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CE-230: Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery


Note: Attempt all questions and submit within a week time. Marks will be deducted on late

1. If the atmospheric pressure is 0.900 bar abs and a gage attached to a tank reads 390
mmHg vacuum, what is the absolute pressure within the tank?

2. A simple manometer is used to measure the pressure of water flowing in a pipeline. Its
right limb is open to the atmosphere and the left limb is connected to the pipe. The center
of the pipe is in level with that of the mercury in right limb. Determine the pressure in the
pipe, if the difference of mercury levels in the two limbs is 100 mm.

3. In the following Figure, s1 = 0.84, s2 = 1.0, h2 = 96 mm, and h1 = 159 mm. Find pA in
mmHg gage. If the barometer reading is 729 mmHg, what is pA in mmH2O absolute?

4. A differential manometer is attached to two tanks, as shown in the following Figure.

Calculate the pressure difference between chambers A and B.
CE-230: Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery