremy Jones, sports editor Thursday, May 18, 2017
845-9559 x226

Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor

845-9559 x237
Courier Hub
Fax: 845-9550 For more sports coverage, visit:

Girls track and field

Player of the
Lucky number seven
Vikings edge Oregon for
From May 9-16

seventh straight Badger

South Conference title
Assistant sports editor

It was another Badger South

Conference meet to remember
for the Stoughton High School
girls track and field team.
For the seventh consecutive
year, the Vikings finished as the
meet champion, and this time
the relays, jumps and distance Name: Mya Lonnebotn
group shined while the rest of Grade: Senior
the team complemented them Sport: Track and field
to lead the girls to 170 points
at Monona Grove, edging sec-
ond-place Oregon (156). Highlights: Lonnebotn won the
They had confidence that long jump with a distance of 14
they could compete and do feet, 9 1/2 inches at the Edgewood
some amazing things, and they quad on May 9. She also helped
did, coach Eric Benedict said. the 4x200 relay team finish first.
They performed when it was Then, on Friday at the Tom Mueller
on the line. They embraced the Invitational, Lonnebotn won the triple
pressure and used that to do jump (36-9) and helped the 4x100
some great things. relay take first.
Stoughton won conference
titles in the 4x100, 4x200 and Honorable mentions: Clea Roe
4x800 relays, and the Vikings (girls track) won the 800 in 2:26.82
added a third-place in the 4x400 at the Tom Mueller invite
relay. Tristan Jenny (boys track) won the
The girls also finished with 800 in 2:02.26 at the Tom Mueller
conference titles in the 1,600, invite
3,200 and triple jump. Evan Ouk (boys track) won the pole
Seniors Kendra Halverson, vault with a height of 12-6 at the
Mya Lonnebotn, Maddie Posick Tom Mueller invite
and Kiley Lynch took first in the Ethan Sehmer (baseball) allowed
4x100 in 51.61 seconds. one earned run and struck out four
Halverson was able to pull in three innings Saturday to pick up
away from Oregon senior Dani-
Photo by Jeremy Jones
the win against Verona
ca Keisling at the end of the race
Stoughton 4x100-meter relay anchor Kendra Halverson passes Oregons Danica Keisling at the finish line Nolan Meyer (boys tennis) played
for the win. The Panthers were Tuesday evening in Monona Grove. The Vikings won the event in 51.61 seconds. Oregon was second in his way back to a fifth-place finish
just 16 hundredths of a second 51.77. over the weekend at the Hartford-
behind as a group. Slinger invite
When I got the baton, I was Maddy Brickson, Morgan Neuenfeld
feeling like we were ahead and
was feeling confident, Halver-
joined Halverson, Lonnebotn
and Posick on the 4x200 for a
Whats next and Madisyn Robinson (softball)
each went 1-for-3 in a 12-0 loss
son said. But then I could see title in 1:48.04. against Portage last week
(Keisling) at my side, and I real- Once again, Halverson
Stoughton travels to Verona Area High School on Monday, May
ly had to push myself harder. I remained ahead on the last leg 22, for the WIAA Division 1 regionals. The top four times in each
knew we could win, so I really in a tight finish with Mono- event advance to sectionals. Field events start at 4p.m. Track events
kicked it in at the end. na Grove sophomore Daryan begin at 4:45p.m.
Sophomore Emma Kissling Turn to Girls track/Page 9 Boys golf

Boys track and field

Graffin wins
Stoughton scores big Badger South title
at Badger South meet
Assistant sports editor

Senior David Graffin made his

ANTHONY IOZZO said. I thought we were really good. mark Tuesday during the Badger
Assistant sports editor Next year, we will come back and South Conference meet at the House
get it. But now, we have to focus on on the Rock Golf Resort.
There wasnt much the Stoughton regionals and going to state. Graffin made five birdies to help
High School boys track and field Stoughton won conference titles offset five bogeys and a double bogey
team could have done to top the in the 100, 200, 400, pole vault and and finished first overall with a 73.
Badger South Conference champion 4x400 relay. Coach Dave Taebel said the Badger
Silver Eagles on Tuesday at Monona Senior Nathan Moll took home the South medalist trophy has the names
Grove High School. 400 in 50.95 seconds, a feat that even
But the Vikings still put up some surprised him. Turn to Boys golf/Page 8
gawdy numbers to finish runner-up Moll joined seniors Tristan Jenny,
with 142.5 points. Monona Grove Jacob Tobie and junior Sean McLau-
ended with 204.
Eight out of 10 years that is get-
ry on the 4x400 relay to finish the
meet with a first place in 3:29.02.
Whats next
ting a win, but MG just set a record The Vikings traveled back to the
with 200 points, Jordan DiBenedetto Turn to Boys track/Page 9 House on the Rock Resort for the
Badger Cup on Wednesday after the
Courier Hubs Tuesday deadline.
Whats next They travel to Blackhawk Country
Stoughton travels to Verona Area High School on Monday, May 22, Club at 10a.m. Tuesday, May 23,
for the WIAA Division 1 regionals. The top four times in each event Photo by Jeremy Jones
for the WIAA Division 1 regionals.
advance to sectionals. Field events start at 4p.m. Track events begin Tristan Jenny passes Oregons Ian Genshert during the 4x400-me- The top four teams and top four in-
at 4:45p.m. ter relay Tuesday night at Monona Grove. Stoughton won the dividuals move on to sectionals.
event in 3 minutes 29.02 seconds.
8 May 18, 2017 Stoughton Courier Hub

Softball Boys tennis

Vikes cap season conference with blowout
Sports editor
Whats next
Stoughton softball host-
ed Portage in a Badger Stoughton (4-17 overall, 3-9 Badger South) hosts
Conference crossover Reedsburg (4-11, 2-8) from the Badger North in the
game on Friday and was Badger Challenge at 5p.m. Thursday. The Vikings were
shut out 12-0. originally slated to play Baraboo but those two teams had
Portage lead-off hitter
Olivia Limmex went 2-for- already played each other this season.
4 at the with three RBIs, Stoughton finishes out the regular season 5p.m. Friday
including a home run. She
also scored twice. Meghan at home against nonconference McFarland, which claimed
Wi t t w a s 1 - f o r - 5 b u t at least a share of the Rock Valley North with its 14th con-
knocked in a pair of runs secutive win last week.
on a home run as cleanup
hitter Alli Walker (1-for-3)
as the Warriors collected struck out four. Taylor Kenrick (2-for-3)
13 hits. and Lela Brashi (1-for-2) each
Witt went the distance in
Stoughton 17, drove in two more runs.
the circle to earn the win, Edgewood 7 (6 inn.) Hammersly and Brashi
striking out 10 in seven each had doubles, while Rob-
The Vikings traveled to the inson homered in the blowout.
innings. She walked one. Goodman Softball Complex
Maddy Brickson, Mor- Molly Skonning went the
in Madison on Tuesday and distance, scattering 12 hits
gan Neuenfeld and Madisyn 10-run ruled the host Edge-
Robinson each went 1-for-3 over five innings and gave up
wood Crusaders 17-7 in the seven earned runs in the win.
to collect the Vikings only Badger South regular season
hits of the game. She struck out one.
finale. Noye threw all five innings
Kailey Hammersly took Hammersly (2-for-4) and
the loss for Stoughton, for Edgewood, allowing 15
Robinson (3-for-4) combined earned runs on 17 hits and
allowing six earned runs on to go 5-for-8 with six RBIs for
13 hits and three walks. She four walks.
Stoughton in the win.

Girls soccer
Stoughton shut out by Silver Eagles Tuesday
Assistant sports editor Whats next
The Stoughton High School girls soccer Stoughton travels to nonconference
team fell to 1-4 in the Badger South Con- Janesville Craig at 7p.m. Tuesday, May
ference Tuesday with a 5-0 loss to Monona
Grove. 23. Photo by Jeremy Jones
Jet Matteson tried to put a volley away at the net last Thursday against Oregon at No.
G Arnold scored twice and added an assist 2 doubles. Matteson and Jonathon Blaikike lost the match 7-5, 3-6, 6-3 against Garrett
for the Silver Eagles, which scored four Schultz and Tanner Hake. Stoughton lost the Badger South Conference dual 7-0.
times in the second half.
The Vikings did muster six shots on goal Coach Chelsea Kittleson could not be
in the game, but none of them made it past reached for comment or the Vikings save
Monona Groves Sophia Wendt. stats by the Courier Hubs Tuesday deadline.
Vikes head to conference
Sports editor Whats next
Boys golf: Regionals set for next Tuesday S t o u g h t o n b oy s t e n -
nis wrapped up the 2017
Stoughton travels to Nielsen Tennis Stadium in Mad-
Continued from page 7 ison at 9a.m. Friday for the Badger Conference tour-
r eg u l a r s e a s o n w i t h a
dual meet loss to Ore- nament. Winners advance on to play again on Saturday
of the medalists of years gon before heading to the starting at 9a.m.
past, and it is a whos who of Hartford-Slinger invita-
special golfers in the state the tional last week.
last few years. Graffin was That was the final com-
also named No. 4 All-Badger petition for the Vikings more competitively on the titles at Nos. 1 singles and
South Conference. before participating in the doubles side of the lineup doubles. Waunakee (21)
I couldnt be prouder of Badger Conference tour- Thursday but were still and Oconomowoc (20)
him, Taebel said. It is a nament this weekend. shut out 7-0 at home. rounded out the top three,
huge, huge accomplishment Jonathon Blaikie and Jet while Slinger (19) and
to be a medalist in one of the Oregon 7, Matteson won their sec- Menomonee Falls (18)
toughest conference in the Stoughton 0 ond set but were unable to were close behind.
state. It gives you an idea close things out after the Meyer scored two of the
of what a special accom- T h e Vi k i n g s t e n n i s 10-minute break, losing Vikings points at No. 1
plishment that is. team didnt win a match 7-5, 36-, 6-3. singles, playing back to
As a team, Stoughton Thursday against Badger Connor Merow and a fifth-place finish after
couldnt complement Graf- South rival Oregon, but Zeth Zeichert fell 6-3, 6-4 opening the tournament
fins score, finishing last with that didnt matter to coach to Sean Bychowski and 6-0, 6-1 against Slingers
a 350. But the team started Ryan Reischel. Kyle Rehrauer while Col- Tim Peters. After losing
well on the front nine and Everyone out here lin Ace and Branden Melt- his first match, Meyer
just got into too much trou- today learned that sports zer lost 6-3, 6-2 at No. 3 rolled 6-1, 6-1 over How-
ble on the back nine, Taebel arent the most import- doubles. ard Groves Chase Wil-
said. ant thing in life, said N o l a n M ey e r, A d a m liams and then survived a
Senior Dan Schuh and Reischel, who helped McCune, Alex Dedie tiebreaker 6-1, 0-6, 10-7
sophomore Jack Gardner organize the inaugural and Zerek Zeichert were against Oconomowocs
finished second and third on Badger Coaches against swept on the singles side. Brett Miller in the fifth-
the team with a 90 and a 93. Cancer match this spring. McCune and Zeichert place match.
Senior Dan Howell shot a The idea came to d r o p p e d t h e t wo m o s t Number 4 singles play-
94. Adam Hobsons 102 was Reischel after he learned competitive matches 6-3, er Zerek Zeichert scored
thrown out. the Sauk Prairie girls ten- 6-1 at Nos. 2 and 4 sin- the only other point of
Photo by Evan Halpop nis coach Katie Massey
All of them had it going Adam Hobson hits an iron on the 10th fairway Tuesday in gles. the tournament for the
good early on, Taebel said. had been diagnosed with Vikings, winning his sec-
the Badger South Conference meet at the House on the Rock State 3 breast cancer last Hartford-Slinger
They were all off to solid Resort. Stoughton finished with a 350. ond-round consolation
starts. And the back nine was fall. invite match with a bye before
playing really tough. We Massey, who is 29 and falling 4-6, 6-2, 10-1 to
fifth in the conference when going against, but anything has two daughters, has The Vikings traveled
put ourselves in positions adding the meet score. can happen, Taebel said. I New Berlin Eisenhowers
you dont want to be in. undergone chemotherapy east to Saturday for the Michael King in the fifth-
Next up is regionals Tues- have seen bigger upsets. and will be having radian- Hartford-Slinger Invita-
Madison Edgewood edged day at Blackhawk Country Taebel added that every place match.
out Milton 311-320 for the tion treatments soon. Pro- tional and finished sec- S t o u g h t o n s A d a m
Club. The top four teams varsity member was able ceeds from all seven fea- ond-to-last out of the
Badger South Conference move on to sectionals, as to shoot a special round at McCune lost his first-
meet title. Monroe was third tured Badger Conference eight teams competing round match 6-2, 4-6,
well as the top four individ- some point this season. tennis matches will go with three points.
with a 332. uals. Now they have to put it 10-7 against Waunakees
Stoughton was 3-3 in dual to the Susan G. Komen, New Berlin Eisenhow- Ethan Liu.
It is going to be challeng- all together, survive and Race for the Cure event. er won the tournament
meets and finished tied for ing with the teams we are advance, he said. Stoughton played much with 29 points, claiming May 18, 2017 Stoughton Courier Hub 9
Boys track: Vikings score points in all 18 events at Badger South Conference
Continued from page 7 and Deutsch won the 4x200 in
1:33.67. Tobie, Moll, McLaury and
McHone won the 4x400 in 3:34.33.
I think it really shows the work McLaury, Roe, Jenny and Moll
that we put in, Moll said. I was added the 4x800 in 8:16.04.
surprised on my 400 a little bit. That Walker (24.28) and Deutsch
was a good surprise, but I am real- (24.37) took second and third in the
ly proud of the guys and what they 200. DiBenedetto (42.74) and LeP-
accomplished. It has been a great ine (45.27) took second and third in
season, and there is more to come. the 300 hurdles.
Juniors Sam McHone and DiBen- Bormett added a second place in
edetto also took home titles. the 800 in 2:08.27, and McClain was
Early in the meet, DiBenedetto second in the shot put with a distance
(11.1) beat out McHone (11.14) for of 44-9 1/4.
first in the 100, and McHone (22.57) Walker was second in the long
came back later to edge DiBenedetto jump (18-3 1/4). Hutcherson was
(22.98) in the 200. second in the triple jump (41-5).
I was mad. I just wanted to win, Sophomore Jack True was third in
McHone said. In two years, I was the discus (120-2), and sophomore
fourth and sixth. I just wanted it this Tom Sheehy was third in the high
year. I went out there and ran as hard jump (5-6).
as I could.
Evan Ouk won the pole vault with Tom Mueller invite
Photo by Jeremy Jones
a height of 12 feet, 6 inches. Sam McHone (center) and Jordan DiBenedetto finish 1-2 in the 200-meter dash Tuesday evening in Monona The Vikings also won Fridays
DiBenedetto was also third in the Grove. McHone won the event in 22.57 and DiBenedetto crossed the finish line in 22.98 seconds. Oregons Jah- Tom Mueller Invitational with 142
triple jump with a leap of 43-2, and lil Turner (left) was third in 23.02. points at Oregon High School, edg-
he was seventh in the long jump (20- ing Baraboo (141).
3 3/4). Junior Elijah Krumholz was fourth finished fourth in 44.7, and the a regional title and get most of our McHone won the 100 (11.19),
Senior Nick Hutcherson was fifth in the discus (140-0). 4x200 team of Wheeler, Deutsch, guys to state, DiBenedetto said. and Tobie took first in the 400
in the triple jump (41-10 1/2) and Senior Cole Adams (16.42) and Adams and Walker finished fourth in (52.28). Jenny added a title in the
tied for seventh in the high jump sophomore Dwight Walker (16.52) 1:36.51. Edgewood quad 800 (2:02.26), and Ouk won the pole
(5-4). finished fifth and sixth in the 110 This years conference meet was The Vikings scored 102 points in vault (12-6).
McLaury added a third in the 800 hurdles. just crazy good times, McHone quad May 9 at Edgewood. Moll took second in the 200
(2:00.41). Moll was fourth (2:01.95), Tobie took sixth in the 400 said. It was lot of fun. This is about Roe (54.35), Jenny (54.64) and (23.69), and Walker was second in
and Jenny was eighth (2:04.63). (52.56). Junior Tommy McClain was the most points our team has scored Bormett (55.4) finished 1-2-3 in the the 110 hurdles (16.74).
Junior Joey LePine was third in seventh in the shot put (42-6). at the conference meet for a lot of 400. LePine (42.52) and senior Jackson
the 300 hurdles (42.74). The 4x800 relay of junior Ian years. It feels good. Junior Tanner Hanson won the Hampton (43.81) finished second
Senior Owen Roe was fourth in Bormett and Brandon Wheeler, We took second, but we are two-mile in 11:17.75, and Walker and third in the 300 hurdles.
the 1,600 (4:36.09), and sophomore Model and Jenny finished third in up-and-coming. (16.61) and Adams (17.78) finished Roe was third in the mile
Parker Flint was eighth (4:48.32). 8:32.52. Next up is regionals Monday, and 1-2 in the 110 hurdles. (4:38.32), and junior Hunter Zae-
Senior Garrett Model took fourth The 4x100 relay of junior Jake the Vikings feel good about continu- Ouk won the pole vault (11-0). misch was third in the two mile
in the 3,200 (10:15.8), and Roe was Deutsch, Ouk, Walker and McHone ing to get better. McLaury, DiBenedetto, McHone (10:53.08). McHone added a third in
eighth (10:42.19). I am confident that we can get the long jump (19-8).

Girls track: Stoughton scores points in 17 of 18 events at Badger South meet

Continued from page 7 Anna Wozniak won a title in Weum also joined Halv- and sixth in the long jump. (7-6) were second and third 800, and Wozniak (5:28.54),
the mile in 5:34.22, and fresh- erson, Posick and sopho- Kissling added a seventh in the pole vault. Kittleson (5:29.67) and Ross
man Grace Jenny (5:34.5) more Alex Ashworth in the place in the 300 hurdles Ross won the JV 800 in (5:34.52) finished 1-2-3 in
Johnson. The Silver Eagles and Kittleson (5:35.04) fin- 4x400 relay to finish third in in 50.25, and sophomore 2:36.96. Myranda Kotlows- the mile.
finished in 1:48.49 as a ished third and fourth. 4:10.54. Audrey Killian was seventh ki, Corrine Olson, Lynch and Posick, Lonnebotn, Lynch
group. Jenny came back and won Ashworth added a sec- in the shot put (30-5 1/2). Jake won the JV 4x200 in and Halverson won the
It has been amazing to be the two mile in 11:55.01. ond-place finish in the 800 Schultz took eighth in the 2:00.01. 4x100 relay in 51.55, and
a part of the last four years of Ross took second in (2:24.69) and Roe was fourth 400 (1:08.01). Ashlyn Sarbacker, Maria Weum, Halverson, Schultz
conference championships, 11:57.04, and Wozniak was (2:29.08). We got some great points Buckles, Anna Castronovo and Posick won the 4x400 in
Halverson said. Coming into fourth in 12:21.14. Senior Kennedy Silbaugh where I didnt think we and Jenna Stokes on the JV 4:10.99.
the meet, we knew we could I knew today was going to took third in the discus with a would get so many tonight, 4x400 in 4:40.33. Lonnebotn (36-9) added a
do it. But it was going to be be tough doing the mile and distance of 94-4. Sophomore Benedict said. We got the Senior Hannah Jake won title in the triple jump.
a tough night. We all had to the two mile, but I was defi- Chloe Silbaugh was sixth points where we needed to the JV pole vault (6-6). Weum (12.68) was sec-
work hard, and some of us nitely willing to do it for my with a throw of 88-1. get them. This was a full ond in the 100, and Kissling
had to exceed our expecta- team, Jenny said. I wanted Kennedy Silbaugh also team effort, so I am estatic for Tom Mueller invite (51.84) was runner-up in the
tions. to really pull my weight and took fifth in the shot put (30- what happened. Stoughton won Fridays 300 hurdles.
The 4x800 team of senior show them what I got. I am 7). And the girls can take the Tom Mueller Invitational at Hodkiewicz (17.62) was
Clea Roe, senior Lydia glad it happened the way it Lynch and freshman Micah momentum into regionals Oregon High School with third in 100 hurdles, and
Schultz, sophomore Margaret did. Zaemisch finished third and Monday. 137.2 points, beating Bara- Lynch (8-0) was third in the
Ross and sophomore Abby Lonnebotn also added a fourth in the pole vault. Both I think we are coming boo (129). pole vault. Lynch (15-7 1/2)
Kittleson started the day with conference title in the triple reached 8-6, but Lynch did it together at the right time, and Roe (2:26.82) and Jenny was also third in the long
a title in 10:12.11. jump with a leap of 36 feet, in less tries. some good things can hap- (2:31.2) finished 1-2 in the jump.
We put some of our best 6 inches. She also added a Freshman Amber Hod- pen, Benedict said.
girls in that, because we knew second place in the long jump kiewicz took fourth in the
we wanted to win our relays, (17-2 3/4). high jump with a height of Edgewood quad
Benedict said. They stepped Senior Aly Weum add- 5-0 and was seventh in the The Vikings won the Edge-
up, and they did amazing. ed a second place in the 400 100 hurdles in 17.61. wood quad May 9 at Edge-
The distance group also (57.68) and a fourth place in Posick (15-8 1/4) and wood with 87 points.
had a big day. Sophomore the 100 (12.66). Lynch (15-8 1/4) took fifth We u m w o n t h e 4 0 0
(58.69), and Jenny won the
mile in 5:30.81.
Posick, Lonnebotn and
Halverson and Emma
Kissling won the 4x200 in
Kittleson, Wozniak, fresh-
man Molly Olstad and Roe
won the 4x800 in 10:21.58.
Lonnebotn (14-9 1/2) add-
ed a first in the long jump,
and junior Lauren Jake (14-3
1/4) was third.
Weum added a second
place in the 800 in 2:26.1,
and Schultz was third in
Hodkiewicz was second
in 100 hurdles in 17.88, and
Kissling (52.16) and Hod-
kiewicz (55.37) was second
and third in the 300 hurdles.
Kennedy Silbaugh (98-3)
was second in the discus.
Killian (28-5 1/2) was third
in the shot put, and Hod-
kiewicz (4-8) was third in the
Photo by Jeremy Jones high jump.
Kennedy Silbaugh finished third in the discus with a throw of 94 feet, 4 inches. Lynch (8-0) and Zaemisch
10 May 18, 2017 Stoughton Courier Hub

Boys lacrosse

Vikings lose three

straight games
Stoughton boys lacrosse
t r ave l e d n o r t h t o S a u k
Prairie on Friday and
Whats next
fell 10-6 against the rival Stoughton hosts De-
Junior Cam Furseth Forest at 5p.m. Thursday
scored twice and assist- and then travels to the
ed on another and senior Brookfield Blitz tourna-
Dylan Gross added two ment at 1:45p.m. Sat-
goals. Fellow senior Sam
Onsager added a goal and
urday, where the Vikings
an assist in the loss. will play Kenosha and
Bryce Thistle (3 goals), Homestead to close out
Willy Hanson (2 goals, the regular season.
1 assist) and Josh Holler Photo submitted
(2 goals) all had multiple
points for the Eagles. Stoughton Tumbling team qualifies for USTA nationals
Stoughton junior Quinn in the loss.
Link earned nine ground
balls and won 14 of 19 Bay Port 10, The Stoughton Tumbling competitive team qualified all 200 athletes to compete in the 2017 USTA National Championship
faceoffs. Stoughton 6 held at the Alliant Center in Madison on June 20-24.
Jack Sundby made 14
saves, while Justin John- Stoughton dropped a
son had 13 for Sauk Prai- third straight game with a
rie. 10-6 loss against Bay Port.
Gross scored four times Baseball
Mukwonago 10,
Vikes edge Verona in nonconference game
and setup another. Furseth
added a goal and two
Stoughton 7 assists Saturday afternoon
Gross scored five of the in Green Bay.
Vikings seven goals Satur- Luke Geister-Jones ANTHONY IOZZO
day in a 10-7 nonconfer- scored once and won five-
ence loss against Mukwo- of-11 faceoffs.
Assistant sports editor
Whats next
nago. Furseth had a goal Sundby had eight saves An error led to the Stoughton
High School baseball team coming Stoughton travels to Oregon at 5p.m. Thursday and will play in the Badger
and two assists and junior in the loss. Challenge at 11a.m. at Stoughton High School.
Matt Read scored once. - Jeremy Jones back Saturday to beat Verona 6-5.
Brock Wanninger grounded the
Sundby made nine saves
ball to third with the bases load- The Vikings host La Crosse Logan at 5p.m. Tuesday, May 23.
ed and one out. The ball was mis-
played, and Andy Johnson (2-for-3)
Legals and Alec Tomczyk (2-for-3) scored
hits and three walks in four innings, Johnson doubled.
to end the game.
NOTICE OF Class B Fermented Malt Beverage
and Class B Liquor: The Vikings trailed 4-0 in the striking out five. Schipper took the loss. He
PUBLIC HEARING Tyler McClure took the loss for allowed two earned runs on two
The City of Stoughton Planning
Grueneberg Enterprises, DBA
Davess White Rock, 596 State Road 14,
bottom of the fourth, and Matthew
Commission will hold a Public Hearing
on Monday, June 12, 2017 at 6:00 oclock
Brooklyn, WI 53521 Curry blasted a three-run home run Stoughton, allowing two unearned hits and five walks in 3 2/3 innings,
p.m., or as soon after as the matter may
License Location: White Rock Bar
Class A Fermented Malt Beverage to score Johnson and Tomczyk, who runs on a hit and two walks in 1 1/3 striking out three. Noah Schafer
be heard, at the Public Safety Build-
ing, Second Floor, 321 S. Fourth Street,
and Class C Wine:
Stoughton Lumber Company Inc.
both singled with one out. innings. allowed two earned runs on two hits
Stoughton, Wisconsin, 53589, to consid- Curry then added an RBI fielders and a walk in 1 2/3 innings.
er an amendment to the City of Stough-
ton Municipal Code of Ordinances. The
Agent: James M Gerber, 404 West
Wilson St. Stoughton WI 53589
choice that brought home Nick Wal-
Portage 10, Stoughton 3 Wanninger walked five and struck
License Location: Stoughton Lum-
The Vikings traveled to Portage out one in 2/3 innings.
proposed ordinance amendment is to
Appendix B Landscaping Charts and
ber Company Inc., 3188 Deer Point Drive,
Stoughton WI 53589 dorf in the fifth to tie the game 4-4.
Checklists, of the City of Stoughton Zon-
ing Ordinance, Dane County, Wisconsin.
Dawn George, Clerk Verona grabbed a 5-4 lead in the on Friday and lost 10-3 in the Bad- Trent Belleam earned the win. He
Published: May 18, 2017
The amendment is primarily pro- WNAXLP top of the sixth with an RBI dou- ger crossover. allowed two earned runs on six hits
posed to clarify the plant species list is
not all-inclusive and the City encourages ***
ble by Tucker Teskey (2-for-3). The Stoughton tied the game at 2-2 and a walk in four innings.
planting of no more than 5% of any one
Wildcats also scored three times in in the third, but Portage scored six
runs in the bottom of the sixth to Stoughton, Edgewood (n/a)
tree species. STATE OF WISCONSIN,
For questions regarding this notice
please contact Michael Stacey, Zoning
CIRCUIT COURT, the first and once in the fourth.
Administrator at 608-646-0421.
DANE COUNTY, NOTICE TO Junior Brady Schipper was 2-for- blow the game open. Stoughton traveled to Warner
The proposed amendment may be
viewed at ADMINISTRATION) IN THE 4. Schipper finished 2-for-3 with Park on Tuesday to take on Madison
Published May 11 and 18, 2017
MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Ethan Sehmer earned the win. He a double and two RBIs. Curry was Edgewood but results were unavail-
Case No. 17PR305
allowed an earned run on one hit 2-for-4 with a run scored, and Sax- able by the Courier Hubs Tuesday
*** PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: and a walk in three innings, strik- ton Shore was 2-for-4 with two runs deadline.
TOWN OF RUTLAND 1. An application for Informal Admin-
istration was filed. ing out four. Dillon Nowicki started scored. Look for them on ConnectStough-
NOTICE 2. The decedent, with date of birth
October 9, 1928 and date of death April
and allowed two earned runs on five N ow i c k i a d d e d a n R B I , a n d
ALCOHOL LICENSE 6, 2017 was domiciled in Dane County,
APPLICATIONS State of Wisconsin, with a mailing ad-
Notice is hereby given that the fol- dress of 200 S. Lynn Street, Stoughton,

Home Talent League

lowing alcohol license application has WI 53589.
been received by the Town of Rutland. 3. All interested persons waived no-
The licenses applied for are for the pe- tice.

Stoughton improves to 2-0, Utica falls to 0-2 in Sunday League

riod beginning July 1, 2017 through June 4. The deadline for filing a claim
30, 2018. against the decedents estate is August
Class B Fermented Malt Beverage: 11, 2017.
Eugsters Farm Market, Inc., Joseph 5. A claim may be filed at the Dane
Eugster, agent. County Courthouse, 215 S. Hamilton
License Location: 3865 Hwy 138,
Stoughton WI 53589
Street, Madison, Wisconsin, Room 1005.
Danell Behrens Stoughton Mai game at 2p.m. Saturday.
Class C Wine: Deputy Probate Registrar
The Merchants improved to 2-0 on the season last Utica
Eugsters Farm Market, Inc., Joseph May 1, 2017
Eugster, agent. Michael D. Rumpf
License Location: 3865 Hwy 138,
Stoughton WI 53589
PO Box 1
Cambridge, WI 53523 week with a 20-1 win at Deerfield. Utica fell to 0-2 on the season Sunday with a 10-6 loss
Class B Fermented Malt Beverage:
Madison Speedway Inc., 1750 Beach
(608) 423-3254
Bar Number: 1015663
Stoughtons Ryan Nyhagen (2-for-2), Ervin Medina at home against McFarland.
Road Verona, WI 53593
License Location: Madison Interna-
Published: May 11, 18 and 25, 2017 (3-for-6), Max Fuller (2-for-5) and T.J. DiPrizio (2-for-5) Christian Stokstad (2-for-5), Dane Schultz (2-for-5)
tional Speedway, 1122 Sunrise Road, Or- all had multiple hits in the win. and Doug Vike (2-for-5) had multiple hits in the loss.
egon, Wisconsin
1. Pit Area and 2. Grandstand Area
*** Stoughton hosts Utica in this teams annual Syttende

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**Great-Spring-Rates** Furniture, household goods, scrapbook- OREGON/BROOKLYN Call 608-520-0240
35 + Years Professional ing, tools, books galore, decorations Credit Cards Accepted
Interiior-Exterior CALL (608)444-2900
Free-Estimates 10x10 - 10x15
Arthur Hallinan
19-20, 8am-5pm. Household furnish-
ings, garden items, holiday decorations,
model train implements, camping gear
Located behind
10x20 - 12x30
24 / 7 Access

RECOVER PAINTING Offers carpentry,

and more Stoughton Garden Center
Convenient Dry Secure
Security Lights & Cameras
Credit Cards Accepted
Nurse Care
drywall, deck restoration and all forms of
painting Recover urges you to join in the
696 Wanted To Buy
WE BUY Junk Cars and Trucks.
Lighted with access 24/7
Bank Cards Accepted
1128 Union Road Coordinator
Off North Hwy 51 on Oregon, WI
fight against cancer, as a portion of every We sell used parts.
job is donated to cancer research. Free Monday thru Friday 8am-5:30pm. Oak Opening Dr. behind Located on the corner of We want to talk with nurses interested in
Stoughton Garden Center Union Road & Lincoln Road
estimates, fully insured, over 20 years of
experience. Call 608-270-0440.
Newville Auto Salvage, 279 Hwy 59
Edgerton, 608-884-3114 Call: 608-509-8904 leadership roles coordinating resident care in a
801 Office Space For Rent beautiful new memory care environment.
554 Landscaping, Lawn, 705 Rentals DEER POINT STORAGE
Tree & Garden Work 514 S ACADEMY, Stoughton. Large Convenient location behind Stoughton OFFICE SPACES FOR RENT Competitive salary and bbenefits package offered.
3-bedroom. Lower of 2-flat. Hardwoods, Lumber. In Oregon facing 15th hole
LAWN MOWING on golfcourse
large deck,washer/dryer in unit. AC. Extra Clean-Dry Units
Residential & Commercial
large garage Large backyard. Cats/dogs 24 HOUR LIGHTED ACCESS Free Wi-Fi, Parking and Stop by 8210 Highview Drive

Fully Insured. Security System
ok. $1260 inc. heat and electric. Available 5x10 thru 12x25
608-873-7038 or 608-669-0025
August 1 Call Jim: 608-444-6084. 608-335-3337 Conference rooms available in Madison or apply at
RIGHT HAND MAN SERVICES lawn Kitchenette-Breakroom
mowing & trimming, clean up, planting, BROOKLYN/EVANSVILLE Country ALL ADS SUBMITTED SUBJECT TO Autumn Woods Prof. Centre
etc. Over 17 years experience. 608-352- 2 bedroom, 20 min. south of Madison APPROVAL BY PUBLISHER OF THIS Marty 608-835-3628
1044 $950+ utilities. CA. Appliances. W/D PAPER.
hookup, Non-Smokers. No Pets. June-or- Call 608-243-8800 for more information!
602 Antiques & Collectibles July 608-843-7098
JanitorFull Time/Part Time
LIKE NEW 1975 up Through 2009 Syt-
tende Mai Plate-collection 608-873-0371
Apartments for Seniors 55+, currently
has 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $795 per month, includes
FOR SALE: Wisco Industries, a metal stamping and fabricator and manufacturer of food service
Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for the Courier Hub unless
heat, water, and sewer.
608-835-6717 Located at:
Complete sets equipment is seeking a full or part-time Janitor to join our team. The responsibilities and
changed because of holiday work duties of the janitor consist of a variety of daily and weekly job requirements. Duties will
schedules. Call now to place your ad,
873-6671 or 835-6677.
139 Wolf St., Oregon, WI 53575
OREGON 2-Bedroom in quiet, well-kept of Syttende Mai include, but are not limited to, cleaning of lavatories, lunch room, production areas, and
building. Convenient location. Includes all supervisor offices. Tasks include, but are not limited to vacuuming, sweeping, mopping,
THE Courier Hub CLASSIFIEDS, the
best place to buy or sell. Call 873-6671
or 835-6677.
appliances, A/C, blinds, private parking,
laundry, storage. $200 security deposit.
coins & buttons. wiping of surfaces, and picking up trash and recyclables. The janitor position requires
Cats OK. $690/month. 608-219-6677
Also, many flexibility due to fluctuating job assignments.
The job requires an individual to be on his/her feet the majority of the work day and
hard to find requires lifting, bending and twisting to complete job tasks. Job requires the ability
to lift up to 75 pounds.
Contemporary style home is coins, buttons Janitor is required to be familiar with, and follow, manufacturer-directed instructions
for the use and application of all cleaning chemicals used in the job.
boasting over 3,100 square feet
of living enjoyment on 70 feet
and plates. Forward resume by e-mail to or by mail to
P.O. Box 10, Oregon, WI 53575 or apply in person at 736 Janesville St., Oregon
of Lake Frontage! Beautiful

open floor plan with views

of the lake! Boathouse, pier 873-5305 EOE/M-F adno=521847-01

and boat track is included!!

$749,900. #1788955.
Cindy Ulsrud 608-628-8640 IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT High School Students
Waitress Bartender Dishwasher
EARN APPROX. $1,200 A MONTH Part-time Part-time Part-time looking for a job!
$8.50/hr Are you at least 15 years old and looking
The Wisconsin State Journal for a summer and after school job?
is looking for a carrier to deliver in the Stoughton/Oregon area. Apply within or call Jean at: Look no further than Skaalen Nursing &
VFW Badger Post 328

Must be available early A.M.s, 7 days a week, Rehabilitation Center. We currently have

and have a dependable vehicle. 200 Veterans Rd., Stoughton, WI openings for Dietary Aides and Aide Angels.
For more information call Pat at 608-212-7216 608-873-9042 As a Dietary Aide, you must be able to work 7-hour
shifts on weekends, holidays and during the summer.
During the school year the position is 3-hour shifts
RESIDENTIAL CLEANER in the afternoon/evening and working every other


weekend. The student dietary aide averages 10-15
hours per week. Job duties include assisting with meal
25-30 hours per week HAMSTER WHEEL preparation, serving meals, and clean up.
Aide Angels assist staff in a variety of departments.
Days Only.
Duties include assisting during mealtime, passing ice
Needs to be able to work as a team,
water, transporting residents throughout the building,
attention to detail.
spending time visiting with residents, assisting with
Experience helpful but not required.
activities and more. Must be available to work 2-3
Contact Tina at 608-513-3638 evenings per week, every other weekend and holidays.
for more information adno=519459-01 Jump behind the wheel Interested candidates should submit an application to:
Nancy Martin
and get your wheels going somewhere Director of Human Resources

HELP WANTED Dont sit back and spin your wheels aimlessly. Drive
your truck, your career and your life forward with
purpose as a respected member of the Schneider team.
Skaalen Nursing &
Rehabilitation Center
400 N. Morris St.
Certified Nursing Assistant to work with Stoughton, WI 53589
our 8 special residents. Must be currently (608) 873-5651, Ext. 308

Fax: 608-873-0696
on the WI Nurses Aid Registry. 3-4 nights
per week. 24-32/hr/wk night shift. Get traction in your career Applications are available at Skaalen in the 800-44-PRIDE

Human Resource Department, the Front Desk,


McCarthy Nursing Home or on our website at

Mike 608-873-7462 after 2 pm. Equal Opportunity Employer. Smoke free/Tobacco free campus
12 Stoughton Courier Hub - May 18, 2017

Come and Visit Wisconsins Premier Grower of

Quality Bedding Plants & Hanging Baskets
Quality bloomers at reasonable prices.

We offer a complete line of Proven Winner

and a good supply of Wave Petunias.
Beautiful Town of Dunn
1828 Sandhill Rd. Oregon, WI 53575 608-835-7569
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am-7:30 pm; Saturday 8:30 am-6 pm; Sunday 9 am-5 pm

Check out our Organic Line of Vegetable
Plants, Seeds, Soils & Fertilizers!
We now sell USDA Certified vegetable plants!
Sale Dates May 10-15, 2017


$2.00 Off 50 Off Starting at

$1.99 ea.

All Sizes,
Window Boxes or Patio Tubs Great Selection
Save up to $3.00
Limit 2 per Koupon. Valid May 10-15, 2017 Limit 6 per Koupon. Valid May 10-15, 2017
only at Kopkes. One Koupon per Kustomer per day. only at Kopkes. One Koupon per Kustomer per day.
#1330 #1251


$2.00 Off $1.00 Off
Any Shepherds Hook,
$4.99 and up. Choose from Any Premium
Plant Stand or Trellis Black Gold, Sungro Mix or
Miracle Gro Potting Soil
Valid May 10-15, 2017 only at Kopkes. Limit 6 per Koupon. Valid May 10-15, 2017
only at Kopkes. One Koupon per Kustomer per day.
#1331 #1332


Directions from Stoughton:

Take 138 toward Oregon. Go past Eugsters Support Local Agriculture.
Farm Market, one mile and turn right on Sun-
rise Rd. Go one more mile then turn left on
Shop Outside the Box Stores!

Town Line Rd. Continue on to Sand Hill Rd.

(approximately one mile) and turn right.
Directions from Fitchburg:

Memorial Day (May 29),

Take Fish Hatchery Road south to Nether- .
wood Road. Turn left and go through Oregon
past Walgreens to a left on Sand Hill Road. CTY. M
Directions from Verona:
Take Cty. M to Fish Hatchery Rd. Turn right
and go to Netherwood Road. Turn left at
Auction of Display Planters-
Netherwood Rd. through Oregon past Wal-
greens to a left on Sand Hill Rd. Proceeds go to Badger Honor Flight